For a while now we have been close to being able to release a playable demo and I’ve been itching to get something online that shows the gameplay coming together since its really fun to play Franky here in the studio and videos don’t cut it anymore for an open, interactive project.

Chris made a small test level for playing Franky, with a range of asset that can be used as modules for making your own levels too!
Pablo (VenomGFX) is working on animations and characters and I have been learning blenders game logic to get Franky to a playable state as well as a few bugfixes and logic brick additions.

Download the OGG Video (13meg)
Download packed Blendfile (57meg, Incompatible with 2.46, see below)

Special thanks to Brecht for his amazing GLSL shader work and Benoit Bolsee for writing a new game logic state machine. Thanks also to Mataii for optimizing Franky’s mesh and removing ~1700 triangles .

The response from the last post was overwhelming, We wanted to include peoples wacky animations but I’m afraid this would have set us back yet another day so we will have them included by the next update.
If anyones interested in making their own levels, this is not so hard, just edit the existing terrain, or add a “ground” property to any mesh and use the existing blocks to jump on.

Playing the Game
For this test level you collect and throw nuts, climb up the ledge, glide and run around.
This demo requires a modern graphics card (for Nvidia, 6+ Series for GLSL to work), Blender Apricot-Branch revision 15389 or higher – grab one from


  • Up, Shift+Up to walk, Pressing Up while hanging climbs.
  • Left/Right – Turn or Shimmy when hanging.
  • Spacebar – Throw when you have collected a nut.
  • K – Kick (no kick objects in example level yet)
  • Z – Jump, Press twice to double-jump, hold to glide.
  • F10 – Reset

What We Have

  • Actions – Jump, DoubleJump, Run, Walk, Hang, Shimmy, Throw, Glide
  • Collecting items.
  • Armature driven ShapeKeys in the Game Engine (Thanks to Benoit)
  • Blenders Shaders in the GameEngine.
  • Game locic state machine to separate groups of logic into states (more on this later).
  • Linked Set Scenes from external files to manage game logic in one place.
  • Simple Camera system that detects obstacles.

Whats Missing

  • Loop the loop, Climbing tree’s
  • Enemies
  • Water
  • Interactive objects to jump on
  • Group Instances dont work in the game engine yet
  • HUD Has to be merged with the new state machine logic
  • Blenders Bullet physics library needs updating to get anisotropic friction with the ground to work right. Now were working around the problem but side effects are you can run through walls.
  • Optimizations, Level of Detail
  • Wont run the the Blender Player yet because its missing Blender.Mathutils module
  • Sounds haven’t been added into the game logic
  • Testing on different graphics cards and hardware.


  • the franky in this demo has rotated wrists, please use THIS rig for animations.
  • Their are reports of the game engine crashing with ATI cards, we need to look into this.
  • As of revision 15426 improvements made by Benoit break jumping. Next test demo will have modified gamelogic to support this.

176 Responses to “First Playable Demo!”
  1. Awesome work guys

  2. Wooww congratulations for all development team!!!!! \o/

  3. squareline says:

    Awesome work!
    I try on linux with 15389 apricont branch and after press p immeditaelly crash.
    in console:
    ASSERT intern/moto/include/MT_Vector3.inl:19: !MT_fuzzyZero(s) failed.
    Trace/breakpoint trap

    os: ubuntu 8.04, nvidia 7600gt

  4. Jacob Ladder says:

    this is great.

    But, is it game run in the video card of 128 mb?

  5. I’m very pleased that the Blender Game Engine (and thus the Blender 3D view) is being improved.

    But can you clarify the situation concerning Crystal Space ?

    Don’t you think doubling your effort to duplicate the gameplay in the BGE and in crystal space is time consuming ?

    In the end, I think what really matters for the release is one good game (graphics, gameplay, story, time…)

  6. Nice, should have made a shooter though 😉

  7. squareline says:

    compiled a new apricont build 15399 and the demo works.
    download here:

  8. Error

    No (correct) camera


  9. I’m getting the same error as squareline running Vista and an NVidia GeForce 8800 GT.

  10. oh. sorry. Didn’t get that I have to use a special blender version

  11. Yay! Works! :)

    Disable shaders if your gfx card sucks like mine does :)

  12. Kota Weaver says:

    Wow! Thanks!! Still a while till the final result I assume? This is great though, got to try it :)

  13. I have a problem

    in console:
    ASSERT intern/moto/include/MT_Vector3.inl:19: !MT_fuzzyZero(s) failed.
    Trace/breakpoint trap

    Help pleace

  14. i’m getting the same error with the windows_apricot_15393 build. I have an nvidia 8600gt if that helps?

  15. Felix Kütt says:

    daphzart, your build is old: 15393 < 15399.

  16. my build is linux2_apricot_15399 are not help

  17. For enemy i suggest moose.

  18. Or wild pigs

  19. While running build 15399 from I get the following error:
    error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    How do I fix this?

  20. IamInnocent says:

    I just built Apricot and get a segfault, on Kubuntu 8.04, ATI 9600 pro, proprietary drivers.

  21. On a Geforce 7600GS, I get about 4 fps, and the shadows are broken (they give an… urm… “line interference pattern”). Also, when I press ESC, Blender crashes (most recent graphicall build (…

  22. Great work, guys!

    Everytime I open the apricot test
    game, Blender crashes.
    I’m running build ‘15399’ for XP.

    Video looks great, but would like
    it better if I could play:)

  23. man i’m also getting about 4 fps :( and it also crashes when i hit esc

  24. I tested the file on Apricot version rev. 15403. When loading the file I got a segfault. You can find the backtrace at .

    Blender (Apricot) rev. 15403
    Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)
    ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 (64 MB memory, fglrx driver)
    Acer TravelMate 4502WLMi (search for other specs if needed)

  25. Blender Loving Squirrel says:

    It’s great although slow. I’m getting 12 fps.

  26. Wow. This demo is slow.
    Pentium D 3.0 GHz
    2 GB DDR2 RAM
    GeForce 7600GS 256 MB

    I can run my own GLSL stuff smoothly while this is eating all of my memory!
    And Blender crashes when I exit the ‘game mode’.

  27. Amir Hossein Bakhtiary says:

    Great work guys, though us when you start fixing bugs and we’ll tell you all about it. 😉

  28. Amir Hossein Bakhtiary says:

    “tell us”*!

  29. Steve Baker says:

    For some reason, my video driver (ATI) kept crashing when I tried to run it.

    Anyway, I’m kind of worried here. Less then six weeks left and while the graphics look nice, from the looks of this, we have very little gameplay.

    I don’t mean to be harsh or anything, its just at this stage, I wouldn’t call this a game. A prototype if anything.

    Also we have seen very little information to do with the Crystal Space game engine alone. I kind of feel sorry for all those people who expected great leaps and features added to CS due to this project.

    Hopefully, as more blog entries are posted, these problems of mine will disappear.

  30. I discovered this bug.
    As soon as I started to use Logic Bricks in a .blend file: Blender crashes.
    I think it is being caused by the new state machine system. But I’m not sure about that.

    Please fix this as soon as possible. It is really anoying.
    Blender crashes as soon as I exit ‘in-game’-mode.

  31. Blender crashes when I try to open the file (Apricot build 15399, winXP)

  32. fuzzmaster says:

    laods fine, but runs at 16FPS on a 9600GT.

