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Sep 14

Yo Frankie! BGE Technical Demo Online!

icon1 venomgfx | icon2 Crystal Space, DVD Content, Media Gallery, Production | icon4 09 14th, 2008

Yo Frankie! Demo 1

Time for an update from the Blender Game Engine team! and guess what.. we’ve got something you can play!

Being this the first Blender Game Engine demo we publish, it will only focus on the technical side, so don’t expect big gameplay experience, in this demo we provide a small level with a few platforms and some characters running around, so you can test if the blenderplayer runs on your computer and we can have nice feedback from that.

Please check the yo_readme!.txt file, it will guide you through the controller keys, and how to setup Blender for running without some gfx features for older computers. (even a spanish version! : )

You can get Yo Frankie! Demo #1 right below, basically there is a version with and without GLSL, while GLSL gives you nice shaders, real time shadows and other features.. it can be very expensive, so if the game runs any slow in your computer, you should check the version without GLSL).

Update #2

YoFrankie! Demo 1.2!!
Updated the Source files, Linux, Windows and OSX binaries!

Release logs 🙂
– Press F1 for help!
– Fixed major slowdowns in game.
– Plenty of fixes in the GLSL side and some warnings in game.
– Updated Bullet Physics System.
– [Linux] built-in (static) libraries!: OpenAL, FreeALUT, libGCC, and Python.

Remember you can always use the source files with a recent Blender build!

Update #1

Updated the Linux version to use static python (so it doesn’t depends on the one installed in the computer), also doesn’t use gettext, exr, and some others.
Tagged it as 1.1 so you can keep track of which version you’re playing.




At the right is an image you can see how the game should look with and without GLSL.

Note: If the binaries doesn’t run, you can always open the ‘.gamedata.blend’ in a very recent Blender build (trunk, not the apricot branch, built today or yesterday) and run it (the readme file is also embedded in the Text editor, so you can read it in Blender).
This is how Yo Frankie! should look.

We want to make sure you all can play the game before we give more features away, once this demo is successful and we know it plays well in most computers, we plan to release a new demo with more gameplay and features.

We hope you enjoy it!, leave any technical problem right below, gameplay suggestions are also welcome but this time we are focusing mostly on having YoFrankie! running 🙂

305 Responses

  1. Lynx on

    64bit GLSL version is working fine here on Ubuntu 8.04 AMD64
    Hardware: Core2Duo E6600/GeForce 7600GT

  2. eric on

    Like comment #1, it (GLSL version) works fine in fullscreen on Ubuntu Hardy 64 bits with GeForce 8800GT. Graphics are excellent !!

    Why no GLSL on OSX ?

  3. Pekuja on

    Trying to run the 32bit GLSL version on Kubuntu 8.04. Apparently it depends on a very specific version of gettext. It’s trying to load and I have

  4. venomgfx on

    @ eric: hey! we couldn’t find someone to make one for us yet, you can grab the sources and a very recent (today’s) version of Blender, and play it there, look the readme file please.

    @ Pekuja: I’m fixing that in this moment, will be re-uploading in a few minutes. Thanks for pointing that out, and sorry for the inconveniences.

  5. deasil on

    Using Ubuntu 8.04 operating system. Testing Linux 32-bit, both GLSL and non-GLSL.

    When using the standalone binary (yo_frankie), the game does not run. I get this error:
    “error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”
    I do not get this error when using the .gamedata.blend file.
    I have the gettext package already installed from the official Ubuntu repository, and if I create symbolic links in /usr/lib (sudo ln -s
    ) I can run the standalone binary. Obviously this is just a workaround and not an optimal solution.

    As for playing the actual game, none of the keyboard commands work; I cannot control the squirrel character at all. This problem happens for both .gamedata.blend data file and for the yo_frankie standalone binary.

  6. deasil on

    Whoops, as soon as I posted I saw that you’re already fixing the gettext problem. Nevermind.

    Hope the next build fixes the keyboard controls.

  7. venomgfx on

    @ deasil: are you sure you’re using a “very” recent version of Blender?, built today, or yesterday.

  8. ton on

    OSX note for testers:
    – Intel version is without sound, we cannot get OpenAL for intel macs to work yet…
    – Glsl version will be available tomorrow

  9. musicaljelly on

    On Ubuntu Hardy 64-bit, AMD 64×4, ATI 4870, everything worked great. Smooth framerate, no graphical glitches, all controls, no character clipping (a tiny bit of camera clipping, but you get that in all games). The only thing I noticed was that the screen flickered about once every second, but that’s probably a problem on my end or something.

    It looks like the BGE version is a lot better from a compatibility point of view. None of the CS versions have worked for me yet.

    Happy Apricotting!

  10. Pekuja on

    After installing an old gettext package from Ubuntu 7.10, I got the non-GLSL version working. I also tried just copying the newer version of gettext to the old filename, and that also worked, so you probably shouldn’t be depending on such a specific version. Anyways, to a different technical problem, the GLSL version doesn’t work for me. Now, I’d say it’s highly likely that I just don’t have my drivers or whatever set up properly for GLSL. I’ll dig into it a little and let you know if it’s my fault, but here’s the output from running the GLSL demo anyways:

  11. Pappenheimer on

    Surprise, surprise! Wow! 😀 Didn’t expect that! Both windows versions run fine! Smooth, most of the time! (AtiX300, Intel3.0GHz, 1024MbRAM) While the GLSL version doesn’t show up in the right way: Frankie plain white, the rocks are vertex shaded but without texture etc. – the common issues of my videocard – why do the shaders from CS show up correctly on the very same system? Is GLSL such a special thing, different to ‘other’ shaders? That’s a pity, because I like those simple effects like the ramps!

  12. Musicaljelly on

    Windows version works perfectly as well (same rig, Vista 32-bit). No flickering this time, but some very minor framerate drops, which only lasted for a second and occurred only a couple of times (maybe because my Vista OS is 32-bit, but my Ubuntu OS is 64-bit).

    Happy Apricotting!

  13. venomgfx on

    awesome! I’m so glad you can all at least play the game, it’s 2AM here and I’m making new binaries with no gettext, static python (so it doesnt depends on the installed one) and took away some other libs we dont use, so those lib problems will be hopefully solved! 😀

  14. yoff on

    Works fine here on a MacBook. No sound as you know, but nice graphics, smooth movements…good job!

  15. Jacco on

    Hi guys, great having somthing to play atlast!
    would be even more great if the.., whatever that is called in english, to move.
    nothing I try makes it move, ending with me getting killed by the rat behind me. weird things.
    I’ve tried everything, with GSLS built, without, Standalone, .blend file.
    nothing seemed to be working. the standalones gave up, and the . blends into the game (the loading screen) for 2 sec after pressing p, then it’s back. weird.

    anyway, best of luck!

  16. kobayashi23788 on

    Tried to play the non GLSL version on my MacBook (but in Windows XP) and I can only play for 1 second, than it crashes.

  17. venomgfx on

    Updated the linux version to not to use gettext and some others, please download and test! 🙂

  18. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    @Pappenheimer, blenders shaders are less efficient then crystalspaces, since they are from blenders internal renderer ported to GLSL. Blenders shaders are big enough not to run on some older cards.

    The options menu we have in the final game lets you remove ramps and shadows, while still compiling nice looking shaders.

  19. Erick on

    I downloaded the win32 unzipped and ran it.
    It crashed, what follows is the text in the file that windows collect to be sent.

  20. BCU on

    yep, it worked fine (no glsl cause laptop’s gpu=intel) under linux (had to use alsa oss emulation though, dunno why) the only thing i noticed is frankie’s face with garbage randome colored pixels

  21. BCU on

    also tested (glsl version) under win32 (xp) but it crashed (probably cause pc is quite old, ram = 256, graphics = nvidia 6200fx) it shows startup screen and stays there for a while, then the visual studio debugger tells about some fatal error and program dies…

  22. deasil on


    I checked the output from command line. Turns out I had a joystick plugged in. It seems that if you have a joystick plugged in, the keyboard controls won’t work (the joystick doesn’t work either…).

  23. venomgfx on

    @ erick: doesn’t really help if you just say it crashes, can you give us more info? gfx card, OS, if you tried GLSL or non GLSL version…

    @ BCU, can you give us an screenshot about frankies colored pixels? that sounds weird, for the win32 i would suggest to use the non-glsl version.

    @ deasil: in the final game there is support for joystick (I’ve been playing and is very fun, really feels like a game! : ), this is only a demo.

  24. deasil on


    Joystick support is good, but in the final game can we still use keyboard even if we have a joystick plugged in? Right now having a joystick means no keyboard control at all. I have Thrustmaster foot pedals plugged in for non-gaming accessibility reasons, and it would be inconvenient to need to unplug them every time I play the game.

    Something different: knocking a creature into the lava causes a never-ending loop of lava splashes, which quickly bogs down the framerate.

  25. BCU on

    here is the random pixels image on frankie’s face

  26. eric on

    I tested with MacOX leopard with the source package and with GLSL activated and all was working, in fullscreen mode. Same hardware as comment #2. But, as Ton said, no sound in the game.

  27. Erick on

    Sorry for that I paste a xml file but it didnt show.
    I tried both version the GLSL and Non GlSL
    After I ran it the music starts but it comes out the microsoft window saying it crash and if I want to send a report, I was able to found the files generated by windows but I cant cut and paste.
    Is there a way that I can send those files to you?


  28. Erick on

    Sorry my machine details
    Lap Top D620
    Intel CPU T2300 @ 1.66 GHz
    .99 GB RAM
    Microsoft Windows XP
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 2

  29. crazybus on

    I’m trying the 32bit GLSL version on kubuntu 8.04 and a Nvidia 8600. The splash screen loads but then it quits with a segmentation fault.

  30. ragingmon on

    Using Ubuntu Hardy, P4, NVidia GeForce 7300, running Compiz.
    With GLS is not working but NO-GLS is working fine.

    Here’s the error on the “With GLS”

    Here’s the system-info that may help

  31. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    Runs smoothly and I noticed that for my system at least the game engine runs at different speeds depending on what i have going on in the background. I can lose about 20% or more performance if I have my internet browser open in particular. I haven’t tested it with this demo so far, partially because if I were to close my browser right now it would make sending you this message a bit trickier to accomplish atm. Also, because I’m not sure of how to get the fps to display. I tried opening the game data blend and pressing P with my cursor over the loading image, but it will not run from there, but it runs fine from the executable.

    If I don’t comment about it again, assume that the runtime performance is NOT affected so much by other programs such as internet browser.

    thanks guys!!!

    Q6600 2.4
    4GB RAM
    32-bit XP

  32. Blah on

    GLSL isn’t work for me and I’m sure my card supports it. It’s a Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB RAM. Running Windows XP SP3 here.
    The game looks like this.

  33. RNS on

    Beautiful work on this game,it work fine on my 64 win pc with no
    wait on blender 2.48 releases – great job !!!

  34. frank_me on

    pretty–freakin–sweet, gentlemen!!

    non-glsl runs really well, glsl seems to slow down after 1 min. or so (?)

    Using Fedora Core 8 on AMD Athlon XP2400 — 2 GHz, 1.25 GB RAM,
    Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS 512 MB

    time to go back and stomp a few more rats 😀 Ciao!!

  35. Markus on

    Great work!
    “GLSL, 1.1” works (Ubuntu 8.04, Intel GMA X3100, Core2Duo 2GHz, 2G RAM) but unfortunately very slow, “NO GSGL, 1.1” is running faster, but after a while the frame rate gets very slow. Altogether it’s still too slow to play :-/

  36. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    @frank_me, the slowdown seems to be specific to that level which has not been tested as well as the larger more interesting levels, which I have played for over an hour without any slowdown.

    @deasil, probably wont make joystick option for release, if its plugged in, its used.
    If you wanted to disable permanently on your system, its very easy to change, longer term this should be an option.

  37. Muis on

    32 bit
    /home//Bureaublad/yofrankie_demo1_non-glsl_linux32/yo_frankie: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

  38. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    Muis, you’ll have to install OpenAL on your system. most distributions would have packages.

  39. Flo 05 on

    @ crazybus
    You can solve that problem by installing a newer graphic cards driver. The package is called nvidia-glx-177 and is available in the Ubuntu 8.10 package sources. I use that package with Ubuntu 8.04 and had no problems so far.

  40. hessiess on

    the game runs greait, exept it constantly slows down the longer you play it.

    arch 32.

  41. myselfhimself on

    win xp 32 bits
    celeron 900Mhz
    Nvidia Geforce 2Mx
    the game runs ok here (a bit slow anyway.. its an old machine)
    i’ve noticed a rat is stupid, it goes into the first right lava puddle and dies
    when frankie has clung to a rock edge with his hands after jumping, you have to press the up key a bit to strong/long to make him stand up on the rock. A simple up keypress with no duration or not wait for the key to be released would be fine.

    when frankie dies, everything slows down (what’s happening is more cpu intensive maybe) and it’s annoying, like in all games anyway. maybe there should be some indication on the screen right away, such as a “Back to menu” to menu showing up while frankie is dying and the camera turns around.

