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Nov 14

DVDs arrived!

icon1 ton | icon2 Apricot Press, Blender Institute, DVD Content, Production | icon4 11 14th, 2008

The long wait is almost over, today the dvds were delivered to the Blender Institute. Tomorrow we’ll pack them all for our sponsors/customers, monday it gets picked up by the Global Mail service.
Delivery is usually 2-4 days for countries close, 1 week for rest of Europe, 2 weeks for USA and rest of world.

In case you’ve moved to another place after ordering, make sure the e-shop knows! (Mail shop at order number and new address).


90 Responses

  1. Pablo Vazquez on

    /me drops a tear..

    our little baby is ready! :'( the long wait is finally over..
    also looks like the DVD printers did a good job on keeping the colors alive! neat! πŸ™‚

    Thansk to all the our sponsors (yeah you that bougth the dvd in advance!), now is the final countdown!
    but dont think you’ll be the only ones waiting, we will wait all together as well! Chris waiting from USA, Campbell from Australia, and me from the south of the Patagonia Argentina.

    we could prepare a map for the arrival wave, something like the one for the BBB DVD.

  2. malefico on

    Yummy ! Ah nothing like the fresh smell of newly packed DVDs in the jungle !

  3. Pablo Vazquez on

    For those who didn’t bought the DVD (shame on you!), the online release will be when most of our sponsors get the DVD in their places, which usually is about 1 or 2 weeks after the shipment, and is also so we have time to prepare the servers to guarantee a safe and fast download to everyone.


  4. Andrew Fenn on

    Great! I can not wait for my DVD to arrive, I have been following this project blog from the beginning, however I have not download or ran anything so I am excited to see how the final product is going to turn out.

    Now that it is over it is time to discuss the next project! I need more blender game projects to throw my money on! Can I suggest something with a science fiction theme? πŸ˜€

  5. Clint on

    Wahoo! Two weeks to wait — I’m looking forward to it!

  6. Francisco Ortiz on


    That’s great. The cover is gorgeous, the DVD print is awesome!

    Let’s try to read what is at the back cover…

  7. TweakingKnobs on

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah !!!

    Now we will be able to do games!!!

    i mean with the tutorials in it ! coooooooooooool!!!

  8. Fahassani on

    You mast wait! yap the DVD really looks cool whats more cool will be in the DVD!

  9. Centx on

    Nice to see the project being successfully wrapped up! Great work!

    About online distribution, it would’ve been really nice if you upped the whole shebang on torrent, that way you could save some bandwidth and whatnot =)

    Just my two cents. And again, great work !

  10. Artisten on

    Yahoo! Congratulations to you!

    A question: What happened with the second technical demo? (Not that I need it now;)

  11. Bmud on

    Two months felt like a really long time! Good that you can close this project once and for all and move on.

  12. lissyx on

    That really gooood news !
    To bad exams will come so fast :/

  13. AD-Edge on

    Just in time for my holidays, I imagine GTA4 (and all other games for that matter) are going to be put aside for a good week or so when i get this DVD.

    Awesome work guys, keep it up.


  14. blenderuser on

    When we can download the game?

  15. Happy customer on

    I’ve pre-ordered it months ago. Can’t wait for the postman! Thank you very much, Apricot Team! πŸ˜€

  16. Kirado on

    Good thing I ordered last Monday then.. sweet!

  17. Bramdp on


  18. MrE on

    Yessss, just finished Fallout 3 so i am ready for other good stuff!!

  19. MrE on

    Oh, and i have got money set away for the next project so hit me!!

  20. vertexlopez on

    At last, soon come to our hands, these days have been very long, I am impatient to receive it. Thanks to the whole team yofrankie.

    Por fin, pronto llegarΓ‘ a nuestras manos, estos dΓ­as se han hecho muy largos, estoy impaciente por recibirlo. Gracias a todo el equipo de yofrankie.

  21. Tom on

    I bought it for my god child.

    What will be the system requirements?

  22. Gagan on

    I was wondering that too, will this be able to run n macs, or on ubuntu? or the most recent Animux (

  23. Laurens on

    The postman just delivered mine! (I am in The Netherlands) I guess I have some gaming to do πŸ™‚

  24. MrE on

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Just received my copy too!! Thanks to all the people who worked at this and put their creativity in the development of Blender and the game!

  25. DioDigi on

    Yes Yes Yes..!! my evening will be also great because my copy has arrived also. Well done you geuss. I hope that my skills will be updated after seing all the tutorials. Maybe some day I try to make a game.

