Proudly present the first glimpse of the game concept!

Don’t make conclusions to fast, we are working on it ๐Ÿ™‚


.ogg file available here

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    Nice art.

  2. Oh, cool! So, story will be strong! But hey, what about some action?

  3. Good luck guys, you’re really gonna need it. Hope to help y’all out with stupid production work when Peach is done.

    @AniBator, yeah… there’s nothing so cool as having the first comment…… okay, not really

  4. Hi all, great to hear things are coming along.

    A few suggestions

    1) You might want to consider making any elements that would restrict the age range that this is playable by optional. For instance if you require riddle solving that eliminates a big swath of potential users – whereas a straight forward platformer I’ve seen played by five year olds.

    2) It would be really great if the game could be extended by the community in the way of additional levels and such – if it isn’t open to such extension then it will probably fade pretty quickly from public memory.

    3) The possibility of easily adding/substituting a custom character or custom animations – this would encourage people to play with the development side of Blender and CrystalSpace

    4) Along with 3 a call for animation cycles from the community that can be used for the characters – this would help show potential game artists and game engine users the potential ease of use of the pipeline.


  5. I’ve noticed that the game will contain the Peach open movie too and here is my suggestion: let the movie start when a bunny (smaller than Big Buck, I hope :P) enters in a particular hole while he’s eating a peach!

  6. Why not use parts of the Peach movie as cut scenes for the game, would be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Francisco Ortiz says:

    Did you watch “Simpsons, the movie”? Maybe you can get nice ideas for the dome, because the whole movie talks about it. (If you really want to go forward with the Dome idea, of course :).

  8. Francisco Ortiz says:

    But… Don’t fell tied to the movie storyline 1 + vote! Movie storylines and games are a dangerous combination… Ugh!

  9. To LetterRip:
    we want to provide a full working (call it modding if you want) environment ๐Ÿ˜‰ as well as the game. that is, you should be able to open it and start “hacking” straight away.

  10. email me for more says:

    The game should require positioning of all 3 players, each with a unique talent.

    The level is a puzzle, how to get to the end, by positioning and timing.

    Physics should be used. Large guy can carry cannonball, but needs skinny guy to go through hole, to open door, and bouncy guy needs to bounce key there, so big guy can walk up stairs, and drop cannon ball into trough, and let bouncy guy run to seesaw, and get bounced to swtich, which let’s skinny collect key, and they all get to the next level.

    Then add ice machines, lemmings style traps and devices, and some ‘collect and use’ adventure style play.

    It could work equally well as console arrow moving or mouse right to rotate, left to click to walk / use.

    Both input methods could be supported.

  11. I need an English translator for this video. Bring on the dome…..

  12. So glad to see you guys making progress — thanks a lot for the update! I of course am looking forward to seeing more of how this develops — great stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. keep up the good work
    truman you amaze me ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Is the ogg file still coming?

  15. anyone not getting any sound from the youtube vid?

  16. my bag.. got sound now.. for some reason every time I update firefox it kills my sound driver..

  17. .ogg file is uploading right now.

  18. I really could not understand what you guys talked about very poor sound quality.

    From the comments I think it’s a platform game, but not much more is decided.

  19. sorry, best we can do for the moment. I think it is still possible to hear what is going on if you download the .ogg.

  20. I really agree that the game should be made so that extra levels etc could be added. Loads of people would love game can be legally modded.

  21. Your team might want to consider posting to the blog a bit more, even with small bits of news ( eg having the team members introduce each other and describe their gaming / 3D backgrounds / ideas and aspirations for the game, or showing some sketches of level design / how prototype levels are being blocked out in Blender etc ).

    The more eyeballs you get, the more people will click on the Donate button!

  22. Esben Stien says:

    How about we just stack up with jack hammers, RPGs’ and trip mines, then fill the forest with pink bunnies that we blow to kingdom come just for fun while in multiplayer?.

    Fun for the whole family and infinitely extensible.


  24. Guys, you should find somebody young and unexperienced. Somebody who will work for food. Somebody who will make coffee. Somebody who will potter in the office and type everything you say in blog. Press attache.

  25. no ogg please we are British ๐Ÿ˜›
    youtube is fine thank you.

  26. Ton is right… Best 3D platformers ever was created on N64. Mario 64, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, DK64… those were massive. Those are good to get copied and extended.
    Some emotional story behind it, some new friends, helping others and we got simple and perfect game design.

  27. You should make the game like the old crash bandicoot games.