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May 5

Apricot Cake

icon1 darek | icon2 Blender Institute | icon4 05 5th, 2008

What can you do to make Happy Blender Institute much more happier ? You would order a cake for us ! 🙂 An Apricot cake. Today one person from Blender’s community surprised us with apricot and rise cakes ! Thanks a lot ! Really appreciate 🙂 What community can do for us except coffee machine and cakes and of course DVD-pre orders 🙂 ? Well.. we accepting also beer for example 😉

Hmm bazooka you say…


42 Responses

  1. Anonymous on

    The cake is a lie!

  2. venomgfx on

    not a lie at all! it was delicious 🙂

    thanks to our bazooka friend somewhere in .nl, feel free to ask for a tour in the institute!, no.. no need to bring another pie.. well 😀

  3. nawabz on

    so will this mean the team will be working extra hard and showing us some developement or some eye candy

  4. myselfhimself on

    that’s piece of cake

  5. FootFungas on

    So, if I got to the Blender Institute and say I gave you the cake, you’ll give me a free tour?
    heh, heh, heh.

  6. panzi on

    Cake is always the best option. 🙂

  7. Christiaan Bakker(AniCator) on

    We’ll get you cake if you get us some cool videos and screenshots to look at. Don’t forget to update that friggin 2.46 RC4 because the blenderplayer.exe is acting a bit weird. I added all the files it needs to run by itself but it cries about a missing ‘line’ in avcodec-51.dll (mpa_decode_header).

  8. jorrit on

    To Christiaan: Apricot doesn’t use blenderplayer.exe at all. It is not based on the Blender Game Engine.

  9. Luiz on

    hahah That was sweet. Cheers to the person who did that. =D

  10. Tynach on


    Thus proving the superiority of Cake over Pie.

  11. VanPelt on

    Cool Plumiferos T-shirt, Venom! 😉

  12. Bart on

    CAKE!! Is THAT your goal in life, Emo? CAKE?!

    Whoops sorry, wrong project..

  13. MrE on

    I should have guessed that Ton would keep you all locked up instead of letting you go out to celebrate Liberation day 😉 .

    I hope this action (and fan -actions that will follow) will keep your spirits up during the work ahead.

    I think only the mistery fan knows what the message on the card was.
    And if they would really test her or him (s)he will know the propper name of the apricot pie that was delivered.

    oh, and remember… the ASB

  14. amoose136 on

    the cake is a lie….
    the cake is a lie….
    the cake is a lie….

  15. amoose136 on

    oops, sorry Anonymous, didn’t see that there. Oh well, someone had to call it.

  16. Dave on

    Hmm…. Next time, some one will probably make you a Durian Cake.

  17. Kirado on

    will the project still be going on in October..? I might be in Amsterdam briefly.. would be cool to pop in.. I would bring cake.. I swear 😉

  18. Christiaan Bakker(AniCator) on

    To jorrit: I am still not sure if I am going to let the Blender Game Engine or Crystal Space run my game. Crystal Space is capable to do more ‘last-gen’ than Blender but I am used to the Blender Game Engine. And for now I won’t be able to test the new functions of b2cs (SVN thingy) because it seems like scripts are disabled in RC4.

  19. Dusty on

    That’s real nice looking cake.
    How cool is this comunity to donate food to the starved and hungry developers.
    Wish they did that at my office.
    The most we get are stale sandwitches when customers visit, after their dinner.
    They propbably picked up the sandwich with their dirty fingers and sneered at it, put it back. 🙁
    Anyhow, nice cake.

  20. Eastin on

    If someone mailed me a cake i wouldn’t eat it! For all you know it could be fattening!

  21. Francisco Ortiz on

    @Jorrit: Blender to Crystal rules! Thank you very much for your efforts.
    (I use the Blender Game Engine since version 2.25 BTW).

    I hope someone send a cake for you. (You are not in Amsterdam at the moment… right 😕

    What is your favorite cake? 🙂



  22. Cathy & India on

    Will someone please tell Campbell that he needs a haircut.