  42. Wolfram on

    BGE version with GLSL support (on MSWindows XP, AMD64 X2 3,8 GHz with an MSI 7950GT Envidia GPU) runs much smoother than CS version. Awesome lava effects and evil rats are doing their best to keep me entertained.

    Squirrel doesn’t jump on space key, though.

    Keep up the good work !

  43. Pappenheimer on

    😀 Wolfram, look into the readme – there’s much more than just jumping! 😉

  44. Muis on

    I have Ubuntu with openAL version 1.3.253-4ubuntu-1 installed.

  45. Sanne on

    I tried the Linux 64bit version on my Kubuntu 6.06, but my glibcxx and glibc are to old for this compilation of the player, it seems:
    It runs fine though when I open it in my self compiled Blender from trunk, revision 16492, on a GeForge 7600 GT, nice framerate, GLSL on, great work!! 🙂

  46. jonny on

    I can see the splash screen and then there is a segmentation fault.

    Using Linux 32 bit kubuntu hardy (nvidia-glx-new; Version: 169.12+, Q6600, Nvidia 7950GT.


    similar errors with blender apricot builds. Seems to be a bug in nvidia driver (said Brecht). Is there no workaround?

  47. jonny on

    By the way, I used the GLSL version and the binary that was shipped with the tar.gz

    Didn’t find a new build at Where can I get one (there was only one for 64bit linux). Do I have to use an apricot build or are the new features in trunk by now?

  48. erik on

    Ubuntu 8.04, Nvidia 8400 GS

    GLSL version works fine for me.

    I tried to jump on one of those rocks and then frankie was hanging in the air.


    It’s a great game!

  49. venomgfx on

    @ hessiess, we found the reason of the slowdown, will fix and make a new version soon.

    @ myselfhimself, woow working in a celeron 900mhz with a geforce 2 MX? that’s nice to hear! 😀 I’m glad you could test it in that computer, and thanks for the gameplay suggestions, we will take them in count.

    @ wolfram, very glad you like it! 😀 please check the yo_readme!.txt file there since it tells you the controller keys and some hints.

    @ Sanne, no binary? well playing from inside blender doesn’t slow down actually, so the game experience is the same. Nice to hear you can actually play it in smooth framerate 😀

    @ jonny, we don’t use apricot branch anymore, since all the changes we need for running the game are in trunk now, and even more changes!, the apribranch got a bit deprecated already.

    @ erik, upss forgot to add the “slip” and “ground” property to some rocks, you can do that too if you want! 🙂 , the rocks are in /props/rocks.blend , enjoy modding! 😀

    Just wanted to thank you all people! you’re giving us very important and valuable feedback, we already released a 1.1 version of the linux binary (with some libraries fixed)!, and we will be preparing new ones to fix slowdowns, and to include all the fixes from Blender itself.

    Thanks again! keep playing! and start modding! 😛

  50. nikola on

    The non GLSL windows version crashes 3-4 seconds after initialisation. During the 3 second gameplay i notice smooth gameplay 🙂

    HP compaq nx7400 1gb ram, centrino duo
    worst integrated intel graphics chip ever

    good luck!

  51. inazuma on


    Played the MacIntel build all day yesterday (non-GLSL) – lotsa fun 🙂

    Woke up this morning and dl’d the new shiny GLSL build. So awesome! Love the lighting from the lava.

    Run smoooooth on my MacPro (8800GT)

    Can’t wait for the full game!

  52. jonny on

    @venomgfx: that answered only the question with lowest priority for me 🙁 . What about my other questions? 😉

  53. jonny on

    Okayy, I tried nvidia-glx-new-envy in hardy and now it works! Smoooth! Great! Thanks to: Flo 05!

    My output (some warnings):

  54. Pitel on

    Fails on Ubuntu 8.04 (1.1 build)

  55. Pitel on

    More infoi: just GLSL 32 build, nonGLSL runs. but I’m sure my card can handle GLSL.

  56. brecht on

    @jonny, not any shader error is a bug in NVidia’s driver, I never said this one was

    No idea what is causing this “”GPUShader: linking error:” problem yet. I’m trying to fix it but no luck yet redoing the error on linux 64bit or windows.

    For anyone compiling their own Blender and having this error: can you try doing an svn update and running the game (the .gamedata.blend file in the package) in blender/blenderplayer with the -d option for debugging, and putting the output in pastebin. This could give me some more information on why this happens, thanks!

  57. madman on

    Venomgfx, the same error here with the GLSL version for gnu/linux, results using gdb:
    Pentium 4 with HT 3.0 Ghz
    1 Gb RAM
    nVidia 7950 GT 512 MB VRAM
    GNU/Linux Kubuntu 8.04, last propietary drivers (I don’t see any update)

    I only say in Windows XP (same PC) the demo run perfectly, I think the crash is for linux driver… But I can use GLSL Mode in blender (on linux), using spot with shadows, ramps, etc.

    I hope you guys find the error.

    The version non-glsl run just fine, smooth with good framerate:

    See you soon.

  58. Michael Larabel on

    An automated benchmark / frame-rate monitor mode would be ideal for Yo Frankie!


  59. jonny on

    @Brecht: There was a forum entry in some forum, where someone pointed out that you have said, that this is a driver problem. So it might be a fairy tail that has grown and ported from one problem to another ;). Anyway it seem to be a driver bug, since the problem vanished with another driver. nvidia-glx-new is driver 169… and nvidia-glx-new-envy is 173…

    So for me problem is SOLVED! 😀 I’m lucky.

  60. jonny on

    @Brecht: Unfortunately, I don’t know where I found that entry, but it was an answer to a question with similar output than mine (GPU Shader: linking error) (not from the yofrankie executable, but with an apricot build and the sources of the svn repo a while ago…). So there was a direct link…

  61. madman on

    @Brecht: I put the results using gdb on the post # 57 (awating moderation).

    Here is the result with -d option:

  62. Gerard Braad on

    Linux version worked perfectly… but for Windows I tried it and was unable to move using keyboard. Probably this is related to the Catweasel MK4 I have installed (it registers game ports which are active). Something about the Catweasel for people who don’t know what it is:

  63. PaulK on

    Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-you and… Oh Thank-You !

  64. Fabio Luiz on

    The BGE Yo frankie version is much better than CS version. A real big difference. What happened with CS version?

  65. panzi on

    Frankie moves like he is drunk. I have a gamepad with analogstick, but he seems to can only move in 8 ways. And I could not figure out how to run. Sometimes he did suddenly run. I didn’t press any button I haven’t pressed before. Strange. The death animation when falling into the lava is *much* to long (gets annoying) and you should be able to climb up an edge pressing jump (because that’s how it works in all the other games). And I got stuck in a hollow tree trunk and behind some small roots (you should be able to just walk over them but not even jumping worked).

    However, keep up the good work! 🙂

  66. panzi on

    PS: I used Linux 32bit with GLSL.

  67. madman on

    @Fabio Luiz: The CS version it’s a secret, the team only released a old versión and telling us is new…
    Oh guys, I believe was a joke… right?

  68. daphzart on

    this is awesome. i can’t wait for the tutorials. this project was exactly what the BGE needed!

  69. Moerdn on

    hi! Woooow runs great!!! Geforce7600GT
    thanks for your impressive work!

    compiling the new builds, is this the right place?

    thanks, moerdn

  70. oto on

    Thank you very much for these demos.
    They run quite smooth in Debian/GNU/Linux-64(lenny), gfx7500LE

  71. Noodlesgc on

    Hey great work guys.
    Tested both the GLSL and non-GLSL.

    Very smooth, very playable, worked great. Threw a couple of acorns at some rats, and it worked fine.

    Slow frame rate. Not exactly playable. I wouldn’t expect so with my hardware though.

    My hardware:
    Intel 965GM x3100. Intel Core 2 Duo – 1.8Ghz.
    An Intel soundcard, not sure the model, but sound was perfect.

  72. Noodlesgc on

    Both on linux32 BTW

  73. Pablo Lizardo on

    works fine on OSX but without sound yet…. now i going to test the GLSL version! on the otherside i have a problem with libgettext.. on ubuntu 8.04 but i doenst try the updated version yet!, downloading now! thanks for all your efforts!, it’s going to be a great game! 😉

  74. GDJ on

    Awesome job runs perfect on Win32 xp home edition version 2002 sp2, GeForce 7900 GS with the exe and blend using a very recent compiled Blender.

  75. Moerdn on

    Ok got the source..

    Tested also on Ubuntu 8.04 Geforce 8600M GT and intel core2 duo 2.4GHz, with both modes, works well!

  76. _Po_ on

    Hi Brecht,

    It’s still time to report bug :
    I have a segfault error with an ATI X1600 in Ubuntu Hardy with a self compile build (15 september). This error don’t occur when i disable Extra Texture.

    Good work for all the team, i have play with it and it’s fun.



  77. muis on

    win32 no glsl crashes here also after 5 seconds – Intel Pentium 4, Intel 865G onboard, 512MB.

  78. Penduin on

    Tested on OSX Intel (MacBook Pro, couple years old). Mostly, this demo runs beautifully.

    Graphical glitches/oddities:
    – Saw some half-transparent rectangles instead of proper shadows for some sheep.
    – Mice appear to have no shadows at all, but Frankie and his shadow look excellent!
    – Odd cliff texture stretching (a la PS1, rotate the camera and the texture slides out of place) above the nearest plateau to the starting point (has a sheep on it, go up there and turn near the wall)

    – Lava splashes choke up the framerate, several simultaneous splashes crashed the game. (easy to dupe)
    – I threw a sheep and it managed to get most of the way through a solid rock wall, after which the game crashed. (can’t dupe reliably)

    The look of the game is really great, and even with the placeholder BGE controls it’s quite fun to mess around. Well done everyone! These last bits of polish are gonna be hell I’m sure, but the game’s really shaping up. Excellent, excellent work.

  79. mib2berlin on

    Run like a cat on opensuse 11/64 with Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT
    Thanks a lot for this demo until i waiting the dvd is in my postbox. 🙂


  80. billy on

    does not work on Ubuntu intrepid ibex 🙁

  81. Penduin on

    sorry for the double post, but here’s my lava-splash crash report:

  82. madman on

    By the way…
    How do you do to make a executable without show the console on windows version?

  83. Schwarzie2478 on

    Tested on Windows XP SP2 with a Nvidia 7900GX2 , recent drivers

    The game runs good, but i also have the white textured Frankie effect.

    When I open the files in Blender (latest build van, i see the correct shading.
    But when i press P, the textures turn wrong…

    Same on Windows 2003 with Nvidia Quadro 570 ,recent drivers.

    The previous demo blend files from SVN worked fine in a Apricot branch Blender

    Bit of logging:

    This is repeated while loading the level:

    GPUShader: linking error
    fatal error C9999

    there’s also a sound that didn’t load, but forgot to write it down, sorry

  84. Flo 05 on

    @brecht: I made some time ago a bug report at the nvidia forums:

  85. madman on

    Tested on Pentium 4 HT 3.0 Ghz (in my office)
    Crappy Integrated Video Card… Intel 82915G/GV/910 GL
    512 MB Ram
    Windows XP SP2
    Non-GLSL Version

    The game crash, after the splashscreen.

    Only run once, but after 20 secs the game crash.

  86. Ricardo Igor Procópio on

    Test in Ubutu 8.04 32bits

    Error, GameLogic failed to import GameLogic.globalDict will be lost

    unable to initialize image(0) in MAsky, image will not be available
    GPUShader: linking error:

    Fragment info
    (337) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (337) : error C1113: actual parameter #2 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param1”)
    (338) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (338) : error C1113: actual parameter #2 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param1”)
    (340) : error C1105: cannot call a non-function
    (341) : error C1105: cannot call a non-function
    (344) : error C1113: actual parameter #1 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param0”)
    (345) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (345) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (345) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (345) : error C1113: actual parameter #5 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param4”)
    (347) : error C1105: cannot call a non-function
    (348) : error C1105: cannot call a non-function
    (350) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (350) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (350) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (350) : error C1113: actual parameter #4 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param3”)
    (351) : error C1113: actual parameter #1 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param0”)
    (352) : error C1113: actual parameter #1 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param0”)
    (353) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (353) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (353) : error C1113: actual parameter #3 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param2”)
    (353) : error C1113: actual parameter #4 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param3”)
    (353) : error C1113: actual parameter #5 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param4”)
    (354) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (354) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (354) : error C1113: actual parameter #3 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param2”)
    (355) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (355) : error C1113: actual parameter #2 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param1”)
    (356) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (356) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (356) : error C1113: actual parameter #3 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param2”)
    (357) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (357) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (357) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (357) : error C1113: actual parameter #4 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param3”)
    (358) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (358) : error C1113: actual parameter #3 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param2”)
    (359) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (359) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (359) : error C1113: actual parameter #3 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param2”)
    (359) : error C1113: actual parameter #4 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param3”)
    (360) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (360) : error C1113: actual parameter #3 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param2”)
    (360) : error C1113: actual parameter #4 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param3”)
    (361) : error C1113: actual parameter #2 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param1”)
    (362) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (362) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (362) : error C1113: actual parameter #3 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param2”)
    (363) : error C1066: invalid type in type constructor
    (363) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (363) : error C1113: actual parameter #4 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param3”)
    (364) : error C1066: invalid type in type constructor
    (364) : error C1113: actual parameter #4 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param3”)
    (365) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (365) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (365) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (365) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (365) : error C1113: actual parameter #5 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param4”)
    (366) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (366) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (366) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
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    (366) : error C1113: actual parameter #5 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param4”)
    (367) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec3” to “float”
    (367) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (367) : warning C7011: implicit cast from “vec4” to “vec3”
    (367) : error C1113: actual parameter #4 must be same type as formal out parameter (“param3”)
    (368) : error C1066: invalid type in type constructor
    (368) : error C1066: invalid t
    Falha de segmentação

  87. Elubie on

    @Brecht: I’m having the GPU linking error, or rather it seems some shaders don’t compile.

