Blender Institute found a great composer who is going to compose the game music and the sounds for our game, under a CC Attribution license.

Claire FitchHer name is Claire Fitch. She has her own company fitchsounds. Fitchsounds was established (2001) to provide quality interactive audio for a wide range of projects. Claire Fitch has written music for games, film, television, corporate video, animation, elearning projects and provided bespoke cello recordings for many pop tracks, film cues and advertising slots.

Since January 1995 Claire has worked with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland and has performed on stage and in the studio with artists such as U2, Kate Bush, The Corrs, Shania Twain, Riverdance, Elmer Bernstein and Michael Crawford. As a recording artist she has also contributed to various film soundtracks, such as The Tailor of Panama, The Tie That Binds, The Boxer, Some Mothers’ Son, War Of The Buttons, Thumbelina and Lassie.

Claire it is great to have you on the team!

For recent work of Claire visit her online portfolio.


12 Responses to “Found! Composer Claire Fitch”
  1. So very glad to hear the good news! Claire’s work looks really impressive, and I’m interested in hearing it! Thanks, Claire, and congrats Apricot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Felix Kรผtt says:

    wow! this is fantastic news! good luck team!

  3. Nice! should be amazing!

  4. I think it will be pretty cool with a classic touch on the soundtrack… Impressive portfolio!!

  5. That is excellent news!

    I’ve worked with Claire on a previous gaming project here in Ireland, and she delivered to the absolute highest standard.

    Well done Claire!

  6. this is great, though you might want to fix the “fitchfounds” typo ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Claire: An honor to have you here… good luck!

  8. So kooool ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. fantastic news

  10. dreblen: thanks, fixed

  11. Francisco Ortiz says:

    Awesome! Welcome! Looks very Pro…

    Does Fich has any work published under Creative Commons or this is going to be her first job using that licence?

  12. I hope there will be cello in that game! since i played it myself for 13 years, i’m in love with it:)