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Dec 9

Yo Frankie! Online Release!

icon1 venomgfx | icon2 Apricot Press, Production | icon4 12 9th, 2008

Behold.. Yo Frankie! Online! Both the binaries and the whole production tree are available in .zip format and also browsable via web.

Download Yo Frankie!
So go to the Download Yo Frankie! page and start playing the game, playing with the source files, or open the blend files in Blender 2.48a and do both! πŸ˜‰

A big new is that Yo Frankie! is now part of Blender Projects, this means that you can make and share your own levels, characters, whatever! and also help in the development and maintenance of the game, so we can all play Yo Frankie! in future Blender versions.

VideoTutorials uploaded so far:
– Library Linking
– Level Template Creation
– Texture Splatting in Real Time with GLSL

Just Added 3 more!:
– Water Effect with Animated Normal Maps
– Simulating AO with Vertex Colors
– MultiColor Mist Effect with Shading Nodes

Just Added 8 more!:
– Ambient Colors
– Baking Shadow Maps
– New Features in the IPO Editor
– 5 Part Series: Modeling and Texturing a Low Poly Tree

check the download page:
(now with an easier-to-remind URL πŸ™‚ )

That’s all folks! πŸ˜€
Thanks for everything,
The Apricot Open Game Crew

130 Responses

  1. Pablo Vazquez on

    Made a thread about the release:
    Yo Frankie! Online Release!

    Also feel free to ask questions regarding the Blender Game Engine at:
    Game Engine Support and Discussion

  2. inaeternum on

    Yay! Can’t wait to try it out!

  3. davidOmatic on

    YEAH finally!

  4. Artisten on

    Thanks, I will check out ASAP πŸ˜€

  5. DaVince on

    Whoa! And here is the online release. Good job, folks! πŸ™‚

    Hm, I’m wondering if it’ll be too late if I order a DVD copy of the game in a month or so, or will they have long sold out by then?

  6. Pablo Lizardo on

    thank venomgfx! downloading now!!! also waiting for my dvd copy… :S!!!

  7. venomgfx on

    @ DaVince: of course is not too late!, but you can always email shop at for this kind of questions.

    @ Pablo Lizardo: pablo! you’re not the only one waiting for your copy, don’t worry that if you don’t get yours and I get mine, I will *personally* give you a copy πŸ™‚

  8. Artisten on

    Will there be a torrent available for download? Would ease the pressure.

  9. nawabz on

    ah maan i wanted to get 1st comment. i need to devote more time to blender and their projects more

  10. venomgfx on

    @ Artisten: Will work on the torrent tonight, try browsing the files for now! πŸ™‚

  11. pomalin on

    Arg, download the linux-i386 vrsion on ubuntu intrepid, and, all I get is a segfault.

  12. venomgfx on

    @ pomallin, is the same version I’m using in ubuntu 7.10 and it works OK, have you tried from inside blender?

  13. pomalin on

    how do I run it under blender? it’s not a blend file? Or have more information about the failure ?

  14. kernel_script on

    Thank you very much Apricot Open Game Crew for that mark in Open Source Gaming, thank you guys for all your efforts, the hard work days, the evolution and improvements you guys brought to Blender, Crystal Space, and all the other apps involved.

    Thank you very much.

  15. pomalin on

    Ok, I finished download the big file (zip) and within blender it work, thank you for the good work…go to play >

  16. RH2 on

    YES! thank you so much!

  17. daphz on

    hellz yeah! this is awesome. downloading it now.

  18. Otavio tatasoka on

    How I change the resolution?

  19. Findecanno on

    I tried to download it and it said the file was corrupted. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m running windows

  20. Reynante M. Martinez on

    YipeeEe! Finally, after long months of waiting, the game I’ve been very eager to try out is finally here! Thanks so much, YoFrankie team! ^_^

    I really should take a look at the files and probably dream on how I could contribute on the future development of this project.

    Thanks. ^_^

  21. AlK on

    What about Bittorrent ?
    Anyway, work looks good !

  22. TBOL3 on

    I’m on ubuntu 8.10, using the binary, and I get a segment fault. The Technical demo worked fine.

  23. yoyofargo on

    Have any of you contacted an Ubuntu Motu? I’d really like to see this in the default repos! πŸ˜€

  24. Tom on

    No mirrors, no torrents??

    F***ing lame. I cannot download anything.

  25. ton on

    There’s a troll here posting under someone else’s nick (blendenzo). His comments get removed.

  26. JayBee on

    I’m experiencing a crash after menu on ubuntu 8.10, using the binary. πŸ™
    This is the terminal output…
    yofrankie-linux-i386: shader/slang/slang_codegen.c:2442: _slang_gen_var_decl: Assertion `!is_sampler_type(&var->type)’ failed.

  27. Henry on

    Awesome!!!! Good job!

