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Sep 2

YoFrankie (CSE) – Linux packages for testing

icon1 res | icon2 Crystal Space, DVD Content, Media Gallery | icon4 09 2nd, 2008

You can now test the Linux (well, for Intel machines) packages for the “CrystalSpace Edition” of YoFrankie. There are basically two ways to obtain it:

  • Automatic downloading: go to and follow the instructions on screen. This will download all required packages etc. onto your system and has the added advantage that the program can be kept up-to-date automatically as well – i.e. when a change is made, either to the game or CrystalSpace, the changed component is downloaded automatically (and only that) and used. (Note x86_64 users: you need a very recent version of 0install, 0.35 or newer, to run the package. That means you may have to install that manually on some distros.)
  • One big package: download, set it to executable and run it. This is also the file that will go onto the DVD.

These packages were made using 0install which is really pleasant to work with. Also, check out their web page if you want to know what it does to your system (in short: nothing, it won’t mess with your installed software) or anything else.

Update, 2008-09-03: I added a 0install feed that runs YoFrankie without shadows: (this supercedes the tweak posted earlier in this space). Also, watch this space, more updates to the packages will follow. (No big package for now … a new one will be made later. Right now I don’t want to upload 100MB or so every time something small is changed, bear with me.)

Update, 2008-09-03, #2: was updated to use a newer (faster) build of the engine which also includes the Ogg Vorbis libraries some people found missing.

Update, 2008-09-10: Another engine update with a few fixes. Also, some additional “quality levels” are available: – “low quality” without reflections, – “very low quality” with only per vertex lighting. On the other end of the scale, adds some bloom and HDR.

Small note: if you use 0launch on the command line use the ‘-r’parameter to make sure you see the latest version. If you use the GUI, use “Manage Programs” and the “Update or change version” button to select the latest version. Just so you don’t end up with an older version while thinking you use the latest.

137 Responses

  1. vknecht on

    @Meneer R:

    Links to the tarballs are shown in the 0install XML feeds, which you can just browse. See comment #93.
    For source code, check out CS & CEL, there’s even some debian package related stuff in CS/scripts/deb/.
    For key bindings, see comment #62.
    So far, the call to distro-specific packagers (see “Packagers needed !” post from May 19th and “Apricot packagers – status?” thread on CS-devel mailing list) has yielded no result that I know of, and I certainly don’t remember you offering help about that…
    Please consider that it’s a testing package, that *your* post is a tad bit insulting.

    Btw, people using the normal (not MQ, not .sh script) 0install package with 0launch should update using 0destkop URL-to-YoFrankie-feed.xml,
    the sound problem (screeching/strange sound) should be fixed in there (celstart-runtime version 1.9.31068.3680).
    Note the shadow is broken tho, should be fixed later this week.

    Thanks for your support…

  2. konsumer on

    I couldn’t get it to run fast enough on an Ubuntu 8.04 system with a GeForce 7025 to be playable. I tried both 0install feeds. The second one was a little more playable, but still very slow.

    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+
    2.5 GHz
    4 GB ram

  3. Thomas Leonard on

    To answer a few questions on Zero Install here:

    1) On non-x86 compatible systems 0launch shouldn’t be downloading anything, because there are no binaries for other platforms listed in the feed. If it does, please report it!

    2) If a was added to the Python feed then it wouldn’t need to download that on supported platforms (Debian, Red Hat, etc) which already have Python. However, Python binary compatibility with C extension modules is very poor due to UCS2/UCS4 issues, so maybe that’s the reason it isn’t listed.

    3) The big tarball thing is a bit experimental. Feedback welcome:
    It unpacks the whole archive to your temporary directory (probably /tmp) by default. If you use a small tmpfs partition, this might cause high memory use. Future versions should offer the choice of running in-place or adding a menu entry. It should start faster if you run it with the ‘0launch’ command though, because the big tarball unpacks itself first every time you run it.

    YoFrankie is one of the first really big programs using this method, but it gives us some motivation to add resumable downloads, deltas for updates, etc.

