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Feb 14

GGG Button – developing in progress

icon1 darek | icon2 Development | icon4 02 14th, 2008

Take a look at new DEV section. You can find there list of our tasks related to Blender, Crystal Space, CEL and universal gamedev toolchain in general. Everything is still open and will be changed a little bit in the future. Also we are busy with gameplay concepts, sketches, game prototypes etc. At this moment game genre is a platformer (classic jumping ‘n’ item collecting) + rich story (a lot of quests to do) + physic puzzles (like Bullet in Blender). We dropped dome idea, but we planing central Peach valley with surrounding worlds. Story will be more or less non-linear, world will be more or less open, means we planning multiple story/walk paths but not totally open.

14 Responses

  1. MasterDomino on

    Sounds great!

    But what does “not totally open” mean? Will the community members still be able to create their own levels once they have the game? And will there be a multiplayer “scenario”?


  2. Tom Savage on

    @MasterDomino, I think that Darek is talking about the level design, not the project as a whole. The game will still be open, i think.

  3. darek on

    Master Domino: in this case “open world” means that you have large terrain and you can go in any direction (like Mario 64). “Closed world” means that you need to follow one path (like Crash Bandicoot). We aiming something in the middle. Game itself ofcourse will be open source and extendable.

  4. Kosetsu on

    A już się martwiłem że pomysł platformówki padnie. 🙂

  5. conso on

    happy to read this. great concept, wish you luck

  6. Francisco Ortiz on

    Nice! Once the game is a plataform how are you handling joystick devices?

    Thank you for the post!
    Let’s check the develop section everyone!

  7. Clint on

    Wow, sounds excellent!!! I’m quite excited about this project — thanks so much for the updates. I like your development feature list — sign me up for one of those GGG buttons. 🙂

  8. Gunnar on

    Sounds very nice!

    Since you are using Crystal Space: are you going to use CELstart, or CS + CEL with C++?

    and.. Do we get access to your code repository during development? That would be really cool.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Anonymous on

    If the final result is anything like Mario 64 then I’ll be pleased.

  10. email4more on

    Glad you went with a game that will use all three characters (I hope) starting simply with levels that you control one (and the others do their thing) until there are puzzles that require all three to be used!

    You can have skill levels were certain skill based, or hard to work out parts are visibly already completed, or visibly easier (not a hidden ‘you don’t need to accomplish X, X should be visible done, i.e. drawbridge down, or ladder already over hole)

    Bullet physics == good idea, especially with all those canon balls, ice blocks and helium filled baloons moving around…

    in your dev section ‘blur you see when looking through steam or fire’ is called ‘mirage’ or commonly ‘heat haze’ as mirage is used in a wider sense now (originally it was refractive heat haze making people walk towards ‘water’ in the desert, not, as in comedies, where they see a salon bar, and have a few dances with girls, drink whiskey, until they wake up eating sand)

    I think the richness of the setting, combined with the development of characters and good voice acting, plus comedy and puzzles will make this a first class game.

    Who in the team is the ‘lead writer’ for the story? has anyone though of storyboarding ideas, or is it still early in the game refinement?

    You also don’t have a contact us link on the website 😉

  11. Kirado on

    sounds interesting.. like the concept.. glad that bullet is being used.. it’s a lot of fun to play with.. yeah that dome concept sounding a bit um.. anyway good to see that you develop your ideas.

  12. bob on

    German Goo Girls button?

  13. Consideringthepickle on

    Not being a big fan of platform/item collecting games, I have a few suggestions. Well first off big furry bunnies probably means you’re aiming the game towards little kids -of course most of the people who will play will be Blender and Crystalspace users so I would recommend making it slightly more geared toward mature players (not with guns and violence but with the puzzles idea like you said like in the MYST series)
    I think you should make the complexity of these puzzles the focus of the game because that will help blender/crystalspace improvement on a more diverse level then just improvements made by making a platformer game.
    I think the game would benefit from little puzzles, scenarios, and possibly mini-games within the game to both make the most improvement to the game pipeline and also give it more depth than an average platform game or its audience.
    Those are my suggestions you may be past the design phase already but I think the project would really benefit if it took that direction.

  14. epat on

    Sounds absolutely fantastic! – actually *very* similar to what I had in mind when I was thinking of possible game plans before it was finalized! 🙂

    Shall definitely have to invest in a copy of the CD! 🙂 That’s supposing I can get some money together reasonably soon! 😛 …
    ~epat. 🙂