  28. BlenderRox on

    Oh my! Be still my gentle heart…

    If only my connection didn’t have problems that caused it to stall half way through a download and go slow after a few minutes :’-(

    Anyways, WELL DONE!!! I am inspired. πŸ™‚

  29. Bubblish on

    Why is there no OS X version of the crystal space package? *sobs*

  30. Birukoff on

    Can’t download it, the connection breaks constantly.
    Can someone who downloaded it upload the file to Rapidshare, for example?

  31. Mataii on

    Nice :)! I just got mi DVD copy a few days ago, but haven’t much time to play arround, I just played the game and give overall sight to the contents (tutorials and documentation) and it looks perfect, hope to give it a look this next weekend to study it πŸ˜‰

    Congratulations πŸ™‚

  32. KFF on

    great!!! i am waiting for now since one month.
    me and my friend are doing a game in blender now for a german youth contest. look at the homepage. sry, at this point of time the whole homepage is in german, but i am working on the english one πŸ™‚

  33. DjDoom on

    Hi, im traying to download de big .zip file, but it dosn`t start… Is there any mirrors??

  34. maddien on

    don’t know if it works, my first torrent πŸ˜‰

  35. DjDoom on

    I’ve found this DD link, its seem to ve good, im now downloading the .zip at 400kb/s

    here is the link..

  36. maddien on


  37. Artisten on

    Thanks maddien and DJDoom for mentioning the mirror at Graphical, saved some hours πŸ™‚

    And maddien, I couldn’t get your torrent work with Transmission πŸ˜•

  38. Dread Knight on


  39. kaews on

    in torrent are only graphics and audio files, no exe, or linux binaries

  40. fabianjul on

    I’ve only 4.5 KB/s, is this normal ?!
    Well, I’ll be patient, but is there nobody uploading the files to or something like this?

  41. fabianjul on

    EDIT: Sry, I havn’t seen the upper links … πŸ˜‰

  42. Centx on

    It’s on (ironycally) piratebay,
    At least the speed can be better if it gets more seeds and peers =)

  43. Maik on

    crazy!!! i waited soooo long.
    and now i can try it!

  44. Artisten on


    I’ll seed the version I downloaded through that torrent as long as I can πŸ˜‰

  45. DingTo on

    thank you so much for the release. The game is really well done and the development of the related Blender GE improvements are awesome!

    Some words to the music: The tracks are very short, thats sad but anyway, it really fits well to the game i think. Very nice.

    Now enough text…back to the game! πŸ™‚


  46. banor on

    Thank you for all your hard work! I am downloading it now… it’s still at 1% πŸ™‚

    Anyhow, ciao!

  47. Centx on


    Thats great!

    seems like the torrent has become quite healthy already (20 seeds and 25 leechers). And a whopping 3 MB/s in swarm-speed.

    So for everyone getting low speeds d/l-ing, torrent is the answer! =) (

  48. Bigbob on

    Well… IΒ΄m getting low speeds (12KB/s) but torrent isnΒ΄t answer for me. IΒ΄ve got P2P connections blocked by my ISP ( T-Mobile ) πŸ™

  49. Lalala on

    Centx, why is it ironical?

  50. Aleinkid10 on

    I am using the same computer that ran the tech demo and for some reason when I hit play(shader off, graphics low) the second Frankie hits the ground “blender.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”

    My specs:
    1GB RAM
    windows XP SP3
    Intel Cereon 2 GHz
    Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
    anything else just ask.

  51. loh on

    Is there some other place that we should report bugs? I can’t turn left while running. (windows)

  52. Michael on

    I can get into the game, the “hub” level works fine. On the first level though, the game is unbearably slow (about 1fps) even with low graphics and shaders off. Can’t say the tech demo played that great here but it was better and at least playable without shader effects.

    Also, pressing ESC at any point makes the game crash… a bit disappointing.

    Ubuntu 8.10 // C2D 6600 (2,4Ghz) // 4GB RAM // GF 7950

  53. falstaff on

    The Bittorrent download Link to for the Blender Game Engine version points to a wrong File! Its the source, I think (also the size does not match, about 295MiB compared to the http link which delivers a file of 206MiB..)

  54. falstaff on

    Here is a correct Bittorent link:

  55. venomgfx on

    First of all, thanks to all of you! πŸ˜€

    Some answers:
    – The BitTorrent is 295Mb because is uncompressed, it also does not contains the binaries, just the source. You can build your own binary very easily, just open with Blender 2.48a the file “start_menu.blend”, from the “/levels” folder, and go to FIle > Save Game As Runtime.

    – The “can’t run left while running” bug is known and it has to be with the spacebar key, try setting the keymap to something else, (I’ve set up like Z, X, C, and arrow keys), this can be changed from the Options menu.

    – The OSX version has no sound, depending on hardware (some laptops does).

    – For those having a crash running the linux-i386 binary, please note that it’s only the binary, you’ll need all the other folders as well for playing the game well (it works with relative paths).

    If anyone feels like hosting a mirror of Yo Frankie!, please contact me.

