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May 19

Yo Frankie! New BGE Video

icon1 blengine | icon2 Uncategorized | icon4 05 19th, 2009

Here’s a new run-through of the game in the Blender game engine, this time with the music playing in the game, 4x antialiasing, and a decent frame rate. There’s also a multiplayer demo at the end. ENABLE HQ after pressing play.

Seen the massive surge in BGE projects and development after Apricot? We’re trend setting rockstars.

18 Responses

  1. Christopher Allan Webber on

    Great news! 🙂

  2. Dusty on

    This is great news!!

    Are you going to be working with the Twilight 22 project for future BGE improvements?

  3. Bigbob on

    after chcanges done on BGE in 2.47-2.48 I was incredibly happy. But it is going even further, I can´t believe it. It seems that BGE will soon catch up with some commercial game engines 🙂

    p.s. If there will be a third edition of blender gamekit (the book) becouse of theese updates I will buy it

  4. Mataii on

    Good to see things like this, very good improvements in the Blender Game Engine!


  5. question on

    when i load up yo frankie the controls are for the joystick and i cant seem to change them,is there anyway to play it with a keyboard?

  6. Aderevit on


  7. Paul on

    the actual svn revision (52) doesn’t work with the new version 2.49. Will that be fixed?

  8. Филимон Семенов on


  9. Bigbob on


    Will there be some patch this year?

  10. Helmi on

    Hope to run it with 2.49, reading:
    “Overall improvement is signifacent, a complex game like YoFrankie runs 3x faster now.”

  11. DaVince on

    Seems like this game is very popular in Russia or something! 🙂

    Major performance improvement is great! But has the gameplay been improved, too? I never managed or even knew how to progress in the first level until I saw the whole sheep-in-water-throwing thing I’m supposed to do. So from a game design perspective the original release wasn’t great, is that better now?

  12. Ellis on

    Very good work, always amazed by Blender and its users.

  13. Violence on

    this gives me hope i finally see something of quality in a graphic game for blender3d now all i need to see still is for someone to incorporate the mmo pieces of blender to sell me on it the graphics are awesome cant wait to start school in january to learn the beginning steps of animation and after 2 years ill have animation and C++ programing under my belt 🙂 and hopefully ill start on a game project along the way not sure if im gonna do blender 3ds or maya yet though

  14. DeathPoland on

    Oh nice 🙂 I hope that the game will be as good as the video:)

  15. Alexander (miniSun) on

    Very cool. Game Engine looks like Fable ||.

  16. paul on

    I got a problem when I go to the menu screen I can’t go further because it don’t see a mouse. Because of this I can’t select anything. Can somebody please help me out?

  17. Mark on

    Wow, I must say that I am impressed with the level of detail that is in this game! I honestly didn’t think that it would be THIS good!

  18. Usama on