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Jul 4

YoFrankie 1.1

icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Apricot Press | icon4 07 4th, 2009

Its now 7 months after the DVD release, this is the first version of YoFrankie since being an open project at the blender institute.

Version 1.1 brings YoFrankie up to date with Blender, taking advantage of new features. There have also been improvements in the game logic and levels.

  • Includes the 3 winning levels from the level design competition, with additional improvements.
  • Updated Game Logic for Blender3D 2.49a
  • Runs faster, from testing level 1 home: 2.48a averages 50fps, 2.49a 80fps*
  • Cleaned up blend files, materials, textures, animations, unfinished levels.
  • Loading screen between levels. (120mb) –, NL mirror

Linux 32, 64bit, Windows 32bit (MacOS binary not included but is compatible with 2.49a)

full svn log of changes since 1.0

Of course contributions are still welcome and I intend to keep YoFrankie running with the latest blender, adding levels and content from the community.

* Tested with release builds on 32bit Linux, AMD3800, NVidia 8800.

* Update 1.1a*

  • fixes the secondary level selector (no sign-post) bug.
  • momo dancing in credits was missing.

* Update 1.1b*

  • linux 64bit player was an older blender version.

57 Responses

  1. gabriele on

    Chinese are everywhere.
    they’re suggesting you specify what subversion folder fits newest blender versions

  2. Samuraidave on

    With the recent release of blender 2.6 I hope to see an update soon. It is a great distraction when i need it.

  3. anton on

    blenderplayer yo_frankie_stub.blend

    game is starting blue sky and sound but no game menu ?

  4. T on

    ***** Is YoFrankie project DEAD ? *****
    The lastest release was in July, 2009 !!!
    The game has a lot of bugs and doesn’t work well for me and my friends.

  5. blengine on

    The project is long finished. It may be updated in the future but as it stands the final product is a 2.49a-compatible game demo rough around all of its edges. Of course it’s open source as you know, so anyone can update this to make it compatible with 2.6 and fix any bugs.

  6. Pit on

    it will be good for game-engine users, to have a 2.6 version compatible.
    Now, it’s an hard way to understand how to use blender game engine without this project.
    Thanks to let game-engine alive!

  7. Wintch on

    Great game! Really great for playing with joystick. Hope some new version will come soon!