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Aug 25

DVD Pre-order Credits

icon1 ton | icon2 Apricot Press, Blender Institute, Blogroll | icon4 08 25th, 2008

As usual, we will thank the the early dvd-pre-sale sponsors with a prominent credit. There will be a special section on the DVD, but also in the game itself!

On the link below you can find the dvd pre-sale sponsors, who have ordered and paid before we started in February (but we’ve been flexible a bit!).


Please check for errors! If your name is missing, please email me (ton at blender org), preferably with order ID from blender shop. Thanks!


(Note: some names don’t start with capitals yet, or are capitalized entirely, will be fixed. There will be also no nicknames, nor corporate names added!)

32 Responses

  1. Clint on

    Yay, looks great! Happy to be a supporter — thanks for rewarding us in this way, I’m very excited about the upcoming release. You guys do fantastic stuff, keep up the great work!

  2. Mal on

    Can’t wait to receive the package!

    It’s a pity that there are only 475 sponsors ( going by the list )

  3. Martin d'Allens on

    As always php converts my name to Martin d\’Allens…

  4. Andrew Fenn on

    Looks good, hope to see another open source game project I can sponsor in the future.

  5. oldjim on

    I missed to order the game in time to make it on the Sponsor list. (080713-OLD-12)

    I orderd it (to suport the team) as soon as I realised that it did so much great impovements to the BlenderGameEngine.

    First I was thinking that blender would only be used for the modeling and all the Engine Would be in Cristallspace…

    Great work guys – Cant wait to see the Final Product

  6. Easton on

    Hurray I wasn’t sure if I had ordered it in time but there’s proof that I did.

  7. ton on

    Please note that this is for orders before february 2008!

  8. squareline on

    What is the total numbers for donators?
    Im Just curious πŸ™‚

  9. Mal on

    Hi Ton,

    > Please note that this is for orders before february 2008!

    I’m sure no-one would mind if all of the purchasers of the Apricot game right up until release were included.

    Are you able to release information on how many DVDs were ordered ( pre and post release ) for all of the Blender projects ( ED, BBB and Yo Frankie ) so far?


  10. ton on

    The total is now 880. Is not too bad! Peach is at 2550 but still growing, Orange did 2650.

  11. COmix on

    WOw! I’m 4th! πŸ˜€

  12. squareline on

    Only missnig 7 for magic numbers 888 πŸ™‚ I hope this will reach soon and the next BGE poroject will have double donators!

  13. Dr. Scientist on

    Well i didn’t actually pay anything, but I’m supporting you since forever! Give me a credit! Well congrats either way!

  14. Weidenfels on

    damned, just missed it for two weeks 080315-MOE-4

    well, who cares, important is I supported it πŸ˜€

  15. Francisco Ortiz on

    I missed the credits deadline but i am very happy and proud about purchasing my DVD.:P

    I guess most people simple doesn’t understand what Blender is capable off. It is a long term issue.

    BTW… Does Holland has the same politics for sponsoring Games? I mean… Like you do for movies: Half & Half?

  16. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    I think that if it was easier to donate you’d get more donations. If only you could partner up with like Newegg or the GuildWars or WoW shop ebay, Runescape, or other places where people already have accounts set up – it’s just that right now I can’t get my PayPal to work. Argh! I suppose I can use a credit card though.

    I WILL buy a DVD !

  17. Justin on

    Im on it, but I noticed Zero Valintine appears twice. At the end of both the second and third columns. Didn’t know if that was a mistake or not.

  18. oldjim on

    @ Ton in Post #7:
    For I’m the only One up to that Post that posted my Blender Shop ID of the Payment of “YoFrankie”, I assume that that post is a reaction against me…

    I believe you overreacted a bit and did not really read my Post.
    Right at the beginning I say:
    “I missed to order the game in time”
    But still you High light the Lines yellow “who have ordered and paid before we started in February ” in the Beginning of this Blog and made a extra Post saying “Please note that this is for orders before february 2008!”
    As I read it says in the Blog “Please check for errors! If your name is missing, please email me”So my Post(since it is not a E-Mail) was not a Error but much more just a statement that I’m Supporting this Project even if I missed the Deadline and my name will not show on the Credit list… I also could say: β€žWay pay for this Product if my name will not be listed in the Credits anyway and I can download everything for free”
    But I’d like to support this Project, because you guys are making an absolute great Job.

    Mal in Post# 9
    “I’m sure no-one would mind if all of the purchasers of the Apricot game right up until release were included.”
    I’m absolute sure Mal is right there…

    Also I think that there are People that supported this Project in a much bigger way then by β€œjust” paying for the DVD.
    Just Think of all the Admins of,, and all the other Forums that not only Promote your Product but also will answer many Questions that will come up after the end of this Project…

    We at Promoted your game and already talk a lot about it and after it will be out we will sure have a lot of questions that we will do are best to answer.
    Also we invited you(the Apricot Team) over to the forum and the only one that Registered was VenomGFX but even whit the big Welcome we gave him:
    He did not even make one single post.