  33. squareline says:

    @bwang insstall the gettext on ubuntu 8.04

    for others:

    if missign on ubuntu 8.04:
    install with synaptic

    this will install the

    than create a symbolic link:

    cd /usr/lib

    sudo ln -s

    -and if the missing

    sudo ln -s

  34. That looks good. Though the hardware acceleration didn’t kick in and I only got 8 fps. And often the climb while hanging often didn’t work. Frank just let loose and was then able to walk in the air. And I was able to get behind the geometry quite easy. But otherwise, nice job. I’m considering a preorder right now :)

  35. In the artists section on the CS Cel page, it describes reasons for the perfectly “square” texture. They state that the engine can handle textures that are created like this, with greater performance. I see that your textures for the outer rock wall and the larger grey stone platforms inside are not perfectly square textures, they look double wide as they are tall. Is there a reason to give up this performance increase they talk about?

    Does a double wide single texture cost the same as 2 x square textures of the same weight?

  36. Can you tell me an vesrion of blender on windows to start thsi demo because i dont find an version who what start corectly this demo (excuse me form my english , i am french)

  37. I can run the demo without problems on the latest SVN in Windows XP/SP2, but as soon as I hit Escape to leave the demo, Blender crashes.

  38. I am having the same problem as many. With the latest apricot build (svn revision 15399) on XP with a ATI Radeon x1650, I can’t even get the file to load. It crashes right after trying to load the cyclic for MainCam and the atioglx2.dll comes up in the error report. Bug or just ATI’s inability to handle GLSL that’s not 100% properly coded?

  39. ./blender: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

  40. @Animashun ‘perfectly “square” texture’

    No they are power of two textures. The dimensions should be a power of two in size e.g. 64 by 64 or 1024 x 512

  41. Works fast on my linux. About 30fps on 8800 GTS.
    But alpha rendering need some work. In 3d view it looks better but in game mode there are outlines over edges with sky color.

  42. When Frank lands his feed get stuck in the ground and he stays in one of the last frames of the land-animation. Happens everytime overhere.

  43. Thanks Fobsta, so does the BGE work the same way if we use power of 2 textures instead of power of perfectly square?

    Demo works for me on Build 15399 windows and Graphic card Geforce 8600GT (8fps on average)

  44. For those who are confused about how Blender Game engine here works relates to Crystal Space, please check the post I did two weeks ago:

    Expect more news and CS updates soon!

  45. Perhaps developing a game on high-end computers isn’t a good idea. It makes developers unaware of the fact that their game only runs at theirs. (Same thing happened to the commercial game Crysis)

  46. Hi, to answer some questions.

    We will first make sure the BGE+GLSL works on new systems (recent nvidia,ati,intel) then try make sure older cards (eg ati9800) don’t fall over. We’ll also made some simple demo’s so people can work out where the problems are.

    Regarding ATI crashes people are having. We’ll get an ATI card here for testing.
    @bebraw, can you try comment all glBitmap() calls in draw_line_bone()

    @Steve Baker, you think your worried! ;). Were doing our best, but from seeing recent progress I’m hopeful we will be able to make something fun to play on a new’ish pc. (Keep in mind we have only been working in the BGE for 3-4 weeks)

    @grzybu, were aware of the alpha blending issue, and we’ll get it working.

    @Steren, I cant speak for crystalspace, but Ill take this as a request for a CS progress update.

    @AniCator, could you break down the problem into steps and submit a bug report? – “start using logic bricks” is too vague.

    For people who are having frank not working properly – can you check your terminal doesn’t have any python errors?

  47. It works on a Windows XP single Geforce 8800 GT, it looks really nice. No comment yet. Not tried on Ubuntu 8.04.

    Tried it on my Office PC, also Windows XP and a Nvidia Geforce 6800, but that didn’t work. But after reading post 46, you all are aware of that.

    Nice work and keep up!

  48. Another issue is that it’s much slower on windows with the same hardware. Is this normal?
    And is there any possibility tu run custom glsl shaders? They work with multilayer mode but not glsl mode. Vertex fragments work fine, just pixel fragments don’t work. Strange.

  49. I get this python error in the console:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “frank_ground”, line 4, in
    ImportError: No module named Blender.Mathutils

    Using build 15399

  50. Oops I just now see it does not run the the player because of missing MathUtils. sorry

  51. Awesome work!!!Congratulations!! 😀

    it is playable on my machine, avg 15fps on 1GB ram – nvidia 8600GT – 32bit linux – 15399Build

    where can we fill bug reports so we can help you?

  52. campbell says:

    @tasos, Blender bug tracker is the best place
    But I wont complain if you report the bug in this thread.

  53. Wow! Seems pretty cool.

  54. ClintClint says:

    Fantastic work, guys!!! The game looks like a blast to play, I’m seriously impressed!

  55. Shortname = ‘C:\Users\Chuzzy\Desktop\655_AP~1\apricot\blender.exe’
    Compiled with Python version 2.5.
    Checking for installed Python… got it!
    freeing: blo_freefiledata ”
    opening: blo_openblenderfile ‘C:\Users\Chuzzy\Desktop\655_apricot_15393\apricot\
    freeing: blo_freefiledata ‘C:\Users\Chuzzy\Desktop\655_apricot_15393\apricot\.bl
    opening: blo_openblenderfile ‘C:\Users\Chuzzy\Desktop\655_apricot_15393\apricot\
    freeing: blo_freefiledata ‘C:\Users\Chuzzy\Desktop\655_apricot_15393\apricot\apr
    cyclic OBLamp.005
    cyclic OBMainCam
    cyclic OBMainCam
    cyclic OBLamp.005
    Detected GL_ARB_texture_env_combine
    Detected GL_ARB_texture_cube_map
    Detected GL_ARB_multitexture
    Detected GL_ARB_vertex_program
    Detected GL_ARB_depth_texture
    Detected GL_EXT_separate_specular_color
    shaders not supported!
    ——– 0
    1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – 1
    1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Note: my computer sucks(the laptop im testing it on)
    -intergrates graphics chipset
    -I tested it without the expectation on shaders, just wanted to do my part 😉
    -blender screen went black(not responding)
    -dell 640m, 1.5 Gb ram,windows vista, intel core 2 duo,intel graphics media accelorator 945m

  56. @campbell, one more thing..will there be a separate bug tracker (or category or something) later for the Apricot game bugs? Or we can fill them at the same place and when?
    Keep up the good work 😉

  57. “@bebraw, can you try comment all glBitmap() calls in draw_line_bone()”
    After I commented all glBitmap() calls out, it actually started to load the file. Now it just gives heaps of GLSL compile errors.

    It says that fragment shaders failed to link while vertex shaders succeeded. It also mentions that fragment shaders are not supported by the hardware.

  58. This is what I’ve wrote few posts earlier. Custom vertex shaders work fine but not fragment shaders. But only glsl mode. Multilayered mode is fine and custom shaders work fine.

  59. kawerinos says:

    hi…maybe im just a noob…but i have a problem
    i don’t know how to launch the game.
    i press on the P button….but then i have a message
    no (correct) camera”
    and differents numbers on the left
    can you help me please?
    im on windows

  60. campbell says:

    @kawerinos, “error no (correct) camera” has been removed from blender, could you download a recent apricot build from ?

