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Jul 9

Crystal Space has been nominated for the SourceForge Community Awards 2008. There are multiple categories and Crystal Space has been nominated in the ‘Best Project for Gamers’ category. If you like Crystal Space then I would like to invite you to take a little of your time to vote for us. If we win it would be a huge publicity boost and I think that would be in the benefit of anyone who would like to use Crystal Space for games. However, if you DON’T like Crystal Space then you can still vote for us. I’m not going to stop you 🙂

To vote for Crystal Space please visit this link and follow the appropriate steps.

Thanks a lot for your support!

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Apr 1

Ever have one of those weeks ?

Yes. Thats true… It’s real shame to say this but someone broke into our network… I still can’t believe… but slow down… let me explain everything….

1) I’m sure that someone other than me was accessing my email account. It was highly secured by my outlook, so I have no idea how it was possible…

2) Still I couldn’t believe it, but finally they send an email to us with proof:

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Mar 20
Food !
icon1 darek | icon2 Blender Institute, Random Fluff | icon4 03 20th, 2008

It’s half-true about bread and water through a hole in the doors. In fact as you can see in the pictures our main job in the Blender Institute is cooking 🙂 We have 4 meals per day and we enjoying full fridge of beer and watching Peach trailer on couch with pizza or popcorn.


If we are not enough, then we go outside together to cinema to watch Cg movies and after this eat pita with falafels.


Meanwhile when we have some free time (not too much) – we’re developing our game 🙂 Still we are in stage of implementing necessary stuff to get the game working.

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Mar 12

Our colleagues from the Peach project have produced a video tour through the facilities (complete with Apricot team cameo!). Highly recommended.

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Feb 26

Cycling in Spain is different than cycling in the Netherlands, especially with a hub brake instead of hand breaks….  

Download the .ogg file here

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