  56. Ubuntulogist on

    Sorry, friends… Ubuntu 8.10 i386, binary for i386 – segfault at start… All other OpenGL 3D apllications works fast at high details, videocard – nVidia GF 7600GT… Techdemo – working fine…

  57. Railk on

    Ubuntu 8.10 amd64. Started fine, but clicking on the Play button in the main menu caused:
    yofrankie-linux-x86_64: shader/slang/slang_codegen.c:2442: _slang_gen_var_decl: Assertion `!is_sampler_type(&var->type)’ failed.
    Disabling the shader in the options menu fixed it, and turning the shader back on brought it back.

  58. Railk on

    I just tried it on my other computer, and it works /absolutely fine/.
    The only thing the two computers have in common is Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit. A relevant difference might be that the one with problems is using Mesa’s libGl with an intel graphics chipset, the other ATI’s libGl with a graphics card? I dunno…

  59. Ali on

    The Blender Foundation needs to set up a torrent tracker for its projects (BBB, ED, YF etc)

  60. Ψ§Ω„Ψ΅Ψ§Ψ―Ω‚ on

    Ω…Ψ§ Ω‡ΩŠ Ω…ΨͺΨ·Ω„Ψ¨Ψ§Ψͺ Ψ§Ω„Ω„ΨΉΨ¨Ψ©ΨŸ
    whats the requirement?

  61. Free Gamer on

    Venomgfx: it really would not have hurt to include a basic README with the information you provide. It’s a bit… disturbing that you didn’t.

  62. Krul on

    Hi sounds like a nice game!

    The website download is very slow!

    Instead i found a torrent for it:

    Greetz from Holland,

  63. VoteNader2008 on

    “yoyofargo says:

    Have any of you contacted an Ubuntu Motu? I’d really like to see this in the default repos! :D”

    I like the way this guy things, I want Ubuntu to put this into the repos to make it easy to install.

  64. andreasp on


    I cannot help myself… It seems to me that me little EEEPC with 2GB RAM is far too
    weak and slow for Frankie and his adventures… bit sad…

    Anyway many thanks for providing not only such a game to the community but for
    checking possibilities of further productions of quality OSS and FLOSS stuff.

    Thanks Ton as well and not only for Blender….

    bye from Germany… (in case anybody has no problems with starting YoFrankie on EEEPC I do have a 1000H (which is not the weakest one) please feel free to contact me…)

  65. Narann on

    Thanks for all πŸ™‚

  66. LordD on

    Segmentation fault


  67. frankels on

    Please describe how to start the game

  68. madman on

    Espere mucho tiempo por el juego y ahora que lo he descargado via torrent, pues comence a jugar y a destriparlo πŸ˜›

    Encontrando cosas interesantes y algunos bugs en el gameplay, nada que no se pueda arreglar o modificar πŸ˜‰

    Estoy tratando de subirlo a mi sitio, aviso mas tarde πŸ™‚

  69. Problemed Frankie on

    Ok, so I’m a noob at this… Firstly, the Crystal Space Version had problems for me. I couldn’t play normal and very high resolution version. Instead, when I play the lower resolution versions, there is totally no water, and I ran about on invisible ground. Secondly, I downloaded the Blender Game Engine version via torrent, and I have no idea how to run it. The files just seem like the game graphics and programming stuff. Is there an executable? Even if I run it in Blender (though I haven’t downloaded Blender), I don’t see the main file to run everything. What should I do? Thanks in advance.

  70. Mitch on

    I have tested it with gentoo (in x86 and amd64). I works, but there are two problems:

    -no sound. In the command line i get messages like
    WARNING: Sound actuator “FrankieLoop2.wav” from object “SkyDome” failed to load sample.


    -I can’t run. I don’t know if this has changed from the first demo, but there, i could run by pushing twice the “up” button.

  71. forrestcupp on

    So was the Crystal Space version dropped, or something? The only version available for download is a testing build from Sept. 11. Will a final CS version be posted sometime?

    BTW, thanks for the download.

  72. cd38 on

    Downloaded (and seeded) from a torrent. The game is great fun on my old W2K machine (low, no shader). Frankie did fall through a wall and flew into infinity in one of the minilevels, but hey.

    Thanks to the Apricot team for all your hard work!

  73. Artisten on


    As for the run thing, you have to press the attack key and hold it to be able to run.

    I’ve also got the left running problem, but used my keypad instead, works here.

    The game is running smootly, except when I’m using split screen with high detail, good work πŸ˜€

  74. GAAAH on

    Great, so I downloaded the linked torrent and ended up with all files and no binaries. Tried launching it from my Blender installation (2.46) and I guess the menu does not work (at least all I get it is something that looks like a non-functional menu).

    Can you please put some information on the download page? I guess for easy playing one should simply download the Crystal Space package? Please make that Crystal clear.

    Oh wait, those are from 3 months ago?

    God DAMMIT!

