Cycling in Spain is different than cycling in the Netherlands, especially with a hub brake instead of hand breaks….  

Download the .ogg file here

9 Responses to “Crazy cycling in Amsterdam with Caedes!”
  1. Love the audio selection. 🙂

  2. Is that a girls bike? 😉

  3. jan de vries says:

    Please adjust the saddle!, perhaps he wants children at a later stage in his life. ; )
    Enjoy! Are the peaches jealous that you guys have actual free time to spend outside? I will pay for my DVD now…

  4. great caedes!
    just some more days and you will became a bikestar

    going to order my DVD

  5. Those aren’t bikes! 😛
    I’m Dutch! I live in The Netherlands and I have a bike with hand-brakes. Why are they having those shitty bikes?

  6. Francisco Ortiz says:

    Well… One option is to use those bikes with chairs, you know, for kids…

    @jan: The peaches jealous? I don’t know…

    BTW who is that guy with the camera smilling like a child?

  7. Glad to see your getting the project done XD

  8. @Francisco – that guy with the camera is Sago: the director of Peach!

  9. Francisco Ortiz says: