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Apr 29

Libre Graphics Meeting 2008

icon1 darek | icon2 Apricot Press, Blender Institute | icon4 04 29th, 2008

I’ll be at Libre Graphics Meeting in Wrocław/Poland (Thursday 08th May – Sunday 11th May). This is third edition of this event where people interested about free graphic tools like for example Gimp, Scribus, Krita, Inkscape and ofcourse Blender can meet together. You can expect Blender workshop also Apricot and Peach presentation.

Apricot presentation will be in Saturday 10th 15:30 – 16:15 room D-20 B, so don’t miss it ! But if you do – not a problem because we will show full report here too.
More info: LGM 2008 page.

7 Responses

  1. felix on

    great news, now if opnly i could make it.. 🙂

  2. Dusty on

    Have a great time guys!
    You just never know where this could lead! 🙂

  3. n-pigeon on

    Wrocław is beautiful. Have great time and show them what Blender and Blender comunnity can do ^^.

  4. Francisco Ortiz on

    Good luck! I hope you find cool people in there!

  5. Chainz on

    I’ll be there too!
    See you soon 🙂

  6. Willem Verwey on

    We watching the development very closley. Good luck

  7. William on

    Ahuu Blender is God, elvis is god…

    Blender cool…

    Congratulations !