  4. scummos on

    Hi, when trying to launch the game i just get an error message:

    [sven@noname ~]$ 0launch
    /home/sven/.cache/ line 22: 32572 Gleitkomma-Ausnahme $DIRNAME/celstart $*

    Using pclinuxos2007 i386 on an intel c2d e6420 processor
    graphics card nvidia 7600gt, 3d driver is installed

    what to do? 🙂

  5. res on

    @Flo: artwork issue. This are supposed to be shadowy, but the objects such as the shrooms don’t have baked shadows. I recall having asked for that more than once; perhaps let Campbell explain the various technical and other reasons why that was never realized.

  6. scummos on

    @juan: same problem here.
    [sven@noname Downloads]$ sh
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 24, in ?
    ImportError: No module named install

    What to do? :p

  7. Tomas on

    I’m trying this on Fedora 8 and get the following:
    Start realpath=’/home/username/.cache/
    c113e93f0eb3ae7427//YoFrankie.celzip’ path=’/tmp/celstart’ configname=’/tmp/celstart/celstart.cfg’
    PYTHONPATH: /home/username/.cache/
    DEBUG: Initializing OpenAL sound system
    DEBUG: Retrieving available devices.
    DEBUG: Available OpenAL device: ALSA Software on default
    DEBUG: Available OpenAL device: ALSA Software on Intel ICH5
    DEBUG: Available OpenAL device: OSS Software
    DEBUG: Available OpenAL device: Wave File Writer
    DEBUG: Default OpenAL device: ALSA Software on default
    WARNING: Unable to open device 0
    DEBUG: Falling back on default device
    celstart: pcm_params.c:2333: sndrv_pcm_hw_params: Assertion `err >= 0′ failed.
    71fc4cd4654b7d72//celstart_wrapper: line 22: 4716 Aborted $DIRNAME/celstart $*

    Any ideas? Seems it’s failing on trying to open an audio device? (my audio works fine for everything else)


    Running on:
    Fedora 8 x86 – fully updated/patched
    GeForce 6800 XT 256MB with NVidia drivers
    Intel P4 3Ghz
    1GB RAM

  8. Thomas Leonard on

    re: “No module named install”

    Do you have the complete .sh file (what size is it?). If it is truncated then maybe that would explain the error.

  9. noihui on

    Nope – 0installer doesn’t work and sh (117,5Mb) too. Sh run file after double click do 100% cpu usage and after some minutes is over – no game no start. Ubuntu 8.04 (gnome @ ati card)… 🙁

    Sry4myEnglish 🙂

  10. scummos on

    No, i downloaded it again, same error.
    Size is 123179121 bytes.
    Is there an md5 sum?

  11. waby38 on

    Second try with “0install” on Dual Xeon @2Ghz / nVidia Corporation NV44 [Quadro NVS 285] – drv version 173.14.12
    on Fedora 8. Installation without any problem, but even with “very low quality” entry, I don’t have more than few fps (~5)
    Is there any tools to measure / display real FPS ?
    Which configuration is “required” for good rendering ? (~20-30 fps ?)

  12. vknecht on

    To display the FPS counter, create a $HOME/.crystalspace/Apricot.cfg file, and put that line in it:
    System.Plugins.iBugPlug = crystalspace.utilities.bugplug
    One can also change the window size by adding lines like these:
    Video.ScreenWidth = 640
    Video.ScreenHeight = 480

  13. lohborn on

    where did the windows/ updated linux builds go. I swear they were here in a new update a couple of hours ago

  14. ton on

    Lohborn: I’ve enthusiastically approved a post here about it, but unfortunately the results are not good enough for public testing yet.

  15. Höhrer on

    Hm, the latest version (1.9.31101.3701 + 20080910.1) seems to start now … I can finally walk/jump around but the only thing I can see is the water and the sky … no other objects visible 😀


  16. Höhrer on

    Actually the LQ.xml and VLQ.xml link seemed to work (although some parts of the game are extremely dark – if I increase the gamma of my graphics card it looks slightly better.).

