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Feb 28

Competition Deadline, Checklist

icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Apricot Press | icon4 02 28th, 2009

Its almost over, some submissions have already been handed in but I’m expecting to see some more levels so no conclusions yet! Suffice to say that I’m happy with the outcome so far and there will be a 1st, 2ns and 3rd.

Heres a list found at the 5th Geek blog of things to check off before you upload your level to make it easier for me and others to play.

  • Make sure your blendfile can be played without changing layers or settings.
  • Remove unused objects from hidden layers, especially high poly objects which will increase startup time. (If you want to keep them as a reference move them into a backup scene).
  • Set your paths relative so files work on other peoples computers (File->External Data->Make all Paths Relative)
  • Try move your files into a new directory and check the level loads without any errors in the console. To check image paths are still valid run (File->External Data->Report Missing Paths).
  • Check the files before you upload them. remove blend1 files or other unneeded files.

If you miss one of these I can still load it to review but its easier for everyone if your blendfile playes with minimal tweaking.

I leave for winter-camp tomorrow so please get your levels in by today (the 28th), Try for no later then GMT -12 so nobody has a disadvantage.

5 Responses

  1. blenderman345 on

    Well, I’m not in the contest sooooooooooo…………..

  2. mangojambo on

    Here is my level:


  3. Flo on

    @mangojambo I was really surprised by the quality and size of your level. good job 😀

    Any hint for me what to do after crossing the big lava fall?

    @Campbell thanks for motivating mangojambo to make such a great level by starting this competition!

  4. Flo on

    My last comment took two days to appear here. In the mean time I finished the level. The trick was to run up that trunk.

    I noticed some bugs:
    bug 1: The first vehicle is bugged, once you are at the other side you are suddenly again back at start.
    bug 2: There are visible texture/mesh transitions in the huge lavafall.
    bug 3: While throwing sheep in the catapult storage it can happen that one or more sheeps explode.
    bug 4: By jumping on a sheep you can skip the catapult and get to X without getting 4 sheeps.
    bug 5: [yofranky bug] You can’t turn left while running
    bug 6: It is possible to skip the first lava fall elevator
    bug 7: you can get captured in the trunk, which is on the left side of the big lavafall. Once you are inside it you can’t get out.
    bug 8: Signposts are hard to read, How about using white font with a black border?
    bug 9: The long transport system can only be used once.

    Don’t get scared by the long bug list ;). The level is great!
    Using the long transport system with franky is cool.
    The end is funny: Inspired by ice age?

  5. mangojambo on

    Hi… I am glad you enjoy it… and thanks for the tips!! It is amazing how many bugs we can find in a level!!! 🙂
    And I will look at those bugs… some is art improvements, corrections and others logics and some real code bugs.

    1: Yes, it is a known bug. If you stay in the cart or something like that, it happens. I’ m not sure if I made a wrong logic connection or it is a code bug. Will check it later with Campbell.
    2: It is a… workaround I made to have the lava fall working either when you disable the shaders. It bothers me a little bit, but I need to decide what to do about that.
    3: Yes, that is a baad thing! Could be a challenge, but pick the sheep already is. It happens when the sheep have a last life. I tried to set a propriety to give full life when they touch there, but doesn’t works. Need to check later.
    4: hahaha… good one … I will make something to block it… 😉
    5: true .. that is really bad … I was talking with Campbell about that too. He said will be changes for the next version. Good changes!
    6: It was a matter of choice. I mean, I saw that, but Didn’t decide to rotate more or not the elevator.
    7: will check it either…
    8: Either…
    9: ? … did you check at the bottom? It still there, so you need to get in and it will goes back to the top. If isn’t that, so we have a bug! 🙂

    And yes … I was inspired by ice age!!

    Oh, and after the first time, the longest transportation still at the bottom, so you need to use it to get at the top.
    And yes … the end was inspired by ice age!! 😉