Video Tutorial: Creating a Low Poly Tree, Part 1

Part 1 of 5: Modeling and texturing a low poly tree in blender, by Chris Plush

Download the original video (1024×768px) at vimeo, link is provided on the vimeo site (registered users), if you already have it, feel free to upload it somewhere and share the link with us.

10 Responses to “Video Tutorial: Creating a Low Poly Tree, Part 1”
  1. como eu faço para baixar esse jogo

  2. hola a todos y gracias por el tutprial

  3. Very good tutorial, thanks and congratulations

  4. Wow, this is great! Thanks for the incredibly detailed and helpful tutorial!

  5. what did you do @ 06:30?

  6. I selected two loops of vertices, pressed F and chose “skin faces” to connect them with faces automatically instead of manually.

  7. how do you select with the classic click and drag way? I can’t do it any other way than to Ctrl+RMB and create a circle-like shape!

  8. press b-key for box select.. and you can press b twice for circle select

  9. […] to finish, this art dump from an artist responsible for vegetation in the game Battlefield 4, this tutorial for creating a low-poly oak tree, and this guide to making […]

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