    I have NVIDIA QUADRO FX1500, I was told equivalent to the GF7900. I was previously able to run the first demo as well as the OpenGL benchmark file that you published.

    The complete output when running blenderplayer -d with the yofrankie .gamedata.blend is uploaded here:

    hope that helps!

  88. Rawad on

    Hey I was able to play with the non-GLSL but I want to go to the game setting to activate normal mapping at the very least but can’t find it. Where is the game menu?

    I have windows XP SP3
    3.06 GHZ
    1 GB Ram
    ATI Radeon 9700

    it played nicely and like most people I experienced the slow performance for a certain time and then it came back to normal again.

    The thing i noticed that happened to me sometimes is when I wanted Frankie to jump to the left platform to reach the bridge in the corner just next to the stone pillar , while jumping he quickly shifted direction. Bloody hell reaching the other side of the bridge was freakin tough I died sooo many times but it was interesting nonetheless I was surprised by how small the texture files are.

  89. Ali on

    The game is working fine with GLSL in Windows XP. May I suggest a new move? pressing down arrow twice to face backwards fast! I find it tiring to manually rotate 180 degrees 🙂

  90. Ali on

    Also, the gliding mechanism isn’t good. You need to review it. How can I glide forwards without facing the ground?

  91. hafi on

    win32 with and without glsl start gameplay, yet the controls don’t work, can’t move, jump or kick so frankie is slaughtered by mouse.
    using build16527
    core2duo 6320
    2g ram


  92. dragonrebel on

    plays great

  93. oxigen on

    YO! Work OK & smooth here, both 64bit Linux versions! YO!

    My system:
    CPU: Pentium D 3.40GHz; cores: 2
    RAM: 2GB
    GPU: nVidia GeForce 7600 GS
    OS: Ubuntu 8.04 64bit


  94. madman on

    Take note…
    I play the game in wire mode, throw a sheep and I see the mesh don’t dissappear.
    All the black area is from the splash mesh:


    C ya!

  95. hafi on

    …parallel port joystick driver was still running, works now.

  96. JayBee on

    Linux 32 bit no glsl works good on Ubuntu 8.04 HP6710b laptop with integrated intel 965 X3100 graphics.
    I only noticed minor periodical slowdowns, but it is playable. I haven’t tried GLSL version as 965 glsl support is coming in the next version of Mesa driver.
    Actually the demo is pretty good, I messed with it for an half an hour till I inspected every corner… I don’t understand why does the lightning strike Frankie when he kills a sheep?
    I know this is a tech demo but I will report this anyway – once I saw lava splash in the middle of the grass platform, it was kinda weird.
    Good job everyone! 😀

  97. mib2berlin on

    To save the runtime dosend work for me.
    opensuse 11/64 bit

    Greetz mib

  98. GuyMontag on

    It works!
    My System:
    Intel T1500 1,8GHz
    3GB RAM
    VIA Chrome9 On Bord Graphic

  99. JayBee on

    Flying is so cool, once you master it you can fly through the whole level.
    Tip: Do not hold UP, balance UP and DOWN until you get parallel to the ground… there you go.. slowly gliding.. 🙂

  100. lohborn on

    GLSL and non both Work great on my 32 bit Vista computer. Nvidia quadro 110 VNS M

  101. brecht on

    I’ve committed a fix to svn that appears to fix the “GPUShader: linking error:”, working around an NVidia driver bug (169.x has the bug, in 173.x it is fixed).

    @mib2berlin: saving a runtime requires the blenderplayer to be built and the same directory as blender. At least in scons this is not enabled by default, setting WITH_BF_PLAYER=’true’ in builds it. Make should have it enabled by default, cmake doesn’t have it by default, needs to have WITH_PLAYER set to ON in the configuration (e.g. running ccmake).

    Some people reported crashes but did not mention their graphics card and 32/64 bit, please mention those as well since they usually make a difference. Also, ATI Radeon 9×00 are unlikely run the GLSL version well – they don’t support enough instructions for the shaders so it will either fall back to software or fail.

  102. Felipe Balbi on

    It’s not quite comfortable to have m, n and spacebar as the action keys. It doesn’t feel like a natural position for the left hand. How about s, d and f or something on the other side of the keyboard ?

  103. Stefan Murawski on

    Non-glsl version works fine on Xubuntu 8.10 with a Geforce FX 5200. GLSL version is unplayable slow, but since the non-glsl version also looks really nice and plays pretty good (I use a gamepad) that is nothing I really care about.
    Will you guys compile a version for the Pandora? (Linux handheld with an ARM-processor etc…)
    Playing Apri…YoFrankie on the go would be really awesome.

  104. 3po on

    (I’m French sorry for my bad english) I have a Macbook pro and an internal sensor is considered as a joystick… How can I use the keyboard instead ?

  105. mib2berlin on

    Thanks Brecht, with WITH_BF_PLAYER=’true’ it works.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  106. UglyMike on

    Darn it!! Why does this always happen to me??
    I’m running a up-to-date Vista on a HP machine (Intel Quad core, 2GB, Nvidia 8600GT)
    When I launch the program, I get the following output:

    Input works OK, frame-rate is great, the rat creature is correctly textured, but that’s abut it….

    I’m also playing Bioshock on this machine without any issues…

    Any iidea?

  107. martini on

    i get an error with the recent debian testing version:

    ./yo_frankie: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    after creating a symlink from to, yofrankie runs

    maybe the solution would be to script a fallback solution with the symlink in an extra directory using LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
    the problem occurs on x86 and amd64 debian testing systems

    ps: i think that such libs should be delivered with the yofrankie package! you cannot expect, that everyone has this library installed.
    pps: you did a great job!

  108. dave on

    works real nice on gentoo/~amd64 (A64 4200+, 2GB RAM, GF 8600GT)… I had to install freealut btw.

  109. bob on

    It looks great but I have few sugestions for the controls.

    It would be great to use WASD + Mouse instead of the current setup. Just the way the new Prince of Persia games for the PC are.

  110. Mark Hannessen on

    Tested version 1.1

    Runs Nice!

  111. Stephan on

    Tried the glsl-Version on an iMac Core2Duo 2.6GHz, 10.5.3. Doesn’t work. When I run the app it maxes out one core at 100% and it shows the level at about 1 frame every 3 seconds. After a minute it crashes.

  112. Russ on

    GSGL WFM on Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 on r500 hardware using the open ati driver (from xorg-edgers). I’m sure you already know this, but its pretty easy to squeeze outside the level.

  113. Walter Doubleyoothreecee on

    Well, the demo worked out of the box on Win XP Pro 64 bit, and the framerate, while not great, is playable (Geforce GS 7600, Athlon X2 2 GHz)… when facing the level, it’s around 10 fps. Doom 3 gives 30 fps at “everything and their grandmother” settings though 🙂

    The controls are VERY odd. Did any of you ever play an actual commercial FPS? I would at least recommend Shift for running, and the jump key for climbing up an edge.

    Concerning sounds: The “fall to the ground” sound is way too loud and especially bassy (the squirrel doesn’t weigh a Ton!). The “picked up a nut” sound is also far too loud. The ‘screaming squirrel in lava’ sound sounds like recorded with a $5 microphone at 11 kHz. The background music is not overly fitting for my taste, but well. It’s a demo after all 🙂


  114. cyberdigitus on

    Very nice! i’m surprised but delighted you guys still keep working on it, instead of just slamming it on a dvd and call it done! Take your time, tweaking it like this you can still meet your initial target of releasing a pro quality game.

    How do you get to the menu? this is usually the escape key.

    Will the game be fullscreen? some simple dialog to set this would be nice, or otherwise in the game menu for the next startup.

    a ‘mouselook’ option would be great indeed… being able to look around on the spot, so you can see where you have to go.
    i suppose the sounds are not final yet? that pickup sound… i thought something went wrong with my pc…

    building blender so i can investigate it further…

  115. Robert_Zenz on

    GLSL Version is dieing with a Segmentation Fault on my Hardy.
    Graphiccard is a NVidia 8400GS with the NVidia drivers from the Repo (Compiz etc. working and turned on).

    No GLSL is working fine.

    Looks greate by the way.
    Keep it up!


  116. rryk on

    I HAVE BUG… 32-bit version with GLSL

  117. Neeko on

    On acer aspire 3610, Ubuntu 8.04 the without Glsl version work fine (humm one sheep disapear…) and the glsl version freeze a little.

  118. Jacco on

    it deffinetly seemed to be the steering wheel I had plugged in.
    I’m starting to get the hang of the controls, but the gliding it so difficult xD

    cheers guys, good work!

  119. Clark on

    WinXP P4 3Ghz 1 Gig ram ATI X700

    Looks great. Both versions.

    Frame rate is good until you throw some sheep in the small lava pool next to the ledge with the tree. Lava keeps erupting (the bones from the sheep keep it going) and the frame rate drops to 3 or 4 FPS.

  120. steffen on

    i cant help myself, evertime when frank fells into the lava and sreems something inside me die´s becouse of that sound ^^

    something that might be itneresting: i played it on my macbook pro (with nvidia 8600m) under windows XP, but the windows GLSL demo was runnung without the shader effects

  121. Smelz on

    It looks and runs great, the only bug that I can see is that sometimes when you throw something into the lava it just keeps erupting hundreds of times and sometimes the animals will just run into the lava

  122. eric on

    I have tested on a laptop pentium4 2,4 GhZ running Ubuntu Hardy with an ATI radeon 340m (with free drivers).
    NO GLSL 32 bits: The game is playable but become very slow if you throw an object in the lava. The game alway uses 100 % CPU.

  123. Predice on

    I tried the Demo on my Macbook Pro 2,2 GHz, 2gb ram and Geforce 8600 GT, but it seems to me that the whole game is getting slower by the time I´m playing. Generally it is also quite grainy, without all this stuff like anisotropic Filters and Anti-Aliasing.
    But the main problem is still the fact, that it is getting slower the time I´m playing and getting further in the whole level.
    I´m using Leopard with the newest update. Maybe you guys can tweak a little bit on the performance, it is really a funny game and deserves my full respect.
    Great job!!

  124. madman on

    One of my messages is waiting for moderation… in this post I explain how the mesh that appear when you throw a sheep, bone, nut, rat, etc. don’t dissappear at all. The mesh still exist in memory… you can see it, if you play the game in wire mode.

  125. sebasong on

    Yo Frankie! Demo 1 – No GLSL – OSX 10.4 Intel [~32MB] Link not found?

  126. RH2 on

    (GLSL) looks great…. when I play the demo it starts out with 30-40FPS and drops down to 10FPS after about 5 minutes of playing. If I fall into the lava again the frame rates jump back up when the game restarts.
    -Windows XP
    -AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+
    -2.01Ghz. CPU
    -1.5GB RAM

    by the way…. Frankie’s eye lids look wet with the specularity…
    Looks awesome and the gliding is pretty hard to control

  127. sebasong on

    Yo Frankie! Demo 1 – No GLSL (Texture Face Mode) – Windows Work in Intel Mac 10.4 under Parallel!

  128. centx on

    yofrankie_demo1.1_non-glsl_linux32.tar.gz works fine
    yofrankie_demo1.1_glsl_linux32.tar.gz segfaults:

    Ubuntu hardy x86_32
    Geforce 6600gt

  129. _Po_ on

    Hi Brecht,

    add-on to my bug report, i’m on 32 bit.

    It’s still time to report bug :
    I have a segfault error with an ATI X1600 in Ubuntu Hardy with a self compile build (15 september). This error don’t occur when i disable Extra Texture.



  130. jairo on

    text in spanish, sorry

    hola, pues decirte que no puedo jugarlo en absoluto…
    aparte que me bajaba a 5 kbps (teniendo 3 mbps), me andaba a 1 fps cada 4/5 segundos (si, los conte) en la version 32 bits de windows sin glsl, pero andando en pentium IV 2.66 ghz en ati radeon 9200
    Porfa, con este feedback hagan unos requerimentos minimos para este juego, ok?

    PD: saben como desactivar el corrector ortografico del chrome? gracias por todo

  131. centx on

    Update from 126:

    glsl version works now, installed nvidia-glx-new-envy and that fixed it.

    Have to mention the lava-splash-loop though, on some occasions it slows the game down significantly.