    Ok, then.
    Just 8 hours to go.

    Why are there no mirrors or at least a functional non-brainfuck torrent. I was soo looking forward to this game. πŸ™

  75. Findecanno on

    I have downloaded two corrupt .zip files πŸ™ (When i try to unzip them, it says “no files to extract”)
    I have tried to extract the files using the default windows utility and 7zip
    I am on Windows XP Home
    am i doing anything wrong?

  76. centx on

    there is a torrent with that exact zip-file:

    It isn’t “official”, but has over 30 seeders, and has been mentioned in the comments already. Just cancel the download you have started, and start the torrent, saving to the same folder, it should then just keep downloading what you don’t have yet.

  77. David Mulder on

    For once everything did work out for me (well, the sounds not working, but I was expecting the whole game to fail :P). Still it feels like the art is ready, but lots more programming should have been done on the game itself… e.g. go to menu anywhere in game, small tutorial (picking up is unclear and not well programmed), simplistic storyline or goal (e.g. find big buck bunny and defeat him (where you would die in a second and you would see the end of big buck bunny)). All I essentially want to say is that it would have been better to give this to some blender programming community and tell them that in (for example) 2 weeks it should be ready and that they as a community are allowed to submit some patches. (this should then have happened before the dvd release).
    Its not like I am all negative about yofrankie or blender, but I believe its a mistake to create – in this case – yo frankie with a closed group and then “give” it to the community. Why not collaborate WITH the community to get the very best open source game ever. I actually believe that if blender would focus on creating a single great game together with the whole community and next would have tried to sell it in normal stores it could even have worked out. Overall this feels “not finished” and the community could have changed this… I believe.

    PS. I kind of guess I am not really clear, but I love all the fruit projects and I even went to the premiere of the peach project, so I love the work you guys are doing!!!

  78. fchristophersen on

    Thanks a lot! The game looks great.
    It worked a little slow with my geforce 6100, although i have 2GB of ram. But i disabled shaders and it’s pretty fast now.

    This is a way to run it in fullscreen, from linux command line:
    /your-blender-folder/blenderplayer -f /your-yofrankie-folder/levels/start_menu.blend

    For some reason i couldn’t manage to get it working from an ubuntu launcher, but i found another way:
    1. i created an empty file named
    2. open that file with a text editor, and fill it with the following:

    cd /your-blender-folder/
    ./blenderplayer -f /your-yofrankie-folder/levels/start_menu.blend
    3. open properties, go to permissions tab, and select “allow file to be run as a program”
    4. then make a launcher aiming to, or run it directly.

    At least it worked in Xubuntu 8.04. Hope it helps…

  79. Wraith4 on

    For alll, who have problems with Blender version in Ubuntu:

    Get the Blender 2.48 from here:
    It’s not working with default version in Ubuntu (typically 2.46).

  80. Wraith4 on

    Open the levels/start_menu.blend in Blender 2.48, then File-“Save Game As Runtime” and save the binary into levels/

    …great game!

  81. fchristophersen on

    your right, it didn’t worked with the default version of blender in ubuntu (2.45). I had to download the official 2.48a version (for python 2.5) in, and then extract it in my home folder…

  82. venomgfx on

    some answers:

    @ David Mulder:
    Yo Frankie! is actually developed WITH the community, as you said, we opened our production tree (via SVN) in July this year, right when we decided to switch to Blender Game Engine, we did a blogpost about that, people knew that *every* little bit of the game was released as we made it, in fact when I was traveling I used this SVN access to work remotely, it was updated at every commit, and we always asked for help, that’s what did this project SO open, and I’m very happy with the way it worked.
    As said, Yo Frankie! was developed WITH the community, for example, the 2nd character (the monkey) is completely developed by mangojambo from Brazil, and the Frankie model was remodeled by Mataii from Mexico, also some animations are from the community (check few blogposts ago).

    @ Yo Frankie! will run perfect on Blender 2.48a, older versions might have some issues.

    @ The torrent file only contains the source files, you can grab the binaries at: (added this on the download page too).

    Also, uploaded some videotutorials already, check the download page:

  83. Valdas on

    I can start YoFrankie but can’t control Frankie, and in settings Player0 is “using joystick” but joystick is not connected to PC. I cant control only Player1 in two players mode.
    How fix that?

    Dell Inspiron 1520; KUbuntu 8.10 i386 (updated); Blender 2.48a; YoFrankie from torrent.

  84. venomgfx on

    @ Valdas: not idea why that happens, but in BlenderArtists somebody solved it by disabling joystick when running blender, (run blender with “-nojoystick” )

  85. Valdas on

    Thanks, that trick works!

  86. cristo on

    when I run using Frank, I can not turn the left, only the right

  87. venomgfx on

    @ cristo, please set up your controllers to not to use SpaceBar, something is wrong with that key, change your settings from the Options menu.

