Just one and a half weeks since we started using the bge, and the progress has been insane. There’s way too much for one post.

GLSL is now integrated in the BGE, just enable it in the game menu to preview it in the 3d view, and it’ll look exactly the same when you press P. Support for nodes, multiple uv layers, all blending modes, stencil maps for splatting, color ramps for that precious falloff, and much more. One more week like this and my grin will be permanent.

Ever wanted shape keys to work in the game engine? Well support for shape keys has been added! There’s a brand new actuator called “Shape Action”. Grab yourself an apricot build and go nuts. And there’s been some really impressive speedups to the game engine. Just enable “Vertex Arrays” in your preferences and “Generate Display Lists” from the game menu for the fastest performance. Our test scene gets almost twice the frame rate. The devs helping us are really doing amazing things.. Things are really progressing quickly.

Have a look at our latest demo from the BGE, showing some new gameplay and playing with new features like glsl. Most of the main actions for Frankie have been added, plus a small environment to play around in while we work on the world for the game. Things are getting really exciting around here. We’ll post more progress this weekend, and, if anyone is interested, we may be looking for help soon. More info on that later. Of course one really big way to help this project is to pre-order the DVD!.

Download the ogg file

66 Responses to “Progress update, GLSL, shape keys, speedups in the BGE!!”
  1. Shape Keys! That’s awesome. Facial animation will now be much easier!

    Awesome still I can’t really handle the normal maps that well. They’re pretty sensitive and loose depth when using a low Nor value. I also have to set the Normal map settings to Object or World.
    When the Nor value is too high the specular highlights on the object are displaced in a weird way.

  2. “Support for nodes, multiple uv layers, all blending modes, stencil maps for splatting, color ramps for that precious falloff, …”

    quite a mouth full. He He…..

    I looking forward to this game.

  3. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    Great going Team Apricot.

  4. Could someone explain why Apricot is using BGE instead of CS? That’s against the rules set at the beginning of the project!

  5. O_O It’s looking way coll!!!

    The only thing that I find not to be working at 100% is the shadow of the character that pops up and down the terrain in a somehow “something fishy” way 😛

  6. Brecht: I’ve just seen your recent addition of shadowbuffer support for OpenGL views.

    While I can’t understand why a person as talented as you works for this BF bunch ;-), I must pass you a million compliments for what you’re achieving for Blender.

  7. Está ficando muito bom, parabéns a todos, não vejo a hora do projeto apricot esteja pronto.

  8. Great Work!!!
    Verb: Apricot is only using CS for the main game, but there is also work being done on the BGE, along with another version of the game w/ the BGE.

  9. @Verb, I agree its very disappointing. CS is too much in development, and the features are not stable enough for us to finish with.
    Its still possible for the art assets to be used to make a game in crystalspace so c’mon CS developers, help them out! – Darek is in discussion with CS devs about these issues.

    just to clarify, We were relying on CrystalSpace, Crystal Entity Layer (CEL) and Blend2Crystal. I gather that CS as an engine is capable/stable enough, but getting a game running from the components proved to be quite complex.

  10. Verb: if you scroll down, read my “Last 6 weeks” post here. It gives details about what we do now.

  11. I see, Ton and Campbell thanks for the clarification.

  12. FuzzMaster says:

    Wow. I won’t lie, I was getting concerned over where this was going, but seeing the game in motion FINALLY is quite nice.

    My only critiques are that the gliding could be smoother, and the run animation looks slightly clunky, but apart from that, great work!

  13. Francisco Ortiz says:

    BTW what’s the difference between GLSL materials and Blender multitexture materials 😕

    Thank you everyone!

  14. Very nice demo.

    Other then the shadows everything looks lovely. Great to see the blender game engine work so well.

    I was wondering though. Is the game going to ship with both engines as well? Or will the final game be build using CS only.

    Anyways, keep up the good work.

  15. awesome, great job!

  16. Hi, I’m interested in the shape key editor. I’m working in a digital pupetter and I want to animate the shapes keys with bones with drivers… but I read that in BGE, this is impossible. I must use the shape key editor… and it is more complicated… I have to launch an action AND a shape action, every time I want the character doing something. But… I look inside the frankanim.blend in other post, and it has driver bones.

    Can I use this driver bones to animate the shape keys? Or I must use the shape key editor? Or both? How?