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Dec 9

Behold.. Yo Frankie! Online! Both the binaries and the whole production tree are available in .zip format and also browsable via web.

Download Yo Frankie!
So go to the Download Yo Frankie! page and start playing the game, playing with the source files, or open the blend files in Blender 2.48a and do both! πŸ˜‰

A big new is that Yo Frankie! is now part of Blender Projects, this means that you can make and share your own levels, characters, whatever! and also help in the development and maintenance of the game, so we can all play Yo Frankie! in future Blender versions.

VideoTutorials uploaded so far:
– Library Linking
– Level Template Creation
– Texture Splatting in Real Time with GLSL

Just Added 3 more!:
– Water Effect with Animated Normal Maps
– Simulating AO with Vertex Colors
– MultiColor Mist Effect with Shading Nodes

Just Added 8 more!:
– Ambient Colors
– Baking Shadow Maps
– New Features in the IPO Editor
– 5 Part Series: Modeling and Texturing a Low Poly Tree

check the download page:
(now with an easier-to-remind URL πŸ™‚ )

That’s all folks! πŸ˜€
Thanks for everything,
The Apricot Open Game Crew

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Nov 20

The Blender Gamekit book update project is now in its last stage. We’re reviewing the designed pages, finishing the cd for the book, and hopefully within one or two weeks it goes to print! (But you know, planning doesn’t match human limitations always!)

You now can start pre-ordering copies even. Up to december 15 with a nice 20% discount!
Click here to visit the Blender e-shop.

Needless to say: revenues will help Blender Foundation projects (and me & Brecht coding 2.5! πŸ™‚


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Nov 14

The long wait is almost over, today the dvds were delivered to the Blender Institute. Tomorrow we’ll pack them all for our sponsors/customers, monday it gets picked up by the Global Mail service.
Delivery is usually 2-4 days for countries close, 1 week for rest of Europe, 2 weeks for USA and rest of world.

In case you’ve moved to another place after ordering, make sure the e-shop knows! (Mail shop at order number and new address).


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Oct 15

Just a short note! DVD is done, we’re still doing some tests, and we need Campbell for final blessings, but tomorrow it will be ready to go to the DVD reproduction factory!

Printing takes 2 weeks, shipping will happen during weekend of 1-2 november, customers will then get the copy within 1 (europe) or 2 (rest of world) weeks. Exciting πŸ™‚

  • Blender 2.48a update: A serious bug in the GE requires a new build of the players/runtimes, which we want to include this on the DVD. Meaning our planning shifts with a week… sorry.

  • Nov 7 update: DVD factory started printing! We expect the dvds in end of the week, and ship saturday 14th.
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Oct 8
YoFrankie BGE Gameplay Update
icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Development, Uncategorized | icon4 10 8th, 2008

Its close to release and were finalizing the levels, cleaning up the files and removing smaller glitches. however there are some things that we didn’t post about because we were too busy.
Behind the exciting GLSL shaders, along with the funny animations and pretty scenery we did manage to get some gameplay in.
Here’s a video of the game Chris and myself recorded, showing some of the gameplay you can expect to see.

It might also come as news to some of you that you can play a second player – Momo – Thanks to Moraes Junior β€˜mangojambo’ for making the character and all animations to match Frankies.

For more information on gamelogic and examples the DVD will include , see the ApricotBgeLogic Wiki


Apricot Gameplay



Download the OGG Theora (32meg)

Youtube video

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