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Jul 14

Who likes lava?

icon1 blengine | icon2 Media Gallery, Production, Screenshots | icon4 07 14th, 2008

Production with the bge is taking off. We’re really motivated by how enthusiastically the blender community received the news about using the bge in this project. I’ve had my doubts as to how many people were actually interested in the bge, but evidently there are a quite lot of you. Make more noise!

We’re making all new levels for the bge game, and we’re bringing in new characters. Campbell is finishing up the game logic for Frankie, and then shifts focus to implementing enemies and animals to bully. By the beginning of August we’ll be wrapping this game up into a complete package with menus, etc.

We’ve also gone over the animation submissions! The animations we decided on using in the game are:
Marcus Feital’s “Sleep Idle”
Mango Jambo’s “Show Off” Idle
Joshua Huf’s throwing and minor damage
Glenn Melenhorst’s run cycle

Thanks guys! Great work. Mango Jambo, for crediting you, is that your real name, because that would be awesome.

Now below are some wip screenshots from our first level in the bge. The environment is missing enemies, plants, ground props, special effects, and all importantly, shadow/ambient occlusion maps.

73 Responses

  1. blengine on

    a, glad you enjoyed the thumbnails. myselfhimself, the lava and water too are something we’re still sorting out. Right now the lava is just a quick texture on a plane. I also forgot to mention in the post there aren’t any special effects in yet either(edited).

  2. jhoolmans on

    I’ve finished the rig/unwrapping of the turtle, where should I publish it so people can animate/skin?

  3. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    @themacmeister, agree about the grass, but blengine reckons anyone who doesn’t like his grass can go to hell.

    Anti aliasing would look great of course, its easy to enable however we’re trying to make the faster at the moment.

  4. jhoolmans on

    I made an small animation of the turtle hiding in his shell 😀

    I’m no animator or whatever but it’s just an example.

    Here is the .blend for the ones who want to edit him 🙂

    (I do want credits though)


  5. LOGAN on

    I’m really glad the work on the BGE is far more extensive as was initially outlined at the start of the project.

    Of course many people would be very interested in more BGE improvements as it is for many a core part of the Blender package. I’m also exited about CS getting tighter integrated into blender but the coolest thing to me is the BGE developement itself (sorry CS devs…)

    I still am struggling about the problems to make a commercial or shareware game with any GPL-ed product due to the license restrictions involved. That’s why I was hoping in the beginning of the project the development would be geared toward an engine that would allow real commercial game development.

    But great work so far and I think more people are interested in BGE development than you might have thought on first sight. (The number of people interested in development of the BGE is of course something different than the number of people able or willing to do the development itself…) I really hope the BGE will stay more in focus in future development of blender, because up-to now it was always 1 or 2 people doing their own thing and the lack of a small ‘team’ dedicated to BGE makes it hard to keep the developer(s) interested.

    Good work, please continue 🙂

  6. Alexander Ewering on

    While I normally don’t agree with anyone on anything (mostly), I must agree with the others that I also welcome the BGE improvements very much, and I always thought that it deserves much more focus.

    Especially the View3D improvements are incredibly helpful – and good OpenGL display will only become more important as graphics cards become more powerful.

    Already today, for many projects, I figure it would be stupid to use the CPU renderer, as the GLSL render is often on par quality-wise, but an order of magnitude faster.

  7. chuzzy on


  8. Centx on

    Looks awesome as usual =)

    Would it be possible for some devs to post some screencaps of something ingame with ALL of the effects/improvements/features made thus far enabled. Like AA, RT Shadows etc? That would improve the awesome-factor!

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Olm-Z on

    @LOGAN : GPL doesn’t prevent you to do commercial game, it’s just the delivery (aka “commercial model” or “licence”) that has changed… you change the model for delivery (FLOSS) so you have to change (a little) the model you use to get monney. Apricot is an exemple, there is other…
    (and more, if you keep blend files separate from executable, you keep all rights on contents)

  10. Steven Mosh on

    Thank god plz make the game engine better

  11. Ak on

    Good work on this project looks like its coming out good. This should hopefully also motivate non-Blender users in using Blender.

  12. SFR on

    I can’t wait until apricot is released for a ppc mac running tiger I’m so jealous. I can’t partake in the fun right now

  13. admiral0 on

    Here’s NOISE! Just know that those screeenshots are incredible…

  14. Pappenheimer on

    I’m definitely interested in bge for making short little games with stories and features for children, running on different platforms as stand-alone! The screens are looking promising. If a game with the bge runs with reasonable framerates on low spec systems, that were great! 🙂 Keep up your great work! Thanks to all your efforts!

  15. randomnut on

    Would be really interesting if you could somehow warp the flowing lava texture around the rocks!
    And a +1 for antialiasing..
    Looks great otherwise, at least for me.
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Francisco Ortiz on

    “Platformer’s soul, lava is.”

    M. Yoda.

  17. Mark Hannessen on

    The screenshots already look quite nice even without all the content in it.

    As for making noice:

    !!!!! I LOVE BLENDER BGE !!!!!
    ( and i like crystel space too.. )

    The great thing about making real stuff like this game is that it gives a good impression as to what the strenghts and weaknesses of a product really are. and most importent: what as a consiquence of that discovery will be improved upon.

    Even though the project archived less results then had been set at the very first stage the amount of progress that was made in BGE and knowledge gained for crystal, the example code, documentation, sense of community, etc is already going to be more then worth the ride.

    Not to forget that any future game project will probably flurish a lot faster with all the currently earned experience.

    it’s much like the blender movies. the first one was a great trip, the second rocked you socks off.

  18. MatrixNAN on

    What if we replaced the BGE logic system with the Blender 2 Crystal Space system that way we have the better CEL logic system fully integrated as part of BGE and you guys have already done all that work on the kismet like system which we could use as the logic system in the BGE. This would make it easier for artists to learn because they would only have to learn one system and it would make it easier to create games since we would have a better logic system to work with in BGE.

    I think this would be a serious enhancement to BGE and would take it to the next level with BGE to where it can be an all in one integrated solution like the artists are wanting. This could end up moving it beyond just a prototyping tool into an actual production tool end product. This would also allow for Commercial games to put in their own system too. I would think it would be easier to maintain the code also if there was minimal differences between CEL and BGE on the logic system. Not to mention maintaining the code would be easier because you would not have to maintain two different code systems that don’t match up exactly and some features have to be added only in code instead of in the GUI back in Crystal Space or some other XYZ game engine.

    What do you guys think???? Would you like to see the CEL Kismet like system they have been creating for BGE also?

    Nate Nesler

  19. MatrixNAN on

    Oh by the way the screen shots look very good particularly since shadows and AO have not been baked. What are you using for the lava light up on the walls. Is that done by just light baking, dynamic lights, or is it done interactively from the GLSL shader with Emit creating a glow from the lava animating the light across the terrain as the lava flows by?

    Nate Nesler

  20. rdvon on

    Is Frankie going to look like that washed out and metallic in the real game.. it kind of worries me.
    other wise the levels look really fun 🙂

  21. jackjack on

    Low detail and no anti-aliasing make Apricot a dull game.

  22. s'mon on

    cool, i’m almost shure that i will use bge for my bachalore degree work. great to see it getting better, and even better to see a fun example game showing off the possibilitys of the engine.

  23. Bigbob on

    In past I´ve tried to create a game in BGE but i´ve stopped becouse of very low performance of BGE. i think i will continue in working on that project in january 2009. It seems that BGE id finaly coming to life 🙂