    @tasos, just file as a normal bug will be fine.

  61. is very hard.
    I can’t creat games

  62. gaalgergely says:

    sony vaio laptop
    nvidia gforce go 6400 128 mb <-i guess this is the problem :)
    windows xp sp2
    latest apricot build without blenderplayer
    2 gig ram

    blender crashes during loading the blendfile into blender.

  63. Blender crashes when loading the blend-file.
    Tried on WinXP Pro32 bit, Apricot branch rev 15366.
    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro.

  64. And also it crashes on Radeon HD 3780…

  65. Nvidia Geforce 7950 GT
    GNU/Linux Kubuntu 8.04
    Apricot brench, SVN 15392 (compiled by me)

    I can open the .blend but pressing P, blender crash.

    So I compile the new SVN 15405 and I CAN PLAY!!!

  66. Well I compiled the last SVN 15405, available on now:

    Mmmm… I can play the demo but the shadow of Frank can’t show properly

    The game have a low framerate :-S

  67. Mmm.. adding a lamp type spot and go to Shadinf Panel (F5) and blender crash.

    Segmention Fault.

  68. FunkyWyrm says:

    Very nice :)

    Just wondering about the low fps that people are reporting… This is yet to be optimised, right?

    4.8 fps on average (not too bad for my laptop, I thought..)

    Don’t seem to be able to climb onto ledges…

    There is a large circular shadow around Franky that consists of stripes, but the real-time shadow is working fine in the middle of this.

    Apart from this, looking really great for such a short time in BGE development phase.

    Nice work, guys. I appreciate this early demo. Looking at your script, I’ve found that my scripting is more-or-less on the right track, but I need a lot more practice. The state logic is veeery interesting…
    (Have ordered the DVD at last, thanks to paypal cos I couldn’t get an international money order :S)

    Apricot branch build 15399
    Sony Vaio laptop.
    core 2 duo 1.66 Ghz
    2Gb RAM
    GeForce Go 7600 GPU

  69. I just compiled the SVN (rev 15405 – ‘cose graficall one’s wasn’t working at all) on ubuntu 7.10 with ATI drivers on X700, it start ok but when loading the demo file got “segmentation fault (core dumped)” after “cyclic OBMainCam” message …
    It can load the file (of course without GLSL texture and with “no correct cam error”) with regular 2.46-bf build …

    anyway thanks for the work done, BGE need this for long time and will be realy usefull after all this !!

  70. Mmm…. with the GLSL Shadow on the spot the game run with 7-10 fps.

    But without the GLSL Shadow the frames up to 30-34 fps.

  71. Working ok (20fps)! Tested on Windows XP with 677_Win32_Apricot_15399 precompiled version of Blender.

    My PC: HP 530, Core Duo, 1GB, Mobile Intel 945 Express (graphics).

  72. Frank movement works well, but it’s very easy to go outside the environment and see frank falling forever (or flying if you press de z key), but it’s funny.

  73. I have a NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS but I can’t turn on glsl because the button to do this is missing.

    Will this get fixed?

    Awsome project!

  74. Forgot to say that i have tested on Linux Ubuntu 64 bits with the latest source in the apricot branches on the svn. 2 gb of ram, NVidia 8800 GT card.

  75. Stunning … absolutely stunning!

    Reporting in:
    OS: ubuntu 8.04
    blender: 15399 build 2 (graphicall)
    GPU: nVidia 6600 GT (AGP)
    Drivers: ubuntu 8.04’s proprietary package.

    FPS: 10-12 average
    Errors: none so far

  76. @ guy: are you sure?, take a look in the user preferences header, menu Game > Blender GLSL Materials.

    @ Eric: outside the environment like going through it (collisions problem) or climbing to the top?

    By the way, thanks a LOT to all you people for your nice reports with specifications and details, it really help us.

    This community feedback and help really makes me feel like working in an open project in all senses :) thanks again!!

  77. Verb: It’s quite understandable that Crysis only runs on top-end computers though, because frankly, Crysis *is* reality. I have never seen anything similarly stunning (both concerning graphics and physics), while Apricot still looks like Quake 1, and thus should give 100 fps on this graphics card. But hey, they’re still optimizing :)

  78. @madman-i have same issues with shadows and also like in guy’s case there is no GLSL button, and never where, duh.
    Apricot 15399
    Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit
    c2d 1.86
    1 GB
    GeForce 7600 GT

  79. Great work!!!

    Its running with 20fps. Gefore 8600M GT with 256 MB RAM and 2GB Ram. C2D 2Ghz lates Apricot svn revision. Ubuntu Hardy, build on my own. Greetings!

  80. Forgot about one of the most important things

  81. posted by Eric:
    “Frank movement works well, but it’s very easy to go outside the environment and see frank falling forever (or flying if you press de z key), but it’s funny.”

    i wanted to add that you can actually be caged inside the big grey can find a way in at the point where the grey rocks and the brown perimeter rocks (mountains whatever:P) join.

    How to re-create: Start the game and travel forth. Jump on the first grey rock and you will see a tree trunk on the ground. After the end of the trunk at the join of the rock and the mountain there is an “invisible” gap.
    I know it is early and all these will be fixed by in case you missed it:P (ps. the bugtracker is kinda slow:S)

  82. to venomgfx,

    I went outside the environment by passing through the brown rock, so i think that’s a collision problem. I will try to post the instruction to reproduce that soon.

  83. @Eric – Franky is actually playing mgs or MOH:Airborne i found that too after 2 min of testing

  84. Apricot SVN 15405
    Ubuntu 8.04
    P4 2ghz
    GeForce 7800 with restricted drivers & Compiz running
    512 MB ram
    4-5fps with GLSL
    12-14fps without
    Main issue other than speed: Stripy shadows around Frank bit like a venetian blind

  85. campbell says:

    Just to give an idea of the optimizations that are not being done yet…
    * Objects outside the camera view are still being drawn.
    * Generating shadows is taking more objects into account then it needs too and dosnt clip objects outside its bounds either as far as I know.
    * We have no level of detail objects, which I’m sure will be essential to get decent performance.

    These are really no brainier optimizations that can make a big difference. I realize its disappointing that the demo plays slow but don’t get too worried about this 😉

    As for running through walls. this is because a bug in bullet prevents us from using linear velocity, so we used DLoc but it has collision/bumping problems. Ben has a patch ready so we will get that in asap.

  86. @campbell – i think that as for demo like this it’s not a problem. And still this is BGE not CS, so it’s not so important since Apricot will ship with CS. Or maybe somethings changed?

  87. Wow! It looks good! 😉 cool demo level 😉

    “* Objects outside the camera view are still being drawn.”

    So what about Frustrum area? is not working anymore, or what happen? in a work in progress of mine (B 2.44) I use a camera with ortographic view to see how frustrum works, and I can see how objects behind the camera dissapear. So.. does frustrum help in any way??

    I just modified the camera in the apricot demo and as far I can see (not so much because of the movement), nothing dissapear.

  88. @Mataii. Benoit said the code is there but disabled (because its not working 100% of the time apparently)
    We also noticed when there were fewer objects in the view the FPS hardly improved. – This was probably disabled since 2.44

    Some improvements have been made though.
    Vertex arrays are now always on (and not buggy).
    Theres also an option to use Display Lists for static meshes. (this means the graphics card stores the mesh data and only 1 call is made to draw it).

