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Sep 14

Yo Frankie! BGE Technical Demo Online!

icon1 venomgfx | icon2 Crystal Space, DVD Content, Media Gallery, Production | icon4 09 14th, 2008

Yo Frankie! Demo 1

Time for an update from the Blender Game Engine team! and guess what.. we’ve got something you can play!

Being this the first Blender Game Engine demo we publish, it will only focus on the technical side, so don’t expect big gameplay experience, in this demo we provide a small level with a few platforms and some characters running around, so you can test if the blenderplayer runs on your computer and we can have nice feedback from that.

Please check the yo_readme!.txt file, it will guide you through the controller keys, and how to setup Blender for running without some gfx features for older computers. (even a spanish version! : )

You can get Yo Frankie! Demo #1 right below, basically there is a version with and without GLSL, while GLSL gives you nice shaders, real time shadows and other features.. it can be very expensive, so if the game runs any slow in your computer, you should check the version without GLSL).

Update #2

YoFrankie! Demo 1.2!!
Updated the Source files, Linux, Windows and OSX binaries!

Release logs 🙂
– Press F1 for help!
– Fixed major slowdowns in game.
– Plenty of fixes in the GLSL side and some warnings in game.
– Updated Bullet Physics System.
– [Linux] built-in (static) libraries!: OpenAL, FreeALUT, libGCC, and Python.

Remember you can always use the source files with a recent Blender build!

Update #1

Updated the Linux version to use static python (so it doesn’t depends on the one installed in the computer), also doesn’t use gettext, exr, and some others.
Tagged it as 1.1 so you can keep track of which version you’re playing.




At the right is an image you can see how the game should look with and without GLSL.

Note: If the binaries doesn’t run, you can always open the ‘.gamedata.blend’ in a very recent Blender build (trunk, not the apricot branch, built today or yesterday) and run it (the readme file is also embedded in the Text editor, so you can read it in Blender).
This is how Yo Frankie! should look.

We want to make sure you all can play the game before we give more features away, once this demo is successful and we know it plays well in most computers, we plan to release a new demo with more gameplay and features.

We hope you enjoy it!, leave any technical problem right below, gameplay suggestions are also welcome but this time we are focusing mostly on having YoFrankie! running 🙂

305 Responses

  1. nikau on

    Ran ok on my system.. Pretty cool demo. It looks so awesome! I totally love the squirrel character, he has that bad ass “Ice Age” rat attitude..

    My system:
    AMD athlon XP 2500+, 1gig of RAM, Radeon HD2600Pro (512mb RAM, catalyst 8.10)
    Kubuntu 8.04 (kernel:

  2. Equilibrix on

    Runs smoothly on my laptop Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz, 2GB RAM, GeForce 8600 GT!
    However no sound is present. Everything else works great!

  3. youBRAIN on

    entering “level 1 home” in final game (downloaded from this site) results in a frozen screen, after a few seconds the game exits with a segfault. last output before that is

    read library: lib //momo_actions.blend
    read library: lib //..\props\pickups.blend
    unable to initialize image(0) in MAashes, image will not be available
    segmentation fault

    i use linux with ATI’s proprietary fglrx driver.

  4. beurkblob on

    Config :
    Mac Pro Intel Xeon 4 x 3Ghz – OSX 10.4.11 Ram 16Gb
    Apple HD Display 30′ – NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 x 2

    Package : 1.2 Glsl OSX 10.4 Intel
    Works fine with Python 2.6.4 and both gameplayers 2.47 & 2.49b (2.49b is really good because you get a resizable window).
    You have to make an alias of the “game.blend” from the package.
    Shades and details (lava splashes) are great. Rather smoothe but it’s not very easy with the keyboard.
    Rather quick too but goes sometimes like step to step. The run mode does NOT work.
    If you go too quickly with the arrow keys, it freezes and quit !
    The mouse would be much much better ! Instead of the “M” and “N” (not handy at all) you should have chosen the Command or Alt or Ctrl keys.
    The sound works fine too.

    Impossible to launch the previous packages : yofrankie_1_1b_bge and yofrankie_1_1b_rev24
    The startup screen with the menu is truncated at the top and the bottom.
    So is the screen game. The game does NOT launch – it freezes at the first image, with the bottom half of the screen in grey with large distortions.

    Thank you to all the team to provide us with that funny game.
    Go on men, whe’re waiting desperately !

  5. leebojammin on

    I can’t run game very well here in windows 7 64bit, as trying to turn camera is agonizingly slow, and how does one change resolution in game , or is there a way ?

    thx anyone