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Jul 16

Yo Frankie!

icon1 venomgfx | icon2 Apricot Press, Random Fluff, Uncategorized | icon4 07 16th, 2008

Yo Frankie!

Yo!, we got a name:  Yo Frankie!: A Furry Vendetta

People voted for this names (ain’t open source beautiful? =), and we sorted them out like: Yo Frankie! the main name, and “A Furry Vendetta” as the name of this episode, now is your time to start thinking/making the next episodes 🙂  Yo Frankie: “Point Blank Frank”, or “The Rise Of Frank” are the most voted, pick which one is going to be the name of your own level (s)! 😀

You can download our new logo in all this flavours:
Big 3DLogo, with background – 1440x810px
Big 3D Logo, no background (alpha) – 887x670px

2D Yo Frankie! Logo – Small Size / Bully Size
2D Yo Frankie! Text – Small Size / Bully Size
2D Frankie Icon – Small Size / Bully Size

.zip file with all this (~2.2mb).


55 Responses

  1. bob on

    It looks great!
    I’d love to see the blend file. I know you said you’ll share it but I can’t find it anywhere. Did you posted it somewhere?

  2. jori on

    Such a bad name for such a great project… pity

  3. Witchfinder General on

    Hey, you can use this for the theme song…


    I don’t think it would be too cheesy, considering the bloody awful name the game has been given.

  4. Kiscool on

    Wow ! Great ! I’ve tried to rebuild effects used in the shader of the text but I’ve not reached this result. Very impressive. I’m waiting the tutorial…

    Congrats !

  5. frank nitty on

    awesome name! love it.