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Mar 12

The Peach Open Movie Team presents: “The Happy Blender Institute Tour”

icon1 res | icon2 Blender Institute, Random Fluff, Uncategorized | icon4 03 12th, 2008

Our colleagues from the Peach project have produced a video tour through the facilities (complete with Apricot team cameo!). Highly recommended.

9 Responses

  1. Kirado on

    yeah whatever fascinating.. but how’s the game coming along? I’m dying to know the progress 😉

  2. jonny on

    I agree with Kirado. Updates are a bit rare 😉 . What about a read-only account on your repository. I’d love to try out your prototype and see the game progress 😀 . The results will be CC anyhow, aren’t they 😉 ?


  3. Mal on

    Also agreeing with Kirado 🙂

    The game is hardly going to be a Triple A title, given the time limit, and the small team size, so people haven’t donated to play an extremely fun and enjoyable game ( although it’s hoped that the output of the project will be fairly fun to play ).

    It’s an experiment with Blender and a 3rd party games engine, and people who donated by purchasing a DVD would like to track the progress of this short project for a number of reasons…

    – They hope to make a short game themselves, and would like to hear about the issues that the team are facing on a weekly basis

    – They want to further Blenders usability in this area, and would like to hear about how their funding the project has helped in different areas

    – I’m sure there are many more…

    The lack of updates ( especially at this stage ) perhaps is reflected in the lack of funds for the game ( still not 700 / 1000 ).

    More updates please – eg with the previous video, it would have been great to see some blog updates on how the basic character engine works ( eg a wireframe view of a cylinder bouncing around a level )

    Maybe someone from the team could comment on why there are a lack of updates from the Apricot team – the Peach team have posted some excellent technical articles on their section of the site ( not always to do with the movie content, eg the renderfarm, but all have been very insightful ).


  4. NathanKP on

    I’m not going to complain too much about lack of updates, because I haven’t pre-ordered the DVD and as long as it is released eventually I’m happy, but more updates would be nice, even if just to tell us about how the coding is going: bugs, new features, etc.

    NathanKP – The Ink Weaver Collection – Book Review Blog

  5. margreet on

    Hi All,

    Thanks for your feedback. I don’t see a lack of updates, but maybe that is my perception 😉 If you check the Peach blog you can see that in the first one or two months there is less information posted about technical stuff, features, bug fixing, etc.

    The team here is working very hard and I promise that within a couple weeks there will very interesting information being posted here :
    Be a little bit more patient, we just started for 6 weeks…. 🙂

    Maybe you can give us some feedback what you want to read about?

  6. Clint on

    Nice video tour!

    Regarding updates — I too check back here quite regularly to see if there have been any status reports. As a hobbyist/aspiring game developer, one thing I struggle with in my projects is pacing. And so while I’m not looking for in-depth technology tutorials at this point (I know those take a lot of time to assemble, and I’m confident they’ll come later), the main thing I’m interested in seeing is little snippets of your progress and process. And so even though the Lego building exercise wasn’t specifically game-related, I appreciate how that shows me where time is being allocated, and that helps me learn more from you guys as far as what you consider important. But really, I’ll take whatever I can get. You could post 20 pages of blog posts a day, and I think some part of me still might cry “MOAR PLZ!!!” — but I think I’d settle for a couple of updates per week (focusing on the decisions/progress of things like management, game theory, graphics, coding, and infrastructure). But yeah — 1 to 2 updates per week (even just snippets) would keep me happy.

    But I’m not the boss — I’m just a fan who’s looking forward to his name being in the DVD credits. Run your own show, and if it’s not time for you to give us updates — if you’re too busy, then by all means, do what you need to do. This is a request, not an order, and we’ll all take what we can get.

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing more! –clint

  7. Mataii on

    I agree with Margreet, the project has practically started a few weeks ago, and just remember how elephants dream begun posting in the blog.

    The Apricot project is a little bit different than Peach, this project has no the experience of a past project as Peach do(Elephants dream), but has a team of talented and great artist :), and a whole blender game artist community that just want to see (and help in any way) how is blender getting better and better regarding next gen game content. we just have to be patient 😉

    All our support!

  8. Francisco Ortiz on

    I liked very much the posts inside Apricot’s Blog and in my opinion this posts are plenty until now!

    At the moment i guess Peach holds the spot because of the premiere etc etc… Later on everyone is going to look at this blog more and more 😉

  9. jonny on

    @margreet: My post wasn’t meant as hard as it might have sounded. I am really happy that there are projects like this!!! I appreciate your work! So I wanted to make a constructive suggestion, only! You asked, what topics we like to read about. From my point of view, the following topics (besides others) are of interest:

    Blog posts, reflecting the progress of work (time management, working pipeline, decisions, problems, workarounds, distribution of work, focusses of work). Your posts can’t be too technical for me! I’d love to see code snippets showing for example how you realized KI for some enemys, and so on.

    At most I would like svn access, so I can see progress with my own eyes. It would help the most to see, how a game emerges. But of course, this are no orders, but polite bids 😉 .