Video Tutorial: Creating a Low Poly Tree, Part 3

Part 3 of 5: Modeling and texturing a low poly tree in blender, by Chris Plush

Download the original video (1024×768px) at vimeo, link is provided on the vimeo site (registered users), if you already have it, feel free to upload it somewhere and share the link with us.

5 Responses to “Video Tutorial: Creating a Low Poly Tree, Part 3”
  1. help!!!!! the texture only apply’s to the inside not the outside so if u look at it u can only see the inside and it looks very weird.

    Plz help me thanks a lot!!!!

  2. Man, just make them doublesided and u’ll be fine.

  3. yeah, and ive been wondering for a while, how on earth do you fill in the holes with faces?

  4. You select the two loops (the hole and the bottom loop of the branch), press F key, and select skin faces, or something like that (The bottom option). If it’s darker than the rest of the tree, go to Edit Mode and select all the verticies. Then hit Ctrl + N. TADAAAAH!!!

  5. I have the same problem as “Browny568”. doublesided dosn´t work and I don´t know what to do. From the outside I can se the texture that is on the inside so when I go around it the texture change and it dosn´t look good.
    If i look inside the tree it looks perfekt so how do I get the texture to the outside?

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