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May 14

New stuff, and meet Mandy

icon1 blengine | icon2 Screenshots | icon4 05 14th, 2008

After reconsidering the level design we settled on the more practical and beneficial approach to split up that massive terrain into a set of 5 ‘islands’, each of them themed, and, perhaps one for the community. Here are some basic level shots of the first island in blender. We’ll have some in-game screenshots posted soon. The ground textures are not splatted yet, just blocked in. You’ll hear more about this later, because there’s actually a lot of exciting information to share.

There’s also Mandy, the latest addition to the Apricot cast. Fur is something still to be worked out, so no texture for now. We have big plans for Mandy.

screen4 screen4 screen4 screen4

25 Responses

  1. venomgfx on

    yaay Mandy finally sees the light! so small, so young, so cute.. i want to smash it to a wall! 😀

    hope you all like it people, was really fun to create her.

  2. mindcorrosive on

    is this.. a sheep? kinda hard to tell 🙂 she looks cute, anyway..

  3. RH2 on

    awesome… what is it?
    Are you going to have guns mounted on the “sheep” thing?

    Islands are cool.

    When does the prototype come out?

    Is the game going to have any multiplayer functions?

  4. davidOmatic on

    Hey! she is so cute!!
    I cant wait to SMASH HER!!
    Run Mandy run!
    Great work venom 😉

  5. venomgfx on

    does it actually matters “what” she is?, at the end, it only matters how many points you earn when bullying her 🙂

    btw, she is a sheep

  6. Deak on

    Looks fantastic!

    So, how is the community level going to work – debate on a particular theme or go as far as requesting models of specific objects, design the level itself, etc.?

    PS – the new Apricot website is still kind of broken under IE7. Yup, I know there’s the argument that everyone should be using FF but it’s good web design practice for it to work cross-platform all the same. Unfortunately it’s a bit like spinning plates – pay too much attention to one browser and it can screw up something else in another! 😀

  7. venomgfx on

    @ Deak, thanks! :), the community level will be totally open to debate, details like theme, model objects, special items, will be taken in count.

    by the time beings we have to fill the other levels!, we already have a concept for each island, looking interesting so far, but it needs to be polished, not strong enough.

  8. Francisco Ortiz on

    Hey awesome! Maaaaaaandy looks cute. Maybe Gene wants to marry her:

    Island! I hope to find Pirates there. Pirates rock!

    Btw i guess the right eye of Maaaandy has a microscopic glitch… i don’t know if it is because of the vid but looks like the eye blink is going outside just a very tinny little.

  9. amoose136 on

    The leaf edges look funny. (alpha problem) Otherwise, great job!

  10. venomgfx on

    amoose136: it’s Blender 3dview, not Crystal Space 🙂

  11. Felix Kütt on

    looking good. 🙂
    hope to hear more about the community island idea! 🙂

  12. Alexander Ewering on

    As long as I can shoot Mandy, she’s a really good idea!

  13. patrick on

    The level looks really good.

    But you don’t want it too dark for this style of game.

    It needs to be quite brightly illuminated with soft shadows.



  14. Kirado on

    yay a post.. wicked.. plants and foliage looking interesting.. can’t wait to see the lighting.. so how did you do the ears flapping? Is that animation only or is it a soft body?

  15. chris on

    Good eye Francisco, I missed that glitch. Kirado, animation only. Patrick, it will be, these are just blender screenshots showing the level, nothing more.

  16. Lars on

    hrmmmm… I see some plots arising… 😉

  17. manitwo on

    just curious: will there be some kind of (distant-/early-morning-)haze?

  18. MT on

    Is there a chance to get ogg, for those who don’t have flash 9

  19. Alexander Ewering on

    MT: The flash plugin is a free download, a few hundred k in size, you can get it at Normal browsers even install/update it automatically.

  20. MrE on

    Yes Islands!! Islands that are locked in the begin of the game and when you climb high enough in rank you open up another part of the playing field.
    And then you take out your Apricot shooting bazooka and steal someones Mandy errrr….
    It almost sounds like GTA nicked your idea!

    But i can see where you are going. The mini bonus game “how many Mandy’s can you knock over with the bazooka within a minute”.

    But on a more serious note. The scenery realy looks promissing. I can’t wait to see some ingame shots. And i’m really curious about “The ground textures are not splatted yet, just blocked in”.
    Splatted as in “SPLAT!” with a Bazooka (sorry it’s stronger than me).

  21. MT on

    @Alexander Ewings Flash 9 is not available on many platforms

  22. MT on

    @Alexander Ewering Sorry for misspelling your name last time.

  23. Pablo Lizardo on

    wow!, great work! finally we can see the venomgfx “touch” jejeje.. i imagine that the game will be very funny! congrats pablo!


  24. thomas on

    very nice, but trees dont grow on rocks;)

  25. jorrit on

    To thomas: they do sometimes. See: or