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Jul 20

Animate Ramiro!

icon1 venomgfx | icon2 Media Gallery, Random Fluff | icon4 07 20th, 2008

Ramiro the RamMeet Ramiro the Ram! our new character, actually it is there since a while ago but now is time to put it in game.
He is the male sheep, the Ram protector of all Mandy‘s around, and will not hesitate in hitting if you get too close to them!

This week we got the sheep game (catching, throwing, animations, etc) working at a level we can move on to other games, like the piranha, rat, buck, turtle? and its logic.
But still there is a lot of things to do/tweak in our levels/hud/effects and here is where we can use your help, we have this character, the Ram, but no animations still, there are scheduled for the next week (not the one that starts tomorrow monday), so we thought that with the nice response we had with the “Animate Frankie!” post, we could try this again and let people contribute with their own animations so when the next week starts we have some already there, for tweaking/integrating and some nice extra time to work on the levels or make even more animations, we can always re-schedule πŸ™‚

What are we looking for?, this character doesn’t have any animations yet, so we can use any kind, but most needed are:

  • WalkCycle
  • RunCycle
  • Idle animations
  • Hit / being hit (by a nut)
  • Being kicked
  • Death animation
  • Drowning
  • Charging to hit with the horns, pissed off animations, everything you think will fit to this character.

Grab the .blend file here. (Packed, ~1.2Mb). Animating at 40 frames per second (like Frankie’s) will work.
Nothing really fancy on it so should work with recent builds of Apricot, that you can find at GraphicAll, thanks to our build monkeys, also the Apricot branch (linux) have an special place in the “Automated Builds” section, under “Current Hot Branches”.

* You don’t have to leave your .blend file always, you can use Vimeo (good)/YouTube (bad) to upload the OpenGL videos (?) there, and we can ask for the .blend file later (you may want to do some tweaking before release or so).

As a side note, if you’re not an animator and would like to contribute with any other stuff (modeling, texturing, etc). Check the “Contribute your own stuff!” thread we created at forums and leave your questions/thoughts there.

That’s all! looking forward to what you blenderheads do with this character, hope you like it!
(Feliz DΓ­a del Amigo!)

There is an open ftp space on It works like this:
ftp to:
user: anonymous
password: your email address

When logged in, go to the directory β€˜incoming’. What you put there is visible here:
This upload space deletes all old files after a couple of weeks, so don’t use it for permanent storage.

108 Responses

  1. Pablo Lizardo on

    soy medio malo para animar cosas pero bueno voy a jugar un poquito!, feliz dia por alla tambien!!!

  2. Mark on

    I’m sure he will “kick some ass” :p

    just wondering though…

    what is good about vimeo that is not about youtube. is it a technical thing like easy integration in websites or a social thing like we don’t like google anymore of there are just to much adds…

    I personally always liked youtube. ( mostly for its content )

    vimeo is probably very nice too, but i have to little experience with it to make a judgement about that.

  3. venomgfx on

    Mark, well actually the thing i dislike about YouTube (besides the default quality and that you can’t just click to download the video without any external tool) is that it tends to resize the video without respecting the aspect, so it adds black stripes and scales everything.

    Videos like this one in YouTube would be scaled down, instead of keeping the aspect.

    But besides that is nice.

  4. jhoolmans on

    Ah good πŸ™‚ I’ll just practice with this one while making an animation. I hope to see the turtle appear here some day πŸ˜€


  5. mangojambo on

    How much frames per second? 45? Like Frank?

  6. venomgfx on

    @ mangojambo, more likely 40fps (as Frankie), will edit the post now.

  7. mangojambo on

    Other question:
    What is the better way? Walking in the same place or to do the first walkcycle moving forward?

  8. venomgfx on

    @ mangojambo, I think is better to use the “main” bone to actually displace the entire character while making the cycle and to avoid future foot sliding.

    Also, check what Glenn uses in his run cycle here:

    Nice as reference.

  9. Daniel on

    Sorry for that question but.. how can I disable GLSL? Everyone is talking about that but I can not find the option in Blender…

  10. mangojambo on

    @Daniel: On the header of the User Preferences Click on Game menu > Texture Face Material or Blender Multitexture Materials…

    To get back: Game menu > Blender GLSL Materials



  11. Vexelius on

    Well… there’s no stupid questions. I’ve found myself one that I’m unable to solve: How do I make a video out of my animation?