    There was also a mad bug brecht fixed where blender was checking an environment variable FOR DRAWING EACH VERTEX…. still cant believe that ;/

    @Aka, we will use BGE, see Tons comments above.

  89. What version of gettext will be required? One of my machines is running an older version of Ubuntu (7.10) and can’t run Apricot due to an error about “”. Squareline’s earlier advice to install gettext from apt-get doesn’t work; the repository for 7.10 seems to only have “”.

  90. I got the same error like
    Alexander Ewering on post 21.I have
    a 7600 gs on windows. There is line pattern on the shadow. Camera error when it jump also.

  91. love you blender i want to see serious games in blender best of luck to the team

  92. @ campbell in post 92.
    You say that the game will be shiped in BGE as its main Game Engine?
    you point to the coment of Ton above that would be Post 44.
    In that Post Ton Points to the link:
    and If you open that Link you can Read:
    However, I still expect that CS will allow far more detailed and advanced games…and Blender GE prove its value as tool for artists to design and develop ideas with.

    2) Project presentation

    CS players + game running cross platform (Linux, OSX, Windows)
    Blender-CS integration (level editor) installation
    Howto docs, tutorials, videos
    DVD contents authoring (html menus, etc)

    This sounds more Like if you still are Planing to use CS as the Main Game Engine and Blender as A Level Editor…
    So now Im really confused on what it will gone be… I hoppe it will be all in BGE

    And then I have a second Question. In the next official Blender that would be 2.47 will all the Apricot feautures be includet so that this game will run on it whit out downloading a special Apricot-Branch?

    Great work – Really awsome…

  93. Awesome work on this tech Demo guys, I look forward to further optimisations and bugfixes :)

    A couple of bugs I noticed:

    – It’s very easy to get behind the rock geometry, this can occur pretty much anywhere there are two or more rocks joining together, it is easier to get behind the geometry where the grey rocks meet the brown rocks as others have said but if you force it enough you can slip through in alot more areas.

    – If I double jump very close to rocks/walls frank’s head get’s stuck in the geometry in the gliding pose; you can rotate his body around with the arrow keys.

    – I also get the bug where blender crashes as soon as I hit ‘ESC’

    Thanks again, keep up the great work!

  94. I’ve test on my hardware.. I got 45 fps.. but without shadows..
    Here’s a screenshot

    My hardware:
    Windows XP
    RAM 1GB
    ATI Radeon 9250 PRO 256MB

  95. Ubuntu Linux 8.04
    C2D E6400 @ 3.01GHz
    2GB RAM
    NV 7600GT 256MB
    Compiz-fusion desktop FX is ON.

    Runs perfectly smooth (~25fps), but have a small problem about the shadow of the character :

    @RedBirdiii : Are you sure you have used the Apricot build and not the standard 2.46 version of Blender ? If yes, I’m afraid your card does not support GLSL shaders…

  96. squareline says:

    The other thing to improve the fps performance the occlusion system.
    This mean u can set a plane/box/ or a mesh to hide objects that behind them so that object will be not rendered. This is usable for indoor and outdoor scene.

  97. Not sure if this is obvious but when I first downloaded the files it crashed when i tried to open the .blend file, the reason was that I didn’t have python installed. So if its not working for you make sure you’ve got python

  98. Is there a chance for this game to be to ported to PSP…I mean whether huge changes should be made for it to work on PSP

  99. It crashes on 15393 revision while loading the file. It doesn’t crash if I disable “Load UI” in the “Open Window”. But if I enable “Blender GLSL Materials” it crashes.
    Graphiccard: ATI Radeon 3850
    OS: Vista x64

  100. blender do not work anymore for me with apricot branches (graphicall build or another build, revision 15399). Windows give me an error message.
    Windows vista SP1 home edition, 2go Ram, ATI 2400pro, intel q6600.

  101. I have some ideas for simple games and can’t wait to use Blender but playing this demo has kind of burst my bubble a little. I don’t have a top end graphics card (details below) but can play Quake, Serious Sam and may other 3D games that are more advanced in terms of 3D graphics than this demo and they play great with good frame rates.

    My graphics card obviously does not support GLSL materials so I can’t use that option. Selecting “Texture Face Materials” results in 1FPS and no shading on some objects. Using “Blender Multitexture Materials” gives me 5FPS and better textures but all the rocks look black. Playing the game does not look like it’s using hardware at all.

    Something that I am confused about is the use of Crystal Space when testing games within Blender. If Crystal Space is not used within Blender is it possible to make a standalone version of the demo that uses CS.

    Thanks for the great work Apricot team and I really hope you can get the Apricot project working on systems like mine.

    Windows XP
    1GB Memory
    Athlon 1.8 GHz
    GeForce FX 5200 128MB

  102. Trying to run the Apricot build on Ubuntu (downloaded, extracted and double click on icon) no response at all, nothing. My 2.46 works fine. Try to run it from terminal it says blender is not installed, use apt-get to install. My 2.46 works fine from the folder why should I apt-get to install 2.45?

  103. campbell says:

    @John, see my post 89. Its not possible to use CS for BGE rendering at the moment and its not planned. GLSL is very new in the BGE so you can see there is a lot of testing to do.

    @Moley, this is known, we could have avoided the bug, but then there would be trouble running at angles – mentioned twice before, Ben has a fix.

    for people having the crash on escape, it would be great if someone could run this with a debug build and get a backtrace. The bug could even be easy to fix, but we cant reproduce it – only needs to be one person and it could help a lot.

    For builders, disabling internationalization, (scons WITH_BF_INTERNATIONAL=0) would help people who are having trouble with gettext library versions.

  104. FunkyWyrm says:

    Not sure where or how to get a debug build, will have a look later to see if i’m capable of doing this, but my build of apricot branch seems to crash on exit from a couple of glsl test games including Apricot. Maybe the bug is not in the game, but something to do with how glsl is closed down after running a game…
    Not too sure how this all works, but I hope this helps.

  105. blenderman345 says:

    Will 15379 work? There is no 15389 for Mac!

  106. squareline says:

    here a build wihout gettex lib requirement, avoid this like:

    error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    suggested by Campbell

  107. Compiled svn rev15414. Getting about 11 fps. I’m getting the “striped” shadow problem too. Oddly enough, I had no problems with gettext and didn’t have to set WITH_BF_INTERNATIONAL=0.

    P4 3GHz
    2 GB RAM
    GeForce 7800 GS AGP
    Ubuntu 7.10

  108. @squareline

    Tried your build. No more gettext problem, but instead I’m getting this error:
    ./blender: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.7′ not found (required by ./blender)

    I can compile and run from svn though, so maybe it’s no big deal.

  109. crash if i try to load the .blend.

    15393 and 15399 – could not finde any other build for windows… :(

    my Computer:
    Pentium 4 3GHz
    RAM 1024 MB
    Radeon x300 128MB

    And Im still waiting on a responce to my post 96

    Keep your awesom work up I realy enjoy seeing how this develops…

  110. campbell says:

    @Old jim. We will have playable demo’s for both CS and BGE. Blender has the advantage that its extremely fast to get a simple game running. CS Has the advantage that its a lot more optimized.

    Optimizing blender will probably not each the level speed of CS, but can still make for a playable game.

