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Mar 20

Food !

icon1 darek | icon2 Blender Institute, Random Fluff | icon4 03 20th, 2008

It’s half-true about bread and water through a hole in the doors. In fact as you can see in the pictures our main job in the Blender Institute is cooking 🙂 We have 4 meals per day and we enjoying full fridge of beer and watching Peach trailer on couch with pizza or popcorn.


If we are not enough, then we go outside together to cinema to watch Cg movies and after this eat pita with falafels.


Meanwhile when we have some free time (not too much) – we’re developing our game 🙂 Still we are in stage of implementing necessary stuff to get the game working.

8 Responses

  1. RH2 on

    Sounds like fun for a bunch of hungry game developers.

    “bread and water”… “half true”… seems more like your feasting over there…

  2. Mike on

    That is a crazy-looking thing on the wall in the dining room picture just above Ton’s head.

  3. dusty on

    Hmm, what do you know, I’m hungry.

  4. darek on

    Mike: it’s a restaurant not dining room 🙂

  5. jan de vries on

    It is nice to see you are having fun but i would really appreciate a blog post with a little more substance.
    for instance: how are you adapting models from the movie to the game? What are the difficult bits? what was the easy bit? Are you reusing animation from the movie?
    Who is doing what? Who is working on crystal space doing what, who is working on blender doing what? what is your schedule? will there be playtesting?. How is audio doing? Are u reusing audio from the movie and is that easy?
    How are your tasks divided and is this similar to commercial game development? Please fill us in! Perhaps find somebody willing to do some video interviews?
    Regards, Jan

  6. jan de vries on

    Ok perhaps i am a bit impatient, there is loads of substance in older posts here : )
    Enjoy, Jan

  7. Clint on

    Good post — thanks for the update! I’m glad to hear you guys are getting along okay over there at the Happy Blender Institute! 🙂

  8. Francisco Ortiz on

    @ Jan: But this article has SUBSTANCE. It’s all about food!

    Nice to see that this awesome projects are being developed respecting the human person as a rule. And even, respecting the the Bunny person too.
    Aaaaah! The HAPPY Blender Institute. 😛