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Jul 20

Animate Ramiro!

icon1 venomgfx | icon2 Media Gallery, Random Fluff | icon4 07 20th, 2008

Ramiro the RamMeet Ramiro the Ram! our new character, actually it is there since a while ago but now is time to put it in game.
He is the male sheep, the Ram protector of all Mandy‘s around, and will not hesitate in hitting if you get too close to them!

This week we got the sheep game (catching, throwing, animations, etc) working at a level we can move on to other games, like the piranha, rat, buck, turtle? and its logic.
But still there is a lot of things to do/tweak in our levels/hud/effects and here is where we can use your help, we have this character, the Ram, but no animations still, there are scheduled for the next week (not the one that starts tomorrow monday), so we thought that with the nice response we had with the “Animate Frankie!” post, we could try this again and let people contribute with their own animations so when the next week starts we have some already there, for tweaking/integrating and some nice extra time to work on the levels or make even more animations, we can always re-schedule 🙂

What are we looking for?, this character doesn’t have any animations yet, so we can use any kind, but most needed are:

  • WalkCycle
  • RunCycle
  • Idle animations
  • Hit / being hit (by a nut)
  • Being kicked
  • Death animation
  • Drowning
  • Charging to hit with the horns, pissed off animations, everything you think will fit to this character.

Grab the .blend file here. (Packed, ~1.2Mb). Animating at 40 frames per second (like Frankie’s) will work.
Nothing really fancy on it so should work with recent builds of Apricot, that you can find at GraphicAll, thanks to our build monkeys, also the Apricot branch (linux) have an special place in the “Automated Builds” section, under “Current Hot Branches”.

* You don’t have to leave your .blend file always, you can use Vimeo (good)/YouTube (bad) to upload the OpenGL videos (?) there, and we can ask for the .blend file later (you may want to do some tweaking before release or so).

As a side note, if you’re not an animator and would like to contribute with any other stuff (modeling, texturing, etc). Check the “Contribute your own stuff!” thread we created at forums and leave your questions/thoughts there.

That’s all! looking forward to what you blenderheads do with this character, hope you like it!
(Feliz Día del Amigo!)

There is an open ftp space on It works like this:
ftp to:
user: anonymous
password: your email address

When logged in, go to the directory ‘incoming’. What you put there is visible here:
This upload space deletes all old files after a couple of weeks, so don’t use it for permanent storage.

108 Responses

  1. jhoolmans on

    I couldn’t stop myself. delete this post please xD…

  2. MatrixNAN on

    @jhoolmans Here is the script I was talking about. It works as you can see but not on the actual shape keys because of a bug in the Blender Python API. If anyone knows who I can contact about this that would be great.

    This script saves you from having to copy and paste from point to point between shape keys the X Coordinate, then the Y Coordinate, and then the Z Coordinate for each point.

    Say you need to copy and paste part of a face shape and that part has 150 points. That means you have to copy and paste 450 times between the points not counting if you make a mistake. This takes forever to do.

    My script does this for you in about a minute. Here is a link to it so you can see what I am talking about.

    Shape Key Transfer:

    Nate Nesler

  3. MatrixNAN on

    Hey Everyone,

    I still have a ton more painting to do. I used frankie’s fur texture painting as a reference and man that is some very good texture painting. My color fur is not as good as frankie’s but its descent. I still have a lot left to do on the color. Once I have the color done the other maps go a lot faster and it does not take me long to high res sculpt one of these models like I did for the turtle to create the tangent based normal maps from.

    WartHog Color Only First Stage:

    Here is a Picture Demo of the Shape Key Transfer Tool I created. I am going to be releasing it this week with a video and the file. I have a work around for the problem with the Blender Python API. Basically you just select the points of the shape you want to transfer and click the capture button. Then you select the points on the other model where you want to transfer that shape to and boom it does it.

    Shape Key Transfer Tool:

    Nate Nesler

    Nate Nesler

  4. jhoolmans on

    @MatrixNAN: Hey that’s looking pretty sweet 😀 Keep up the good work

  5. MatrixNAN on

    Shape Key Transfer Tool Realeased:

    This tool can be used on the Apricot Project if so desired.

    Example picture all the keys that are in caps were generated with the Shape Key Transfer Tool.

    Shape Key Transfer: For artists no additional output to the terminal:…

    Shape Key Transfer Test: Has the output generated for testing purposes for solving the Blender Python API problem…

    Training Videos no sound. I typed text so you can read in the video as you follow along. You can go ahead and download them to see what to do.

    How To Shape Key Transfer Tool:…nsferHowTo.ogg

    How To Work Around For Shape Key Transfer Tool:…WorkAround.ogg

    Nate Nesler

  6. gnome on

    Hey folks!

    I don’t think I’ll have time to work on it anytime soon, so I’ve uploaded the turtle animations.

    I should mention that I’m a total animation noob, so some tweaking might be required. :/
    On a side note, the movement speed for walking without foot slipping (at the current model scale) is approximately 9 units per 100 frames, and for running ~20units per 100 frames.

    Modelling, rigging and hide-in-shell animation by Jeroen Hoolmans, textures by Nate Nesler, other animations by myself.

    Peace out
    – Thomas ‘gnome’ Kiser

  7. Lasphere on

    Wuhuu Denmark Rocks!!! xD (I live there) ^^ Hope to get an update about our animations soon. (:

  8. Matt on

    why does it have to be rated T?
    I have games that are worse then that and r rated E10.
    It would be nice if blender changed thr rating…

    Also when is the relese of the game?