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Oct 15

DVD goldmaster ready

icon1 ton | icon2 Blender Institute, DVD Content, Random Fluff | icon4 10 15th, 2008

Just a short note! DVD is done, we’re still doing some tests, and we need Campbell for final blessings, but tomorrow it will be ready to go to the DVD reproduction factory!

Printing takes 2 weeks, shipping will happen during weekend of 1-2 november, customers will then get the copy within 1 (europe) or 2 (rest of world) weeks. Exciting 🙂

  • Blender 2.48a update: A serious bug in the GE requires a new build of the players/runtimes, which we want to include this on the DVD. Meaning our planning shifts with a week… sorry.

  • Nov 7 update: DVD factory started printing! We expect the dvds in end of the week, and ship saturday 14th.

79 Responses

  1. Deloince Jean-Pierre on

    Hello Campbell, Pablo Vazquez, Ton and everyone

    The overlap of several items with alpha (TGA) creates
    transparencies and partial disappearance of objects. (a fern on a river is invisible,
    if both materials involves alpha and Ztransp). Go resolve this
    display problem in the Blender 250?

    After creating a number of material and texture, it still can not
    added new texture, the software crashes and return to windows!
    Against by using the Ctrl + F1 to load adding library material outside
    the file is working properly.
    A button removal equipment in blender would be welcome!

    Is it possible to include a converter bump maping for textures
    with the creation of a special icon to dedicate this publishing group in the
    UV / Image Editor

    Go develop in the Edit Mode a selection of faces by materials?
    will be much more convenient in terms of efficiency dan time.
    This solution exists such?

    Thank you all for your work titanic
    and good continuation to the apricot!

  2. Haidme on

    And one more thing to Deloince Jean-Pierre’s list.

    Loading “new game” with actuators, two, three times(from one blend to another), causes blender 2.48a (and lower) to crash..I think this is related to memory leaking. The only stable blenderplayer in that matter is zaghaghi’s player with memory leak fix for ver2.45.

    Great work guys! “Yo Frankie!” rocks! And it’s a grate showcase for the BGE.

  3. Deloince Jean-Pierre on

    Hello Haidme how will you?

  4. m goode on

    I can’t wait to see this on a mobile phone platform! it would be so cool to see ti on a Krave! Has anyone else seen it? ( It’s a flip phone with a touch screen, 2 MP camera, full html browser and bluetooth functionality. Definitely worth checking out.

  5. NathanKP on

    I haven’t heard anything in a while. How’s the progress going? Has anyone received their DVD’s yet?

    NathanKP – Inkweaver Review

  6. sma on

    I think when all things go as planned Europe customers will get 15/16 November and other 22/23 November. Just read the post with update.

  7. ton on

    Sorry for all the silence… the Blender Conference + week advanced training here with Bassam and Andy (went great) and then 5 days flu… but we’re expecting the dvd copies here friday and ship them all saturday 14th.

  8. randomnut on


  9. DaVince on

    The flu tends to appear at the most inconvenient moments! 🙁

    This stuff is looking great. Can’t wait to check it out! Good job making this, people. 🙂

  10. TweakingKnobs on


  11. blengine on

    The end is nigh! Almost mythical if you ask me, like 2.5.. I’ll believe it when I see it. Let’s hope Ton wasn’t too put off on the idea of more realtime projects in the future. In the end this one got a lot of fanfare and came together.

    MrE, sorry about the apricot shooting bazooka man. It was planned, but that was before all plans changed now and forever. We just didn’t have time to consider many extras in the end, the pressure was on to not fail and all.

  12. JayBee on

    Well, since the game is open source, maybe someone will add an apricot shooting bazooka in the future 🙂
    I can’t wait to play the game!

  13. voxforge on

    well, saturday 14? Just buy a calendar 😉
    Great anyway

  14. Walter Doubleyoothreecee on

    Blender Foundation’s scheduling and predictions about future events are a bit akin to Pixel (, but let’s hope it never gets THAT bad 😉

  15. Deloince Jean-Pierre on


    From Post 53
    (The overlap of several items with alpha (TGA) creates transparencies and partial disappearance of objects. (a
    fern on a river is invisible, if both material object contains alpha and Ztransp). Go resolve this display problem
    in the Blender 250?)

    Well, just after posting the clip I found Alpha, it solved the problem of overlapping. But in the future with blender 250, is what the shadow will be rendered with alpha transparency the image and not directly on the mesh? we can disable shadows with the Clip Alpha?

    Is it possible to develop in the Edit Mode a selection of faces by texture in the material? will be much more convenient when there are many different textures in one material on one mesh. This solution exists such?

    Thank you in advance and sorry for my curious questions that
    often have nothing to do with the original subject of posts.
    Long live the gang apricot, Long live Yo Frankie!

  16. AD-Edge on

    @ JayBee

    Exactly! Thats the way to be thinking. Im sure someone will come up with a apricot bazooka.

  17. mgoode on

    Oh man you guys did a great job on getting that DVD done. Do you think this build will be released for any cell phones? I would love to see this game on the Krave ( by Motorola. Ever since I started working with them I have become a HUGE fan of the krave. With a full touch screen keypad built into a clam shell design, it combines form and functionality with the latest in tech. Releasing this game to the Krave is definitely worth consideration.

  18. Deloince JP on

    Or is it poster to ask questions and exchange ideas about the evolution of GLSL Blender game engine?
    Because I can see that here it is absolutely not the place or poster, (From Post 53, 54, 67, not always
    reply to the request).
    There may now be a section for this? I obviously looking for a place or the issues
    are directly taken into account pars active developers and regular Blenders.

  19. ton on

    Hi JP.

    The forums on are much better suited for questions about blender.
    Having transparent objects work properly in a (modeling/editing) UI remains a problem, not related to 2.5. It requires a completely different handling of drawing in Blender.

  20. Kristine Navarro on


  21. Deloince JP on

    Kristine Navarro,
    I like your frank talk!

  22. Deloince JP on

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    2 pounds apricots, halved and pitted
    3 teaspoons vanilla extract succulent

    Go go go!
    Combine water and sugar in a beautiful pot, and bring to boil, stirring occasionally. Add apricots, a squirrel magnet butterflies,
    bring to boil. Put the lid, simmer 11 minutes or until apricots are tender as small rabbits. Place apricot mixture and vanilla in mixer;
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    And voila Kristine Navarro, good appetite

  23. margreet on

    finally! congratulations!
    so proud of you all. well done.

  24. ethana2 on

    Saturday the 14th? How does that work?

  25. Arconus on

    I finde Links on Iso file of YoFrankie

  26. Lights Out Gaming on

    This actually looks like a lot of fun. I second the mobile phone platform idea. That would be AMAZING!

  27. Lights Out Gaming on

    Forgot to ask, would you mind if I reviewed this on my blog at ?

  28. ewomer on

    @Arconus: that site is one of those pay for accounts. so thanks but no.

  29. Benny on

    I’ve got the blender version of Yo Frankie, but it doesn’t work well…
    The main menu is ok, but when I start a new game, I only see a white screen and the character status on left-top. I hear the sounds effect when I jump.
    I use linux ubuntu 8.10 with an ati radeon 9200.
    It works if I emulate the windows version through Wine! (It’s just slow, but works).

    Could someone support me?
    my email: bpolimeni [at] gmail [dot] com

    thank you