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Apr 23


icon1 darek | icon2 Crystal Space, Development | icon4 04 23rd, 2008

Many people asking what is what in out development toolchain.
So… for graphics we are using Blender and Gimp (unexpectable huh ? 🙂 )

Crystal Space (CS) is an open source 3d engine written in C++, object oriented, supports advanced memory management with automatic reference counting. Has central object registry and you can query abstract class interface which can be implemented by user-preffered plugin, like for example renderer can be implemented by OpenGL or Software (yes ! Crystal Space also supports 3d software plugin like in old good Doom). To make a game you can use C++ or Python, Perl and Java.

Crystal Entity Layer (CEL) is a game logic engine. It’s not replacement of Blender Game Engine (BGE). It’s just party for Crystal Space. Contains set of plugins that provides typical game behaviours like actor moving, camera, projectile shooting, path finding, neural network AI, car driving, and a lot of other goodies, so you can just use that templates set own properties like speed, weight etc. and game is ready 🙂 It’s very powerful.

Celstart it’s just one of the CEL applications. It’s runtime environment for game designed similiar to Java, the Harbortouch’s website for software and developing can give you all the guidance and info. Developer don’t need to make own executable or compile anything, whole game can be done in Python or XML scripting and packed into one zip file (called .celzip it’s like .jar for Java) together with data, and distributed like this. Gamer can download Celstart package for his operating system, and run Celzip. Smart solution.

Blender2Crystal (B2CS) it’s Blender plugin exporting geometry to Crystal Space and allows set the properties for CEL. Has own user interface with many properties and logic bricks, also allows to run game inside blender window. So whole game can be done without leaving Blender with underlaying CrystalSpace/Cel/Celstart (thats what we are doing).

16 Responses

  1. Zeirus on

    Very like…but there is only one problem: Absence of a unique “commom” interface for all those “modules”. An interface that unify all aspects and features, like a very game builder “all in one” integrated.

  2. Kirado on

    thanks for clearing that up. Sounds good 😉

  3. jorrit on

    To Zeirus: actually, that is what blender2crystal can (almost) do.

  4. Mal on

    The info in the blog entry was very informative.

    It would be VERY cool to see a video of the process, eg adding in a new element in Blender, tagging it with CEL, and previewing it in the Blender/CS window.

  5. Dusty on

    Cool, sounds like progress. When this project is over, I am looking forward to trying out your enhancements to the various modules.

  6. Francisco Ortiz on

    Nice… So… Is it possible to use only Blender to Cristal inside Blender to make a game? How Blender to Cristal publish its game? Does we just save a .jar file? :S
    Thank you!

  7. darek on

    Francisco Ortiz: Yes it is possible. And yes – B2CS makes .celzip which is something like .jar.

  8. patrick on

    I’ve tried using this work flow before and I just hit a wall.

    It would be really cool if someone could do a few video tutorials showing how to create and export a simple scene from blender to crystal space – with some game logic.

  9. mike on

    timely post! i’ve been wondering about the exact same thing for a while now. I am glad to hear that B2C is being actively developed.

  10. Blendiac on

    I agree with Mal,

    Would be very, VERY cool to see information on the games pipeline. I’d be happy with it being on the game DVD so you get something for your efforts. I’ll definitely be buying the DVD and let’s face it the whole thing will be shared freely in short order. The most important thing is that it gives enough detail that us regular Blenderites can actually recreate it ourselves.

    Very cool idea though. Hope like crazy it happens!

  11. Philip on

    Will Crystal be “Window Vista Permeium” compatible?

  12. Philip on

    I’m looking foward to getting a copy of the DVD. I hope to someday make games for game consoles like the PS3 or the XBOX 360; Blender and Crystal looks to be a great tool to work with to do that sort of thing. Has anyone successfully used either program in that regard?

  13. Blendiac on

    Is there any way members of the community can contribute to Apricot (beyond blogging/buying it)? I’d love to be able to see a ToDo list and send in some meshes / animate something.

  14. Blendiac on

    Philip: It only used Blender (not CS) and was PC, not console, but check out the game “Mini#37 Arcade Racer” on the homepage of Very cool. 🙂

  15. myselfhimself on

    to jorrit:
    do you know if the apricot is going to use Bullet’s new softbody features ?

  16. Rakunko on

    …though cel will allow alot more control in BGE…it might make game making too tidious and overbearing..itll be more idustary guided but…(complains since he’ll need to learn a whole new API)