  23. randomnut on

    Wow. So much eye-candy.. the cake reminded me of it… and i sure hope the bloom will be configurable ingame… i wanna set it to 150px!

  24. Tom K on

    First time I’ve seen Ton smile, I think 🙂

  25. Bmud on

    I would have made a pun about asking for more “eye-cake” but “eye-PIE” sounds so much better! 😉

  26. Kirado on

    so what have you guys been making.. no dev posts in a while..??

  27. Brian on

    Ton looks like he is about to eat that whole thing 🙂

  28. jan de vries on

    too hot to post in amsterdam, you must all be sitting on the nearby cafe terrace drinking beer : )

  29. malefico on

    Hey venomgfx… it seems you will still be “El Panza” for a while…

    Greetings from GiGi :D.

  30. Tynach on

    Bmud, because you seem to like Pie more than Cake, we of the Cake Constitution have decided that you are a terrorist!

  31. Mal on

    I hope the sugar from that cake fueled an intense development period, and that we’re going to get a blog posting about it soon 🙂

    Just a quick question – with the imminent release of 2.46 ( Peach ), there was talk of 2.5 being developed and finished before Apricot ( so that, if a version of Blender shipped on the Apricot CD, it would be 2.5, rather than eg 2.47 ).

    Is this still the case? I can see where the extensive proposed configurability of 2.5 would really work out well in a game development scenario.

  32. Charles Essien on

    creative commons liscence + open source + Cake * Blender = Awsome stuff! cake serves as a work-in-progress jobe well done!

  33. lec on

    Sorry but i’m awfully impatient. Want some newwwsss. Can’t wait to see how’s the development by now. And i’m not the only one… so.. c’mon lads… please???

  34. venomgfx on

    we are on it! we want to have something *real* to show you and no more test levels (the little level you see in the screenshots from shadows and hdr post, is a test prototype), the good new is that we already have a level!

    and why do i say this in a comment and not in a blogpost? because there is one coming this week!, there is a nice eyecandy addition we are waiting for, stay tunned!

  35. Mal on

    Hi Vemongfx,

    That sounds great – I’m looking forward to seeing the new blog post!

  36. MrE on

    ooooooooh, venomgfx promised us candy after eating the cake.
    More cake==more candy?

    Calling the multivlaai hotline for a delivery right now.

  37. Mal on

    I forgot to mention in the earier post – while people will enjoy viewing a blog posting about large jump in development, a lot of people would probably have preferred to see smaller postings showing how the game level got from the previous posting stage to the current stage ( ie warts and all ) in order to get more of a feel of the development.

    Unlike the movie ( which focuses on the story and has to be kept fairly secret, as the fun is in the viewing ), showing WIP game levels isn’t going to really spoil anything, as the fun is in the playing ( and repeat playing ).

    Just a thought of someone who bought the Apricot DVD, and who has a great interest in its development – maybe the Peach team have different thoughts on it of course, which is cool 🙂

  38. MrE on

    Mal, you are right. More smaller updates are better when dealing with a game. You can better grasp the development of the whole project.
    But more updates means less time spent on development.

    So i have faith in a well build game with multiplayermode and an apricot shooting bazooka so you can frag your mates with during a LAN party (wich would be a GREAT advertisement for this game)

  39. Willem Verwey on

    Hey Guy’s as long as you keep up the hard work.

    We’ve ordered the Peach DVD. We also would later order the Appricot (Cake – LOL) game. At the 3D Animation Network – The Club we will surlky use it as part of skills development.

    Would like to see some prieviews on how the project is comming on.

    Willem Verwey

  40. venomgfx on

    you’re both right.

    tonight before going home i will make sure to have something posted, maybe not the level but another stuff like characters or animations, till we can write about the new features or the big post about our level and gameplay we’ve been developing the last weeks. Big changes in gameplay!

    so tonight (this means somewhere between dinner and 6am 🙂 you may see some movement, at least a tiny bit, but movement!


  41. Pablo Lizardo on

    we want post! we want post! we want post!!! jejeje.. i’m impacient! 15 days without news! 🙁

  42. randomnut on

    The mortals want updates! I have plenty of time.