  12. venomgfx on

    @ Vexelius, the simplest way would be to set the output format (where you choose to save jpg, or png, etc) to AVI Jpeg, then in the header of the 3DView Ctrl Click on the little landscape icon next to the Magnet one.
    That will save you an .AVI file in the path you have set in the “Output” panel, by default is set to “/tmp/”.

  13. Vexelius on

    Oh, I see… Render like any other normal animation…? Splat! Why did I thought that the BGE ones would be saved in a special way?

    Anyways, thanks… And feliz dΓ­a del amigo!

  14. mangojambo on

    Hi again!! πŸ™‚
    First try:
    Qareeb Marching. It is just an idea. Sometimes walking, sometimes marching…


  15. venomgfx on

    hah that’s great mangojambo! never thought of Qareeb marching and walking sometimes, I think this one goes in! πŸ™‚

  16. ton on

    On a second thought: we renamed the ram to “Ramiro”. We named him to honour a former Apricot team member, but he didn’t like it much. πŸ™‚

  17. gnome on

    hi folks, I’ve worked on the turtle posted here:

    here’s what I got so far:
    Would love to get some feedback. I intend to make a ‘lick lips’ animation, and a headstand-like attack move with the shell; for smashing walls, maybe also usable for playing tennis with nuts thrown at the turtle? πŸ˜€

    On a side note, it’s still missing a texture!

  18. mangojambo on

    Great news Ton! lol … Name changed.

    – By the way, where is Ramiro on the “hidden” splash image? πŸ˜‰

  19. Flo on

    @gnome: Wow so many good animations. I especial like the eating grass animation where you could actually see the swallowing.
    I am not so sure what the animation means where it hits with the head the ground. It could be a expression of being angry about itself or a unfinished eat animation.
    I would have expected about three hit’s in the former case.
    Thinking about the turtle hitting it’s head on the ground:
    It could even become dazed from doing that. So how about a dazed animation? πŸ˜‰

  20. gnome on

    @Flo: thanks, man! The ‘head on the ground’ animation is supposed to be a headbonk, so it should go forward and not down. I definitely gotta fix that one. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  21. dempa on

    Great character!
    I tried to do some of the requested animation, still mabye some tweeking left( after I animted them i saw that I used the wrong framerate but I guess thatΒ΄s just to scale the animation?):

    Looking forward to the comple game:)

  22. jhoolmans on

    @gnome: πŸ˜€ really cool! I finally tribute something to a Blender project ^^. I don’t know if u downloaded it yesterday or so? I’ve updated the turtle blend with a packed texture this time πŸ™‚

  23. gnome on

    @jhoolmans: Awesome, thanks for the texture! Yes, I downloaded it yesterday, and I didn’t notice that you updated it. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  24. oslo on

    I just want to say.. I just love open source!! πŸ˜‰
    It’s great to see everybody working on this project! This is great!

    Keep up the good work guys!

  25. Francisco Ortiz on

    Hey! That’s nice! Another chance…

    Apricot is more open than Elephants Dream. πŸ™‚

  26. gnome on

    Turtle again: – I have tweaked most animations, which is hardly worth posting, but I have also added J. Hoolmans’ texture, which really brings the character to life. I have taken the freedom to remove the eyes on the head opening; I think we can use the eyeball meshes for that (possibly with some scaling) if need arises.

    If anyone could paint some hexagon pattern on the back of the shell, and some details on the belly, that would be awesome (I am no good at texture painting myself)! The texture is packed into the .blend file posted here:

    Cheers! πŸ˜€

  27. mangojambo on

    Yes!!! 10 actions until now!
    If you allow me, I was working on animation concept for Ramiro. My Idea about Ramiro is to be a little bit full of himself! “I’m strong, I’m the defensor, I’m the best, I’m the one, I’M COOL”!!! But not to show off, just in a ” cool” way!!


  28. mangojambo on

    Like Steven Seagal!!! jajajajaja lol
    “Ramiro Seagal” !!! πŸ˜€

  29. DanZMan on

    How do you post things? I downloaded the turtle and made some additions to his texture as well as adding a normal map, but I can’t figure out how to post it.

