MusicnootBlender Institute is still looking for a volunteer composer who is interested in composing game music and creating the sounds, for the open game project Apricot, on a CC Attribution license. Crunch time will be around May and June.

Key benefit of course is that the participants be credited on an outstanding artistic creation!

Please send links to your online portfolio at margreet[at] before Thursday 7th of February. And if there questions meanwhile don’t hesitate to ask me.

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  1. Check for cc-by, cc-by-sa and fal licensed music. Check for sounds

    Ill go ahead and also put this link here:

    Hope something helped somehow.

  2. Jack Zeprophet says:

    hello, i’am interested to compose for your project, but i’havent any creation on my computer actually
    what kind of composition do you search for?
    If you’re interested, here is may mai


  3. Carl Complaint says:

    That’s a bit like “Yeah, I’m interested in supporting your Formula 1 team, but I haven’t got a driver’s license” …

  4. Jack Zeprophet says:

    kind of :)
    I have only midi soundfile and i haven’t convert them on VST for instance
    but I only propose my participation^^
    i won’t day if someone else help the project

  5. I cant do music but I would love to do foley art. I have loads of stuff on my computer. all I need to do now is make a site and put it there

  6. Anton Jiracek says:

    Perhaps Oblenob can do the foley and I can do the music!

  7. Is there any restriction as to what software can be used?

  8. Jan Schnegotzki says:

    I’m interested in composing some music for you.
    Here are two links of songs i wrote, but of course i have more:

    Sincerely yours,
    Jan Schnegotzki

  9. Miguel Vales says:

    I’m an amateur bassist and i play some keyboards too. I’m not composer but i can try or help creating sounds.

  10. Francisco Ortiz says:

    well iam gonna mail one of my friends… i hope he like the idea, because i just ring bells. :))

  11. Eduard-Gabriel Munteanu says:

    Why don’t you just tell us what kind of music Apricot needs and why don’t we just send in our creations? This is essentially an open project, there’s no imperative need to make such teams beforehand just to have a single name under the credits for the music part.

    The project gets so much input and help. What I’d like is to see some collaborative open work going on here, otherwise Apricot isn’t much more than Quake / you-choose-a-game developed behind curtains and then made available open-source. What Apricot has to and can prove is that fully open-source games can have commercial-grade quality and beyond.

    I play bass too. But I’m more skilled at composing music, although I admit, I like things that are way too complex or otherwise unfit for a soundtrack. I would start some work on this if I knew what you wanted, but I’m not sure about joining a team.

    Same thing goes about coding. Let’s try to open up the art contrib system a bit, even if some may argue it’s not the same as contributing code.

    You can reach me here:
    eduard [[dot]] munteanu (at) linux360 [[dot]] ro

  12. i`m a chilean electronioc music composer and dj…if i can help jus mail me!!

  13. Aasif Chaudry says:

    A friend of mine, drew my attention to this. I’m always interested in working on pieces and projects and am looking to expand my portfolio. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of music on tap as it were, but there’s a handful on my myspace bit…

    Sam’s question is a good one! Same here…

    “Is there any restriction as to what software can be used?”

    Will the end format need to be MIDI or are you good with .wav/mp3s etc.?

  14. Preferably open source, but it also depends on the results coming out of it.

  15. McCartnoTRON says:

    Check out my myspace site if you can find something worth diggin’ deeper -> then give me a ping. But one ping only.

    cheers, volker

  16. Actually I wonder which sound quality has to be expected from this replies.

    I think everyone should listen to the compositions from Jan Morgenstern which is responsable for Orange + Peach music.

    His compositions are quite professional and have a high quality.


  17. Aasif Chaudry says:

    I’m kind of in agreement with Eduard-Gabriel Munteanu on this one. That makes sense to me…

  18. Ola! I might be into this. I’ve produced a whole whack of albums, sound designed for numerous web projects, and taught sound design for Video Games at the Art Insitute College in Vancouver BC.

    Check out my site…all of the audio, music and voices were produced by me. Some are pretty dated, but if you diggit I’d be happy to send you some totally new work.


  19. you may check-out my songs, too ;]

  20. People who are applying should send a link of their online portfolio to margreet[at] before Thursday 7th of February.

  21. I don’t want to take away any composers from apricot, but for those of you, who want to help an open game project and will not be allowed to contribute to apricot, supertuxkart is also looking for composers (and any kind of artist that wants to add content to an open game). You can simply write an email to
    and we will find a task for you.

  22. Hi there. I have a good deal of experience in production work, and have released several tracks under the Creative Commons licensing system – one which eventually ended up on various compilations by the artist I was remixing. If you would like to check my work out, I can be heard at , , and

  23. I’ve got a number of tunes that I think would fit very well with a cartoon type game. Some are a rag-time type feel, with a bit of a manic side to them.

    I also have others that depending on the scene may fit as well.

    I was once a professional musician but have given that up, to be just a hobby now. These pieces are leftovers that I think are quite good and I would like to be known.

  24. I am sixteen years old and I have a nice amount of self-made tracks on my PC.
    I uploaded a few tracks to my webserver. Some of them are old, some of them are not.
    (To Ton: Made with legal software and soundpacks)

  25. When will the identity of the chosen one be revealed?

  26. Sounds tempting, sorry I only found out now. Nevertheless, let me know if our cooperation could make sense:

  27. i have done a few songs for open source projects like rpg builders that dies and what not. my biggest problem is all the projects i make music for usualy die within a couple years and dont go anywhere. i dont know if i am what you need although i am willing to take on this task. if you would like a sample song off of a prior project heres a link.