  26. Stefan de Konink on

    Got it too :D! It even worked inside Xinerama πŸ˜€ Really great!

  27. Mark Hannessen on

    I got mine too πŸ˜€

    I’am a very happy person right now πŸ˜€

    Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us next πŸ˜‰

  28. Gerard Braad on

    The DVD arrived today… and the backside says: ‘Big Buck Bunny, which is included on this DVD as well’. Is the movie included on the disc? Since I have not been able to find it…

    btw. It runs well on Mac OS X 10.4 and Linux…

  29. jan on

    DVD arrived today. Nice to see myself on the credits : )
    i tried the yofrankie-osx-intel-py2.5 on my Imac 2.4 intel core duo osx 10.5.5 but i get no sound.
    how do you change the game resolution?
    Thank you, Jan

  30. MrE on

    πŸ˜€ i just found out that the bazooka made it to the DVD, although only as a reference in the picture section. It still is nice to see there is more of me there than credits alone. I’m so emotional i could cry πŸ˜‰


    I checked the DVD too, and could not find it. Would have been weird because it would mean that the people who only bought the game would also get the movie on DVD, while people who bought both would have supported the cause more.

  31. Vadim P. on

    Because the link to order the DVD is cleverly hidden on the website, here it is for anyone who failed (or took a long while, like me…) to find it:

  32. joeri on

    Got mine today! YAY! Looking great

  33. Findecanno on

    YAY! I got mine (I live in the middle of Antarctica) — Just kidding

    But really… Yo Frankie! is looking awesome

    Thanks guys

  34. edna on

    Got mine today (London). Hurrah! Thanks for all the hard work everyone.

    Now tell me … how on earth do I pick up a sheep? Seems pretty integral to the game, but I don’t seem able to manage it. Is there a key to press?

    Oh, and just to clarify, is it that the BGE version is “complete”, whereas the CS version is just a limited prototype of a level?

  35. Zarate on

    Got mine today in Cambridge, UK! I ordered it almost a year a go i had completely forgotten.

    Good work!

  36. Pappenheimer on

    Finally, got mine, too! Hurray!
    My first look was at the team photos. Guys, you are famous now! Beware of the paparazzies! πŸ˜‰
    If there is already a forum or a thread or threads relating this DVD, can someone post the link right here?

  37. Nomax on

    Got mine today (Belgium)!!!

    Tested the game, it keeps turning left with joystick control… Otherwise, it’s a very funny (and furry) piece of software πŸ˜‰
    It lacks a bit of antialias though…

    >Jan: To set the resolution on windows, use the -f command line switch:
    For example to run the game fullscreen in 1024×768 24-bit @ 60Hz use “yofrankie-windows -f 1024 768 24 60” command to launch the game.

  38. kakapo on

    i got it too today…

    when i start the exe the desktop reolution changes, a console window appears and then nothing happens. what could be the reason for this? anyone else with that problem?

  39. Lasphere on

    YAAAY! I’ve just recived it! WhohoOO! πŸ˜€
    Now I got ALL the blender foundation DVD’s! πŸ˜€

  40. Lasphere on

    Hmm its pretty odd. My disc drive does not seem to be able to find the DVD, but it can find others. :O Have you decodet the DVD diffrently than you used to?

  41. Sobek on

    My copy arrived today (Berlin). Kudos to the apricot team!

    Now I am going to play the game.

  42. Atis on

    Noticed mine today in the mailbox. The HTML pages & tutorials seem good, but the game itself is awful. It looks like some twelve-year-old’s first attempt at making games. Rendering is slow, collision detection is barely passable, and gameplay is basically a battle against bugs. I was really hoping this would bring open-source gaming to a new level; not this time though.

  43. lissyx on

    Mine arrived this morning (Tours, France).

    I can’t wait to test it πŸ™‚

  44. m goode on

    Glad to hear the DVD’s are getting mailed out. I’m still wondering if this will get released for the Motorola Krave. I’m interested to see how it would look released on the krave’s full touch screen. I’ve been a fan of this thing ever since I started working with Motorola. I also like the 2 megapixel camera, but you can check out a full specs sheet online at

  45. ton on

    Lots of questions! To reply some:

    – sorry for not putting the BBB vids on the dvd, but we were running out of space… and including all Apricot stuff and tutorial vids was more important. It’s already a dual-layer dvd! It’s really stupid we forgot to remove it from the text of the backside… dumb me!

    – When the game doesn’t run, check for the directory with ‘simple_blender_game’, this has a glsl-free level.

