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Nov 20

Blender Gamekit almost done!

icon1 ton | icon2 Blender Institute, Production | icon4 11 20th, 2008

The Blender Gamekit book update project is now in its last stage. We’re reviewing the designed pages, finishing the cd for the book, and hopefully within one or two weeks it goes to print! (But you know, planning doesn’t match human limitations always!)

You now can start pre-ordering copies even. Up to december 15 with a nice 20% discount!
Click here to visit the Blender e-shop.

Needless to say: revenues will help Blender Foundation projects (and me & Brecht coding 2.5! 🙂


61 Responses

  1. blenderuser on

    Anyone knows where is Tutorials/TubeCleaner folder in the CD? I cant find it. Do you have it?

  2. Samo on

    @blenderuser: Sorry, no idea about CD contents (don’t have the book yet) – if it’s really missing, I’m sure it’ll be put up onlines asap – or else maybe mail the blender foundation?

  3. Lorax on

    12/31/2008 – got mine in Texas, USA! Great book!

  4. OldJim on

    Well the final TubeCleaner in in the Games Folder…
    But in the Tutorial Folder there is no files to work whit as written in the book…
    Hope the will put up a online version soon…
    you may would like to post here…

  5. ubergrafik on

    Got mine on the 30th Dec, in Australia. I tried copying the CD to my desktop because it was reading it really slow and noticed that there are quite a few corrupt files, in the pumpkin source files, and the pumpkin .blend didn’t want to copy either. Any one had similar issues? Very happy to have it though!

  6. John Haverkamp on

    Finaly got mine Jan 2 – wasn’t exspecting it till next week since I’m in the US. I quite like the small format of the book.

  7. MastaEgg on

    Mine also came today here in the US!

    I guess the reciept still comes with the book even if you have it setup for different shipping and billing addresses. (I had it shipped to my grandma’s house next door so that if it was too big for the mailbox, the mailperson wouldn’t have to come down our driveway of death in the dead beat of winter).

  8. marko on

    Here in Italy the book as landed today!!

    Thanks guys! ^_^

  9. neXyon on

    The missing TubeCleaner files are now available under the address you can find in the 54. comment of OldJim.


  10. blenderuser on

    Thanks OldJim!

  11. flaco on

    Can we get an estimate as to when the CC version will be released?
    Otherwise, will someone start seeding a torrent? Pretty please? Think of all the new blenderheads you’ll inspire.
    Yes, I did just suggest that.

    -In a faraway place with an awful post and where a euro buys a hearty full meal.