  28. just heard about your project, please find as well my company website
    thanks for your consideration.

  29. Aasif Chaudry says:

    Er… what’s with these spamming ‘cheap cigarette’ idiots? Can anyone delete them? :\

    Is there any more on how the Apricot team want to move with the music?

  30. Ok im a composer who has been influeced by minimal music, music from irlanda using irregular time, videogame music, and electro. I’d love to design music for a video game.
    at now im composing music for my university that is developing videogames

  31. i’d love to.

    listen my stuff in

  32. Travis, I liked your song. And for your experience you might want to check The Mana World project: which is a RPG with some years of development at its back and is still under serious development. They are interested on a composer.
    I wish I could contact you directly, so try to check it out if you want.


    (I hope Apricot don’t get mad for recruiting people on their blog :P)

  33. Hi, Margreet,

    I was going to respectfully pass on this one as your deadline has come and gone. But since people are still posting, I offer my services in case you happen to still be looking or for consideration for future projects with Apricot.

    I am a classically trained (bachelor of music in composition and theory) composer and songwriter. Besides classical compositions and film scores, I have also written hundred of pop / rock songs. I have a certificate in recording engineering and have worked as both a recording engineer and producer. I have a well equipped studio and can deliver anything from orchestral/choral to pop, rock and electronic. I compose, orchestrate and record quickly and I am used to working to tight deadlines. There are bios and a lot of music posted on my websites. Please get back to me if you are interested. Thank you.

    Leon Portelance
    composer – songwriter

  34. Graduate & Experienced Composer & Sound Designer (B.A. Mus TCD).

    I have a passion for computer games and can produce a professional standard product in my own 5.1 Surround Studio.

  35. Please look up

  36. Paul Wilkie says:

    experienced video games quality composer interested! please visit to hear some of my work!


    Paul Wilkie

  37. Nathaniel Jones says:

    I have an entire database of files and music available that I refer to as Archive.

    There are a lot of composers and sound designers that are capable of doing what you’ve requested, but very few will bring to the table what I’ve offered, my portfolio will demonstrate that for you. Unfortunately its so comprehensive that I need to present it to you as a DVD.

    I hope you are interested in what I can bring to the table, and hope that you will at the very last provide me with an address to send you material to. I assure you you will not be disappointed.

    Thank you, Protilius:

  38. Antonia Munro says:

    All info you can finf on my site!:)

    I’m playing:
    recording/editing myself.

  39. Please visit my website to view portfolio
    or direct link to collage

  40. I do many styles, check out my demo reel at the aforementioned website

  41. Hi,

    i would love to compose music for you, although i have alot of stuff on my computer that i composed i would rather just write/compose some music over your game, because the music that i have composed may not even fit into the game.

    so i hope you will contact me and give me a chance to proof myself.

    much love and respect,


  42. Hi,

    If you are still looking for a composer, I would love to be involved in this project. I compose orchestral style music and am trying to break into the film industry. Please listen to some of my work and let me know if there are any other samples that I can give you. My website is down at the moment (, but I you can listen to some music at the following links. Sincerely

    Shelley Puffett

  43. Please see website link below.

  44. below is a link to a sound design example for another game.

    Tools I am using are:

    – Blue Baby Bottle mic
    – Can opener
    – Paper Clip
    – Rusty Door Knob
    – Air Conditioner
    – Fender Stratocaster
    – Micromoog
    – Korg MS10
    – Korg PolySix
    – Korg Poly61m
    – Novation Basstation keyboard
    – Logic + Reason + Final Cut

    Ryan Wise

  45. Award winning music composer for video games, film and media.

    many thanks,

    Paul Wilkie.

  46. If you need some beats i am talented like you wouldn’t know give me a try is the way to reach me

  47. i can make anykinda beats from heavt to rap to rock to country lol i’ll send ya sum beats
    Take care

  48. Hi,

    i’d be willing to do a score. I mostly make ambient, sci-hi, but can make pretty much anything with organic sound.
    some of the stuff:

    you can reach me here:

    best regards,

  49. Hey guys. Im a working composer, right now Im working for a Chinese Animation company. But Im looking for more projects to add to my credits.

    Eventhough the music on my website might abit dark. I can do any kind of style.

    I like the look of your game and Im already getting music in my head by looking at it. Coorky, sneaky funny music.

  50. I would like to compose for your project. If you wish to hear some of my work, please email me!

  51. I’m composer many kinds of music, maybe we could cooperate.

    Kind regards, Michał Izydorczyk

  52. Milhouse Palacios says:

    Hello! My name is Milhouse Palacios. I am a film composer and producer. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have worked in different Argentine and South American short and documental films. I have studied in Berklee College of Music.
    You can check some of my work at www. jehanne. com. ar

    Also, if you would like and for feeling secure, I can compose one demo song based on your film and show it to you and give me your feedback.

    Any other question or info you need, please let me know.


    Milhouse Palacios

    About Jehanne Music

    Our company is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have very talented producers working with us and very experienced people. We have made a lot of works for Argentina and the rest of the world, in Music production, Radio and Tv spots, Jingles, recording, mixing and masterings. We are one of the most important music and production companies in Argentina. And because of our great prices combined with our talented and experienced producers and engineers, we work for lot of customers around the world.

  53. Jeremy Doss says:

    I am a film/video game composer living in Southern CA. I have scored numerous short films, I am working on my 4th feature film, and have signed on to score 2 video games this year. Please check out my website to learn more about my projects, and to listen to mp3 files of my music. I know it may be too late but I wanted to throw my name in the hat anyway. Good luck with you project. It looks outstanding.

  54. Thanks for making this available!