    – Atis: note that there’s two separate game projects included. When progress with the CS engine didn’t work as expected, we decided to also use the Blender Engine. Having a full blown game wasn’t feasible anymore, you can read a lot of reports in this blog on what we did do well. The yofrankie levels as we included might be an unfinished game, but for a project created in a 3D tool it’s a giant breakthrough. And not to forget, the reason to do “Apricot” was to help improving open source… check Blender 2.48 release logs to see!

  46. kakapo on

    i will try simple_blender_game but in blender i can start the levels without problem. only the exe version of the game doesn’t work. i use a geforce 8600gt which should support all used GLSL i think?

  47. Atis on

    Yes, well I do realise now my criticisms were a bit too harsh. In some ways it feels the people who created the game wanted it to be much more than the time, technology and skill allowed. Had the goal been a simpler game, I believe it would be more complete and enjoyable. My only hope is that there’ll be more projects like this, in which case the quality would have nowhere to go but up.

  48. edna on

    Worth a note: the game looks a whole lot better with anti-aliasing, filtering and the like. If you’ve got an NVIDIA card (not sure about ATI) you can set that outside the game itself by going to NVIDIA control panel (then “manage 3D settings / program settings / select programme to optimise”).

    I’ve struggled through to the end of the volcano level (that loop-the-loop is a nightmare!). There are a lot of glitches to battle (plus I still can’t work out how to pick up sheep), but there is also some real satisfaction to be gained. Volcano level has a particularly nice ambience, for example, and many of the character animations are genuinely funny. The fur also renders amazingly nicely – can’t believe it’s the BGE!

    Thanks again to all.

  49. weidenfels on

    wow, got mine toda, onw week earlyer than BBB arrived, Hannover Germany Thanks a lot, time to start working !

  50. weidenfels on

    wow, got mine today, one week faster than BBB, Hannover Germany, Thanks a lot, time to start working now

  51. Daniel K. on

    Mine arrived today too Germany (Duisburg). The documentation & tutorials read good, But the Game looks soo awful and plays extreme bad. I’ve seen more PSP Homebrew which looks and plays much better than this. There have to follow much projects like this to push the game engine more πŸ˜‰ . But personally i can only hope, no engaged hobby developer team tries to implement their ideas in this engine at the current state. I don’t know what i’ve really expected. But the two movies before this project are technical state of the art. Ok, with the limited manpower both movies are short, but very good. Well, ive expected something similar with this game. A 20-30 minute game (demo) which was state of the art. I’m looking forward for the next blender project.

  52. OldJim on

    I got my DVD Today and it totaly Rocks…
    More Detail on Problems, Questions and Tings that really rock can be found on thise SubForum totaly dedicatet to YoFrankie and all the new thing that it brought to the BGE…

    So If you have any questions or additional Files (Levels) or anything else you can post it there hope to see a lot of you there.

  53. neXyon on

    Got mine too today (Austria, Styria), and I am totally amazed! I read the bad things and didn’t expect too much, but it’s way better than I expected!

  54. Inko I. A. on

    I received mine today (Zarautz, Spain). I like the presentation of the DVD. Good job!

  55. Richard on

    Not much of a success running it.

    Running on an iMac OSX 10.5.5 there is no sound, either at the start up screen or during the game. Also at the starting area when you walk into a sign to go to the level, walking into the ‘Game’ sign, it crashes me out of the game. Tried one of the extra maps, think it was called Rat Pack. Just when you reach the rats I jumped onto a grassy rock and dissappeared straight into it, unable to walk or jump out of it. Pressing Esc hoping to get back to the main menu but just exited straight out of the game. One more moan, tried with Vista running bootcamp and it wouldn’t start up the game at all from the Play menu, just had a constant rotating blue ring.


  56. xvisx on

    Same here, on OSX 10.4.11: no sound, and when walking towards the gamesign, it crashes. Furthermore, I can’t seem to run with Frankie, only walk.

  57. TABASCO on

    I tried it on three computers now and I didn’t had much success, too.
    The technical demo without GLSL runs fine, although the graphics there are far away from the video on the dvd.
    On my desktop (ATI Radeon 9800 Pro) with Ubuntu 8.10 the graphics of the blender version is just terrible and the crystal space version doesn’t work at all.
    On a Dell Inspiron 1525, also Ubuntu 8.10 it’s the same issue – when I run the crystal space version out of a terminal, the last lines are:

    Free list:
    FREE Offset:09166000, Size:0002e000, F.
    End of memory blocks
    celstart: ../common/dri_bufmgr_fake.c:1127: dri_fake_process_relocs: Assertion `ret == 0′ failed.