  30. Justin on

    Dang, MangoJambo, knockin em out of the park. I really like all your idle animations for Ramiro. I especially like the one where he does that like military step and stands at attention, sort of aloof with his nose up. Great work.

  31. venomgfx on

    what a grrrreat job guys!, you can really feel the sweet smell of open source here πŸ™‚

    thanks you all! the turtle is looking great, love the design by J. Hoolmans, the animations development, how the character is growing just because of you helping each other, is awesome. The credits roll will be very long πŸ™‚

    mangojambo, you really developed this character’s personality, and from Uruguay? me hubieras dicho bolo! jaj πŸ˜€ Feliz dia atrasado πŸ™‚

    dempa’s animation also show some nice concepts for getting hit or drowning, i think we may fill the entire list of animations for the weekend!

    DanZMan, any image uploader website could work? like this one (allows png w/o much compression i think), or email us (our email is in the Team page of this site), and we will put them somewhere on so people can download it.

    following this blogpost like a mad! πŸ™‚

  32. jhoolmans on

    @DanZMan: email them to me and I’ll update the post πŸ™‚

    Or else you could zip them and put them on rapidshare or mediashare or something like those πŸ™‚ then post the link

  33. Pappenheimer on

    I can’t resist to look at this site at least once an hour! Great progresses, and a lot to enjoy! πŸ™‚
    @ mangojambo: Maybe, Ramiro could switch between the ‘cool’ attitude to a ‘playboy’ like attitude, twinkling with an eye – all these sheep are his girls, aren’t they! πŸ˜‰ The Mandys could react with a ‘go your way’ attitude πŸ˜€ … just some ideas!

  34. jhoolmans on

    @Pappenheimer: I have the same problem πŸ™‚ can’t resist. Since i’ve seen Franky being animated I’m sticked on this blog :D. That playboy idea is great πŸ˜€ reminds me of Brother Bear, “shut up! no you shut up! you shut up” πŸ™‚ that mountain goat that tries to be so cool in front of his girls πŸ˜€

  35. jhoolmans on

    this is what i meant: at about 1:55

  36. venomgfx on

    haha love this playboy idea too!, the twinkling with an eye to his girls while walking through the fields at the sound of “Staying Alive”

  37. Pappenheimer on

    @ jhoolmans: yeah, those are great gestures!
    @ venomgfx: finally, this turns from a ‘Frankie’s vendetta’ to a ‘Ramiro makes love not war’ project! πŸ˜€
    @ mangojambo: don’t take my ideas too serious, whatever you decide to animate, it will be great! πŸ™‚

  38. mangojambo on

    @ poppenheimer: no, I think it is a good idea! I was thinking that too, but the problem is the contrains is settep up for the 2 eyes, so I don’t want to change just because of that.

    @ jhoolmans: That is a great cartoon! Really funny. I am working on tree animations here, one is a kind of stretch, almost like the cartoon.

    @ venomfgx: Holla, que tal? No, yo soy brasileΓ±o! Yo no ablo espaΓ±ol, ablo “portuΓ±ol”!!! πŸ˜‰
    ΒΏUsted es de Argentina, seguro? Somos casi vecinos, yo vivo en ParanΓ‘, al sur de Brasil.

    Cheers! Saluto!

  39. jhoolmans on

    ok don’t laugh =p this is my first run cycle!

    when i made ramiro keep looking forward it was looking very… weird so i chose to make it look like this. =D

  40. Pappenheimer on

    Such a strong character! Whatever he does, it looks magnificent!
    @jhoolmans: Is it a big deal to try different versions of walking? One suggestion: keeping the head close to the ground while running, like an attack.
    @mangojambo: Ah, I see – maybe, you could tilt his head aside a bit then, and twinkle with both eyes several times … πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  41. Wallenstein on

    Where to find the xcf-files of turtle-texture?

  42. jhoolmans on

    @wallenstein: I’ve just painted beneath the uv, just 1 layer =) the other layer is some little scratches but actually there is no need for xcf file for this..

  43. Redcap on

    Well nowhere close to mambojambo’s awesome animations, but the more the merrier right πŸ˜‰ Still learning so it isn’t the greatest but it is what it is. Here is the website

  44. Pappenheimer on

    To look at your video one needs a permission…

  45. Redcap on

    Thanks, fixed.

