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Apr 26

Dev page update

icon1 res | icon2 Crystal Space, Development | icon4 04 26th, 2008

If you want to help Apricot and are not afraid of Crystal Space, C++ code, and in particular Crystal Space’s C++ code – take a look at the Development page, I slightly expanded the Crystal Space section.

11 Responses

  1. dusty on

    Cool so does that mean we can take on one of these tasks if it’s available?

  2. venomgfx on

    dusty, yep!, feel free. If you want to start working on a task you should leave a message here so our devs can keep track of what is being worked on, and to avoid having 2 persons working on the same thing.


  3. Kirado on

    thanks for updating the webpage.. banner is working now.

  4. Dusty on

    Cool, I’ll be snowed under this week with other work, but’ll look into it as soon as things calm down for me.

  5. Andrew Fenn on

    Could you go into more detail about “Shaders: cool effects, weaver, cleaning /shader/ dir”

  6. Francisco Ortiz on

    Sorry, i am afraid of Crystal Space and C++ code.

  7. molgera on

    Is there a way to contact someone by mail please ?

  8. res on

    For contact, don’t leave a comment here – it gets missed easily.
    Check the “Development” page, section “CrystalSpace”, you’ll find some ways to get in touch with the relevant people there.

  9. res on

    Andrew: look at the Development page, write me a mail. Blog comments are pretty unsuitable as a discussion forum.

  10. gnu boi on

    i couldn;t get head or tail of dev page

  11. Fissimmipsesk on

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