    The previous comment of mine was about the original YoFrankie.xml file.
    The VHQ link gives me strange artifacts on the screen and I get only sky&water there as well.

    Another thing I’ve seen in the sky&water-only version: The environment is actually reflected in the water (dunno if that’s an image or the actual models)


  17. Lejoni on

    YAY Got it working:
    Had to take the 0.36 package for Debian insted of Ubuntus older version of 0install.

    Runs quite good, not optimal preformance, estimate it to run about 15FPS for me.
    Ubuntu 8.04 64/32bit multilib
    AMD 64 Dual core
    2GB Ram
    Nvidia Geforce 8600 Scilent 512MB PCIe

    Its not entirely stable though, easy to get stuck, and sometimes it just goes black. In both cases only solution I know is to restart.

    What bothers me most is the controlls.
    Would be nice to have a easy way to remap them.
    I find the jump (space)
    the arrowkeys but would then like to be able to controll the camera with WASD insted of Del End and such.
    Iv tested all other keys and dont find any other keys to do anything.

    So how do you do the “dubble jump” wher you glide? (dubble tapping the jump button would be the most obvious but dosent work)
    He dosent grabon to edges and climbup like in the video.
    Can not find the taleswing attack key.

    Other than that, it looks very good so fare. 🙂

  18. bebraw on

    I installed the new VLQ version (0install -r link_to_version). It kills my X after “initializing Frankie” and returns to the login screen.

    I tested it on Ubuntu (Hardy). System specs: PM 1.6, 2GB, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700.

  19. venomgfx on

    @ Lejoni: the Crystal Space version of Yo Frankie! doesn’t have doublejump -> glide, it was a decision of the CS game designer (Dariusz) to make Frankie able to glide only from high places, also there is no double jump nor tailwhip (taleswing).

  20. nafergo on

    Don’t know if this is useful but…

    Processor 2x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7300 @ 2.00GHz
    Memory 2075MB (994MB used)
    Operating System Ubuntu 8.04.1
    OpenGL Renderer GeForce 8600M GS/PCI/SSE2
    Version 2.1.2 NVIDIA 169.12

    I installed 0launch
    runned YoFrankie.xml and YoFrankie-VHQ.xml
    and took some screenshots 🙂 all went well
    It’s a petty we don’t have a menu, a way to adjust brightness, sound, more maps and etc
    couldn’t figure it out what to do (can we do anything in this test?)… runned and jumped/flyed around looking sadly at the sheeps (they are waiting there for me to throw them 😀
    map – some collisions/areas seem a little buggy, it’s not difficult to get stuck although you can always unstuck (just wait some seconds while character turns around)
    controls – could use different set of keys for camera and movements… or mouse for camera, for look around
    shadows and jump are awesome!
    it will be possible to add new content created by users (mod)? (maps, new models, textures, etc?)
    and multiplayer? I have a couple of friends to whom I would like to throw some sheeps 😀

  21. nafergo on

    a little more…

    tried VHQ version with 800×600,
    found the Delete, End, PgUP and PgDwn for camera controls. Where’s the “rocket – machinegun – fire – punch – hit – kick” key? the sheeps are asking for it….

    – sometimes, I get stuck with hands in the air… tried to run around and jump like a madman (in a “I’m the king of the map” way) and game started to choke and then got stuck with “wings” opened.
    – a little dark, some terrain is almost black (in the beginning) but I like the colours, liked the sun lightning and shadows but maybe a little more bright environment… we need to see the obstacles 🙂
    – sheeps can go through each other. I can go through sheeps (lets hope the bullets have a special physics so that I can blast them away eh eh eh).
    – If I’m near an obstacle (a rock or small hill) and keep running it to it, part of the model enters the rock… it’s not rock solid…
    – sheeps seem to run away from me (don’t blame them… they know my intentions) but in a “confused”, disoriented way. they bump into obstacles.
    – water effects seem very good! also liked the the soft “wings” when jumping, can almost feel the wind, and the textures (mushrooms and rocks look very good) 🙂
    – inside the piraña lake, when you’re underwater by moving the camera controls, the water disappears and you can see red pirañas with black eyes flying…
    – when the pirañas bump into you (they seem only slightly attracted to me… they’re not very hungry I suppose), you jump (they have teeth but dont use them 😀 they use a “bull” strategy

    oh and my favorite spot is the lake with the red pirañas 🙂 outside the lake, the fishes look like Little Nemo Red Cousin but underwater… you find out that they’re jurassic pirañas with T-Rex teeths

