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Feb 5

3..2..1.. Launch !

icon1 darek | icon2 Blender Institute, Blogroll, Development, Production | icon4 02 5th, 2008

We started already ! We have two-days workshop about project managing, we checking our personalities, have team exercises and dominating each other to get the best position in the team and biggest salary 😉
belbin’s teamroleslego task

The workshop was lead by Wouter Baars ( You can download here a presentation we had. A presentation about project management and other boring issues that will make the game or brake the game.

13 Responses

  1. Ivan Tikhonov on

    so.. what will you make?

  2. margreet on

    @ivan probably by the beginning of next week that will be clear.

  3. oblenob on

    what is the lego for?

  4. margreet on

    It was just a fun game we played. We were divided in three groups. Observers, concept makers and implementers. So the implementers were given assignments and in the end the two figures needed to be the same. And see here the result, the implementers succeeded 🙂

  5. MArco on

    WOW.. very interesting..

    tell me more about how you undestand who do what ?

  6. wouter on


    Maybe if you put up the powerpoints of the workshop, that will give some more info and some links to books and websites that explain a lot of what we did on projectmanagement.

  7. Vincent on

    Ah, so that’s what you’ve been doing these two days ? Playing games ? XD
    A good start, I guess 🙂

  8. Francisco Ortiz on

    Hey i like this names. Specially “Driver”, “Monitor Evaluator” and “Implementor”. Looks like evil names to me. Is this game going to be like GTA style? Implementor! go and kill them all!

  9. wouter on

    “Hey i like this names. Specially “Driver”, “Monitor Evaluator” and “Implementor”. Looks like evil names to me. Is this game going to be like GTA style? Implementor! go and kill them all!”

    haha, no not really, these names are invented by Dr. Belbin. She saw that within groups people have diffrent roles. These roles are “driver”, “monitor” etc. We did a test to see if the team of apricot is more or less in balance, as you need all of these roles in a team (more or less).

  10. Clint on

    That’s great that you played the block-building game — we recently had our youth play this game, and it was a pretty fun team-building exercise. As we played it, the concept makers build a model, but cannot say anything. The observers then look at the original model and have to verbally describe the model to be re-created by the implementors. The observers and implementors can dialog back and forth, but the observer isn’t allowed to look at the implementor’s new model to critique it — it has to be verbal communication only. The goal is to get the original model and the new model to look exactly the same. It’s a nice exercise for building team dynamics, and I think it’s really cool that you guys played it for the team. 🙂

  11. Antonio from Mexico on

    lol, so you guys are playing games while we’re waiting for you to come out with a new game XD… interesting… jk, keep the good work guys.

  12. blengine on

    Antonio, that’s actually a leaked spoiler shot of our lego level design = Now we have to start over from scratch…

  13. ArekBal on

    Mhihi. I wonder what salaries for this project are.