    2.47 will be a bugfix with a few features from apricot + some great patches others have been developing.
    We may do a 2.48 that includes all features needed to run apricot.

  111. @campbell
    Thanx for your answer – now many things are more clear :)

  112. @campbell- can u say something more, like time of release? :-)

  113. ps. blender builds of course

    117- will Apricot release full and playable version? think i got that right.

  114. Aka: Time of release is July 31st, as stated in “About”…

  115. I’ve tried different builds, but the .blend keeps crashing blender.
    Intel core 2 quad q6600 @ 3,2Ghz
    ATI radeon hd3870 overclocked edition
    4 gigs 800Mhz RAM @ 4-4-4-12
    Windows Vista 32bit
    The consoles says nothing about crashing, and 2,46 gives the no correct camera error.

  116. aegis3d: “ATI” and “overclocked edition” both ring alarm bells in my head :)

  117. Cyberdigitus says:

    could’nt run it until today…

    compiled blender trunk and it works, alpha not always correct and some textures black.

    apricot branch itself keeps crashing when i open the file. graphicall builds or my own… but then i got crashes in that since the glsl shadows when i change something on a lamp, the other shaders work well.

    Win XP on p4 1gb ram, nvidia 6600GT

  118. Cyberdigitus says:

    oh, i get 60 fps…

  119. PlanetKiller says:

    I downloaded the latest build for windows, but older blendfiles make it crash when I exit game mode. If I recreate my blends in this version, will they work in the final build?
    I’m going to have to get used to this version.

  120. pentium 4, 2.40 ghz
    512 mb of ram
    NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 420
    blender revision 15399

    I got 35 fps in glsl mode, without glsl support on my graphics card, and in regular texture mode I got 2 fps. I find it kinda of wierd considering I got a higher framerate in the mode my card doesn’t support? Also it crashed upon exiting gameblender.

  121. @squareline your build screams for libs that are not available under fedora 8, like (symlinked linked 16) and (what’s that?).

    How do I checkout the apricot branch so I can compile it myself?

  122. @Alexander Ewering – thanks.

  123. Ok, I fixed libHalf, libgettextlib and others with symlinks, but now it screams for and I have nothing looking remotely like that. Also yum doesn’t find anything, that isn’t installed. :/

  124. And what code activates the Apricot Shooting Bazooka?

  125. nvidia 9600GT
    Blender 15399
    10-12 fps

    Runs fine for me. Really nice to see a WIP. An amazing step forward from anything that’s been done with the BGE before. People’s expectations are a bit high, I think, personally I think it’s great to see something so workable from within Blender. CrystalSpace edition will be even better, I expect.

  126. BlendRoid says:

    I have a quad-core processor, 3 gigs of ram, and a new XFX Geforce 8800 GT Zalman Edition, but this game runs really slow.

    My computer can cut through TES IV Oblivion with max settings (1680×1050, AA, no object fading, etc.) like a hot knife through butter, so I think something like this should run a lot faster.

    However, I know this is just a demo, and you guys have heard enough comments such as these, so know that I’m not complaining. 😉 I can’t wait to see the finished product! I can’t believe something this awesome is playing in the plain GE at all.

  127. only runs 0.5 fps on my old machine
    please make it faster!

  128. JOhn Savage says:

    Wow dude that is TOTALLY SICK! I love it.


  129. BlenderFTW says:

    hmmm…. I am impressed to be able to play at 7 fps with my spec from seeing other’s comments 0.0 – anyway: I keep getting the following errors:
    1) Blender is unbuildable on OpenSuSE 11.0: asks for a thousand dependencies which are actually already installed or lower versions of what I have (can’t downgrade anything – a million more dependencies arise) So, I’m using wine + apricot windows build.

    2) As a lot of people already said, it’s really easy to pass through walls.

    3) (probably a video driver problem, but not sure) The game runs at more than double speed in windows than in linux – disabling compiz doesn’t change anything.

    4) more of a question than a problem: someone said I don’t remember on which forum that with the latest Mesa3D driver, GLSL can be activated for modile 945gm intel graphic media accelerator chipsets. However, I have it already installed in linux and can’t use GLSL (not supported) so is it a hardware or software problem?

    Finally: Looking great! Keep it up! Can’t wait to see the game released!

  130. I have found that on my system, the shadow is the biggest cause of slow framerate. There are two lights casting the shadow; One in the demo scene and one in the frank_logic scene. With both lights on I get 20-23fps (Quad 3.2HZ, 4GB, 8800 GTX, Linux, running apricot-15401 1920×1200). Deleting one light gives me 32fps, and deleting both gives me 60fps. With the lights gone I can max out the cards features 16xQ AA, 16x Texture filtering, etc without affecting framerate.

  131. @panzi

    You can checkout apricot builds using svn, like this:
    svn checkout

    Then compile and build like this:

    More details can be found at the wiki ; Ubuntu-specific build instructions at

  132. Intel Core 2 duo E6600
    Windows XP SP2
    2Gig Ram
    GeF7950GX2 ( 1 Gig Ram)

    I get 2-3fps when running full screen. (1920×1200)
    I get 15fps when running in a window of approx. 640×480.

    Also it crashes when stopping.

  133. squareline says:


    I build a linux debug verson but i dont know how can use it.
    When crash blender it will genereate a log file for error info or on console?
    (no crash yet this build)

    Debug verson:

  134. squareline says:


    Im on ubuntu 8.04 , u downloaded the apricont_no_gettexlib version?
    Im used this tutorial:

  135. I hope the final thing plays like the PSX Spyro The Dragon games. That would be nice.

  136. @squareline, getting a backtrace is easy.
    sudo apt-get install gdb
    cd ~/blender-debug/
    gdb ./blender
    (wait a second for it to load, then press “r” then Enter)
    …run blender until it crashes…
    (enter the command “bt” then enter)
    The backtrace shows what line blender crashed and can often help solve bugs.

  137. Hello !
    I’ve got a big problem: Can’t open the file with blender abricot (rev15399); Crash !
    I think the problem comes from my graphic card, which don’t like Abricots…

    ATI Radeon 9600 Series

    I’ve copied here the *small* error msg which appear in blender Dos Box:


    Thank you for your work !

    ! FaB !

  138. heres my backtrace:
    #0 0xb6a6245b in ?? () from /usr/lib/dri/
    #1 0xb6a65b90 in ?? () from /usr/lib/dri/
    #2 0xb6986d28 in ?? () from /usr/lib/dri/
    #3 0xb64b9391 in ?? () from /usr/lib/dri/
    #4 0xb6774851 in ?? () from /usr/lib/dri/
    #5 0x082bf5d7 in draw_line_bone ()
    #6 0x082c1e8e in draw_pose_channels ()
    #7 0x082c2efc in draw_armature ()
    #8 0x080fccca in draw_object ()
    #9 0x080e0e60 in view3d_draw_xray ()
    #10 0x080e9112 in drawview3d_render ()
    #11 0x080e940f in gpu_render_shadow_buffers ()
    #12 0x080eb3a5 in drawview3dspace ()
    #13 0x08097a15 in scrarea_do_windraw ()
    #14 0x081988c4 in screenmain ()
    #15 0x0806bbc6 in main ()

  139. I did a checkout of apricot (took hell long, slow server?) and compiled it. That did work for me. I get 11 to 12 FPS in fullscreen (1280×1024, GeForce 8800 GTS, Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz (only one core seems to be used by the demo!), 4 GB RAM, Fedora 8).

