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Oct 8

YoFrankie BGE Gameplay Update

icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Development, Uncategorized | icon4 10 8th, 2008

Its close to release and were finalizing the levels, cleaning up the files and removing smaller glitches. however there are some things that we didn’t post about because we were too busy.
Behind the exciting GLSL shaders, along with the funny animations and pretty scenery we did manage to get some gameplay in.
Here’s a video of the game Chris and myself recorded, showing some of the gameplay you can expect to see.

It might also come as news to some of you that you can play a second player – Momo – Thanks to Moraes Junior โ€˜mangojamboโ€™ for making the character and all animations to match Frankies.

For more information on gamelogic and examples the DVD will include , see the ApricotBgeLogic Wiki


Apricot Gameplay



Download the OGG Theora (32meg)

Youtube video

30 Responses

  1. madman on

    I’m glad to see any update of the game.

    I can’t wait the release of the DVD ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. MrE on

    Ahhhh, i knew pressing F5 for eternity would finaly reveal some new info on the game ๐Ÿ™‚

    Why wasn’t the second character one that was featured in BBB just like Franky was?

  3. dragonrebel on

    ah, finally, i was waiting for so long for an update
    looks good :p i cant wait for the coop

  4. Ro0Kie on

    waitwaiwait ๐Ÿ™‚

    looks good ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lasphere on

    Oh sweet lord, finally an update! Cheking the website every time opening firefox has finally got fruits! ๐Ÿ˜›

    This looks very nice. Im sure there will be some amzing games developed withthe new tools here. ! And cool object you have made in the end there. Pretty cool. When are you planning to ship the final game? (:

  6. RH2 on

    A monkey for co-op? sweet!

  7. Taggerung on

    Awesome!! Setting Opera to check every 15 minutes worked! When is the final game going to be released?

  8. Centx on

    Looks awesome, as usual =)

    Will there be an easy way to download new maps and characters? something like a repository manager or similar? Would’ve been rather convenient I’d say.

    Also to the others above me, why don’t you guys use RSS instead? it’s quite easy and automates the process =)

  9. Bmud on

    It honestly doesn’t look like a lot has gone on this month except the addition of this monkey character out of nowhere.

  10. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    Bmud, agree, on face value not so much has changed, however sine the last video post we have had a big update to bullet, fixed many bugs in the BGE and refined 2 player mode – catch/carry etc.
    Docs & DVD presentation has taken a lot of effort also. at some point we needed to finish adding stuff and cleanup.
    Brecht, Ton and myself have also been fixing other bugs for 2.48 release so it can be released along with yofrakie.

  11. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    remember this is a volunteer effort now – your can see our svn log here:

  12. Walter Doubleyoothreecee on

    If criticism is allowed: The water splash and the explosions (with all the clipping going on) look *really* bad.

  13. Lasphere on

    Btw. I did notice this monkey character in the svn files, pretty cool addition.

  14. TylerQ on

    Wow, that took awhile. So is the game actually going to be released?

  15. Pappenheimer on

    What a release! The DVD was not lost on its postal way to my home! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks a lot of the ‘ApricotBgeLogic Wiki’. It makes me believe that I already know how to work with the engine, although I never touched it, yet. Almost everything that we need to start a jump’n’run is mentioned and described in its essentials! The only thing that I was missing is how to integrate the sounds although it could be trivial. Keep up the good work!

  16. Findecanno on

    I agree with MrE they need more characters from bbb.

  17. KFF on

    great video of the game!!!
    i am looking at this site every day, because im waiting for the game ๐Ÿ™‚
    greetings from Germany

  18. Kirado on

    looking good..great to hear you’ve been using the new bullet.

  19. Kirado on

    I noticed that the sheep is not casting shadows when you pick them up.. not that big a problem..

  20. Fabio Luiz on

    If I make a game with BGE, can i protect the .blend files? like put them in a zip file. ?????

  21. Fabio Luiz on

    I found a trick to protect my .blend files. hehe

  22. Jan on

    Look at the commit times on the svn log! you have been making some long hours!
    I appreciate the volunteer effort,looking forward to receiving the DVD!

  23. Fracisco Ortiz on

    Just great! I like the explosions! It is funny.

    Nature sounds are great. Itยดs going to be relaxing to play :P. Awsome introduction theme BTW… The environment… Everything matches! It is a pleasure to see this level designs ๐Ÿ™‚

    We want to see the Monkey in action! Please show more!


  24. Crystal Space on

    What’s happen with the initial hype about crystal space? I doesn’t seen any discussion why was it dropped …

  25. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    @Jan, glad you appreciate our volunteer work, the BGE Game had 3-4 people working directly on it for 3-4 months. we had to put in a lot to get things finished. Some of use have other jobs now. Have to move on! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Crystal Space, The whole apricot team was asked to do an interview, only Chris and Myself ended up replying, maybe this will give you some info.

    Adding in simple FX and music is very easy in the BGE which is why I didnt document it. however we didn’t do anything too complicated with sound.

    @MrE, mangojambo created Momo with all animations (a really big task). if he had not done this we still would not have had time to add another peach character. Though you could ask mangojambo why he didn’t animate a peach character instead.

    Before Duke-Nukem-Forever.

    Kirado, Findecanno & Walter – agree, a lot of stuff could be better. To get the project finished in time we kept having to remove levels/features/gameplay. pitty the project didn’t go more smoothly but it cant be helped now.

  26. Crystal Space on

    @Campbell, thanks, that explains a lot.

    “Then the B2CS developer quit the team.” — Was that for technical, philosophical or personal reasons?

    Why I ask, I developed some time ago an replacement on irrlicht basis. I suspended the whole idea to make it public, as I realized, that would push the game development in a (I think wrong) commercial direction. Blenders goal should be primary the fascinating *share & educate yourself*. That cannot happen if you allow the kids to produce closed content.

    Well, there is maya and such for going ahead to further increase stupidity of the earth population ๐Ÿ˜‰ Take a look at the latest multi-million Wall E shit. Each time I saw something like that, I’m thinking it is impossible to make it worse.
    See? I fail, always.

  27. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    @Crystal Space, – personal and technical reasons I think, though Id prefer he speak for himself.
    I know Pablo was very disappointed that the step to blender 2.5 was holding back many of the changes we could have been making in blender. (eg – don’t add that – because we’ll have to redo for 2.5 anyway)

    Support for commercial engines has its place, Though I don’t see why you should do this in your free time, have them pay you for it ;-).

  28. GDJ on

    Amazing work you guys doing very inspiring.

    Just a suggestion you should give Frankie and Monkey fake shadows from the surroundings how well you could for example give them a Empty that gets their position and has the orientation of the sun(Hemi?) in current scene and that shots a Ray in the opposite direction and
    if Ray is Positive then make frankie darker as frankie where getting shadows from the surrounding
    else make frankie normal
    the only way I know for sure how to make a object darker is throught IPO ColR-G-B but that doesnยดt work with GLSL yet
    so in theory maybe the Reaplace mesh actuator

    Itยดs probably too time comsuming then nevermind this

  29. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    @GDJ, this would be a nice touch but would also mean objects that case shadows need to have collision – such as tree canopy’s, bullet seems pretty fast even with high poly meshes so this might not be a speed problem.
    Obcolor does work with GLSL, you have to use the obcolor material option. and it wont work unless you have ipo’s.

  30. leo_rockway on

    Thank you for listening and uploading the videos in ogg/theora and not just the crappy flash version ๐Ÿ™‚

    This game looks really good, as soon as glx turns free and I get accelerated free video drivers I shall play it.