  46. Lasphere on

    Hey Guys!

    Heres a suspicious walkcykle. Ram(iro) is waching his sheeps.

    The animation can be looped.

    btw, have you noticed that Ramiro doesent have any ears?

  47. mangojambo on

    lasphere: Private video!! πŸ™

  48. Lasphere on

    It is? Nad of some reason there is no title… :/ then I’ll just try again. πŸ™‚

  49. Lasphere on

    Okay its corrected now. πŸ™‚

  50. jhoolmans on


    how’s this one?

    I found some time working on the head =p it looks pretty scary from the front view haha.

  51. Pappenheimer on

    @ Redcap: My first thought was that your animation isn’t dramatic enough for Ramiro, but, maybe, the contrast to mangojambo’s anims could work out nice: the soldier-like typ ends by a kick like a plush toy! πŸ™‚

  52. mangojambo on

    Ops, forgot to post!!
    Pepe le Pew style!!

  53. jhoolmans on

    A little update on my turtle model and texture. I’ve added a shell color and I’ve added a normal map which i made by hand =)

    Hope you like his pose πŸ™‚

    the turtle file has been updated.


  54. MatrixNAN on

    Hey Guys,

    lol Well I also added Texture Maps to the Turtle I have the Color Map, Normal Map Tangent Based, Almost have the Specular and Reflection Maps will have them finished later today, and I also have the node based shading network. Here is a screen shot. I painted the textures in Gimp.

    Nate Nesler

  55. jhoolmans on

    @MatrixNAN: πŸ˜€ way better than mine if I said so! Keep up!

  56. MatrixNAN on

    Hey Guys,

    Here is a shot of the Normal Map Only for the Turtle.

    Tangent Based Normal Map:

  57. MatrixNAN on

    @jhoolmans: Thanks man. I am not a texture painter I have not done much texture painting in my career, but I should have it to you later today. I am just to tired to finish it now. lol Sorry for that. Once I finish the Specular and Reflection maps I will send them to you. I have a double set. One set is 4096 resolution and another set is 1024 resolution. The images that I posted are of the 1024 resolution set. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    Nate Nesler

  58. Wallenstein on

    nice work!
    Though I don’t really know if the shell-texture fits to the rest of game-textures. Anyhow you’ve said you are not finished and I am probably wrong, because I haven’t seen a real render yet.
    Hope to see more from you!
    jhoolmans: your version is nice, too.

  59. mangojambo on

    Upcoming … πŸ˜‰

  60. jhoolmans on

    @mangojambo: Looking forward to see moving pictures of those @_@ !

    I think what Wallenstein means is that the texture looks to real and dark unlike the style of the game. Which is true, but he’s not done yet πŸ˜€

  61. venomgfx on

    sheesh guys! you will make them fired me and hire you all!

    so much work here and so good! the turtle is looking awesome, that character is evolving really good, and mangojambo have this army of animations ready there!

  62. venomgfx on

    hey jhoolmans! nice warthog!

    btw I made some concepts time ago, there were suposed to be in game but we had no time, maybe you could give it a go!

  63. jhoolmans on

    What do you guys think of my new upcoming character πŸ™‚ the Warthog!

    Let me know what u think!

  64. gnome on

    mangojambo: wow, that looks like a lot of cool animations, good work!

    jhoolmans: I like the warthog, but it looks a bit like the Ramiro model. I’d suggest you lower its behind a bit, make the snout a bit longer, and make it a bit thinner (i.e. vertically) but with longer legs – meaning the belly should go up, but the feet stay in place.
    Really love the haircut, good job! πŸ™‚

    *goes off to check out the new turtle texture*

  65. Mike on


    Ok, I have ramiro charging:

    And then just ramiro going into sort of an antic to the charge:
    I thought it might be neat if
    he went into this antic for a random amount of time, and THEN go into the charge!

  66. Pappenheimer on

    Okey, three feedbacks, three different views. Here is mine:
    Your warthog is cute, while I think a warthog should be a sort of a neighborhood bully. Rise his neck and lower his back…

  67. mangojambo on


    Did he take to much sun or is that a bug? πŸ˜‰

    To solve I’d import all the actions to a new ramiro file. Works!