    You can download the build here:

    I don’t guarantee any correctness of the build, so don’t sue me when it damages your system.

    The build is of revision 15426, 32bit and made with cmake.

  140. alienkid10 says:

    I knew it I won’t beable to play anything made with 2.5 ‘cuase EVERYONE(but me) will be using GLSL!!!

  141. campbell says:

    Just got a loan of a Radeon HD3870 thanks to Maqina, brecht and I can test next week, and figure out some of the ati crash issues.

    @MadMan2k, this is the same problem bebraw had.

    For older cards that will never support glsl we may do a simple textured version of the game.

    A simple version could be great if the BGE was ported to a linux handheld like or

  142. Francisco Ortiz says:

    Could you post a link with the .blend in wireframe mode ?

    Thank you very much.

  143. blenderman345 says:

    can anyone put up a build for Mac that is at LEAST 15389? No one cares about us. :( Windows has 15418! DOWN WITH WINDOWS!!!!!(Actually sometimes Windows has betters in terms of OpenGL drivers but stilllllllll)

  144. campbell says:

    Thanks to Elubie for fixing the crash on escape bug
    will merge into apricot soon.

  145. Hi Campbell, same crash than bebraw and MadMan2k on ubuntu 8.04 with an ATI X 1600. Thank’s to all the Apricot team for your work.

  146. Tai_massetti says:

    awesome work guys…

    keep doing the great work

    i want to see this work completed…rsrsrsr
    good luck!!!… :) 😀

  147. Psyborgue says:


    I totally understand you’re frustratiion with the lack of a recent intel mac apricot build… but the build I did download still loads the file and i’m able to preview the scene and materials.

    I also experimented by loading up some of my older files and turning on GLSL (game menu) + textured view. I’m stuneed at how accurate the viewport is now in relation to the software rendering. It must have taken some work to get the GLSL shaders to match the software renderer exactly. It’s fast too! 50 k poly model with two 2k textures ran at a silky smooth (couldn’t be less than 30fps) frame rate… Much faster than Maya 8.5’s “high quality” hardware rendering mode on the same machine.

    Many props to the devs for so much fantastic work!

    OSX 10.5.4
    Dual Core 2.66ghz
    NVIDIA 8600GT 256 MB

  148. Psyborgue says:

    minor note: the “spec” channel does not seem to work with a hemi light in GLSL mode (though everything else that i’ve tested works flawlessly)

  149. the video is just awesome!!!!!
    finally an appealing 3d game as free software. this would be the first ever game in its category that i am aware of.

    @exile: NOOOOOO!!!!!! enough with the shooters already! why is it that almost all free software games with good 3d graphics (except maybe ppracer and neverball) are shooters?

    thank you all for NOT creating another shooter but picking a genre that is not yet available in the free software world.

    greetings, eMBee.

  150. Hi Campbell,

    Have you considered the implementation of Hardware Occlusion culling in the BGE to increase the performance?

    Very very good work!!!!

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  151. 10-15 frames a second on amd dualcore 3800.. with an invidia dual gpu 6600.. plus I get weird stipey shadow errors now? they worked before..?


  152. strange shadow error see blender artists forum pls.

    get about 10-15 frames per second,
    dual 3800 amd 2 gigs ram
    dual nvidia gpu 6600

  153. Salvador says:

    I can play the demo, it says “no (correct) camera” when I start the simulation.

    I use blender 2.46 in windows xp

  154. Salvador says:

    sorry i menat I can not play the demo

  155. nice game, great work guys

    I found a bug, I jumped at a rock and then got stuck in it, like a cave

  156. That’s very good for the first demo, can’t wait to see the final version :)

    keep it up

  157. Gr8 work!

  158. @Salvador, please read the text in this post, it says that it won’t work with official 2.46.

    @jedi1, thanks, we are aware of this bug, it have to do with something that is already fixed now.

  159. Marius S. Buertange says:

    Very nice. I suggest putting the game out as an exe file instead because that way:
    1. No one can steal your work (believe me someone will eventually do it)
    2. People do’t have to re install version 2.45.

    If you wonder how to make it exe file: make a folder, copy all dll’s from C:/program files/blender foundation/ blender into the folder. Then go to the blender project and do file > save runtime and save it to the folder. Then publish that folder instead. That way we can only play the game, but not steal it.

  160. Marius: I’m sorry to pull you from your cloud, but the .blend file is simply appended to the .exe and thus it is still trivial to steal your work.

  161. @Marius.. it is Opensource by the way!! In other words they want people to copy it, edit it, play with it and make their own versions (put not sell it as if it was your own or at all). People have certain usage rights under the various creative commons licences.

  162. Kirado: People are allowed to sell CC licensed work as long as NC (not commercial use) clause is not used.

    For instance in case of Project Orange or Peach all you need to do is to remember the attribution. There may be some exceptions related to music and DVD cover art though.

  163. Hey I found out what cause the weird shadow pattern. Just select the lamp and increase BIAS to 1.000 to the original blender default.

  164. Hey! with the new Build from SVN i got about 50-60 fps on geforce 8600GT!

    Greate work!

  165. and those are *small* optimizations, in brecht’s words! :)

    but yeah testing here give me more than twice the framerate than before, just awesome

  166. Yes, very good work. But with the newer Versions there comes also a bug, that Franky jumps too high..

  167. yup, there have been some internal changes in the BGE. But now everything is back to normal, so for next demo will be all right.

  168. been testing it on with revision 15480, wow.. what a framerate increase.. shadows don’t work with alphas anymore..(15480).. and the jump height is huge.. but what FUN! see the blender artists forum we have going. 😉

    wow now I can appreciate all the hard work.. can’t wait for the release.. going to be buying a DVD this week!

  169. I have too the error “no (correct) camera” ! And I use the last apricot build from !

    Have you a solution ?

  170. finally, i’ve tested this demo on my laptop with the “disable load UI” trick and without GLSL shaders. it runs fine at a steady 60 fps with the 15471 build :)

    win XP
    ati radeon X1600
    core duo 1.8 Ghz

    i was really surprised how high poly the scene was (for example the butterflies wing are not simple plan with alpha, but fully modelled)
    and the new state machine looks really effective, i think i will drop my python stuff 😉

    however some constructive criticisms :

    -maybe you could make this state machine system more visual like the node system with boxes (states)linked together…

    -the camera system is great but i found that the camera is too close to frankie at rest, and it would be cool if the user could orient the camera , so we can admire the landscape, or even frankie’s face

    -the frankie “stop animation” plays too often, its annoying when you have to make small displacements to catch nuts , it would be great if it only play after a certain running time.