    Keep up the good work, this looks awesome =D

  132. motorsep on

    Just tried Windows GLSL version. It runs in windowed mode, renders fine IMO, but doesn’t respond to keyboard, except to key.

  133. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    Hi,found & fixed the slowdown – lava splashes were not being removed, dynamic objects rolled too much and didn’t get removed when hitting lava.

  134. Trey on

    I have tested the Windows version of the Yo Frankie Demo (Geforce 8800 GT, AMD 64 3600+, 3 GB ram) and it runs at 60 fps… until i throw something into the lava, then it will lag to about 22 then stay at about 30 fps for the rest of the time.. I don’t know if that is a glitch but it seems to be caused by when they die and their bodies explode the bones will go into the lava causing 3 or 4 “lava splashes at once”.. but what I do not under stand is when it is all over it should go back to 60 fps not 30. Well thats my feedback.

  135. Alex (ADEdge) on

    The GLSL version works beautifully for me.

    Running windows Vista
    4GB ram
    Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 (2.5GHZ)

    My only suggestion is a few different lava death actions, there’s only one atm and it gets a little repetitive. (i guess i jump into the lava to often :p)

  136. GX on

    The GLSL version works fine on Slackware 12 linux (Slax 6.0.7).
    Nvidia geforce with nvidia drivers

    Just checked game loaded and runs, sound works (however not when other apps are using the device, this is a common issue)

    more info available upon request

  137. Michael on


    Awesome work, guys!
    However, I found a bug: Whenever a sheep by its own accord falls into lava, it makes several splashes which severely lower the frame rate.

    Other than that, it works with a billion times more frame rate on my NVidia 8400MGS 32-bit 2GBRAM Dell. Thanks SO MUCH! You all rock.

  138. madman on

    @brecht: I confirm,,, the version with glsl work now on my PC using kubuntu with the propietary drivers 169….
    Only crash once, but I still testing 😉

  139. Jury on

    Both 64b versions work fine, but it’s sharply slowing down with time.

    OpenSuSE 11.0, Core2 Duo 1.8 GHz, 2GB RAM, Intel GMA X3100

  140. madman on

    @Campbell: The sources are updated? with the splash lava fixed? O maybe you can release only the library (.blend), I try to fixed by myself… but I’m lost with all the logics bricks and all the imported files in the game.

  141. res on

    If you also like automatic downloads:

  142. kronos on

    Works fine on ubuntu 8.04 64bit 🙂 the only problem is that i had to unplug my steering wheel, because the game wanted to use it instead of keyboard (what’s interesting, i didnt have to unplug my pad as well, so i guess the game only checks first joystick device?)

    pretty constant 60fps (Intel Q6600, GF8800GT, 4GB RAM), some bugs:
    – when you jump inside the fallen tree, the jump doesnt end (before: -> after: screens)
    – animals jump into lava from time to time
    – once, a sheep that gone into lava didnt die and was constantly causing splashes, which dropped my fps to 20 (screen:

    anyways, great job, waiting for a demo 😉

  143. madman on

    @res: Sorry but…

    I think that build not updated with the glsl fix, by brecht.

  144. Fracisco Ortiz on

    Wow…I don’t know other’s opinion but now (slowly) i start to really understand how difficult is to make a game like
    this one…

    I have an old 2005’s sistem (ATI MOBILITY RADEON X600, Hp pavilion zd 8000) and the game runs smooth without GLSL effects on windows XP.
    (Later on, I will test it inside Blender so i can see what graphic features my computer handles).

    I don’t even dare to touch this logic bricks before the DVD hit my mailbox. O God! Help me trough the way of logic…

    Some locations of the scene are weak points for collision, but hey! This is me, tring to get out the arena for purpose…
    And it’s hard to acopplish guys! 😉

    The whole level is a game masterclass to me, thank you, i already learned a lot with this files…
    Nice to see how do you handle tilling creating this rocks for example, it is just… Fantastic!

  145. Epsilorn on

    Tested on XP on a core 2 duo e6600
    GC geforce 7850gt 2 gig of ram

    It’s going good but I’ve noticed some slowdown from time to time. Especially when sheeps die.

    p.s.: The music is really boring… 😛

  146. YoYoFargo on

    The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a god-king can bleed.

    Okay, it’s working fine on my system:
    Nvidia 8800 GTX (pixel pipelines are handled differently, that may be why)
    Nforce 680i sli mobo
    Core2 Quad (q6600)
    2Gb’s of 5-5-5-16
    Windows XP 32bit, Ubuntu 64bit, OpenSuSE 64bit.

  147. Wildfire on

    OS: Ubuntu Intrepid (Current) x86_64
    Hardware: Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz, X1600, 3.5 GB Ram
    Driver: xserver-xorg-video-ati
    Version: Yo Frankie! Demo 1.1 – with GLSL support – Linux 64bit

    To run the game I had to do the following:
    :~$ sudo apt-get install libalut0
    :~$ sudo apt-get install libopenal1
    :~$ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
    Otherwise the game would complain about missing and libalut.0

    The game runs quite smooth, though there are a few graphical glitches (window flashing, background windows “peeking through”). The game considerably slows down after a few minutes to the point of becoming unplayable.

  148. Charly on

    OS: WinXP_Prof
    Hardware: Dell Precision Quad Grafik: Quadro FX570
    Game Version: with GLSL
    Game speed perfect in FullScreen
    Shader does not work – plane white Franky
    driver vers: 13.12.07
    will try it again after driver update!

  149. Pablo Lizardo on

    Hello, it’s me again!, the version in osx with GLSG enabled run too slow on my imac 2.0ghz and 1.5mb Ram i check it out in the GLSL configs and the problem is the shadows, when i disable it the game run in a good velocity. Is there a way to disable it before i play the game in the … the sound still dont work on osx. In ubuntu the game plays great with sound and everything else (without GLSL because my graphic card)

  150. madman on

    Hahahaha… the posibility for change things in the game, are really awesom 😉

    A mega-rat!!

    Frankie FTW

  151. omacx on

    hmmm i downloaded both the none glsl and the glsl for windows and the none glsl build runs grate and the glsl runs well but when i look at a sheep it slows way down. i don’t get why it only dose it with the sheep not the rats or environment maybe the sheep AI make it bog? anyway i thought i wold give my input.
    CPU:amd64 3700+
    GPU:ati x800 pro

  152. SmaTheGreek on

    Well the glsl version does not show textures. I use win vista sp1 and geforce 8600..
    However the gameplay is much more smooth than the cs edition!!

  153. SmaTheGreek on

    Well my situation has got better by using the no-glsl version of the game.
    In the non glsl version most of the texures appear bu frankie and the sheep have no textures!!!
    I use win vista sp1 and geforce 8600

  154. SmaTheGreek on

    Well the texture problem was finally a bug in my unziping utility as it could not unzip all of the files succesfully…
    Sorry for messing the thread…

  155. SmaTheGreek on

    Well problems here again…
    Now I have managed to fix the texture problem in the non glsl version but the problem remains in the glsl version..

  156. Samuel (EV) on

    It appears that it doesn’t work with Windows Vista, does it? =\
    I’d like to test it and give some feedback. 😉

  157. graey on

    great! Unlike the CSE package, this one actually works on my old laptop (Pentium 4, 2.0ghz, 256mb ram, Radeon 7000 mobile with like 32/64mb shared video memory, I know, old thing). Not the GLSL version ofcourse, but the low-fi game actually runs smooth 🙂 Great work 🙂

  158. zaack on

    It is running perfectly on AMD phenom quad with Nvidia 8600GT and 2GB RAM.
    Great job so far!

  159. jsmith on

    Does not works for me.Using x64 Linux (Kubuntu 8.04.1).It starts, displays load screen and soon crashes.The following appears in terminal:

    ~/yofrankie$ ./yo_frankie
    guessing ‘./yo_frankie’ == ‘/home/sk/yofrankie/./yo_frankie’
    argv[0] = ‘./yo_frankie’
    Detected GL_ARB_texture_env_combine
    Detected GL_ARB_texture_cube_map
    Detected GL_ARB_multitexture
    Detected GL_ARB_shader_objects
    Detected GL_ARB_vertex_shader
    Detected GL_ARB_fragment_shader
    Detected GL_ARB_vertex_program
    Detected GL_ARB_depth_texture
    Detected GL_EXT_separate_specular_color
    Error, GameLogic failed to import GameLogic.globalDict will be lost
    read library: lib //../props/bridges.blend
    read library: lib //../props/flowers.blend
    read library: lib //../props/mountains.blend
    read library: lib //../props/mushrooms.blend
    read library: lib //../props/pickups.blend
    read library: lib //../props/plants.blend
    read library: lib //../props/platforms.blend
    read library: lib //../props/rocks.blend
    read library: lib //../props/signpost.blend
    read library: lib //../props/trees.blend
    read library: lib //../chars/frankie.blend
    read library: lib //../props/arena_ground.blend
    read library: lib //../chars/sheep.blend
    read library: lib //../effects/fx_blast.blend
    read library: lib //frankie_actions.blend
    read library: lib //../hud/hud.blend
    read library: lib //../effects/fx_lavaEffects.blend
    read library: lib //../effects/ashes.blend
    read library: lib //rat_actions.blend
    read library: lib //sheep_actions.blend
    read library: lib //../props/pickups.blend
    unable to initialize image(0) in MAsky, image will not be available
    unable to initialize image(0) in MAenemyshadow1, image will not be available
    unable to initialize image(0) in NoMaterial, image will not be available
    Segmentation fault

  160. MidgeS on

    MSI GX700 Notebook
    Geforce 8600M Go
    Running Windwos Vista SP1.
    Giving no input the GLSL version is running smooth. Jumping,Tailwhip and throwing nuts ist workin properly. But when i try to move with arrowkeys the game is getting unplayable choppie. Using Gamepad (Logithec Rumbepad 2) to move is working expect a constant input to turn to the left. Coudn’t find out what is causing the game to run bad while using arrowkeys. Anyway to change imput to other keys ?

  161. edna on

    Works very well on my system.

    Core2Duo e4300 @ 3GHz
    XpertVision 9600 GT
    Windows XP Home (SP3)
    YoFrankie GLSL enabled: 60FPS (which is only the limit imposed by VSync, I think, so it’s running as fast as it is being allowed to)

    Nice work all!

  162. pandrew on

    Works fine on debian lenny 32bit.
    There are two things: 1) when i am running and new characters are close enough to me to be visible, i can see them appearing on a higher point, and falling down to the ground. It would be nice if they would appear only after hitting the ground, or at least if they would fall from a less pronounced height.
    2) I don’t know if the download contains Campbell’s fix on the slowdown, but i am experiencing a slowdown that happens sometimes when stuff is thrown in the lava. The slowdown does not go away , and remains until the game is killed. (No matter in which direction i look). Sometimes it seems like characters that fall or are thrown into lava keep liveing, and later they die (thunder), and them blowing up seems to cause the slowdown. Sometimes when stuff is moveing in the lava (like objects or characters), a splash is moving on top of them.

    All in all i am impressed with how well the game works! Good job!

  163. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    a number of fixes to the game will be in 1.2 (coming soon) 1.1 still has slowdown bug
    @Wildfire, next release has static linked openal for 64 and 32bit linux so you wont need the lib on your system.

  164. Shrek on

    Works fine for me.. Great work guys..!!
    Geforce7400 Go
    Centrino Duo 1.8GHZ
    1GB RAM
    WinXP 32bit

  165. Shrek on

    btw.. i tried the GLSL version .. forgot to mention.

  166. Albi on

    P4 3.2
    2gb DDR2 Ram
    Geforce 7600GT 256mb DRR3
    Windows XP pro

    game play started to go a little jolty after not playing for a while but leaving it running
    other then that all was working fine

  167. MatrixNAN on

    Works well for the GLSL and the Non GLSL on my Windows XP 64bit 3 gigs of ram, AMD Dual Core and 8600 Geforce card. I have to try it on Linux next. The GLSL one slows down with the Lava as you guys know about. I am having the problem with the Logitec Rumble Game Pad with a constant walk and turn to the right or left. I forget which. The keys work fine when I unplug the controller. Hopefully the game pad support can be better in future releases. 🙂 😉 Oh having a hard time throwing objects with any kind of accuracy at the rats. I think this is because they are so small. Also with the integrated kick, tail whip, and pickup I am having a hard time picking up sheep and instead I end up kicking them or tail whipping them. Great job guys its totally awesome.

    Nate Nesler

  168. cristo on

    It have bug:

    When played two sheeps magma in the game slowed down

  169. David on

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to let those of us with ATI cards and Windows XP some good news! I just Downloaded and installed SP3 and updated to the latest drivers (ATI Catalyst™ 8.8 Display Driver) for my card (Radeon 9800 Pro) and tested blender’s game engine and found it to be 5 times faster then before; Old 25,000 max vertexes @ 60 FPS, New 125,000 max vertexes @ 60 FPS!

    I tried the demos, the “No GLSL (Texture Face Mode) – Windows” works fine, but the GLSL version looks funny. most of the textures are missing. If I disable Lights under the “GLSL Material Settings” everything looks fine, just Franky doesn’t cast a shadow.

