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Dec 5

Apricot Project launch

icon1 ton | icon2 Uncategorized | icon4 12 5th, 2007

Hi everyone!apricot-cover.jpg

And here’s another Open Project starting… this time it’s a game, the Blender and Crystal Space communities joining forces to realize an awesome and industry standard 3D game experience!

Last weekend we’ve selected the team (Heya Qareeb, Darius, Chris, Frank, Pablo and Campbell!). Darius now is working on making this blog possible, and on our mailing list we’re already discussing game play, technology targets, production planning. animation issues, and so on. Great, an enthusiastic team!
The Europeans among us (shorter travel time…) will meet 2nd week of January for a long weekend to prepare for productional issues. But the real start will be the first week of February. Only then real decisions will be made on game concept, game design and other targets, although we do know it’ll be derived from Project Peach, furry & crazy characters in a forest.

As for the previous open movies, a pre-sale campaign to purchase the DVD set in advance will be organized to allow the Blender and Crystal Space communities to support this project. Again there’s the ambitious target of reaching a 1000 DVDs sold in advance, before February 1st. Expect on the DVD the complete game, all content in Creative Commons Attribute, video blog material, and clear examples and/or tutorials for how to extend the game, add levels, change characters, and so on. Early purchasers of the Apricot game will get their names credited on the game intro and final credit roll.

And don’t forget; although we aim at a creating compelling gaming content, the real Apricot target is to improve the open source pipeline for professional game creation. This focused around Blender as a modeling and animation tool, Crystal Space as 3D engine and delivery platform, and some Python scripting magic to tie it all together.

Thanks for the support!


73 Responses

  1. djodji on

    keep going I hop you have a lot of sucss.
    Good bless you al, good luck

  2. Steven on

    hey guys nice idea and i hope you guys do vcery good on this project

    the only question that i have is that are you guys going to make the blender GE better or use blender to make Crystal Space look good?

    Srry but why would any one want something from out side of blender if you ask me it is a way of getting around the Blender GE bugs that need to be fixed \

    good luck

  3. darek on

    Steven: Blender+CS. You can read about reasons on the forum. Greetings

  4. Kev on

    Blender just keeps getting better. I’ll support a project like this every time.

    Blender Rocks

  5. horace on

    currently it doesn’t look like more than 500 preorders will be reached if it goes on like that. maybe more advertisement is needed? 🙂

  6. Buck on

    How can I donate instead of buying? I don’t want to spend 34 euros, but I would like to donate some money to the project.

  7. darek on

    Buck: Clicking on “PayPal” button in the About/Donations section here Thanks

  8. kafox on

    Are there any screenshots of the game yet ? I know it’s still in development, but I’m not going to pre-order anything without at least viewing some screenshots.

  9. darek on

    kafox: It’s not in development at all just in planning stage. We starting at 1st Feb 2008. Pre-ordeing is for people who want to sponsor this project, DVD it’s only additonal gift with our thanks not main purpose of buying.

  10. Johann on

    I hope that I don’t need a super-duper, hot-rod machine that has 2x overclocked quad core, quad CF/SLI video & 1.21 Jigabytes of RAM to run the game. I hope the planning stage will consider developing with the lowest system denomination so that people with low(er)-end systems can play the game at its fullest potential.

  11. kafox on

    Oh, may bad. I thought it was already in development.

    I too hope it will not take a supercomputer to run it, because I don’t have one and I won’t be upgrading for a while 🙂

  12. Mårten Woxberg on

    I’ve made my contribution, Since I pre-ordered the Peach movie I thought I’d pre-order this game too…
    Hope you get it up to commercial quality.

  13. Norbert on

    Please, for the love of God, do not make another shooter, but a game with a story. If it has to be a shooter, make one with a story, single player. We need better stories, less random shooting.

  14. Eric Knisley on

    I’m responsible for a small dome theater at the University of North Carolina. We’re always looking for innovative new content. Any chance of giving this game a “dome” mode? Cheers, ek

  15. darek on

    Eric: But what exactly game needs for this ? Big resolution ?

  16. John Lennon's Foster Child on

    OHYEAH!!! is it gonna be like Steve Jackson’s TOON?

  17. Eric on

    DVD ordered. Looking forward to seeing what can be produced.

  18. Dane on

    Chalk up one more sale! I think it’s a great idea to give people the opportunity to (optionally) pre-order the game + movie + sources, etc.

    I look forward to seeing what kind of game this will turn out to be. I agree with Norbert. While I really love shooters, I think that a great storyline/single-player mode is a must for such a breakthrough project/game; I really hope that Apricot teaches the gaming industry a few new tricks on how to make a cool game. 🙂

    Is there a development mailing list I can get on to watch the progress?

    Best wishes!

  19. Metus on

    Will the Game/Movie also be aviable in other languages such as German?

  20. darek on

    Metus: Game – yes, no idea about movie

  21. music on

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  22. Emillyn chrystinna on

    mui bom este sait nota 10
    tenquil a tosdos

  23. Bapi on

    when will the game be out.

    i m deign to play it.