  68. MatrixNAN on

    Hey Everyone,

    The Turtle is finished the original turtle was dark because of a lack of lights. I have two images here one with the same lights and one with more lights. The lights are doing a strange thing also. The lights from above are lighting the model from below and the lights from below are lighting the model from above. Strange indeed. I use the same specular map for the reflections but I manipulated it with shading nodes.

    Same Lights as Before:
    More Lights:
    Here is Shaderless:

    If need be I can just lighten the whole color texture up. I am not use to texture painting, and I am to doing realism and not cartoon works.

    This is one of my works as an example that took me 1 and half hours.

    Oh on another note where do I upload this work?

    Nate Nesler

  69. MatrixNAN on

    Hey Everyone,

    If that was not bright enough I threw in another node HSV node for the color texture node so that the brightness can be altered of the color map. I brought the lights down to almost the orginal lighting and I pushed the value in the HSV node up to the maximum 2.0 value.

    HSV Value of 2.0. Of course this can be adjusted to any brightness setting you like.

    Nate Nesler

  70. MatrixNAN on

    Hey Everyone,

    I guess My original post did not go through so I am posting it again. I am finished with the Turtle here is the Color, Normal, and Specular Maps. I did the reflection channel by manipulating the specular map with an HSV node before plugging it into the reflection channel. Here are 2 images one with the orginal lighting and one with more lights. The lights are acting strange. The lights below the turtle are lighting the top of the turtle and the lights on top are lighting the bottom of the turtle not to mention the lights on each side of the turtle are lighting the other side of the turtle. So the main problem in the original post was lighting.

    Orginal Lighting:
    More Lights:

    Nate Nesler

  71. MatrixNAN on

    Hey Everyone,

    Sorry I had to break the post into 2 parts.

    To be honest I have not done much texture painting, and I am normally doing realism. Here is an image I did in 1 and half hours as an example.

    Mountain Side:

    I have a question where do I upload this work?

    Nate Nesler

  72. mangojambo on

    Ok… there is more from Ramiro!! I like him. He is funny!

    And (a bad) another view

    See you later!!

  73. venomgfx on

    hey guys, you think it would be useful if I setup an ftp for you to upload the files? or maybe is easier to use a free hosting service? you tell me, thanks you so much for your work!

  74. ton on

    Mangojambo: awesome work!!!

    Everyone: there is an open ftp space on It works like this:

    ftp to:
    user: anonymous
    password: your email address

    When logged in, go to the directory ‘incoming’. What you put there is
    visible here:

    This upload space deletes all old files after a couple of weeks, so don’t use it for permanent storage.

  75. jhoolmans on

    ah great πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the comments you guys! will work on it asap πŸ˜€

    @venomgfx: I like the second concept the most, although the first has more of a bad ass look πŸ™‚ I’ll try the combine it.

  76. squareline on

    :D:D funny character and animations!

  77. jhoolmans on

    Hey guys, update on the warthog. New concept:

    the eyes will be made more evil in 3d πŸ˜› I can’t draw that good..

  78. mangojambo on

    @thanks ton.

    What you guys think about to have a new option render
    blender internal
    and Blender GLSL render!!

    I’d render by Ctrl + click on 3D view render button.

  79. Wallenstein on

    MatrixNAN: awesome Rocks! A light-ragged turtle shell similar to this might be interesting to see, too(although I like the your other polished one,too,of course!)

  80. MeteoricMedal on

    @jhoolmans That hog looks good.

    MatrixNAN- The turtle looks great!

    This has REALLY become an open project!

  81. jhoolmans on

    hehe i thought to give imageshack a try.. oh well, shall stick to my own website :]

    How is this?
    He’s tough! He’s strong! He’s evil! he’s… a WARTHOG RTHOG Hog og g … *echo fades* πŸ˜›

  82. Pappenheimer on

    I hope you don’t mind my feedback.
    The warthog has very much improved IMO. The style of the other animals like Mandy and Ramiro etc. is one of extreme exaggerations of the contrast of very small legs and a big head, big eye-crossed eyes and eyelids with almost(!)no distance between the eyes. The mouth of the warthog could be more exaggerated. The front legs of your last model lack of dynamic, fore and back of them is equal. The back legs have a gap which doesn’t fit. Here a pic for explanation what I meant.
    The legs and the back could be even much shorter than in my pic compared to the other animals.
    Generally spoken:
    The mere shape of the model symbolizes its potentiality of moves. πŸ˜‰

  83. MatrixNAN on

    Hey Everyone,

    I uploaded the files they are in tar.gz zip format. You can unzip these in Windows also and of course Mac OSX since it is Unix anyhow. Great concept art guys very cool. I love the concepts being made. Yeah I am really glad this project is becoming really open. If this keeps up then we might be able to do everything they were intending to do in the first place on the art side.