  170. venomgfx on

    hey everybody!

    Source Files updated to 1.2 !! fixes for slowdown, HUD, F1 for help, and so on!

    for now only linux binaries are available, but we will make versions for window and osx later today.

    stay tunned! 🙂

  171. bebraw on

    I just tested 1.2 (non-GLSL). The framerate was smooth (>30 fps). (system: PM 1.6, 2GB, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 (64MB))

    I noticed that it’s possible to drop out from the level if you jump to where the broken bridge is. If you guide Frankie there, he will just keep on falling.

    Sometimes when you hang from a ledge and control Frankie to go left or right, he just stops at some point even though it should be possible to still move on.

    If you jump on certain rocks, animation of Frankie seems to freak out a bit.

  172. mcreamsurfer on

    I always get an error message when trying to download the OSX Intel version (no GLSL) since yesterday. I read somebody else having this problem…maybe a broken link on this site.

    Thanks for help (if any 😉

  173. ton on

    mr cream: I fixed a typo in the filename of the build. I’ll now recompile the OSX versions and put up new builds too. Check on this website in an hour or so.

  174. mcreamsurfer on

    thanks a lot

  175. Samuel (EV) on

    Someone, please answer my question. =\

    *Does it work with vista?*


  176. venomgfx on

    @ Samuel (EV): yes, we have reports of people running Yo Frankie under Vista.
    you can read the comment #135

    “Alex (ADEdge) says:
    The GLSL version works beautifully for me.
    Running windows Vista”

  177. Samuel (EV) on

    I extract everything, then open “yofrankie.exe”, it opens up, but I don’t see anything, then 2 seconds later vista reports that it had to be closed.

    Need help, thanks. 🙂

  178. panzi on

    1.1 did work for me, however, 1.2 don’t:
    $ ./yo_frankie
    ./yo_frankie: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9′ not found (required by ./yo_frankie)

    I’m using Fedora 8 with latest updates.
    $ uname -a
    Linux panzi #1 SMP Wed Sep 3 03:40:05 EDT 2008 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

  179. brecht on

    @Samuel, there is a bug in NVidia drivers (169.x version) that we will have a workaround for in version 1.2, which might be what is causing problems for you. Also to everyone, if something does work, always mention your graphics card, it’s usually what makes the difference so we need that information to investigate.

  180. Samuel (EV) on

    Great! 😀
    Thanks, I can’t wait to test it out. =)

    When do you think it will come?

  181. venomgfx on

    @ Samuel (EV), please read comment #170 =)

    hint: the orange-highlighted comments are made by the Yo Frankie! team.

  182. Wolfram on

    Just tested the new NoGLSL Version 1.2 32 bit Linux version on Ubuntu on an AMD Athlon XP 1500,
    Nvidia NV5 (Riva TNT2 Pro with 32 MB memory). Runs smoothly and makes much fun to play.
    Congratulations! This really rocks !

  183. madman on

    Sweet! Version 1.2!!

    Why the bones still exist when them fall in to the lava??


  184. venomgfx on

    @ Wolfram, woow AthlonXP 1500 and nVidia TNT 32mb!, that’s very good to hear, im so glad!

    @ madman, si pero por cuanto tiempo? hice exactamente el mismo test aca en mi compu =), desaparecen despues de unos segundos

  185. Noodlesgc on

    Tested both the GLSL and the non-GLSL both 1.1 and 1.2 on linux32 (ubuntu 8.04)

    1.2 non-glsl is slower than 1.1 non-glsl


    1.2 glsl is faster than 1.1 glsl

  186. madman on

    @ venomgfx, pues creo recordar que fue más de unos pocos segundos… hasta salieron rodando del plano que esta hasta el fondo. No sé con exactitud… Voy a testear en mi old pc (Duron 1 Ghz, 512 Ram, Ubuntu 8.04) 😉

  187. venomgfx on

    @ madman: si? estás seguro? lo probe varias veces aca, fijate en props/arena_ground.blend, ahi hay un planito abajo del todo que tiene una propiedad killx1000, deberia matar todo lo que toca, en el caso de los bones pasa despues de unos segundos. si en ese archivo tenes el planito abajo del nivel, entonces esta actualizado.

  188. Samuel (EV) on

    Oh great! =D
    I can read Spanish, I just can’t write it so well. 🙂

    But please, if you can, english…

  189. jonny on

    v1.2 runs; like v1.1 did! (nvidia 173.x) But there’s something I didn’t recognize in v1.1: Sheeps and rats run into lava on their own (one sheep fell from a really high place while I was on a lower place not any near to it…

  190. venomgfx on

    @ Samuel (EV), sorry. (anyways the comment starts with: “@ madman” so is clear i’m talking with him, and it was about something in particular not really general).

    Is not easy for everybody to speak/write in english, specially needing support, for a lot of people is easier to talk in its native language to express themselves better (and is always best for them to have support by me in spanish since i’m a native spanish speaker).

  191. madman on

    @ Samuel (EV): I can read English, I just can’t write it so well, but please, if you can, Spanish 😉

    Ok, I’m talking about the bones… apparently not disappear when fall into the lava. But I checked again… and venom is right, dissapear after 10 seconds.

    Now, I will hope the team release a huge amount of tutorials in the DVD.

  192. tinman321 on

    oops, there is one bug, just delete phrase:

    “Pick up and Throw Sheeps: get close to one.. and kick it! then put yourself below it while is in the air, then Frankie will automatically grab it, press Space Bar to throw.”

  193. Mark Hannessen on

    ./yo_frankie: /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9′ not found (required by ./yo_frankie)

    My gentoo system doesn’t like version 1.2

    1.1 worked fine. 🙁

  194. Wildfire on

    @Campbell: Confirmed, Version 1.2 works fine without having the libraries installed 🙂 Didn’t notice any slowdowns so far.

    I was able to turn Yo Frankie! into a flight simulator though 😉 I killed a (wounded) sheep by throwing it onto the ground, then walked up to it and fell through the scenery. Frankie kept falling down and I could get him into flight mode by tapping m twice. I was able to reproduce the issue a second time, walking “into” the sheep as it fell over. Would be nice to have some kind of auto-reset of position once you leave a certain boundary.

  195. Deloince JP on

    Venomgfx, Ton, Campbell

    – The game is more beautiful in the window working blender
    in the executable:
    – The sky is shown
    – bump maping textures are more visible
    – the intensity of contrast (light / dark) and the
    color are more intense visual

    – The texture of lava has no animation, this is the last
    versions of blender that prevents this. I have this problem with
    the plug script that UVscroll works perfectly with the
    version 2.46 of Blender SVN 16,075 but not with Apricot
    Release of blender-2.47 SVN 16527.

    – The employee for taking items acorn, apricot, bone,
    did not fit me seems he environmental context
    bucolic, rather j’entendrai sound from the same area
    objects items, a more acoustic and not a
    music synthesizer.

    – I find it unfortunate not to have Mouse
    for the freedom of high and low light. With the directional keys
    keyboard have lost the freedom to access the landscape in his
    spontaneous immersion and its beauty.

    – Small note:
    It is frankly funny to see an item apricot
    who chew chewing gum nervously

    The game is generally quite fluid:
    Micorsoft Windows family XP Service Pack 3
    AMD Athlon ™ 64 Processor 3200 2.01 GHz
    3GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS 256ram

    Thank you to you all for apricot this work is really beautiful!

  196. MKash on

    Game works good, no slowdowns or crashes
    My Laptop Specs:

    Compaq V3000
    Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy)
    Kernel 2.6.24-19-generic
    Core Duo Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2250 @ 1.73GHz
    Memory 1509 MiB

    Graphics : Intel corp Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express integrated Graphics (rev 03)
    Sound: Intel Corp 82801G (ICH7 Family) HD audio


  197. venomgfx on

    Windows binaries for 1.2 are up!

  198. #HasH# on

    GLSL version tested and it works flawless.

    Pentium D 805 2,66GHz
    GeForce 7600GT
    2GB DDR2
    Arch Linux
    Kernel 2.6.26

  199. Martin on

    Macbook Pro
    OSX 10.5.5.
    Radeon X1600 : 128MB

    1. The nun glsl versio 1.2 is running well.
    2. The glsl version 1.2 is rendering nearly all surfaces except lava and grass with unshaded brown. I think my graphic card should be able to run glsl so this is a bug. Am i right?

  200. brecht on

    @Martin: some graphics cards have limited number of instructions so they might fail to run the shader, though I would expect the card to fall back on software rendering on Mac at least (though this isn’t always reliable). It would help if you could run the game from the console with the -d option and put the output in, thanks!

  201. Statik on

    Installed on Ubuntu 8.04 on HP DV2310CA laptop. non-glsl version. Seems to work great. Things noticed: Picked up rat on bridge level . . . invisible rat! Have screenie of Frankie with his hands up. 🙂 Also, some rocks and plateaus on the edges don’t have landable surfaces. Frankie will stop descending as if he’s landed, but continue to wave his hands in the air and slide along the ground as if he’s falling.

    Installed on Win2K on older custom PC, non-glsl version. Gliding seems harder. Odd crashes direct to desktop. Will continue to test. GLSL version will not run.

    Installed on WinXP on older custom PC, non-glsl version. Works fine. Haven’t fully tested and have yet to test GLSL version.

    Suggestion, thermals off lava to increase glide height at strategic points.


  202. SmaTheGreek on

    The glsl version 1.2 has still the same textures problem with my vista sp1 and geforce 8600 gs

  203. SmaTheGreek on

    The non-glsl 1.2 version works great though…!

  204. Statik on

    Tried the GLSL version on the laptop. Way too slow. Looks good tho.

    Noted that the health indicator on the HUD disappears often and then you don’t know how healthy Frankie is.


  205. Albi on

    P4 3.2
    2gb DDR2 Ram
    Geforce 7600GT 256mb DRR3
    Windows XP pro

    everything is working heaps better with the new update and the peach pickups are working and everything and what not

  206. Robinet on

    Acer Aspire 5610 ; Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz ; Intel 945GM
    Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)
    GNOME 2.22.3 (Ubuntu 2008-05-30)
    Linux 2.6.24-19-generic

    Everything works fine here ! Great job !

  207. mib2berlin on

    Blender svn 16592 crash if i use .gamedata.blend

    Detected GL_EXT_separate_specular_color
    read library: lib //../props/bridges.blend
    read library: lib //../props/flowers.blend
    read library: lib //../props/mountains.blend
    read library: lib //../props/mushrooms.blend
    read library: lib //../props/pickups.blend
    read library: lib //../props/plants.blend
    read library: lib //../props/platforms.blend
    read library: lib //../props/rocks.blend
    read library: lib //../props/signpost.blend
    read library: lib //../props/trees.blend
    read library: lib //../chars/frankie.blend
    Ungültiger Maschinenbefehl

    Standalone YoFrankie works

    OpenSuse 11/64
    Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT

    By By Mib

  208. me on

    Win32 non glgs Intel P4, Intel onboard 865G crashes a few seconds after start. But the few seconds are quite smooth for this PC 🙂

  209. Deloince JP on


    Is there a scenario, a story in the fabric of the game Yo Frankie?

    And I submit two question of the post 196
    which I always wonder if:

    – The texture of lava has no animation, this is the last
    versions of blender that prevents that. I have this problem with
    plugin UVscroll script that works perfectly with the
    version of Blender 2.46 SVN 16075 Apricot but not with
    Release of the blender-2.47 SVN 16527.

    – I find it unfortunate not to have the use of mouse
    for freedom of gaze up and down. With the directional keys
    keyboard have lost the freedom to access the landscape in its
    Immersion spontaneous and its beauty.

    Thank you in advance for your answer to both questions!
    A whole team of apricot, good day!

  210. ton on

    @Martin: I compiled the osx intel version on a similar mac, ati 1600 too. That card has not enough power for the current glsl materials. It can run simpler glsl well though.

  211. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    @panzi, meant to statically link libstdc++ but somehow it didn’t work. Frank Richter helped me work out the issue, added a scons option “WITH_BF_STATICCXX”.

    @Deloince JP, agree the bones and music don’t fit well, but keep in mind this level was made fairly fast for testing.
    As for adding mouse movement to better appreciate the scenery. I have thought this too a pity but there are quite a lot of things like this – improvements that can be added without too much trouble but all add up to adding features when we should be fixing known problems. – maybe we can get this in.

    @Wildfire, regarding falling through the scenery, this is bad but from your description Im not sure if its a problem with the levels physics meshes, bullet physics playing up or a GameLogic mistake. This level wasnt as well tested as Id have liked so there will probably be a few more issues like this.

    – Note, holding the action key now makes you run (rather then double tap), some people complained about this. – More like Mario Super Mario 3, Less like Kirby’s Dream Land 🙂

    Still need to choose different keys for the keyboard. N,M,Space are not great

  212. appultaart on

    AMD Athlon XP-2800+ with 2 GiB internal memory;
    Nvidia GeForce 6200 (nvidia linux-x86 driver v. 169.12); 21″ monitor
    Ubuntu 8.04 32-bits; kernel 2.6.24-19

    Demo-1.2 + GLSL : runs fine (>20fps) in opening window size, but on fullscreen ~ 5-10 fps (estimated)
    Demo-1.2 NON-GLSL : runs fine in opening window size and fullscreen, >20 fps (estimated)

    Very well playable on my system! Nice work, team!

