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Mar 17

Competition Winners Announced

icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Blogroll, Development, Uncategorized | icon4 03 17th, 2009

1st Prize to Moraes Junior’s Nut LevelMoraes’s level is really involved with a catapult, ziplines with baskets, lava waterfalls that makes up quite a challenging puzzle.

The aim is to collect all the sheep in the level onto a counterweight that enabled a catapult to launch you to the levels end.

2nd Prize to Bruno Franci’s Lighthouse Level

Bruno’s level is set on a stunning island with interesting areas explore.

The goal is to get to the lighthouse were the game finishes.

3rd Prize to Bradley Wabbersen’s Underworld Level

Underworld an example of what you can make with existing props. While its small and not as advanced as the other 2, I’m glad a level like this got in.

Download (complete data files including new levels 180mb)

Or separate levels that can be copied into the existing YoFrankie data files

  1. Nut Level (11mb)
  2. Lighthouse Level (9mb)
  3. Underworld Level (0.1mb)

Installing the separate levels
Extract the zip and enter the directory, copy everything (levels, textures, etc) into the original YoFrankie BGE folder released on the DVD or downloaded on-line.
You can start YoFrankie from the menu and these levels will be available from the small level selector world.

These levels will be included with the next release of YoFrankie which will be updated for Blender 2.49.

All the levels have some glitches that need to be resolved. Since this competition is for level design, I accept that level logic and scripts will need tweaking, this can be worked out before inclusion in the next release.

*Update* Created a list of things to fix in the levels.
If anyones interested in helping with these edits and general level maintenance, please mail me ([email protected]).

*Update* The levels are now in the subversion repository with all the other YoFrankie files.
If you have svn installed grab them with “svn checkout”, or with tortoisesvn on windows.

Thanks for the hard work guys!

17 Responses

  1. SaphireS on

    Congrats to the winners, great work.
    Keep adding levels! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Artisten on

    Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for the levels for me to play with!

  3. Taggerung on

    Wow, these look great!
    This inspires me to (eventually) try making my own levels.
    Are you going to release all entered levels later on?

  4. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    @Taggerung, Yep, will get the new levels ready for a 1.1 release.

  5. MetaBlue on

    I was anticipating this very much! Wonderful levels! I can’t wait to play them on a computer that supports GLSL.

    Good job everyone!

    (can’t wait for 2.49)

  6. DDD on

    Hi Campbell! And hi to the Winners!
    Good gob on levels, and congrats on winning!

    I have some comments/suggestions for both Campbell/Yo Frankie team and to the winners.

    The game it self:

    Needs a “LOADING…” screen, like in DukDuk, if y’all know that game, otherwise it looks like the game is stuck when you change levels.

    A menu? like if you press F5 or something a menu shows up letting you change settings go back to level select level

    Definitely a RESTART LEVEL option in all of the levels. I feel that this would be really beneficial to the game.

    It would be nice is the game counted the number of acorns and bones you pick up just like it counts the number of kills, so then you know how many you can throw.

    Maybe make a run button?โ€ฆ(right now you hold the kick button to run)

    Simple, i like it…
    In “Underground” there is a part in the beginning when you go right, reach pillars, go all the way up and get a peach, if you jump into the white nothingness, you will keep falling and don’t respawn.

    The part when you go underground(the tunnel)
    1) not the best texture
    2) hard to jump, especially when you reach the lava, i had my up arrow pressed and wanted to jump but instead i fell off.
    3)you slide on the rocks just like in the cave which was already mentioned.

    When you turn left from the start you reach water, there is nothing there, is it supposed to be like that? It actually doesn’t look to bad, like you are at a shore (or on the pillar), looking at the ocean…

    NICE level, it has a portal back to the level selector!!! Love that part!!!

    It is kinda empty, open space…looked very nice though.

    In the end of the level to get to the boat on the bottom you have to ride on this rope, when i tried to get back, i didn’t land on the plank and fell, i respawed at the boat and couldn’t get back up.

    It would be cool to go in and up to the light house!!!
    Make the door open when you come close to it, so you can enter, then Frankie climbs the stairs, and once on top…you can see the sea…and the level…and…ya…it would be cool to go up there ๐Ÿ™‚

    Is the boat or the lighthouse the end of the level?

    The “Nut” level:
    Looks pretty nice, i like the tree and the ram part… when i got down i didn’t know what to do. I’ll figure it out later…
    I didn’t look at the whole level so i don’t have much to say yet…

    Some Questions:

    How many levels were submitted?
    Are you adding Big Buck bunny?
    Are you going to make a story by using the levels that people submitted?

    Thanx, DDD

  7. DDD on

    I didn’t realize how much I wrote, sorry for such a looooooong comment!

  8. Lego3d on

    Congrats to Bradley Wabbersen!!!! He did a great job!