    However, I assume it’ll be much too long when we all paste our issues here. I already looked up the Blender forum for OpenProjects:

    Maybe it’s more usefull to open a thread there, otherwise it will get out of control here…

    I really would like to play the game in it’s perfection πŸ™‚


  58. Kao on

    Hello, I receive mine yesterday (Paris France), and I just want to known if it’s possible to deactivate the fulllscreen option.
    I work on a linux. Thank you bye

  59. Fredster on

    I too have probems running on Mac. I have 10.5.5, 3 GB Ram and Core 2 Duo, on Mac i managed to play for about 2 minutes and then it crashed, before that i tried about 3-4 times to start it but it just crashed, all without any sound…Using bootcamp and XP is no help either, it crashes in all modes or doesn’t start at all….Money well spent;)

  60. kakapo on

    argh… i found the reason! the game somehow messes up the desktop resolution before going fullscreen and the notification window of the comodo firewall got placed on the second monitor – my TV which is switched off most of the time. i have checked what the TV displays earlier but didn’t notice the firewall window because it was almost completely off screen. only a tiny part of the title bar was visible.

    the game looks very nice!

  61. Pablo Vazquez on

    Fullscreen problem:
    It opens in Fullscreen because that’s the way the binary was saved. You can fix this by saving your own binary file!, just open levels/start_menu.blend with Blender 2.48a and change the settings in the Render Buttons, “Format” panel, there you have the Game Framing Settings, just disable Fullscreen and you can play with the resolution there too.
    Then save your binary going to File > Save Game As Runtime. put it in the same folder and thats it!

  62. Rowy on

    Doesn’t start in XP or Vista. Missed a dll. After download of the dll, it couldn’t find startcel.

  63. -bupla- on

    Cool, I get it this morning, but I had the same issues on OSX 10.5.5. No sound, I don’t know how to run with Frankie, and when I quit the game, the desktop is a mess, the dock is on the middle of the screen, and I must restart my computer.

  64. KΓ©kΓ© on

    @-bupla- : You don’t have to restart your Mac. I have the same issue and you just need to open the system settings and change the screen resolution to another and go back to the initial one.

    By the way, same problem that the others, no sound on Mac.
    I must admit that I’m a little disapointed by the result but I still understand the primary goal of the project. So good job guys, but I suppose that you see (better than us !) the long way still in front of us ! πŸ˜‰

  65. blengine on

    Eek, well the bge version runs cleanly on xp and vista here, but I have not tested the crystal space version at home yet. I can’t help with Mac problems but if anyone chats on irc, #blendercoders might be helpful.

    To pick up a sheep, attack them when you’re at a really close range and you’ll kick them up in the air. This wasn’t made very clear but running is in the f1 instruction overlay, hold down the attack key.

  66. Dr. Dixie on

    I feel like an idiot asking this, but where do we download the game? I personally don’t care to buy the DVD, and when I downloaded it a couple times before, I’m pretty sure it either wasn’t the full game, or couldn’t have GLSL disabled. Thanks.


  67. Clint on

    Got mine in the mail today (Indiana, USA) — very exciting stuff! I’m glad to see that they’re starting to arrive State-side.

    Can’t wait to get off work so that I can try it out. πŸ˜€

  68. Lorax on

    Mine showed up yesterday – Texas, USA. With this, and the GameKit 2.0 Book, it’s going to be a great time over the Winter Break!!!

  69. blenderuser on

    When the game will be downloadable?

  70. Arconus on

    YeeeeP When the game will be downloadable? I can’t wait coz i live in Ukreine Kharkov maby some one make link on .Iso file

  71. G_Dragon on

    I got mine yesterday (British Columbia, Canada), and so far I’m loving it. The only weird thing is the game engine thinks I’m using a joystick in the main game, and some of the old demo files don’t play. Otherwise, I’d just like to thank the Blender Institute, all the other volunteers, and other sponsors who have contributed and made this game happen.

  72. Pablo Vazquez on

    For those asking about the download of Yo Frankie!, read comment #3! πŸ˜€

    (resuming, early december!, it will give us some time to prepare the servers and website)

  73. RedBirdiii on

    I got mine yesterday here in Bahrain. My little daughter is really happy to play the game.. whenever she sees me inserting the DVD into the PC drive she doesn’t let me play at all.. the only time that I can play is when she goes to bed..