  213. schwarzie2478 on

    I tried the new version 1.2 and all my issues with the Nvidia video cards are gone

    Windows 2003
    Windows XP

    Nvidia Quadro 570
    Nvidia 7900GX2

    No more blank textures, jippee!

  214. eric on

    The non-glsl 1.2 version have a texture problem on the ground. The texture alternates between franky texture and the ground texture. This does not occur in the version 1.1. I use an ATI Mobility 340M (free drivers) under linux Ubuntu Hardy.

  215. Taggerung on

    The game looks awesome! I think space should be jump, Control should be throw (attack if there is not anything to throw), and Alt should be attack (tailwhip).

  216. slukas on


    Everything works fine with this release here. Good job guys.

    Win XP SP3,
    AMD ATHLON 2800+, 768mb RAM, Ati Radeon x1650 pro 256mb

    Go for it Apricot team!

  217. Tomas on

    Having the same issue as Panzi:
    Running Fedora 8
    ./yo_frankie: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9′ not found (required by ./yo_frankie)

    @Campbell, since you “meant to statically link libstdc++” does that mean that there will be a new build available that actually is?

    thanks for all the work! Can’t play it yet but everything I’ve seen so far looks awesome!!

  218. Fabiane on

    I tested the Mac PPC version, and it seems like the game get slow after some time.

  219. venomgfx on

    @ Fabiane: yes the version in that file is old (1.0), has some issues (like the slowdown), you can fix it ! download the sources package (now in version 1.2), and replace all the files in your Yo Frankie! folder (the one you use now in your Mac PPC), it will replace everything but should keep the binaries, then play again and everything solved 😀

    it doesnt matter that the binaries are from 1.0 and the source blend files are from 1.2, it should work.
    Please drop a comment if it does.

  220. mcreamsurfer on

    It works all quite well on my macbook (2.2Ghz, 2GB RAM, Intel GMA X3100). Even the GLSL Shading works without problems. Very slow framerate…but it works. yeah…it wasn’t supported before – now it is.

  221. Al on

    The game looks very nice. Looks like what I’d expect from a platformer.
    I would definitely like to use WASD controls like every other PC game.
    Joystick support needs work. Or should I say, it needs to work.

  222. mcreamsurfer on

    »The non-glsl 1.2 version have a texture problem on the ground. The texture alternates between franky texture and the ground texture […]«

    I am having the same problem with the Intel Version 1.2 non GLSL on my macbook (see specs above).

  223. Wildfire on

    @Campbell: I don’t think it’s a problem with the level’s meshes either, since I was able to reproduce it several times at several locations. It’s actually pretty easy to do: Pick up a sheep and toss it (Now chase the coward and pick it up again, be careful it doesn’t commit suicide in the lava before you catch it). Repeat several times until the sheep falls over. As soon as the “falling over” animation plays walk right into the sheep (you have to be fast). This is easiest to do if you toss the sheep into a wall right next to you, pick it up, toss again.

  224. Jan on

    Both versions work fine here on a intel imac 10.5.5
    Please don’t use the F1 – F12 buttons on the mac release of yo franky as these keys are bound to OS functions by default on most macs. (brightness, expose, volume, media playback and eject.) Using these keys for game function makes yofranky unplayable for mac users as most are unwilling or unable to remap the function keys.

  225. RH2 on

    WINDOWS version 1.2 works better, no slowdowns anymore. runs at 45+ FPS.
    I cant control what Frankie is looking at. Could that be added later? Third person doesn’t let you enjoy the scenery.

    Oh yeah I fell out of the level once; its fun to fall out of the map….
    I collected all four apricots!

  226. yman on

    With on Ubuntu 8.04 X86:
    After a few minutes, it seems to spontaneously switch to full-screen, except the screen is a blank black and the computer seems to be totally frozen. I pressed the power button and Ubuntu shut itself down (it’s supposed to show the “Quit…” menu).

  227. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    @Wildfire, this is a problem with my very dodgy respawning. – the sheep becomes invisible and moves back to his original location location instantly – looks like your getting in the way 🙂

    Will see if bullet can be made to ignore objects physics for a moment, or possibly have a way to remove the object and add a new one.

  228. RH2 on

    I collected all four apricots (without dying) thinking something cool would happen. I am now disillusioned.
    I noticed that the sky2.png texture looks like a rabit/bunny.

  229. Mark William Darbyshire on

    Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT. Had nvidia-glx-new installed and the game would crash during the splash screen (see ). Installed nvidea-glx-new-envy and it fixed the problem.

  230. venomgfx on

    @ RH2: hey is a *technical* demo! 🙂

    @ Mark William Darbyshire, yep! since nvidia-glx-new-envy gives you the very latest drivers available.

    but thanks for pointing that out since there is a few people with crashing in 8series card and nvidia-glx-new, now they know they have to switch to install nvidia-glx-new-envy for the latest drivers!

  231. Patrick on

    I have tried both versions and I’m getting the same problem.

    No Textures.

    This includes the HUD elements.

    Looking at the console messages at the start of the game loop, I get the following error reported:

    FATAL ERROR: C9999


    My computer is a Pentium 4 1.8Ghz Dual Core running 2 x nVidia GeForce 7600 Cards in SLI mode.



  232. Victor v S on

    To everybody with problem running GLSL version on Windows (no textures showing):

    Please update the driver for your graphics card.

    I had the same problem (demo showed only vertex colours), but after installing the latest driver everything works super.

    Windows Vista
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dualcore 2.81 GHz
    nVidia GeForce 8600GT
    4 Gb RAM

  233. venomgfx on

    @ Patrick, could you specify which operating system are you in? , it looks like the drivers of your graphic card might be old, as Victor v S says,

    thanks Victor! =)

  234. blenderman345 on

    OSX, No GLSL, works fine, Macbook Pro, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz, nVidia 8600 GT, 2 GB RAM, Frankie moves a little (veeeerrrry little) odd, and it looks GREAT! I ran the .app, becuz there was no .blend. And my, my, this is nowaday game quality! 😮

  235. Patrick on


    My OS is:

    Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit Version 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Build 6001

    My Graphics driver is:

    GeForce 7600 GS ForceWare Version 169.25

    …and when I click-on update in the driver properties, Windows says that the current driver is up to date.



  236. Pitel on

    Second update runs great on Ubuntu 8.04.1 with GeForce 7600. GLSL enabled. But I sometimes ends on beige screen falling.

  237. venomgfx on

    @ blenderman345, hey little boy! (ya i know you are 10! or 11 already? geez i cant imagine you at 20 blending for 10 years =), there is a .blend! is called .gamedata.blend, enable hidden files 😉

    @ Patrick, Windows Vista is lying! 🙂

    I did a search on about your graphics card:
    GeForce Release 175 WHQL
    Version: 175.19
    Release Date: June 23, 2008
    Operating System: Windows Vista 32-bit
    Language: U.S. English
    File Size: 35.2 MB

    You said you have: GeForce 7600 GS ForceWare Version 169.25, and Vista says is up-to-date, it seems quite old.

    @ Pitel, great! thanks for testing.

  238. myselfhimself on

    I’ve downloaded the non glsl demo here.
    First I need to run the game from cmd / console, other wise yo frankie exits after a few seconds.
    msvcr71.dll could be provided with the game (I found it somewhere anyways…)
    I can see the “loading” image, but then I get a pinkiard screen with the music but nothing more
    I do’nt think Frankie can be controlled because there’s no sound (like when jumping I here nothing)… so I guess that the game is stuck.
    The setup here is :
    core 2 duo 2.2GHz. graphics card : intel gma something (I can’t look it up because it’s a university PC)

    The game log :

    Detected GL_ARB_texture_env_combine
    Detected GL_ARB_texture_cube_map
    Detected GL_ARB_multitexture
    Detected GL_ARB_vertex_program
    Detected GL_ARB_depth_texture
    Detected GL_EXT_separate_specular_color
    shaders not supported!
    read library: lib //../props/bridges.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\bridges.blend
    read library: lib //../props/flowers.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\flowers.blend
    read library: lib //../props/mountains.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\mountains.blend
    read library: lib //../props/mushrooms.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\mushrooms.blend
    read library: lib //../props/pickups.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\pickups.blend
    read library: lib //../props/plants.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\plants.blend
    read library: lib //../props/platforms.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\platforms.blend
    read library: lib //../props/rocks.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\rocks.blend
    read library: lib //../props/signpost.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\signpost.blend
    read library: lib //../props/trees.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\trees.blend
    read library: lib //../chars/frankie.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \chars\frankie.blend
    read library: lib //../props/arena_ground.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \props\arena_ground.blend
    read library: lib //../chars/sheep.blend
    ERROR: can’t find lib \chars\sheep.blend
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRbridge_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAbridge
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRflowers_s_colors_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRflowers_s_colors_02
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRflowers_s_colors_03
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRflowers_s_pink_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRflowers_s_purple_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRflowers_s_red_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRflowers_s_white_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAsmallFlowers
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRmountain1
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRmountain2
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRmountainRock1
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRmountainRock2
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAmountain2
    LIB ERROR: can’t find TEredrock_nor
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRmushroom_or_001
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRmushroom_or_002
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRmushroom_red_001
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRmushroom_red_002
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRmushroom_tree_001
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRmushroom_tree_002
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAmushrooms1
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRacorn_001
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRapricot_001
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRbone
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAapricot_001
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAfx_bones
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRgrass_002
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRwheat_001
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRwheat_002
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAgrass_006
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRlava_platform4
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRpillar_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRpillar_02
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRplatform_disc_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRplatform_sm_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRplatform_sm_02
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRrocks_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRspike1
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRvolcano_rock1
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRvolcano_rock2
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAstone_cliff_01
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAvolcanoRock
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRsignpost_big
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRsignpost_med
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRsignpost_small
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAsignpost
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAMaterial
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAgrass_006
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAno_friction
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRlog_big_001
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRtree_brown_1
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRtree_brown_2
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAbrowntreeleaves
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAtree_brown
    LIB ERROR: can’t find OBfx_blast
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRFlyingSquirrel
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAfranky_physics_mat
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAfrankie_skin
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAtail_col
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAtail_alpha
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAflyingsquirrel_eye
    LIB ERROR: can’t find MAfrankie_theeth
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRarena_ground
    LIB ERROR: can’t find OBflash_death
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRrat
    LIB ERROR: can’t find GRsheep_cute
    LIB ERROR: base removed
    LIB ERROR: base removed
    shaders not supported!

  239. myselfhimself on

    you’ve been featured on Phoronix :

  240. myselfhimself on

    I’ve tested the linux version on a Core 2 Duo 1.6 Ghz with a Geforce 7300
    There’s nothing to say graphically speaking.
    on the game itself :
    it’s a pity that you can’t fly after a fall with no jumping. Maybe after … 100 ms in the air, Frankie should be allowed to deploy its legs and fly.

    If you hit the lava just a little, you die right away. It would nice that you just lose some life value.
    A greater diversity of dying sounds/manners would be appreciated.

  241. centx on

    Tested on eeepc 900 with ubuntu hardy heron (8.04), didn’t have time to read all above, so things could have been reported already.

    no glsl x86_32 works, but of course at unplayable low framerates. It also seems like that the hp-indicator is gone.
    glsl x86_32 works too, and of course the framerates are even worse, but it works nonetheless, the hp-indicator seems to b gone here too.


    Looks awesome btw, keep up the good work =)

  242. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    what do you mean by Bullet Physics System updated?


  243. sebasong on

    Ha ha, finally get it to run on my Mac. Macuser, u need to install python from
    Run ur utility/console to check for whatever problem. MIne is intel iMac 10.4.

  244. Dragondz on

    The non-GLSG work fine for me except that the healthy indicatoer disapear!

    But it s quite good cause my system is old:

    Intel Celeron 1.4 / 1 Go Ram / Mobility Radeon 9000 with 32 Mo / WinXP Sp2

    Great job guys 😉

  245. Azure on

    Works perfectly fine however mushrooms appear untextured

    AMD athlon 64 duel core 2.7Ghz
    Nvidia 8500 GT 512MB
    2GB ram
    WinXP Sp2

  246. Patrick on


    Game is working now.

    For some reason windows was reporting that I had an up to date driver for my nVidia system, but this was wrong.

    I am now using ForceWare version:



  247. ThibG on

    Hi, I tried the demo under debian GNU/Linux (testing + some parts of sid), with nouveau (git version) and… it works pretty well!
    Lava isn’t animated or anything, it’s a bit strange. Another thing: the health information disappears if I get damage.
    Except this two things, it works very well 🙂

  248. Earl on

    There is a little bug with the gras. It is flying, you can see that, if you watch from below.