  9. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    * Loading screen should be added, was thinking about this and it could be done, maybe an overlay scene like the HUD.
    * Agree on restart level too, not sure how adding a way to configure mid game would work
    * Counting inventory is cool though thats a lower priority for me then having the game work without glitches.
    * Kick button for run does not seem a popular choice :/, I taught SuperMario3 having this would make it a safe bet. Its not that hard to change but again, at the moment there are more important things IMHO.

    * Around 3 other levels were submitted but they were not so playable.
    * Adding more characters (Including the bunny), means some artists animates & textures him. again, for the moment not my priority but it would be cool.
    * Id like to add a story yes, at least have a beginning, middle and end to the game with some logical progression.

    All this extra stuff depends on other peoples contributions too, I’m happy to deal with game logic, level fixes and incorporating art. But Id like to see others helping with some maintainince too!

  10. bruno (orinoco56) on

    DDD thank for your comment
    my game finish on the roof of the lighthouse… but you have to found the path…
    when you are on the bridge, near the boat, you have to continue! You couldn’t get back up

  11. DDD on

    I made it to the top!!! thanks for the tip, i didn’t see the path up before, i like the 2nd part, when i got to the top, i saw white texture, but i got to the ending screen! good gob!

    Campbell, can u please include instructions for the nut and lighthouse levels if you can?

  12. DDD on

    Hey Campbell,
    When i said LOADING… screen i meant when you transition between levels, you have the words “LOADING…” on the computer screen, otherwise the game looks like it is frozen(maybe even show a progress bar, but that would probably be very low priority…, I would be happy with just a picture with “LOADING…” written on it”

    But what you said (about a loading screen meaning loading menu Or meaning a menu in the main menu that lets you select levels), that would be fine i guess, but i think the level selection is good the way it is now(signs in a circle), except i thought maybe having rabbit holes in front of the signs. so Frankie jumps in a rabbit hole and appears near one in another level. That rabbit hole in the other level could lead back to the “level select” level.

    I think if you are going to link these levels into a story, you could make a “Campaign Level Selector” level, so the story levels are separate from the user created levels.

    My “Level Select” level is full of signs, and some of these levels are my levels (not as good as the winners ๐Ÿ™ ), and among them are the 3 winning levels, and the rest are just test levels i made.

    So if you can make some type of an organizing system that would be really cool.(like you have the mini levels in a separate level)

    Sorry if this is confusing, ask me if you would like some clarification plz.

    I guess you don’t need a run button…I agree not the best suggestion. i realize now that i am fine with using the kick button… ๐Ÿ™‚ but, how about a pic up object button, because picking up sheep w/out accidentally hurting them is hard.:-(

    oh and checkpoints in nut level, i hate starting from beginning every time i die, and (i think this was already mentioned) the sheep blow up sometimes in nut level on catapult.

    Any ideas on a story yet?
    Are you including the other submitted levels in the new release?
    Do you have an idea about the date of the next release (or approximation)?

    OK, wow i think i made another huge comment.
    Thank you for taking the time to read all of this,

  13. MetaBlue on

    Yeah a story to the game would be cool. Hmmm, where would Bunny fit in?

  14. DDD on

    I think he would probably be a boss, but as Campbell said that is not high priority for now.

    I think i agree, because i think i would rather have a fixed game free of glitches than have an unfixed game but with extra content which we can make ourselves. But that’s my opinion…;-)

    Is this forum “dead” now? ‘cuz i haven’t seen any new posts here except MetaBlue a day ago…(meaning 2 weeks after last comment)

    if anyone knows, when is the new release going to be out? i cant wait!!!

  15. Ferk on

    This game is really nice!!

    However, I have to agree about the problem of picking up sheeps. its hard to grab a sheep without hurting it. I believe that this is a usability bug in the game, it’s not very easy to control. Also, it’s a bit annoying that when you want to run the character gets a bit delayed because of the initial attack.

    I have a suggestion to fix those issues without the need of an additional button.
    Instead of performing an attack when the user press the button, why not perform it when the user releases the button?
    The attack action would be performed at the key release, with the added condition that you must have not moved your character while holding it (run). This way you can run without being delayed and at the same time you can avoid hurting the sheep when you want to run to chase it (if this is not enough.. the grabbing action could be done at the beginning of the keypress, to separate it from the attack and avoid accidents completely). When you really want to do an attack you can just release, press and release the key fast.

  16. Ferk on

    I’ve made a more thinkful test.. and I think that the current behavior is not really that bad.. maybe it was just that before I was too clumsy ๐Ÿ˜› sorry. Also, I think you are right about fixing glitches.

    btw, congratulations for this great game

  17. Vivanguarda on

    Good Morning, Campbell! Iยดm a linux game user and was very curious to know a multiplatform game in a Blender possibility. I liked very much and my doubst are: 1) How can I save graficals and controllers settings?; 2) Is it possible a bar to show loading game because start occurs, but is very slow!