    By the way, great game indeed.. really awesome effort for making such a great game for kids and adults!

  74. andyg (geekscape) on

    My copy has just arrived in Melbourne, Australia (after exactly 2 weeks).

    That solves the problem of what to do this weekend πŸ™‚

    Fortunately, my daughter has her own Linux system … so, we won’t have to fight over the game !
    With any proprietary game, we’d have to purchase 2 copies πŸ™

    I expect that we’ll enjoy going through all the production data and messing with that … just as much as playing the game.

  75. Bmud on

    I just got mine, but it will be a couple days before I’m home where my decent computer is. This laptop my mother has in my old room is a real piece of crap. Not complaining though… good to have it, and good to see relatives. πŸ™‚

  76. Rafster on

    Can someone please tell me how to install the Crystal stand alone game on my Toshiba gaming laptop running Vista?

    Do I click on the exe file or the msi file, in the crystal directory? I tried twice to install the game and both times it failed to run – something about a missing dll. Could I drag and drop in the missing dll without screwing up the operating system??

    How the hell do I install the stand alone Blender Engine version?????? Do I need to have Blender installed to play the game?

    Why is there no installation instructions??????


  77. Ben on

    Where is the help forum for everyone who is having problems? (where people post about their problems; post their fixes, workarounds, etc.)

  78. OldJim on

    Help Forum would be here…:
    Just start a new Topic and ask your Question and there will be a lot of People that will give there best to help you…

  79. Leo on

    Arrived this morning in Venice, Italy. πŸ˜€

  80. qubodup on

    I got mine a week ago.

    1-2 weeks? this post is three weeks old now. Time to start seeding! πŸ™‚

    (Remember Legaltorrents)

  81. Pablo Vazquez on

    working on it qubodup!

    also, it is open! so nobody can stop the already-dvd-owners from seeding their own copies :), but yeah is always better to wait and download just what needed from the servers, rather than a huge torrent.

  82. macduy on

    This is awesome work guys! Keep it up!

  83. Dread Knight on

    I’m developing an open source game following pretty much the same pipeline as Yo Frankie. Really looking forward to check out the tutorials/documentation from the dvd… time is an essential, looking forward to the BGE contest…

    Would really appreciate if someone would share the dvd with me asap. Thanks!

  84. marco on

    I have the same problems on osX 10.5.5. No sound, running from blender non signs (game, so I can’t play) and it crashes when I choose the game sign playing outside the blender app. I thought this was a multiplatform game, but sadly it isn’t.

    I can’t see any answer about this issues πŸ™

    Sorry to say, but I’m a bit disappointed.

  85. venomgfx on

    there is stuff happening under the hood!

    online release pretty soon πŸ™‚

  86. Camille Bissuel on

    hello !

    I’m a little worry, cause I didn’t receive the DVD one month later….
    i had pre-order it in January and change my address during the year… updating it in the blender e-shop.

    It’s ok cause i’ll be able to download it, but it would be nice to receive the DVD.
    Any idea ?

    Camille Bissuel

  87. venomgfx on

    @ Camille Bissuel, hey there, you’re not the only one! I’m still waiting for my DVDs here in southern Patagonia (Argentina), but it’s pretty normal for me though, since mail is always like this down here, where are you from Camille? Did you email e-shop to make sure they have your latest address?

  88. Camille Bissuel on

    from France πŸ™‚ Netherlands is not so far πŸ˜€

    I think to a mistake in the address. You’re right, I should email the e-shop, but the command had disappeared.
    I’ll do it, and tell you back here what’s going on.
    Thanks for your attention !

  89. David Tabachnikov on


    Just recieved the DVD in the mail today, and tried to run it. I’ve got 2 Debian Lenny x86_64 machines, one at work and one at home, on both machines, double-clicking on the yofrankie-linux-x86_64 binary does nothing, and running it from the terminal prints that:

    $ ./yofrankie-linux-x86_64
    bash: ./yofrankie-linux-x86_64: Permission denied

    Trying to run the Crystal Space version takes a huge amount of time.

    Was a huge let-down.

    Is there anywhere I could get support/help for that?

  90. ewomer on

    David Tabachnikov . the reason your getting the “permission denied” is because the file isnt allowed to execute. you need to try the attributes which means you need to
    install the game onto the hard drive(i dont know the details of this since i dont have the dvd), you dont need a system install you can just put it under your home folder.

    once its copied onto your hard drive run this command

    cd /to/installed/yofrankie/folder
    sudo chmod +x ./yofrankie-linux-x86_64

    then it should run