    Here is a screenshot:

  249. centx on

    Tested it on another machine running WinXP professional and a very old nvidia driver for the nvidia geforce fx 5200 installed. The no-glsl version worked like a charm, while the glsl version (1.2 both) caused some severe slowdowns (probably due to the outdated driver).

    My little brother really liked the graphics (his system =) ).

  250. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    Oh yeah thanks you guys so much for your hard work.

  251. Walter Doubleyoothreecee on

    Earl: A censored taskbar? Why don’t you share all your great porn sites with us? 🙂

  252. Lars on

    Perhaps this helps for Ati cards:

    Keep up the great work!

  253. Will on

    I’m having serious issues with version 1.2

    I’m running Vista Home Premium with onboard graphics on a Mobile Intel 945GM Express chipset. Windows thinks that the most up-to-date driver for this is With this version of the driver, Yo Frankie crashes about half a second after finishing loading.

    However, there’s a newer version, that is packaged under using “945” instead of “945GM” (because it applies to the whole family) which I was able to force Windows to accept. Now I got a taste of the brilliant gameplay, but still had the following problems:

    – Every so often while playing it still crashes
    – If I resize the window it crashes
    – Scenery occasionally vanishes
    – The characters occasionally lose their texture in favour of some mangled patterns

    Obviously the game really ought to work on the widespread Windows-friendly driver outright, as do other games. Good luck!

  254. madman on

    I can’t play yofrankie on my laptop.
    Intel Centrino 1.6 Ghz
    512 MB Ram
    Intel Graphic Card Mobile 915GM/GMS, 910 GML Express Chipset Family 128 VRAM
    Using the NO-GLSL version of the game.


    The console show the messages in debug mode.

  255. madman on

    Hi again, I still triying to play in my laptop (see #252)
    I download the last svn, well the rev. 16651 and run the .gamedata.blend…
    Result with -d parameter:

    I try to play in wire mode and… I can play!!!
    Result in console:

  256. RooL on

    Non-GLSL runtime versions (1 and 1.2) works well but GLSL ones (1 & 1.2) have no shaders at all. Runing and making a runtime with release 16635 all OK, and it’s really beautiful (non-glsl version is quite beautiful too). Framerate doesn’t seem to be very high.

    Running on win 2000 SP4
    Athlon X2 64 3600+
    1024 Go
    GeForce 7600 GT

    Is there an end at this demo or it’s just for visiting ?

    Very good job, I’m waiting fopr the final release…

  257. rwnvidspec on

    I think this is a great start for what looks like will eventually be a really fun game when completed, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for future levels.

    Both versions of the demo (GLSL and non-GLSL) played pretty well on my iMac in OSX. I also have Windows XP on my iMac installed through Apple Bootcamp on the same computer, and I also installed and tried to play the game in Windows XP.

    Just to report on some things that didn’t work:

    – There wasn’t any audio in either version GLSL and non-GLSL of the demo on my iMac running OSX Leopard 10.5.5; the following components in this iMac are: 2 Ghz Intel Core Duo; 1 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM; graphics card: ATI Raedeon HD2400.

    – I also noticed what looked like rendering errors or graphics that were not where they should be, such as I saw Frankie’s head appearing in the sky in the GLSL version. The non-GLSL played great, but again, no audio on either version on my system.

    – On the Windows XP side of the iMac, neither version of the game would start.

    That’s all. Good luck and keep up the hard work.

  258. current trunk on

    Compiled with Python version 2.5.2.
    Checking for installed Python… got it!
    Failed to initialize TTM buffer manager. Falling back to classic.
    read library: lib //../props/bridges.blend
    read library: lib //../props/flowers.blend
    read library: lib //../props/mountains.blend
    read library: lib //../props/mushrooms.blend
    read library: lib //../props/pickups.blend
    read library: lib //../props/plants.blend
    read library: lib //../props/platforms.blend
    read library: lib //../props/rocks.blend
    read library: lib //../props/signpost.blend
    read library: lib //../props/trees.blend
    read library: lib //../chars/frankie.blend
    read library: lib //../props/arena_ground.blend
    read library: lib //../chars/sheep.blend
    read library: lib //../effects/fx_blast.blend
    read library: lib //frankie_actions.blend
    read library: lib //../hud/hud.blend
    read library: lib //../effects/fx_lavaEffects.blend
    read library: lib //../effects/ashes.blend
    read library: lib //rat_actions.blend
    read library: lib //sheep_actions.blend
    read library: lib //../props/pickups.blend
    blender: shader/slang/slang_codegen.c:661: new_var: Assertion `var->declared’ failed.
    Aborted (core dumped)

  259. ouch on

    I tried the demo today and had a few problems. at first I couldn’t move. figured out it was trying to use my joystick so I unplugged it. then I still couldn’t move so I unplugged my Nostromo N52. and I could finally play it. However any surface that didn’t cause the stand animation allowed me to go through walls and rocks pretty easily. This includes jumping on rats and bones.

    but other than that it ran well on my p4 2.8 prescott with a radeon 3850 512mb (agp version) with an audigy 2 ZS platinum sound card and 1gb of system ram.

  260. epat on

    Hmm, only runs at about 24fps or less most of the time on my (non-overclocked) GeForce GTO 7900. The only real difference between the GTO and a GTX is the slightly underclocked memory, so it’s meant to be about 5-10% lag in practical terms, but other people with GTXs are getting 70fps+… And over double my speed when GLSL is turned off! :/ I think something’s wrong with my setup… :/

    Still, have tested. Seems to run alright, but there’s some dodgy output in terminal mode:
    Detected GL_ARB_texture_env_combine
    Detected GL_ARB_texture_cube_map
    Detected GL_ARB_multitexture
    Detected GL_ARB_shader_objects
    Detected GL_ARB_vertex_shader
    Detected GL_ARB_fragment_shader
    Detected GL_ARB_vertex_program
    Detected GL_ARB_depth_texture
    Detected GL_EXT_separate_specular_color
    read library: lib //../props/bridges.blend
    read library: lib //../props/flowers.blend
    read library: lib //../props/mountains.blend
    read library: lib //../props/mushrooms.blend
    read library: lib //../props/pickups.blend
    read library: lib //../props/plants.blend
    read library: lib //../props/platforms.blend
    read library: lib //../props/rocks.blend
    read library: lib //../props/signpost.blend
    read library: lib //../props/trees.blend
    read library: lib //../chars/frankie.blend
    read library: lib //../props/arena_ground.blend
    read library: lib //../chars/sheep.blend
    read library: lib //../effects/fx_blast.blend
    read library: lib //frankie_actions.blend
    read library: lib //../hud/hud.blend
    read library: lib //../effects/fx_lavaEffects.blend
    read library: lib //../effects/ashes.blend
    read library: lib //rat_actions.blend
    read library: lib //sheep_actions.blend
    read library: lib //../props/pickups.blend
    unable to initialize image(0) in MAsky, image will not be available
    unable to initialize image(0) in MAenemyshadow1, image will not be available
    unable to initialize image(0) in NoMaterial, image will not be available
    WARNING: Sound actuator “act” from object “fx_lava_splash_pa” failed to load sample.
    Warning, sensor “debug_pulse_true” has lost a link to a controller (link 1 of 1) from object “generic_character”
    possible causes are partially appended objects or an error reading the file,logic may be incorrect
    Warning, sensor “generic_always_pulse” has lost a link to a controller (link 4 of 4) from object “Frankie”
    possible causes are partially appended objects or an error reading the file,logic may be incorrect
    cant catch anything: we are not on the ground
    frank_init: ID: 0
    19 sensors
    Player 0 using keyboard
    config: setting deytail high
    setting ID 0
    CHILD! rig_rat
    setting ID 1
    CHILD! rig_rat
    setting ID 2
    CHILD! rig_rat
    setting ID 3
    CHILD! rig_rat
    setting ID 4
    CHILD! rig_rat
    setting ID 5
    CHILD! rig_rat
    setting ID 6
    CHILD! rig_rat
    setting ID 7
    CHILD! sheep_shadow
    CHILD! sheep_bounce
    CHILD! rig_sheep
    setting ID 8
    CHILD! sheep_shadow
    CHILD! sheep_bounce
    CHILD! rig_sheep
    setting ID 9
    CHILD! sheep_shadow
    CHILD! sheep_bounce
    CHILD! rig_sheep
    setting ID 10
    CHILD! sheep_shadow
    CHILD! sheep_bounce
    CHILD! rig_sheep
    setting ID 11
    CHILD! sheep_shadow
    CHILD! sheep_bounce
    CHILD! rig_sheep
    Added cam OBMainCam
    unable to initialize image(0) in MAhealth_sheet_momo, image will not be available
    hit_speed 0.0677694567105
    0 1.49999952316
    0 1.51666617393
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    hit_speed 0.357840430553
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch anything: carry collider false
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    hit_speed 0.0143061374345
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch anything: carry collider false
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    hit_speed 0.0143245454759
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch anything: carry collider false
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    hit_speed 0.0142457652531
    0 1.38333272934
    0 1.39999938011
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    GO TOO CLOSE 0.549378718481 0.277213476019
    cant catch anything: carry collider false
    GO TOO CLOSE 0.529763928708 0.251114047069
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    hit_speed 0.0142754115848
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch: carry object not airbourne
    cant catch anything: carry collider false
    GO TOO CLOSE 0.301213082511 0.487267621008

    When the “cant catch: carry object not airbourne” messages come up, that’s because a rat started attacking me from behind before I pressed ESC. But the image failures and other warnings surely aren’t a good sign?…

    My little list of quirks/suggestions:
    1. Frankie gets stuck on top of mushrooms and other things, and sometimes you can’t get away because jump is disabled when on those props. (and it honestly looks like he’s humping those mushrooms in that pose… :P) This also happens in some corners in the rocks.
    2. When Frankie is hanging from a ledge, it would make more sense for him to climb automatically, given a slight delay. (most other games work this way)
    3. The lava splashes are just above the actual lava surface so it looks rather strange from a distance. Sometimes the splashes come up through the floor if there is a platform just above the lava. (could be an issue for level designers even if not a major issue now)
    4. When a sheep dies, Frankie can get blasted to oblivion through the floor if he’s too close. (mentioned earlier, but listed here for completeness)
    5. The dying animation is FAR too long, and sounds rather like a little kids first encounter with a spider. Plus it would be better if Frankie gradually lost his life on contact with lava, giving you at least 2 seconds to get out of trouble before he dies. (sometimes, his foot touches it when gliding or he doesn’t quite make it to land but won’t make any effort to cling on to the edge because the lava is right underneath)
    6. Frankie’s feet sometimes go through things, like tree roots. Is it possible to add a collision object linked to his feet, or has that already been done and is it another problem altogether?
    7. The camera doesn’t follow him into tight spaces (i.e. the tree trunk), leaving you to guess where he’s going. Also, when he is re-spawned after dying, the camera does an annoying little flick. (this happens a lot in games) Maybe the camera could be reset too when this happens. (and temporarily frozen for a few milliseconds perhaps)
    8. Sometimes the camera goes through walls/rocks inappropriately.

    Other than that, excellent work, and the graphics are very nice, though it would be good to see some movement in that lava. If not GLSL then at least a slowly animated texture would be better than nothing. And what about sky? I notice there is a sky image included as a resource, but I figure the errors in my output about loading this image would give the reason as to why it doesn’t show up… :/

    Thanks for all your hard work. It really is a fantastic effort! =]

    PS: What happened about the transparent tree leaves feature that was in on of the earlier videos? It would be nice if tree leaves faded out gradually when the camera got close, or does this just need setting up for the trees in this demo?

  261. LigH on

    Same crash as madman in comment 255, with a “Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family” GPU, immediately after the 3D landscape appears. Windows XP Pro SP2 [/PAE /burnmemory=256], german; Intel Core Duo E6750; 3.24 GB RAM for OS and apps.

    SDL_app: yofrankie.exe – Fehler in Anwendung
    Die Anweisung in “0x0903f35e” verweist auf Speicher in “0x09460820”. Der Vorgang
    “written” konnte nicht auf dem Speicher durchgeführt werden.


  262. nofxboy1234 on

    Running on OpenSUSE 10.3 – 32 bit
    intel core 2 quad q6600
    3.25 gb ram
    GeForce 8500 GT

    The game runs very smoothly in normal and full screen and the graphics look very good! I can’t wait for the full game! The only thing i found was when you do a tail whip straight after another tail whip, the sound effect doesn’t play, but otherwise, it’s excellent. It took me a while to get the hang of gliding properly with that power boost but i seem to have it now. Do you glide easier over lava because of the hot air rising, or am i imagining that?

    Thanks for the great game.

  263. Happyzippy on


    the GLSL version worked very well at a win XP
    intel celeron 1.86GHz cpu
    1 gb RAM
    and a onboard “Intel GMA X3100” GPU

    but it crashed quite a lot, every two minutes, i really don’t know why( it was different every time)

    Thanks for a super game…

    PS it’s the best graphics running smoothly on this system until now =)

  264. XenosRDrake on

    Hey, I tried both the GLSL and non GLSL on windows XP, and it gets an error, I have blender 2.46, Is there a new one? because I saw a comment about it at the top I’ll re-install blender and see if it works.