    I am willing to texture paint the warthog when you guys make it. I think I will do the colors based off of the other characters done by the apricot team so that way it matches up better with their work.

    Great job on all the animations. I think the open crits are great. Constructive crits are nothing but a good thing. Thanks for all the comments. I can’t wait to see the turtle with all the animation on it with the textures. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    Oh here is a really good UV Map that will really help you find problems in UV stretching much better than other UV Map Textures. Make sure the squares are as close to perfectly square as possible in you UV Unwraps. I have seen some stretching.

    Yeah I would love to see GLSL rendering system for making movies too. It would be very cool and fast. Thanks for all of the comments guys. I uploaded the file with the color texture at a brightness of 1.5 instead of 2.0 so its not as bright and I think it is a better match to what they are actually doing in the apricot project.

    Nate Nesler

  84. jhoolmans on

    @Pappenheimer: Hey man, I never mind good critics :D. I almost can’t resist making those adjustments right now but since it’s 00:40am here πŸ˜› I’ll just do it tomorrow. I’ll try to exaggerate some parts just to adjust the style a little. And when I look with a fresh eye πŸ™‚ I might adjust way more. But now it’s getting late πŸ˜›

    @MatrixNAN: Thanks for the UVMap, I’ll check on your uploads tomorrow :)!

  85. mangojambo on

    Before I lost everything here!!! πŸ˜‰

    Needs to do:
    – ram_being_hit
    – ram_death

    – ram_swimming.out (I don’t know if it is needed, so…)
    – ram_idle2MarcSta2 (finishing)

    see you later!

  86. the_last_rookie on

    Here is a pissed off animation i made:

  87. Walter Doubleyoothreecee on

    Why is the web site’s title “Apricot”, but everything on the site itself seems like it’s called “Yo Frankie”? πŸ˜‰

  88. mangojambo on

    Yes, I’m still here!! And animating!! πŸ˜‰

    – swimming and drowing

    – Being hit, stretching and dying

    See you later!!!

  89. jhoolmans on

    Apricot is still the name of the project and Yo Frankie is the name of the game πŸ˜€ I think..

  90. Walter Doubleyoothreecee on

    jhoolmans: OK, it looked to me as if they had forgotten to change the tag πŸ™‚

  91. Walter Doubleyoothreecee on

    Urm, how many bugs does WordPress have?

    I meant to say: “the <title> tag…”

  92. jhoolmans on

    oh haha, ya that’s true :). oh well.

    (has this blog entry died?)

  93. MeteoricMedal on

    I don’t think it has.
    How is your hog coming along?

  94. Francisco Ortiz on

    Hi dudes.

    Some questions:

    1)Can i use 2.46? (That’s because the new GLSL features are crashing my sistem).

    2)Where does i change to 40 fps? Is it at the render window?

    Ramiro’s left eye ball has a geometry glitch. What we should do? Ignore it?

    Thank you!

  95. jhoolmans on

    @Francisco: I dont know if it works with 2.46 (I thought not).
    I’ve noticed the glitch also :/

    And now I’ve uploaded the Warthog model πŸ˜€ I will post it on the forum and over here.
    If you guys still want to edit something about it, just do it and mail it to me + tell me what you changed πŸ™‚

    for texturing, I did quick painting with Blender so no .xcf file is available.


  96. MatrixNAN on

    Hey Jhoolmans,

    Cool great job I love what you did with your turtle too thats why I wanted to paint it because you did such a good job on modeling and animating him. I will texture paint this dude.

    I just finished the python blender api script that I was coding for shape key transfer but there is a bug in the Python Blender API with regards to shape keys only I think. The script works I just don’t know how useful it would be outside of shape keys.