    I like the environment there, waters, colours, etc.
    tried 1280×800 and textures look great!!!!! but isn’t playable…
    also tried 1280×720

    will test fps later but to see the textures quality you must try these resolutions 🙂
    when can we try/visit more maps????? looking forward to play!!!!!!

  22. bebraw on

    I finally got it work. I updated my OS to Mint Linux 5.0, installed proprietary drivers for my ATI GPU and installed the VLQ version of the game. I get around frame per second so it’s not quite playable yet. Much better than before though!

    System specs: PM 1.6, 2GB, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700.

  23. venomgfx on

    @ nafergo: there is no sheep picking-up-and-throwing, no tailwhip attack and no kick either, in the Crystal Space version.

    You might saw this actions in the video on the blogpost before this one, that is not the Crystal Space engine, is Blender Game Engine.

  24. Xordan on

    CS does have sweet shadows though 😛 (divx)

  25. res on

    I just noticed I messed up the game data. I made a local change for testing, forgot about it and ended up uploading it with the data to the server. More than once. Anyhow, new data is now available.

  26. Alex/MistaED on

    Hi all, I am the guy making the Mac OSX builds for the YoFrankie Crystalspace edition, and I need some people to test it out for me. Currently I have a build somewhat working now with python 2.5 inside of the pack and all other libs that are needed to run the game, and it was built on a Leopard 10.5.2 intel machine with an 8600GT video card.

    However I have 2 problems with this build so far, the .app system of drag&drop&run is almost complete but at the moment the game must be started from the terminal because clicking on it does nothing. The second problem and I’m hoping it is just related to my machine, is that the crystalspace.glcg plugin fails to compile any shaders so the game is not really playable, all I seem to get is the HUD (perhaps the lower quality mode will work, I’ll test this out right now).

    The other problem was with python but I have since resolved that one by packaging up 2.5.2 with the release instead of relying on leopard’s built-in one, should work well.

    Anyway keep coming back here to refresh, as once I solve the .app issue I will upload it for people to start testing! 😀

  27. Tschaka on

    the build with shadows runs at very low fps.
    so i installed the build w/o shadows through 0launch and it runs quite well, just a bit sluggish now and then.
    and it’s a bit dark.

    ubuntu 8.04
    amd 4200+ x2
    7600gs with drivers included in ubuntu

    want more levels 😀

    screenshot at,78468800/Bildschirmfoto-8.png/

  28. Alex/MistaED on

    Ok guys and gals it is in a very raw form for the Mac OSX build but it should work for people if they follow my instructions carefully, also this will probably only work on intel macs, sorry powerpc people!

    Download and extract it, then there should be a sexy which has a nice icon and everything, if you click it, it will not work, yay! Next step is to have a YoFrankie.celzip handy (exact spelling and case!) and then right-click on the and go “show package contents”, once in there go Contents/MacOS/ and paste this said .celzip inside.

    Ok, now try running it by clicking the icon again, see if it does anything. If not, please open up a terminal and go cd, then go ./celstart_wrapper and tell me what it says 🙂 If it asks for missing libs, go into the lib directory inside the pack and rename the asking libs to exactly what celstart wants, then rinse and repeat for any others it asks until it works. Please tell me which ones you renamed and what you renamed them to so I can fix this package!