  265. XenosRDrake on

    nope, still not working. any reccomendations? it shows frankie standing with his arms in front of him in front of som lava, then says:
    | yofrankie.exe has encountered a problem and needs to |
    | close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. |
    | |
    | if you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on |
    | might be lost. |
    | |
    | |
    | Please tell Microsoft about this problem* |
    | We have created an error report that you can send to us. We will treat |
    | this report as confidential and anonymous. |
    | |
    | To see what data this report contains, _click_here._ |
    | _______________ __________ |
    | | send error report | | don’t send | |
    | ———————– ————— |

    The standard WinXP error message, anybody else have this problem? and how did you fix it?

  266. madman on

    @ XenosRDrake, the game don’t work with 2.46 or 2.47…. you need the last compilation of the SVN for your system. Check for the last versión.

  267. madnux on

    Any update? XD

  268. ethana2 on

    Woohoo! Works on my 1420n!
    Ubuntu 8.04.1 i386 Desktop, up to date
    2.2 GHz C2D
    geforce 8400m gs

    …can I change the resolution though? My screen is 1440×900 px..

  269. XenosRDrake on

    Oh, ok. thanks madnux, I’ll try it.

  270. XenosRDrake on

    hmm… what’s the exact name of the build I need? I tried both the “SVN [Rev 16715] + Tiles Texture Patch 14a” and “Blender-2.47 Trunk SVN 16715”, neither one worked. thanks in advance.

  271. Olm-z on

    hmmm … glsl demo crash with my 2nd test system : fresh ubuntu 8.04.1 with envy drivers for ATI X1600 mobile … it crash by seg fault …. (damn closed source drivers … ) the non-glsl works like a charm…

  272. Walter Doubleyoothreecee on

    Where’s the caves and waterfalls? 😉

  273. Sebih on

    Downloaded update 2 with glsl for windows. It runs smoothly on my new System
    Core 2 Duo Centrino 2 P8400 (2,26Ghz)
    Intel GMA X4500MHD
    2GB Ram
    Vista Home Premium SP2

    Unfortunately it crashes after some time when hitting an object (not always when hitting an object) an when I resize the window.

  274. Max on

    Werrrrrrry COOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!
    The best Game 😀

  275. DX-MON on

    Hi, I’ve been trying to run your Technical Demos on my laptop – Intel Dual Core, with an Intel GMA 950 graphics card.

    The 1.2 version loads to the point of displaying “Press F1 for help” and then crashes, this is the same for both GLSL and non-GLSL. I also took the liberty of running the 1.1 versions, and they also crash, but during the loading sequence.

    I’m running the latest possible drivers for my card, which were published 2 years ago. I have no problem running Blender – it runs faster on this computer than on another of mine which has an ATI card, so not being able to run this is very puzzling. Is there a possibility that your game is OpenGL 2.0 ONLY? if so, anybody with a card older than one bought out in the second half of 2006 will not be able to run it – that’s a lot of people. Could you create a version that uses OpenGL 1.2 features only? (I don’t have the tools to compile this, and I could not get blender to link (I could get it to compile though in Visual C++ 2005 Express), so something about my configuration is screwy)

  276. DX-MON on

    Opps, forgot: I’m running XP SP2, no windows updates (can’t bear the things); 2Gb of RAM; 24Mb L2 Cache, and the graphics is on-board to the motherboard. The computer itself is 3 years old (approx).

  277. dway on

    Same error on libstd++ on Gentoo :
    ./yo_frankie: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9′ not found (required by ./yo_frankie)

    No solution for now since the “statically link…bla bla bla…scons… bla bla bla” doesn’t mean anything for me, it’s like a “try this maybe” ubuntu-response :p
    I prefer clear solutions ^^ I’ll wait then

  278. epat on

    The version of glibc you are using is not the one linked to by the game. You should either update it or compile the game yourself. (updating glibc can be risky but I do it all the time here) Most linux distros force you to update if a package you install requires a different version of glibc to the one you are using, but they try and compile all packages to use the same version for each release of the distro. Since Yo Frankie is not a distro provided package, you can expect problems unless you compile it yourself.

    Hope that helps.
    ~epat. =]

  279. madman on

    We need another update!!!


  280. thirdsense on

    hi there,
    good news from me: both windows versions run fine on my system. glsl a bit slower – but nicer!!.
    windows vista home premium
    intel core duo 2mhz t7250 laptop (dell)
    2GB Ram
    nvidia Geforce 8600m Gt Graficcard

    get some errormessage while loading the glsl version concerning images that can’t be found. but evereything seems to look well textured.

    good work!


  281. Shan Piete on


    I tried to run both versions of Yofrankie (both the apps and the blend files) and all of them froze after the loading scene.

    I have a dell laptop:
    1GB Ram
    1.73Hz intel core duo

    can anyone help?
    Shan Piete

  282. nathanael on

    I have tested the game on my:

    vista premium 64
    core 2 duo 2.2
    4 gig ddr3 ram
    nvidia 9800m gts

    I tried glsl. Awesome, great work guys. I consider myself and advanced blender user. ( I am an animator for a living.)

    However, I would like to play with .blend files. You mention that I need a recent build of blender from I cannot find a recent build for windows. I am not a programmer and do not understand all of the lingo on

    Would someone care to give a me a link or show me where to download the latest version?

  283. RooL on

    You can use Blender 2.48 RC1 available here It should work.

  284. nathanael on

    Thank you very much.

  285. Walter Doubleyoothreecee on

    More than 3 weeks without an update, and 2 months behind the original deadline – a BIG RED WARNING SIGN appears in my head 🙂

  286. Beafrieze on

    Runs perfect on my 1 year old macbook (without GlSL). Amazing experience!

  287. Jason Woofenden on

    the non-GLSL version runs great on my laptop: Dell Inspiron 2.6Ghz ubuntu 8.10-beta 500MB ram, Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500]

    Dying in the lava is too creepy! It disturbed my girlfriend considerably, and I really don’t like listening to frankie_dielava.wav

    Everything else in the demo seems to be perfectly good for all audiences except this one little piece.

  288. Predice on

    I don´t know if it was already discussed here, but when you pic up a rat or a sheep, it doesn´t do any moves. In my opinion it would be cool when these animals could try to free themselves (for example moving their legs very wild and their body).

    This new version now looks much smoother and runs very well on my Macbook Pro. Great job, guys!! 😀

  289. alienkd10 on

    Everytime I try and play(can’t do GLSL so that’s not it) it gives me “blender.exe has generated errors and needs to close” same thing with the .exe file.

    1GB RAM
    Intel cereron 2GHz prosesor
    intel 82945G express chip set grafics card with 128.0MB memory
    running windows XP SP 2

  290. doubled on

    Amazing demo! I tested the GLSL demo which runs perfectly fine. Thank you so much for having brought the game engine to that level!

    On my system I get frame rates between 30 to 42 fps depending on the actions/moves I do and where I just move around in the level.

    AMD64 X2 3800+
    2GB RAM
    Nvidia 7600GT

  291. LinoSP on

    P4 Intel Celeron 2.53 GHz, 1GB DDR1 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (128MB), Win32 XP SP2, 2 PSX Pads connected to DB-25, Blender 2.48, Python 2.5.2 (python-2.6 don’t work with Blender 2.48 in XP)

    He probado ‘Yo Frankie! Demo 1.2 – with GLSL support- Windows’ y me anda peor q presentación de diapositivas. jeje xD

    ‘Yo Frankie! Demo 1.2 – No GLSL (Texture Face Mode) – Windows’ va a un framerate mas o menos decente y estable. Ahora una vez q inicia el juego , apreté las flechas en el teclado y Frankie no se movió, arranca con el PSX Pad por defecto y una vez q muevo el joystick Frankie comienza a caminar para el lado izquierdo sin parar hasta q muevo el jostick para el lado derecho, una vez q lo suelto sigue yendo para el lado izquierdo 🙁 , con esto no puedo CORRER (Flecha hacia arriba 2 veces) [no se por q sucede esto con otros juegos el psx pad no me da problemas].

    BUG: Mientras estuve jugando fui caminando (torcido pero andaba) hacia un borde entre la lava y el piso y en vez de ahogarse en la lava cayó como q fuera un precipicio y se estrelló con un piso invisible.

    Felicitaciones a todo el equipo de Yo Frankie por este grandioso juego, les está quedando muy bonito y el modo multijugador es una gran idea

    · Quizás correr por defecto y mantener presionado un botón para caminar.
    · Modo horizontal y vertical en multijugador.
    · ¿No sería mejor si pusieran en el modo multijugador a Rinky en vez del monito?

  292. NinjaBuntu on

    I had a glitch…

    I was giving the beat down to a pair of sheep and suddenly i get a sort of tone and then the screen went black. after a few seconds I was in a pink-ish red-ish area and seems to be in a constant state of falling. I could even Glide but that about it…

    I am using a Linux system. Ubuntu Studio i386 (32bit) on a Core 2 Duo with a gig of ram nVidia GeForce 7 256mb Memory.

    I took a screenshot of the error… you can find that here…

    I don’t know where else to bug report. I guess that would be in the readme file huh…

  293. ThaShalis on

    Linux 64bit GLSL and no-GLSL works. But its very slow because i didnt configured my graphics card 😉

    WindowsXP 32bit GLSL and no-GLSL doesnt work, it crashes directly after starting (problem with a ati???.dll).

    AMD Athlon 64 X2
    4GB RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 2400

  294. Ptijo on

    For me it doesn’t work
    When I launch the YoFrankie application which is in the “yofrankie_demo1.2_glsl_win32” folder (using windows Vista 32 bits), I see the “wait screen” and the charachter, I can click on F1 but when I click on the arrow keys, the frankie don’t move, and he dies sometimes caus of a rat.
    So I can’t move the character, the camera just turn around him.
    Please need help!*


  295. Allen on

    I am using a win xp with an athlon xp 2100 at work and it run fairly well windowed . I am sure it would run full screen on my laptop at home.

  296. Cem Demir on

    Super game.Thanks yo frankie team! I am use blender engine.I am 15 years old.I like computer programing.:D In this game the success .Beautifull work!

  297. DaVince on

    Wow, I’m impressed! The game actually runs quite well on my 900Mhz Eee PC with 512 MB RAM and a built-in Intel graphics chip (estimation: 15 FPS)! Not only that, but the game looks quite good under it. I have only one problem and that is the fact that Frankie himself looks completely white – untextured, except for his tail which sometimes un-whitens.

  298. DaVince on

    I forget to mention – the Eee PC is underclocked by default which means this game is actually running at 15 FPS on only 630 Mhz. And that through a big, professional 3D engine using Python. Man, you guys rock.

  299. Drewza on

    Hey, I know this probably sounds really lame and stuff but i can’t get mine to work! someone help me please

  300. dave on

    Mine says it’s missing zlib.dill

  301. nikau on

    Ran ok on my system.. Pretty cool demo. It looks so awesome! I totally love the squirrel character, he has that bad ass “Ice Age” rat attitude..

    My system:
    AMD athlon XP 2500+, 1gig of RAM, Radeon HD2600Pro (512mb RAM, catalyst 8.10)
    Kubuntu 8.04 (kernel:

  302. Equilibrix on

    Runs smoothly on my laptop Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz, 2GB RAM, GeForce 8600 GT!
    However no sound is present. Everything else works great!

  303. youBRAIN on

    entering “level 1 home” in final game (downloaded from this site) results in a frozen screen, after a few seconds the game exits with a segfault. last output before that is

    read library: lib //momo_actions.blend
    read library: lib //..\props\pickups.blend
    unable to initialize image(0) in MAashes, image will not be available
    segmentation fault

    i use linux with ATI’s proprietary fglrx driver.

  304. beurkblob on

    Config :
    Mac Pro Intel Xeon 4 x 3Ghz – OSX 10.4.11 Ram 16Gb
    Apple HD Display 30′ – NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 x 2

    Package : 1.2 Glsl OSX 10.4 Intel
    Works fine with Python 2.6.4 and both gameplayers 2.47 & 2.49b (2.49b is really good because you get a resizable window).
    You have to make an alias of the “game.blend” from the package.
    Shades and details (lava splashes) are great. Rather smoothe but it’s not very easy with the keyboard.
    Rather quick too but goes sometimes like step to step. The run mode does NOT work.
    If you go too quickly with the arrow keys, it freezes and quit !
    The mouse would be much much better ! Instead of the “M” and “N” (not handy at all) you should have chosen the Command or Alt or Ctrl keys.
    The sound works fine too.

    Impossible to launch the previous packages : yofrankie_1_1b_bge and yofrankie_1_1b_rev24
    The startup screen with the menu is truncated at the top and the bottom.
    So is the screen game. The game does NOT launch – it freezes at the first image, with the bottom half of the screen in grey with large distortions.

    Thank you to all the team to provide us with that funny game.
    Go on men, whe’re waiting desperately !

  305. leebojammin on

    I can’t run game very well here in windows 7 64bit, as trying to turn camera is agonizingly slow, and how does one change resolution in game , or is there a way ?

    thx anyone