    Nate Nesler

  97. jhoolmans on

    @MatrixNAN: Why thank you :), I’m just trying my best to contribute ^^. Can’t wait to see the first textures coming :P. I think I might have some fun with Gimp as well. But will just use it for practice :P. I don’t really get what u mean with that script but sounds interesting :D. Keep up the good work!

  98. venomgfx on

    hey everybody! comment #100! πŸ™‚

    sorry for leaving this blogpost alone but I went this weekend to Denmark to show Yo Frankie! in a Game Development Campus, they were really excited about this OpenGame idea, so we may see new people hanging around here with characters and animations πŸ˜€

    Now i’m going to prepare a coffee and read through all the comments i missed, today I will try to add Ramiro as many animations as i can.

  99. mangojambo on

    @venomgfx – holla pablo, que tal?
    Is good to see you here again!!
    So, I forgot to post the ramiro file! jeje .. so, I will do later ’cause I am not at home right now …

    And I was working on that:

    See you later …

  100. jhoolmans on

    @mangojambo: haha I love it! can’t wait playing with it :P.

    @venomgfx: welcome back ^^

  101. jhoolmans on

    I couldn’t stop myself. delete this post please xD…

  102. MatrixNAN on

    @jhoolmans Here is the script I was talking about. It works as you can see but not on the actual shape keys because of a bug in the Blender Python API. If anyone knows who I can contact about this that would be great.

    This script saves you from having to copy and paste from point to point between shape keys the X Coordinate, then the Y Coordinate, and then the Z Coordinate for each point.

    Say you need to copy and paste part of a face shape and that part has 150 points. That means you have to copy and paste 450 times between the points not counting if you make a mistake. This takes forever to do.

    My script does this for you in about a minute. Here is a link to it so you can see what I am talking about.

    Shape Key Transfer:

    Nate Nesler

  103. MatrixNAN on

    Hey Everyone,

    I still have a ton more painting to do. I used frankie’s fur texture painting as a reference and man that is some very good texture painting. My color fur is not as good as frankie’s but its descent. I still have a lot left to do on the color. Once I have the color done the other maps go a lot faster and it does not take me long to high res sculpt one of these models like I did for the turtle to create the tangent based normal maps from.

    WartHog Color Only First Stage:

    Here is a Picture Demo of the Shape Key Transfer Tool I created. I am going to be releasing it this week with a video and the file. I have a work around for the problem with the Blender Python API. Basically you just select the points of the shape you want to transfer and click the capture button. Then you select the points on the other model where you want to transfer that shape to and boom it does it.

    Shape Key Transfer Tool:

    Nate Nesler

    Nate Nesler

  104. jhoolmans on

    @MatrixNAN: Hey that’s looking pretty sweet πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work

  105. MatrixNAN on

    Shape Key Transfer Tool Realeased:

    This tool can be used on the Apricot Project if so desired.

    Example picture all the keys that are in caps were generated with the Shape Key Transfer Tool.

    Shape Key Transfer: For artists no additional output to the terminal:…

    Shape Key Transfer Test: Has the output generated for testing purposes for solving the Blender Python API problem…

    Training Videos no sound. I typed text so you can read in the video as you follow along. You can go ahead and download them to see what to do.

    How To Shape Key Transfer Tool:…nsferHowTo.ogg

    How To Work Around For Shape Key Transfer Tool:…WorkAround.ogg

    Nate Nesler

  106. gnome on

    Hey folks!

    I don’t think I’ll have time to work on it anytime soon, so I’ve uploaded the turtle animations.

    I should mention that I’m a total animation noob, so some tweaking might be required. :/
    On a side note, the movement speed for walking without foot slipping (at the current model scale) is approximately 9 units per 100 frames, and for running ~20units per 100 frames.

    Modelling, rigging and hide-in-shell animation by Jeroen Hoolmans, textures by Nate Nesler, other animations by myself.

    Peace out
    – Thomas ‘gnome’ Kiser

  107. Lasphere on

    Wuhuu Denmark Rocks!!! xD (I live there) ^^ Hope to get an update about our animations soon. (:

  108. Matt on

    why does it have to be rated T?
    I have games that are worse then that and r rated E10.
    It would be nice if blender changed thr rating…

    Also when is the relese of the game?