    Ok if you’re this far then it shouldn’t be too much harder to deal with 🙂 Please tell me if you get something like glcg complaining with no visuals other than the HUD, or if you have no input on the keyboard. These two issues are apparent on my mac but I got around it by hacking the celstart.cfg file and setting the control keys manually and setting the rendermanager to rlcompat (but it looks really bad).

    GOOD LUCK! 😀

  29. Alex/MistaED on

    Please click this link instead:

    Sorry for the typo.

  30. yoff on

    @Alex/MistaED: I downloaded the file linked in post 138. I then downloaded the YoFrankie.celzip from post 48. This initially just created a folder because it was automatically extracted, but using “Download as” solved that. the .celzip was copied to theContents/MacOS/ folder. Still clicken the icon did not work, so i ran celstart_wrapper and got this output:

    hst138-37-91-97:MacOS rusmus$ ./celstart_wrapper
    dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libpng12.0.dylib
    Referenced from: /Users/rusmus/Downloads/
    Reason: image not found
    ./celstart_wrapper: line 12: 11962 Trace/BPT trap ./celstart YoFrankie.celzip

    (so far everything is happening in my Downloads directory)
    At this point I am asked to rename files…I am not entirely sure how this should be done. I found libpng12.0.dylib in the lib directory. I then created a directory /opt/local/lib and copied all the dylib files into that. I then got this:

    hst138-37-91-97:MacOS rusmus$ ./celstart_wrapper
    dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Library/Frameworks/Cg.framework/Cg
    Referenced from: /Users/rusmus/Downloads/
    Reason: image not found
    ./celstart_wrapper: line 12: 11996 Trace/BPT trap ./celstart YoFrankie.celzip

    I have no idea what @executable_path should be. It seems that some installation step that puts a lot of files in secret places is missing…could you elaborate on the renaming step? Cheers

  31. Alex/MistaED on

    Thank you very much yoff for your input, the Cg stuff makes sense now in terms of how libraries and frameworks differ, if you go into the lib directory, move the Cg binary out, and make 3 directories from Contents, Library/Frameworks/Cg.framework/, then move that Cg file in, see if that fixes that issue.

    As for libpng and friends, try just moving them into the MacOS directory instead of /opt/local/lib, I want everything contained into the .app without any external changes to the system.

  32. res on

    A Mac OS/X package is now available for testing:

  33. bbkr on

    Got it running using 0install on OpenSuse 11.0 (had to install lzma library also) on NVidia 8800 and Python 2.5.2.

    Now the question is: how to enter menu in this game? Esc is not working. I need to switch fullscreen and change camera style so that game becomes playable.

  34. xorl on

    I also get “Failed to run xdg-desktop-menu (error code 1)”. In the terminal, it says:
    xdg-desktop-menu: filename ‘(crystalspace’ does not have a proper vendor prefix
    A vendor prefix consists of alpha characters ([a-zA-Z]) and is terminated
    with a dash (“-“). An example filename is ‘example-(crystalspace’
    Use –novendor to override or ‘xdg-desktop-menu –manual’ for additional info.

    I’m using Ubuntu 8.10.

  35. Rizzen on

    I just have Segmentation fault when i try to start the game.
    An idea ?
    I’ve ubuntu 8.04 32bits

  36. JAck71 on

    CAn it work on fedora 10? HU HHU CAN it?

  37. shayne on

    Hmm. Yeah. Not getting a lot of joy on OS/X

    Modified the celstart_wrapper to look like this

    DIRNAME=`dirname “$0″`
    echo $DIRNAME
    export CEL=$DIRNAME
    export PYTHONHOME=$DIRNAME/python
    echo $PATH
    $DIRNAME/celstart $DIRNAME/YoFrankie.celzip

    with this output..

    dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libvorbisfile.3.dylib
    Referenced from: /Applications/
    Reason: image not found
    ./celstart_wrapper: line 14: 88040 Trace/BPT trap $DIRNAME/celstart $DIRNAME/YoFrankie.celzip

    libvorbisfile.3.dylib is definately on the LD_PATH , and for good measure the PATH too, but its not so happy. 🙁