    Anyway, its a great game, and i can’t wait this new GameEngine to be operationnal

  171. with the new build 15475 I get this message in the Consol window… Hope this helps and there will soon be a demo out there that I can play:

    46 void shade_add(vec4 param0, vec4 param1, out vec4 param2);
    47 void mix_div(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    48 void vec_math_dot(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, out vec3 param2, out float param
    49 void vcol_attribute(vec4 param0, out vec4 param1);
    50 void mtex_rgb_div(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, out
    vec3 param4);
    51 void mtex_har_divide(float param0, out float param1);
    52 void texture_blend_lin(vec3 param0, out float param1);
    53 void mtex_rgb_diff(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, out
    vec3 param4);
    54 void mix_sat(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    55 void math_multiply(float param0, float param1, out float param2);
    56 void math_add(float param0, float param1, out float param2);
    57 void mtex_alpha_to_col(vec4 param0, float param1, out vec4 param2);
    58 void shade_mul_value(float param0, vec4 param1, out vec4 param2);
    59 void shade_tangent_v_spec(vec3 param0, out vec3 param1);
    60 void shade_cubic(float param0, out float param1);
    61 void shade_is_no_diffuse(out float param0);
    62 void mtex_rgb_sat(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, out
    vec3 param4);
    63 void mix_overlay(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    64 void mapping(vec3 param0, mat4 param1, vec3 param2, vec3 param3, float param
    4, float param5, out vec3 param6);
    65 void mix_blend(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    66 void shade_cooktorr_spec(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, float param3
    , out float param4);
    67 void shade_add_to_diffuse(float param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, out vec3 p
    68 void vec_math_average(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, out vec3 param2, out float p
    69 void mix_hue(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    70 void shade_add_spec(float param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, out vec3 param3)
    71 void shade_spec_area_inp(float param0, float param1, out float param2);
    72 void lamp_falloff_sliders(float param0, float param1, float param2, float pa
    ram3, out float param4);
    73 void math_subtract(float param0, float param1, out float param2);
    74 void mtex_rgb_hue(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, out
    vec3 param4);
    75 void mtex_rgb_screen(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, o
    ut vec3 param4);
    76 void set_value(float param0, out float param1);
    77 void lamp_falloff_invlinear(float param0, float param1, out float param2);
    78 void math_min(float param0, float param1, out float param2);
    79 void mtex_value_vars(inout float param0, float param1, out float param2, flo
    at param3);
    80 void hsv_to_rgb(vec4 param0, out vec4 param1);
    81 void shade_blinn_spec(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, float param3, f
    loat param4, out float param5);
    82 void shade_inp(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, out float param2);
    83 void lamp_falloff_invsquare(float param0, float param1, out float param2);
    84 void vec_math_cross(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, out vec3 param2, out float par
    85 void mtex_rgb_stencil(float param0, vec4 param1, out float param2, out vec4
    86 void shade_spec_t(float param0, float param1, float param2, float param3, ou
    t float param4);
    87 void shade_diffuse_toon(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, float param3,
    float param4, out float param5);
    88 void math_greater_than(float param0, float param1, out float param2);
    89 void normal(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, out vec3 param2, out float param3);
    90 void mtex_rgb_invert(vec4 param0, out vec4 param1);
    91 void mtex_nspace_tangent(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, out vec3 par
    92 void mix_val(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    93 void shade_wardiso_spec(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, float param3,
    out float param4);
    94 void shade_is_hemi(float param0, out float param1);
    95 void lamp_visibility_spot_square(mat4 param0, mat4 param1, vec3 param2, mat4
    param3, vec3 param4, out float param5);
    96 void set_value_zero(out float param0);
    97 void shade_norm(vec3 param0, out vec3 param1);
    98 void mtex_rgb_val(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, out
    vec3 param4);
    99 void texco_norm(vec3 param0, out vec3 param1);
    100 void mtex_value_stencil(float param0, float param1, out float param2, out f
    loat param3);
    101 void separate_rgb(vec4 param0, out float param1, out float param2, out floa
    t param3);
    102 void mtex_rgb_dark(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, ou
    t vec3 param4);
    103 void math_asin(float param0, out float param1);
    104 void shade_madd(vec4 param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    105 void math_atan(float param0, out float param1);
    106 void shade_inp_area(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, vec3 param3, mat
    4 param4, float param5, float param6, out float param7);
    107 void texco_orco(vec3 param0, out vec3 param1);
    108 void shade_only_shadow(float param0, float param1, float param2, vec3 param
    3, vec3 param4, vec4 param5, vec4 param6, out vec4 param7, out vec4 param8);
    109 void mix_light(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    110 void shade_tangent_v(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, out vec3 param2);
    111 void mtex_value_mul(float param0, float param1, float param2, float param3,
    float param4, out float param5);
    112 void mtex_negate_texnormal(vec3 param0, out vec3 param1);
    113 void uv_attribute(vec2 param0, out vec3 param1);
    114 void shade_diffuse_minnaert(float param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, float p
    aram3, out float param4);
    115 void mtex_rgb_blend(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, o
    ut vec3 param4);
    116 void camera(vec3 param0, out vec3 param1, out float param2, out float param
    117 void vec_math_add(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, out vec3 param2, out float para
    118 void mtex_rgb_mul(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, out
    vec3 param4);
    119 void test_shadowbuf(mat4 param0, vec3 param1, sampler2D param2, mat4 param3
    , float param4, float param5, out float param6);
    120 void readshadowbuf(sampler2D param0, float param1, float param2, float para
    m3, float param4, out float param5);
    121 void mtex_rgbtoint(vec4 param0, out float param1);
    122 void mix_color(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    123 void mtex_value_blend(float param0, float param1, float param2, float param
    3, float param4, out float param5);
    124 void math_less_than(float param0, float param1, out float param2);
    125 void texco_global(mat4 param0, vec3 param1, out vec3 param2);
    126 void math_divide(float param0, float param1, out float param2);
    127 void mix_mult(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    128 void mtex_value_screen(float param0, float param1, float param2, float para
    m3, float param4, out float param5);
    129 void mtex_alpha_from_col(vec4 param0, out float param1);
    130 void texture_wood_sin(vec3 param0, out float param1, out vec4 param2, out v