  88. forrestcupp on

    If anyone is still having trouble figuring out how to pick up a sheep, you just need to stand right next to it and attack. If you’re touching the sheep when you attack, it will throw it up into the air and you will catch it. You may need to attack it once to stun it to be able to get close enough to throw it up into the air.

  89. HEL on

    I can’t thank the apricot team enough for their work. It’s been such an exciting project to follow. The game runs great on my Linux box with 1gig ram, geforce 7600. The levels have been beautifully designed and I have really enjoyed wandering around aimlessly marveling at the scenery. You have breathed new life into the blender game engine and shown us all what amazing potential it has. Thanks again for all your hard work and effort.

  90. Vadim P. on

    Blender’s home-made file chooser dialog is one of the worst design nightmares I’ve ever seen.

    Just trying this out, since I don’t want to open the DVD yet.

  91. Vadim P. on (Don’t think that’s how the game is supposed to look like…)

  92. venomgfx on

    @ forrestcupp, thanks for the explanation!, should have added something like that in a readme file or so..

    @ HEL, thanks for the kind words, from our side was very exciting of course, and we tried to make the community feel the same at least a bit, sharing the chance to choose a name for the game, make animations, and so on.. we hope we’ve been success in that..

    @ Vadim P, there is no textures at all in that screenshot, is all geometry, are you sure you have the textures and everything in the right folder(s) ?
    and by the way, I love Blender’s file browser πŸ™‚ , come on is fun!, P to parent, A to select all, or right-click drag on the last file and will select everything, you can have bookmarks, previews of images/materials/textures, split the window as much as you want, C to copy, M to move, +/- to add revision numbers to your files, just to name some features.. is great!, at least for me.

  93. Deloince JP on

    After some unsuccessful test on the site, I quickly downloaded
    torrent. The split screen and outright great, the interaction of the
    squirrel monkey and its cool

    I started to add in the library of cactus, sacks of apples and
    wooden barrels, placing objects on a human scale in the levels
    gives a feeling of gigantism, a squirrel being smaller than a
    cat barrels apples and other items are huge!

    The game runs at 30 frame in level 1, no slow or graphics problem
    Thank you to you all Gang apricot, when the next episode? …

  94. fabioamd87 on


    #100 \o/

  95. Nicolas Raoul on

    Here is how I got the game to run on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex:

    1) Download the game’s source here:

    2) While waiting, download and install Blender 2.48a from here: That’s because Ubuntu’s version of Blender is too old.

    3) Remove any system monitoring Gnome applet or other panel monitors, because they would disturb the game by flashing on the screen every second or so.

    4) When the game is downloaded, go in the downloaded yofranki directory, create a text file containing “blenderplayer levels/start_menu.blend”, call it “” and make it executable.

    5) Run by double-clicking it (not from a terminal because a terminal’s output would disturb the game).

    For me the squirrel appears nearly white, maybe because I don’t have shaders. Screenshot:
    Otherwise it runs fine πŸ™‚

    Thanks all !

  96. RΒ²DΒ² on

    Thanks for this beautiful project ! And I’m proud to be the 101th comment ! “Bonjour de France pour Yo Frankie ;-)”

  97. eric on

    On the download page : For opening the files, use Blender 2.48a or older. (newer ?)

  98. icebreaker on

    In the “old” trunk, there were 4 additional directories like “doc”, “install”, “prepro” and “resources”. Now the trunk seems to contain what was in the “pro”(duction) directory before.

    Any chance to get the updated “game design” docs, etc?

  99. IraeDeorum on

    So… I can’t even move with the intel mac version (it only says joystick). However, the ppc version seems to be working fine (and with sound!)

  100. Ninja Krow on

    So I finally got to play “Yo Frankie!” Very cool stuff.

    First: This is an awesome game guys. It’s still trying to get use to the game play, but I’m sure with time i’ll figure out how to do a couple of things as I go. Also, I am now planning to get me a official Copy of the DVD.

    Second: The Download version Should probably have a readme.txt or something to help new guys get an idea what they are up against. for instance i have no idea how to glide Frankie properly and find i nose dive into Lava/Water often.

    Third: Is there a DVD ISO out there by any chance? either way i plan on getting the DVD through the Blender Store.

    Fourth: Is there away to get a list of all the Tutorials that are going to be release? That way I can know what to look forward to either via download or from the DVD?

    What I really want is Dupligroups and a Making Game Texture with Gimp. Game logic Tutorial would be nice too. We’ll see what you have in store for us. and if thats not enough I’m sure the updated BGE book will cover a lot of my common question from the BGE stand point.

