Videotutorial: Texture Splatting in Real Time

Time to texture your objects, no better way to do it than going Real Time! thanks to GLSL, now you can mix textures and materials, use stencils or different diffuse/specular shaders, whatever!
This video explains how to mix a ground texture with grass, using a stencil map.

Download the original video (1024×768px) at vimeo, link is provided on the vimeo site (registered users), if you already have it, feel free to upload it somewhere and share the link with us.

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  1. ouch my mind, that was really good, i look forward to the next tutorials

  2. The video tutorial looks very interesting. I don’t know why it is, but a lot of video tutorials on the Internet are of poor quality. It makes it hard to follow the tutorial. There is one site, that I wish everybody would follow their example:

  3. hi

    At 1 min 40, i don’t see ‘this bouton here’ i have blender 2.48a.
    this technique work with only two textures?
    and a last thing : my render is false, i see juste one texture
    (on irrlicht i see texture that i paint correctly)

    thx if help !

  4. wow, thats really good.. but.. i seem to be unable to find a tutorial on how to use GLSL materials.

  5. Dilo, I had the same problem. The tutorial must have been a development release because the GLSL button is located under “Game,” labled “Blender GLSL Materials.” Put a check next to that.

    The rest of the tutorial worked as advertised. I was really pleased until I tried using two stencils. I can’t stop the texture paint in the 3d window from modifying the original stencil. Deselecting the original stencil, switching it from UV to something else, deselecting it, switching stencils in the UV window, even delinking the original stencil, all had no effect. Whenever the original stencil was “reconnected” to its original settings, whatever painting that had been attempted in the 3d window automatically updated the original stencil, never the second stencil.

    The only way to modify the second stencil, as far as I’ve been able to accomplish, is to enable texture paint in the UV editor and paint it there, a solution that sort of defeats the whole purpose of painting directly on the object. I’m out of ideas. If someone can explain how to “switch back and forth to which stencil map is applied to the UV’s” I’d be very grateful.

  6. oi como vai eu sou do brasil e gostei muito desse video gostaria que aqui no meu pais tambem tivesse esses grupos que criam jogos etc… sorte de voces né que tem essas tecnologias legais.

  7. Hi
    I’m using blender 248.1 and the “this button here” at 1 min 40 sec and this version of blender doesn’t have it.
    So I tried without it and the render was OK, but the game was totally Grey, like as if there where no texture to start with.

    Also could you some how post the texture your using in the tutorial cause I’ve got some grass textures and there way to close so it looks very funny.

    Thank for the help that hopefully will be provided.

    Thanks a lot.

  8. Hi, I tried this in 248.1 and for those who can’t find the “this button here” its under the game tab as “Blender GLSL Materials”. But my problem is at the point where you start the texture painting I can’t paint on my plane, its white and stays white, this may just be because I haven’t really used texture paint before but if someone could help me or give me a bit more in-depth description of what to do there it’d be much appreciated. I can get up do there but I can’t do any of the texture painting and that stops me from going any farther.

    –Thx in advance ;.)

  9. timmieboy says:

    i cant find the button in open gl for real time glsl matirials in sdadid mode
    i jusing blender 2.49 and going to texture mode but in shadid mode i have a white plane so tnx if help
    for that button

  10. i cant find the button u said in the GLSL spot and i am using the version stable(1.49b)
    any help is apreciated!
    Kind regards,

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