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L to R: Frank Brecht Ton Chris Pablo Margreet Campbell Dariusz

L to R: Frank, Brecht, Ton, Chris, Pablo Vazquez, Margreet, Campbell, Dariusz

Core team:

  • Campbell Barton ‘Ideasman42’ (Australia)
      Blender Developer
      Game Logic (Blender Game Engine)
      Level Editing (Blender Game Engine)

    ideasman42 <insert-at-here>

  • Christopher Plush ‘Blengine’ (USA)
      Lead Game Designer
      Level Design and Modeling
      Textures and Lighting
      Game Logic (Blender Game Engine)
      Character Animation

    cjplush <insert-at-here>

  • Dariusz Dawidowski (Poland)
      Crystal Space Game Logic
      Crystal Space Level Design

    dariusz.dawidowski <insert-at-here>

  • Frank Richter ‘res’ (Germany)
      Crystal Space Game Engine Developer

    res <insert-at-here>

  • Pablo Martin ‘caedes’ (Spain)B2CS
      Crystal Space Game Logic

    caedes <insert-at-here>

  • Pablo Vazquez ‘venomgfx’ (Argentina)
      Character Design and Modeling
      Additional Modeling
      Textures and Lighting
      Character Animation
      Logo, Graphics, and Web Design

    contact <insert-at-here>

Supported in the Blender Institute by:

  • Brecht van Lommel (Belgium)
      Blender Developer
  • Margreet Riphagen (Netherlands)
  • Ton Roosendaal (Netherlands)
      Blender Project Lead

Further we have permanent online support of:

  • Amir Taaki (UK)
      Crystal Space Game Engine Developer, Crystal Space Game Logic
  • Claire Fitch (Ireland)
      Music and Sound FX

    fitch <insert-at-here>

  • Jorrit Tyberghein (Belgium)
      Crystal Space project lead
  • Marten Svanfeldt (Sweden)
      Physics/Animation developer
  • Moraes Junior ‘mangojambo’ (Brazil)
      Lead Character Animator, Additional Modeling

    moraesjunior <insert-at-here>

And of course the support of the entire Blender and Crystal Space community!