  101. Jens on

    it’s a shame, that on latest Leopard OS X (Macbook 3.1) the resolution is not detected correctly (displays 800×600).

    the rest is unplayable =/ hope you guys find a solution for these mac-problems… (it hangs after showing some sky and grass)

  102. triton on

    Got my kit! Very cool release, altough it’s kind of slow on my 7600GT graphics card. Could use a _lot_ of optimization! πŸ™‚

  103. Alexander Ewering on

    OK, just downloaded it, and, urm, the first 10 minute impression is a bit mixed πŸ™‚

    – NO ANTI-ALIASING!!! Yes, I know you can toggle this with the nvidia tool, but how hard would it have been to toggle a single flag inside the game? πŸ™‚
    – The texts on the level signs suddenly disappear when close to the edge of the screen (frustum clipping error)
    – One single, short loop (around one minute?) of more or less random pizzicato sounds gets a bit annoying after a while
    – Many of the letters/numbers used in the HUD are slightly cut off at the sides
    – Loading the first level takes several minutes, longer than loading a level in Crysis (!!!)
    – The sheep can run right through the hollow trunk that I tried to hide in
    – When a rat exploded (with an explosion sound softer than the background music), the camera flew through the level to my respawn point, being inside the ground a lot
    – When I respawned, the “trampoline” was floating above the ground
    – When a sheep gets close to the water, it will lock up in “running forward” mode and be blocked at the border of the water, which looks pretty funny. The usual “cheap AI” way is to ‘reflect’ it away from the border
    – Contrary to what I expected, the graphics performance itself was OK, as was the actual level design. While it wasn’t state of the art at all (more like Unreal One-ish), it was beautiful nonetheless

    Anyway, thanks and good luck with future projects!

  104. forrestcupp on

    For the people with no textures, did you create your own executables from within Blender? If you downloaded the uncompressed torrent, you probably did. If you created your own executables, they have to be in the “levels” directory or the textures won’t work right.

    For people having trouble figuring some things out, there are simple instructions if you press F1.

    And a suggestion. For Windows users, why not create a download that is an installation file using the free Inno Setup tool? I understand the pain of all the different Linux packaging systems, but it wouldn’t be very hard to make a setup file for Windows.

  105. gustav on

    Seems like the Windows binaries are missing in the SVN

  106. daphz on

    will anymore video tutorials be posted soon? πŸ™‚

  107. Erick Garro on

    If you guys have a slow Internet connection or if you just want to get Yo Frankie! faster, try downloading from the following RapidShare links. I have just uploaded “” as a 178.35 MB RAR file (it’s even smaller now). You’ve got two options: one big file, or the splitted version.

    Si tienen una conexiΓ³n lenta y necesitan bajar archivos mΓ‘s pequeΓ±os o si deseas tardar menos descargando, usa estos links de RapidShare. Acabo de subir “” recomprimido en un RAR que pesa tan sΓ³lo 178.35 MB. Hay 2 opciones: un sΓ³lo archivo u 8 archivos pequeΓ±os. [178.35 MB] [24.41 MB] [24.41 MB] [24.41 MB] [24.41 MB] [24.41 MB] [24.41 MB] [24.41 MB] [7.46 MB]

    07EAE2EE852A506F35EBD64C6776856F yofrankie_bge_full.rar
    AFC0FDD35C44D2A151C80BEF994256E0 yofrankie_bge.part01.rar
    57F5A8D941F0F8EBB614D154DE0A36E4 yofrankie_bge.part08.rar
    D419A541241A8B64893E2CC5789780EC yofrankie_bge.part07.rar
    E90A3AEA279179378A90DF5D30BA5474 yofrankie_bge.part06.rar
    5AFFE2D5EF3E3A1E0597F1DF7BDC3C1E yofrankie_bge.part05.rar
    4B7F9AB1D96FADCBFA0BB967B90CB1BF yofrankie_bge.part04.rar
    EBF771FF0F7F201BA9DE6CF564B1DF9A yofrankie_bge.part03.rar
    EC2B75C084D0CB4FEE4A92AE3E0AC2ED yofrankie_bge.part02.rar

    Long life to Blender!!!

    PS: venomgfx: Could you please make this links public in a more accessible place?

  108. chris on

    Is it meant to be this laggy? >_>

  109. Steve-o on

    Seed Please =)

  110. Deloince JP on

    Merry Christmas to all!

  111. ε˜‰δ½‘ on

    Oh, great, I will download and play now immediately.

  112. TiZ on

    Ubuntu 8.10, 32-bit. AMD Turion 64×2 @ 1.6ghz, 1 GB RAM, and ATI Radeon Xpress 1150. Radeon driver (the open source one). I played this game a couple of weeks ago, maybe some of what I’m about to say has been resolved by now. I would be happy to hear if that’s the case.

    I downloaded the Blender version, (the CS version only froze my system), and unfortunately, I’m disappointed with this game. I’ll tell you why, because that’s one of the beautiful things about open software: the authors listen. Maybe some of my problems can be fixed with your help. Before I get started, I want to say that I really appreciate what you guys have done in making a free, open game. It’s a very good direction for the industry, and for indie game developers, as well. Now for the bad news. πŸ™

    First, the game will not run with the open source radeon driver. Actually, that’s kind of deceptive. The game does run, but the only graphics I can see are a gray screen. I can hear the music in the background, but I only see gray. I _hate_ fglrx, but I temporarily installed it to try to get Yo Frankie to run. It worked with fglrx, but not with radeon. Kind of funny when an open game doesn’t work with open drivers. But that’s just my spite talking. I apologize.