    ec3 param3);
    131 void shade_toon_spec(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, float param3, f
    loat param4, out float param5);
    132 void math_tangent(float param0, out float param1);
    133 void curves_vec(vec3 param0, sampler1D param1, out vec3 param2);
    134 void mtex_value_diff(float param0, float param1, float param2, float param3
    , float param4, out float param5);
    135 void mtex_mapping(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, out vec3 param3);
    136 void lamp_visibility_clamp(float param0, out float param1);
    137 void lamp_visibility_sphere(float param0, float param1, float param2, out f
    loat param3);
    138 void mix_screen(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    139 void vec_math_sub(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, out vec3 param2, out float para
    140 void mix_burn(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    141 void mtex_value_clamp_positive(float param0, out float param1);
    142 void mtex_2d_mapping(vec3 param0, out vec3 param1);
    143 void mtex_value_invert(float param0, out float param1);
    144 void set_rgb_zero(out vec3 param0);
    145 void invert(float param0, vec4 param1, out vec4 param2);
    146 void squeeze(float param0, float param1, float param2, out float param3);
    147 void texco_tangent(vec3 param0, out vec3 param1);
    148 void mtex_image(vec3 param0, sampler2D param1, out float param2, out vec4 p
    aram3, out vec3 param4);
    149 void mix_diff(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    150 void texco_uv(vec2 param0, out vec3 param1);
    151 void mtex_value_add(float param0, float param1, float param2, float param3,
    float param4, out float param5);
    152 void mtex_rgb_light(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, o
    ut vec3 param4);
    153 void hue_sat(float param0, float param1, float param2, float param3, vec4 p
    aram4, out vec4 param5);
    154 void shade_diffuse_oren_nayer(float param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, vec3
    param3, float param4, out float param5);
    155 void mix_add(float param0, vec4 param1, vec4 param2, out vec4 param3);
    156 void lamp_visibility_sun_hemi(mat4 param0, vec3 param1, out vec3 param2, ou
    t float param3, out float param4);
    157 void set_rgba(vec4 param0, out vec4 param1);
    158 void mtex_rgb_overlay(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3,
    out vec3 param4);
    159 void shade_mul(vec4 param0, vec4 param1, out vec4 param2);
    160 void shade_hemi_spec(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, vec3 param2, float param3, f
    loat param4, float param5, out float param6);
    161 void mtex_rgb_add(vec3 param0, vec3 param1, float param2, float param3, out
    vec3 param4);
    163 uniform vec3 unf1;
    164 uniform vec3 unf3;
    165 varying vec3 varnormal;
    166 uniform float unf7;
    167 uniform float unf9;
    168 uniform float unf11;
    169 uniform float unf13;
    170 varying vec3 varposition;
    171 uniform mat4 unfviewmat;
    172 uniform vec3 unf23;
    173 uniform float unf27;
    174 uniform vec3 unf31;
    175 uniform float unf34;
    176 uniform float unf35;
    177 uniform float unf48;
    178 uniform vec4 unf59;
    179 uniform vec3 unf66;
    180 uniform vec4 unf84;
    181 uniform float unf93;
    182 uniform vec3 unf98;
    183 uniform vec3 unf105;
    184 uniform vec4 unf123;
    185 uniform float unf132;
    186 uniform vec3 unf137;
    188 void main(void)
    189 {
    190 vec3 tmp2;
    191 vec3 tmp4;
    192 vec3 tmp6;
    193 float tmp8;
    194 float tmp10;
    195 float tmp12;
    196 float tmp14;
    197 vec3 tmp16;
    198 vec4 tmp19;
    199 vec3 tmp20;
    200 vec3 tmp24;
    201 float tmp25;
    202 float tmp26;
    203 float tmp29;
    204 float tmp33;
    205 float tmp38;
    206 float tmp40;
    207 float tmp43;
    208 float tmp49;
    209 float tmp51;
    210 float tmp55;
    211 float tmp57;
    212 vec4 tmp60;
    213 vec4 tmp64;
    214 vec3 tmp67;
    215 float tmp68;
    216 float tmp69;
    217 float tmp72;
    218 float tmp74;
    219 float tmp76;
    220 float tmp80;
    221 float tmp82;
    222 vec4 tmp85;
    223 vec4 tmp89;
    224 float tmp96;
    225 vec3 tmp100;
    226 vec4 tmp103;
    227 vec3 tmp106;
    228 float tmp107;
    229 float tmp108;
    230 float tmp111;
    231 float tmp113;
    232 float tmp115;
    233 float tmp119;
    234 float tmp121;
    235 vec4 tmp124;
    236 vec4 tmp128;
    237 float tmp135;
    238 vec3 tmp139;
    239 vec4 tmp142;
    240 vec4 tmp145;
    241 vec4 tmp148;
    243 set_rgb(unf1, tmp2);
    244 set_rgb(unf3, tmp4);
    245 shade_norm(varnormal, tmp6);
    246 set_value(unf7, tmp8);
    247 set_value(unf9, tmp10);
    248 set_value(unf11, tmp12);
    249 set_value(unf13, tmp14);
    250 shade_view(varposition, tmp16);
    251 shade_mul_value(tmp12, vec4(tmp2, 1.0), tmp19);
    252 set_rgb_zero(tmp20);
    253 lamp_visibility_other(unfviewmat, varposition, unf23, tmp24, tmp25, tmp2
    254 lamp_falloff_invlinear(unf27, tmp25, tmp29);
    255 lamp_visibility_spot_circle(unfviewmat, unf31, tmp24, tmp33);
    256 lamp_visibility_spot(unf34, unf35, tmp33, tmp29, tmp38);
    257 lamp_visibility_clamp(tmp38, tmp40);
    258 shade_inp(tmp6, tmp24, tmp43);
    259 shade_diffuse_oren_nayer(tmp43, tmp6, tmp24, tmp16, unf48, tmp49);
    260 shade_cubic(tmp49, tmp51);
    261 shade_visifac(tmp51, tmp40, tmp10, tmp55);
    262 mtex_value_clamp_positive(tmp55, tmp57);
    263 shade_mul_value(tmp57, unf59, tmp60);
    264 shade_madd(tmp19, tmp60, vec4(tmp2, 1.0), tmp64);
    265 lamp_visibility_sun_hemi(unfviewmat, unf66, tmp67, tmp68, tmp69);
    266 shade_inp(tmp6, tmp67, tmp72);
    267 shade_is_hemi(tmp72, tmp74);
    268 shade_cubic(tmp74, tmp76);
    269 shade_visifac(tmp76, tmp69, tmp10, tmp80);
    270 mtex_value_clamp_positive(tmp80, tmp82);
    271 shade_mul_value(tmp82, unf84, tmp85);
    272 shade_madd(tmp64, tmp85, vec4(tmp2, 1.0), tmp89);
    273 shade_hemi_spec(tmp6, tmp67, tmp16, unf93, tmp14, tmp69, tmp96);
    274 shade_add_spec(tmp96, unf98, tmp4, tmp100);
    275 shade_add(vec4(tmp20, 1.0), vec4(tmp100, 1.0), tmp103);
    276 lamp_visibility_sun_hemi(unfviewmat, unf105, tmp106, tmp107, tmp108);
    277 shade_inp(tmp6, tmp106, tmp111);
    278 shade_is_hemi(tmp111, tmp113);
    279 shade_cubic(tmp113, tmp115);
    280 shade_visifac(tmp115, tmp108, tmp10, tmp119);
    281 mtex_value_clamp_positive(tmp119, tmp121);
    282 shade_mul_value(tmp121, unf123, tmp124);
    283 shade_madd(tmp89, tmp124, vec4(tmp2, 1.0), tmp128);
    284 shade_hemi_spec(tmp6, tmp106, tmp16, unf132, tmp14, tmp108, tmp135);
    285 shade_add_spec(tmp135, unf137, tmp4, tmp139);
    286 shade_add(tmp103, vec4(tmp139, 1.0), tmp142);
    287 shade_add(tmp128, tmp142, tmp145);
    288 mtex_alpha_to_col(tmp145, tmp8, tmp148);
    290 gl_FragColor = tmp148;
    291 }
    Link failed.

  172. I played around with the .blend File a little bit and voila A Blend File that will work on ATI Graphic cards is what came out…
    Until they Release a next update All the ATI Guys that could not play the Demo so far can now download a Playable Demo at:

    I have some Problems to download the Files from SVN
    If someone can give me a normal download link for the 2 Levels the have there I will do the same whit them and all the ATI People can enjoy them…

    Have Fun
    Old Jim

  173. Sorry File was not Packed… (POST 190)
    New File can be downloadet here:

  174. Nice work, it looks great 😀

    Is the game in the future also for linux 86×64 available?

  175. @ augler, yes! the game will be multiplatform, Linux (we are developing the game on linux computers :), Windows, and Mac.