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Apr 9

VenomGFX arrived !

icon1 darek | icon2 Uncategorized | icon4 04 9th, 2008

We picked VenomGFX from Airport. On this picture Dariusz, Chris and Pablo waiting for him (together with Margreet making picture) near Gate 1 carrying original Blender(R) labeled sign made by Ton.


According to Murphy’s law – he arrived from Gate 2 and surprised us from back 🙂


Then we went to Blender Institute with pizza, beer, watching anime movie, and we had cool party.

16 Responses

  1. randomnut on


  2. RedBirdiii on

    At last we got to see the man behind VenomGFX..

  3. dusty on

    Woot! Good luck Venom!

  4. Pablo Lizardo on

    Venomgfx Rules!!!!!!!

  5. malefico on


    Well, we had enough of him, treat him right wouldya ?

  6. Bataraza on

    hahahaha…. the best part of this was the beer and pizza to Venom!!!!! Hahahaha…. Good luck my friend

  7. REDO on

    NASAFAAAA!!! What a piece of cartel!!! (que pedazo de cartel!!!).

    Be nice, be cool, get high… 😉


    Juan Ángel

  8. scrag_10 on

    What film?

  9. Francisco Ortiz on

    Hey congratulations! I wish success for Venom!

  10. DramaKing on

    Wish you the best of luck. Still think you guys made an excellent choice

  11. Dave on

    Wow, Venom’s pretty.

  12. Tanda on

    The third time’s a charm.

    Va eso????…

  13. Felix Kütt on

    lots of.. red eyes.. me.. scared… 🙁

  14. victor on

    la verdad… increible venom, espero disfrutes esta oportunidad y te lo mereces por todo tu esfuerzo.


  15. Porota on

    VnmGfx Gorra! hey bolu aaayy puaaahh! (L) =$ i love you…suerte y exitos, te lo mereces 🙂

  16. Diego on

    Mucha Suerte. Tranqui, que te lo mereces.