Chris just posted a poll on blenderatrist for the game name, here are some we came up with.

  • footloose frank -chris
  • frankie does hard time -chris
  • frankie raids the warren -campbell
  • frankie’s ethnic cleansing -anonymous
  • frankie’s jungle conflict resolution -chris
  • frankie’s park of pain -campbell
  • frankie’s reign of terror -campbell
  • frankie’s tail whipping turmoil -campbell
  • frankie’s war on everything -campbell
  • frankie’s war on terror -chris
  • frankie vs. the volcano -chris
  • frank unleashed -chris
  • furry fury frankie -dariusz
  • furry vendetta -sago
  • point blank frank -campbell
  • the rise of frank -frank
  • yo frankie! -ton

Vote for your favourite at blenderartist

51 Responses to “Vote for the Apricot Game Name”
  1. Christopher says:

    Thank you. What you need))