L to R: Frank Brecht Ton Chris Pablo Margreet Campbell Dariusz

L to R: Frank, Brecht, Ton, Chris, Pablo Vazquez, Margreet, Campbell, Dariusz

Core team:

  • Campbell Barton ‘Ideasman42’ (Australia)
      Blender Developer
      Game Logic (Blender Game Engine)
      Level Editing (Blender Game Engine)

    ideasman42 <insert-at-here>

  • Christopher Plush ‘Blengine’ (USA)
      Lead Game Designer
      Level Design and Modeling
      Textures and Lighting
      Game Logic (Blender Game Engine)
      Character Animation

    cjplush <insert-at-here>

  • Dariusz Dawidowski (Poland)
      Crystal Space Game Logic
      Crystal Space Level Design

    dariusz.dawidowski <insert-at-here>

  • Frank Richter ‘res’ (Germany)
      Crystal Space Game Engine Developer

    res <insert-at-here>

  • Pablo Martin ‘caedes’ (Spain)B2CS
      Crystal Space Game Logic

    caedes <insert-at-here>

  • Pablo Vazquez ‘venomgfx’ (Argentina)
      Character Design and Modeling
      Additional Modeling
      Textures and Lighting
      Character Animation
      Logo, Graphics, and Web Design

    contact <insert-at-here>

Supported in the Blender Institute by:

  • Brecht van Lommel (Belgium)
      Blender Developer
  • Margreet Riphagen (Netherlands)
  • Ton Roosendaal (Netherlands)
      Blender Project Lead

Further we have permanent online support of:

  • Amir Taaki (UK)
      Crystal Space Game Engine Developer, Crystal Space Game Logic
  • Claire Fitch (Ireland)

      Music and Sound FX

    fitch <insert-at-here>

  • Jorrit Tyberghein (Belgium)
      Crystal Space project lead
  • Marten Svanfeldt (Sweden)
      Physics/Animation developer
  • Moraes Junior ‘mangojambo’ (Brazil)

      Lead Character Animator, Additional Modeling

    moraesjunior <insert-at-here>

And of course the support of the entire Blender and Crystal Space community!

26 Responses to “Team”
  1. Nice work all! i believe 3D is the future of the web as i am sure You do also.

  2. Thank you for all your hard work, guys! Collaboration can be very difficult. I appreciate you pulling together.

    Looking forward to creating my own work, and someday working in a collaborative team on a project.

    Thanks for paving the way, pioneers,

    God bless,

  3. Un comentario en español para hacer algo original, me encanta la foto, la honda y lo que hacen.

    Suerte y adelante

  4. Just wanted to see if you all needed some extra music for Yo Frankie? I wasn’t sure where to post this. Here is a link to some RPG music I did a little while ago:
    You can also go to: to hear my other music if you like. You can email me at:
    philip philipyon com
    Hope to hear from you!

  5. I love Blender and I love games…
    So I realy love Yo Frankie!!!
    ->Great work!

  6. Hello!
    I’m on a game project, using blender, i’ve been trying to play yofrankie for about a week, to see the possibilities, but it just doesn’t seem to work on my computer. i have to put the lower resolution and shader off, i have no sound, and frankie just don’t go “into the sign”, so i cannot start any level.
    would you please tell me the secret? how do you get to play it? please??
    i have a mac OSX 10.4.11 (intel), i run maya without any problem and i just don’t understand why yofrankie won’t run on full resolution! (and why i cannot start the level, and why i don’t have any sound………)

  7. looks like you guys actually used my idea of (partly) sculpting the land forms to make the level look more AAA, pitty I had to be kicked from the Dev team before my proposals were taken seriously I guess Blengine can take credit for that. also did Pablo Vazquez remake the character models from the original short models or did you guys use the same ones? I also wanted to remake the character models for game dev and the team was against, seems real artist always know better and only time provides proof.

  8. Hi

    Is it ever possible for a team to make a game without have a studio or even seeing each other face to face?

  9. that was great!!!!
    we will make something with blender, but not game maybe.
    coming soon.
    please look at

  10. Great work!

  11. ubuntosaure says:

    Yo frankie for ubuntu (.deb):

  12. hi ill make a climbing tree thing for you but in retern i want a jump tutorial useing a model of frankie please

  13. hi ill make a climbing tree thing for you but in retern i want a jump tutorial useing a model of frankie. thanks

  14. Can you sell the game on Steam? Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but I want to buy the game to support the project, but I don’t want DVD (or psyical medias). And also I like having my game on Steam with all my other games.

    Best regards,

  15. @Cole i suppose u mean a team of one member, well if u mean so, i think its possible but u gotta learn everything by yourself from programming to modelling to animating …etc, but i think the best thing is to get some help (a team of 4 or more each member learns something that will help)

  16. soulaymen says:

    thanks guys reallllllly great work !! I wish to become like you !

  17. Erick Pacheco Marcano says:

    son lo maximo impressive already know and what is’m from Venezuela and I’m starting in blender is wonderful this world of creation imprecionante someday I hope to get to be almost nearly as you jejeje greetings from Venezuela if they meet the ERICK_ comment may do so here.

    thanks for motivated to continue in this world

  18. this is amazing is there a tutorial showing the steps you guys did to make this i wanna see the steps so it can help me make one!

  19. Realy perfect project 😉 good luck — YEAH FRANKIE 🙂

  20. NoobProgramer says:

    The game is glitch topia!

  21. Francesco Cozzolino says:

    Hello, everyone!
    is the project still progress?

    Kind regards

    Francesco Cozzolino

  22. Tristan Jay Calaguas says:

    Hi I am a Computer Science at Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College and Fatima University here in the Philippines Metro Manila, I saw the pc game the team was made entitled “Yo., Frankie”, and I am very inspired to your work guys; through this work I will push my student to create a more 3D Adventure Games implemented in Blender Game Controller and Python Scripting. More Power to Blender and Python Scripting! My forecast in these proposal projects are to implement in all platforms from Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and will be implement in tablet PC, Smart Phone, Notebook and Desktop. and I want to say More Power to Blender! the open source 3d modelling Software

  23. Karl-Philipp Richter says:

    You’re work sounds interesting. Do you accept help from outside? I saw that the link to the bug/feature/issue tracker points to a read-only instance and that on yofrankie isn’t listed/impossible to find as blender project. Is is possible to contribute?

  24. Sean Morgan says:

    hey there i really enjoy the yo frankie game, and now that the ps4 and xbox one is out i was wondering if you guys could get this game on there because it is really fun and i really want to support you guys in any way

  25. I can’t install it,I follow the links for installation that lead me to zerolaunch, and when I try to do it I get this message:

    Feed ‘’: Duplicate ID ‘sha1new=151417d30412fd44c434f60444c6a5f37f95f9ea’ in: at

    Help please

  26. Tristan Jay says:

    How is the progress of Yo Frankie? Guys I have a great idea, what if this game be implemented in Game Based E-Learning as Virtual Reality for Science Highschool Education and the target subtopic of focus is about Animal Kingdom? what do you all think guys?

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