    Second, I can’t change resolution at all. You can see my specs at the top of this post; they’re not pretty. My laptop’s native resolution is 1280×800. That’s what Yo Frankie tries to run at, and it kills my frame rate. I’ve tried to use the command line to change the resolution (by the way, that help text is not helpful AT ALL), but nothing I’ve tried works.

    Third… …This next part’s going to be ugly. I apologize if it’s kind of scathing; it is, quite honestly, a rant. …Why is this game so ugly at the lowest quality? This is something you can’t help me fix, but I feel I have to complain about it. I could go on a huge rant about how the PC game industry feels it necessary to make games with system requirements that only a few computers can meet, but I’ll spare you of that rant. I watched videos of Yo Frankie on YouTube, and I was seriously excited! Of course, I didn’t expect that it would look that good on my system. I figured I’d lose some of the cool effects like reflective water and that extra-nice lighting. I figured textures would be lower quality, that geometry would be blockier. But when I set the graphics to low and turned off shaders, I was greeted with an absolutely terrible looking game. I was appalled to find that textures were blurry as can be, certain parts like the dirt and the water seemed to have NO texture, all the lighting was GONE, and so was the sky! NO SKY! And after giving up so much, I still couldn’t get a good frame rate, ‘cos I was stuck at 1280×800! The HUD still looked really good… in starch contrast to the terrible looking 3d! I turned on shaders out of curiosity, and in exchange for dropping my frame rate to absolutely unplayable levels, I found that many of these complaints were fixed! My low-end computer can’t do shaders, you guys!

    At this point, it’s more of a complaint, but… why? A little bit of that rant is creeping out… Why would people making a free game pour all of their effort into making a game look good only at the highest quality, and then neglect the low-end completely? Don’t get me wrong, the game looked absolutely stunning, from what I saw on YouTube. But it was like no effort was made to make the game look even halfway decent for the low-end systems. This is a _free_ game! People with supercomputers aren’t the only ones who want to play this game! It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    My steam’s been let off. I want to end this on a good note. Again, I really appreciate the effort you’ve put in to make this game, for the reasons I’ve already stated at the beginning. I saw when I first downloaded the game that there’s a page dedicated to modifications; maybe someone could make a modification for the little guys like me. Maybe even I could do it; I am an aspiring indie developer, but my system is low-end. Can the Blender Game Engine make low-end games? If it can, then maybe I could do it. After all–yet another thing so great about this project–you guys walk the community through so many aspects of the game’s creation. There are enough resources that with the time and effort, I could probably learn the BGE and then customize the game myself.

    Thank you for reading my wall of text. Again, I apologize if it was kind of scathing. Thanks for your hard work, and good luck with your future endeavors. πŸ™‚

  113. TiZ on

    My last comment appears to be the longest one here. I hope I didn’t break a rule or something. 😐

  114. Deloince JP on

    Bonne annΓ©e, et bonne santΓ©!
    – – –
    Happy New Year and good health!

  115. damian on

    I can’t get yo frankie to run πŸ™ well, the game boots up, and can go to the options screen ok, but if I actually click “Play Game”, it just sits there… looking like it’s locked up… my system is 2.13 Pentium M with Radeon X300, 1.5gb RAM. pretty low end, but i think enough to run it, yes?

  116. Gianmichele on

    When is the ISO with all the videos cming out ? Anybody want to torrent it ?

  117. Alexander Ewering on

    #121: I have a far faster box, and after clicking play, the game still needs several minutes to start (longer than CRYSIS), so, you probably ought to be (yet) more patient πŸ™‚

  118. MastaEgg on

    How do you get the objects that Frankie throws and carries to follow the Throw_PlaceCarryFrank object, even though it is parented to his bones? I’ve tried to do something like that, so I can drive animation of children to objects attached with bones, but Blender seems to not allow it in my games.

  119. gcq013 on

    Hi can anyone please post fps count for a geforce 9600GT?(in high quality w/shader) . Thanks

  120. forrestcupp on

    @ TiZ (#118) – You’re not going to be able to run any decent 3D game with the open source Radeon drivers because it doesn’t support all of the extensions and 3D capabilities. Any 3D capabilities the Radeon driver has is because it has been reverse engineered. That’s probably why you just see a gray screen. If you want to play serious 3D gaming, you have to use the fglrx driver, or pull it out and buy an nvidia card. But you probably are using a laptop, so you probably can’t just buy nvidia.

    Anyway, you have a low end integrated GPU that isn’t made for gaming. So you can’t really blame game makers for that.