    So your really giving the Impression that the only thing that is worth Credit is Money that you got before the Project started…

    So now I may have over reacted a bit – sorry for that.
    But since I let you know all the tings that you do so absolutely great – I think its only fair if I let you know the other side as well.

    As Final Words of this Post Id like to say:
    β€œYour Doing a absolute awesome Job, Thanx a lot. Cant wait to get the DVD in my Mailbox

    Have a great Day
    Old Jim

  19. dyf on

    just pre-ordered my copy.. one more count for the number of donations πŸ™‚

    great job guys; i hope i get the patience to wait to get it.

  20. Hoxolotl on

    I ordered (late)…and am impressed by the results.
    And I notice there’s two Giovanni Gallo ‘s in the list, which one is which? πŸ˜‰

  21. dexterity on

    I like what you are doing. If you are going to make a sequel, I am gonna pre-order it, too.

  22. ton on

    @Justin: he ordered 2 dvds, with note to be credited for both projects!

    @oldjim: no, that was not a reaction to your post. I had several emails from confused people because I forgot to mention the deadline, so I thought it would work good to repeat it as comment too.

  23. Old Jim on

    Aha Okay then sorry for my overreaction!!!

    How is your Quote: (but we’ve been flexible a bit!).
    To be understand?

  24. ton on

    @Old Jim: Flexible: just to make sure people who ordered or paid a bit later are on the list too.

    And about the suggestion to credit everyone: I think it’s fair to specially reward those who spent money on this before we started. That provided an investment we really needed to get the project running, and to be able to go into commitments with the team.
    Apparently the credit is worth quite some for people, so! πŸ™‚

    And I’m sorry to hear about the lack of time to hang out on the site. Hopefully the revived attention for BGE makes the site more attractive. And don’t forget, you have to invest always a lot in a site to get the momentum going… make a resources page with demos? Galleries? Such things work well!

  25. Francisco Ortiz on

    Well, just for the records, i paid AFTER february 2008 and i think is NOT fair to have my name inside the credits. Please do not include my name. Thank you.

    I am proud but i can see that my merit is not the same in comparison with those people who paid first πŸ™‚

  26. ton on

    @Francisco: I don’t see your name on the list. Further, changes in credits you should arrange via email.

  27. Francisco Ortiz on

    Don’t worry Ton! It’s alright ;). My name isn’t on the list, because i ordered the DVD just a few days ago (080812-AND-4).

    Bye and thank you very much.

  28. Bmud on

    In Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny, my name has never shown up before even though I pre-ordered for all three projects. It’s a funny feeling seeing my name there this time! I’m really giggly and excited for the first time πŸ˜€

  29. oldjim on

    @ Ton
    Thnax for your advice.
    For Finished Games/Demos we already have a section, but not much there yet.
    The Section WIP is a bit Bigger.
    Both can be found here:
    I think the Site is doing pretty good, If you think that that the new Site is only up since April 08 and we already have:
    Total posts 2918 β€’ Total topics 331 β€’ Total members 192 β€’

    Soon we will Put up a extra section for Apricot”YoFrankie”
    Where everybody can ask Questions about all the new features, the way you made things and all the other Questions that come up whit the release of YoFrankie.
    Also everybody will have the Possibility to Post there own levels and Modes of YoFrankie.
    I for myself will make a YoFrankie Multiplayer Mode using the WSAG – Multi Player Online Network Setup:

    I really hope that YoFrankie will bring the BGE to a new level. A lot more Users that use Blender to make there games…

  30. Jose Rodelgo on

    Hi Ton.

    First of all: thanks for the great job! I was thinking about doing the same this weekend |-) …… but I think is better if professional people (like you) do it πŸ™‚

    I was ordering the DVD very early, but that’s not the question. I was moving last month and now I have another address. I have updated my record in the e-shop. Are you going to use this actual address which is set in the e-shop to send the DVDs? or the one at the time when the order was done?

    Best regards! and thanks for everything!

    Jose Maria

    P.S.: If you send it to the old address is not a problem because I can download it, or better, order it once again: I want to have it in my room at the desk πŸ™‚

  31. MasterDomino on

    I pretty much have the same problem as the poster above. Just that I moved from Germany to Canada, which would most likely even increase the shipping costs.

    Is it possible to change the address now? (Haven’t changed it yet in the Blender Shop)

    Thanks a lot and I also thank the entire Apricot Team for your fantastic job on the game!