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Feb 1

Wanted! Composer, Sound Design

icon1 margreet | icon2 Blender Institute, Production | icon4 02 1st, 2008

MusicnootBlender Institute is still looking for a volunteer composer who is interested in composing game music and creating the sounds, for the open game project Apricot, on a CC Attribution license. Crunch time will be around May and June.

Key benefit of course is that the participants be credited on an outstanding artistic creation!

Please send links to your online portfolio at margreet[at] before Thursday 7th of February. And if there questions meanwhile don’t hesitate to ask me.

55 Responses

  1. William on

    I would like to compose for your project. If you wish to hear some of my work, please email me!

  2. michal on

    I’m composer many kinds of music, maybe we could cooperate.

    Kind regards, Michał Izydorczyk

  3. Milhouse Palacios on

    Hello! My name is Milhouse Palacios. I am a film composer and producer. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have worked in different Argentine and South American short and documental films. I have studied in Berklee College of Music.
    You can check some of my work at www. jehanne. com. ar

    Also, if you would like and for feeling secure, I can compose one demo song based on your film and show it to you and give me your feedback.

    Any other question or info you need, please let me know.


    Milhouse Palacios

    About Jehanne Music

    Our company is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have very talented producers working with us and very experienced people. We have made a lot of works for Argentina and the rest of the world, in Music production, Radio and Tv spots, Jingles, recording, mixing and masterings. We are one of the most important music and production companies in Argentina. And because of our great prices combined with our talented and experienced producers and engineers, we work for lot of customers around the world.

  4. Jeremy Doss on

    I am a film/video game composer living in Southern CA. I have scored numerous short films, I am working on my 4th feature film, and have signed on to score 2 video games this year. Please check out my website to learn more about my projects, and to listen to mp3 files of my music. I know it may be too late but I wanted to throw my name in the hat anyway. Good luck with you project. It looks outstanding.

  5. Taddea on

    Thanks for making this available!