  121. DDD on

    I cant download the file, it says something about the server:
    Connection Interrupted

    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.
    I tried again several times but it didn’t work. πŸ™ I’ll try again but…

  122. TiZ on

    @ forrestcupp (#127): When you say decent, do you mean games with only the latest and greatest technologies? It’s the only thing that PC game makers seem to do these days. I refuse to spend $2000 or more just to play today’s games when it won’t be able to play tomorrow’s. The industry needs to slow the heck down. Do you remember Quake? Quake required a Pentium 1 and NO GPU. I do appreciate moving forward, but do we really have to move so fast that the low-end computers (of today, mind you; I wouldn’t dare ask the industry to support Pentium 3-age computers) have no hope of playing today’s games? A huge part of the market is people with PCs that are “good enough”. Like me. And I want to play games too.

    With that said, I HATE fglrx. It garbles textures. It can’t do video with compiz. It’s actually slower than radeon, when I play OpenArena. And causes ZSnes to run super slow in OpenGL mode… who knows what other games are similarly afflicted? Radeon will eventually have most of those features it’s lacking anyways. I’m watching their progress. I have no reason to use a driver that I feel is inferior. Radeon can do OA just fine. Neverball. Project 64. RTCW. I don’t need fglrx.

  123. FeatherZ on

    Meh… the BGE/Windows version will crash as soon as I try to enter the first level. Loading time are unbearably slow and despite being set for HQ/Shader On, there’s no antialiasing. I’ve not tried the CrystalSpace release cos it needs a reboot. Double Meh!

  124. pg on

    It’s cute, I guess, but as a stand-alone game (apart from it’s benefits of being open source, etc.) I really don’t get it. Is there a goal? Am I supposed to go somewhere? Or am I just wandering around throwing things at rats and sheep? I quit playing it after a little while because that’s not especially fun and I couldn’t figure out what to do. It really could have been packaged better. For instance, just adding a “here’s where you’re supposed to go/what you’re supposed to do” would be an immense improvement. So would having a mini-tutorial level (“here’s how to pick something up (e.g. springboard). try this simple jumping puzzle (perhaps using the springboard you just picked up). oops, you fell in the water, try not to do that. hey, that brought you to an acorn, try to throw this acorn at that rat over there–oh look, he exploded, don’t get to close to that! Look how getting hit by something reduces your life meter. ok, here’s level one.” kind of thing.) and ramping up difficulty rather than throwing you at a level and having you find out what the keys are by holding down f1, provided you know to do so (incidently, that menu isn’t real easy to read).

  125. gcq013 on

    Can anybody please delete this spam?

  126. lori on

    I downloaded this and played it on a G4 powerbook running Tiger (with latest updates). I get sound, Frankie will tail whip, walk, run, glide, and when left alone he poses. I pick up the acorns, climb, jump, and even smack the butterfly. I leaped on and off rocks and turned backflips. The only thing he will not do is go to the next level – I walked, ran, jumped at and climbed the sign without getting anywhere.

    I have to use osx ppc py2.3 – the 2.5 version pretends to open but never does. I also had to drop the graphics level a notch.

  127. BruceM91 on

    Hey. Love the game, its pretty fun. I first started playing it on my Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop, with 512 MB Ram and 64 MB Nvidia Geforce4 MX420. It ran decently. Then I got a macbook for christmas. It runs fine in OSX, but no sound. So, since I installed Ubuntu on my macbook dualboot, and I finally got sound to work, I wanted to play yofrankie. It ran really fast, but defaulted to joystick, which is the sudden motion sensor in the macbook. So yea, its kinda annoying to control the squirrels movements by tilting the macbook, considering it doesnt let me jump or attack or anything else. To play it, I set .blend files to open with BlenderPlayer, so all I do is double click menu.blend, and it opens fullscreen. Sound works, but just not the keyboard controls. I would really like to disable the joystick.



  128. shimmy17 on

    The next blender project: a game that WORKS!!

  129. Will on

    I would really like to have played this game, but I’ve spent a good 3 hours trying to get it to work all sorts of ways and have not had any luck.

    I downloaded the blender version, but I couldn’t figure out how to allow keyboard controls (its stuck on joystick).

    So I downloaded the crystal space version, which won’t install (A program required for this install could not be run error). I tried running it as an administrator as has been suggested somewhere else, but no good.

    I ran it in blender with the -nojoystick option, which worked, but since I couldn’t figure out how to get it to run fullscreen.

    I guess i could technically play it, but I can’t see a lot of the bottom of the screen, so I’m not going to bother.

    I understand that open source, cross platform games rarely work perfectly across platforms, and require some messing around to fix. But come on – no readme in the latest release? No support to speak of besides random comments which (like this one) will probably never be read? I’m a bit disappointed.

  130. Untit1ed on

    I downloaded and installed
    It works fine but i can’t change control for player 1 and it is joystick. On game load it says that “one joystick found” however I don’t have any. I tried to run win32 version on wine, but it has the same problem.

    openSuse11.0 64bit.