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Jul 29

Demo Video Update (Blender Game Engine)

icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Production | icon4 07 29th, 2008

Grab the OGG Theora file (46mb)

Chris made this video of our latest level. We’re frantically finishing off as much as we can, adding…

  • Tailwhip, (thanks to William for the corporate video production and the 2D animation)
  • Sheep that can bounce, explode, drown.
  • Loop the loops
  • Continuing level design
  • Additions to Sheep and Frankie logic
  • Effects and pickups


83 Responses

  1. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    Bmud is an internet hater

  2. blenderman345 on

    Rated T for Teen? Is it really that bad? Or E? Or E-10+? Gee, BBB is no longer kid friendly. 😀

  3. MrE on


    Nah, it’s just the end of level monster Troll.
    You can’t defeat it by feeding it though.

  4. kaeru on

    Hi !

    Really really nice stuff there !
    Great job !

    You’ve certainly already answer to this question , so i’m sorry , but :

    Will there be things to collect ?
    peaches or things like that ?

    Peace :-)!

  5. Alex on

    Wow, fantastic work fellas. Really top notch, can’t wait to play. The optimizations seem to have done the trick too, the framerate looks smoooth! Do you have a LOD system implemented?

  6. Eggyolk on

    Pulling together. looks a bit bright, but I’m assuming that’s just the compression and what not, and it’ll look better in fullscreen 🙂 will there be music in the final version? I think it would add something to it. Guild wars is a prime example of that, the soundtrack is great.

  7. jin choung on

    wow! looks REALLY good. i am soooooo impressed you guys were able to follow a character through a loop the loop! spectacular. definitely will need a SHADOW though. in most 3d jump games it becomes critical in figuring out where you are while airborne. in this case, “straight down” is more helpful than “realistic”. also, the attack probably needs a sound effect. most japanese games and blizzard games are really good about “FEEDBACK”… everything you touch or do has an appropriate reaction… the attack right now seems a bit bland. but everything is coming along great! congrats everyone.

  8. Amir Taaki on

    Apart from the lack of gameplay, just small points to consider. You cannot shimmy along non horizontal ledges in most games for a reason and the jump is far too high. The music volume is too low and if that’s to cover up back bg music then that’s bad practice. It’d be nice if spanking the sheep with your tail caused them pain XD

  9. venomgfx on

    @ Kaeru: peaches? are you crazy?? apricots! :D, yes there will be powerups 🙂

    @ Alex: no no LOD system implemented yet, nor “render distance” setting for the objects, so the frame rate you see in this demo is even rendering all the objects in scene all the time, at their original resolution.
    LOD and limit the render distance of the objects is planned, so imagine the frame rate once we have that features on! 🙂

    @ Eggyolk, yes there will be music.

    @ jin choung: we do have realtime shadows!, not set up in this demo though but we do, check it here.
    I agree with you with the sound effects, our composer Claire is working on that.

  10. cyberdigitus on

    will the lava texture be animated?

  11. SamCameron on

    Hello venomgfx, are they going to implement the LOD system before the official release of Apricot? or is it planed for later on?

  12. AquaticPenguin on

    It’s very good to see you’re answering all the questions. The movement of the player wasn’t about the animations – It was probably more a camera issue but the player seemed very difficult to control and was very twitchy using the arrow keys.

    I’m loving how everything is evolving, I think this is an amazing game – definately industry quality

  13. botanic on

    Nice guys you thought about any other platforms? (after its out ofc) maby at least an xbox release 😛

  14. The Hacker(Youst nickname) on

    I love it, cool game, Blender rocks 😉

  15. Taggerung on

    Great progress, but when is it comming out? I’ve been waiting 4 months for this.

  16. venomgfx on

    @ Cyberdigitus: yep! animated textures is something that is being worked on.

    @ SamCameron
    : YoFrankie! should have a LOD system when it is out, yes.

    @ AquaticPenguin
    : The camera isn’t final yet, there are some improvements to be done in this topic. The control of the character is easier after a while (almost like learning to use Blender! ugly at the start, awesome later :)).

    @ botanic: it is Open Source! whoever wants can do it 🙂

    @ Taggerung: waiting for 4 months? you mean for the nice final release, because you can play exactly what you see here anytime you want, just grab the production files. 🙂

  17. Taggerung on


  18. moerdn on


    very cool, to watch the features but… since the last updates the Level 1 and the Piranha Level doesn’t run anymore. Every time i start them i got an Segmentation fault Error and Blender crashes. Using latest Blender Build from svn. Anyway, great work and thanks a lot!

  19. bobg on

    Turn down the audio volume to get rid of the popping noises and hear the background music.

  20. cyberdigitus on

    venom, sure we can get the production files…

    but erhm, can’t do anything usefull with it. It takes ages to load the level 1 blend file, ages to move around or select anything, or just freezes.

    i have a p4 2.8ghz with 1 gb ram and a geforce gt6600… noty the greatest setup, but should be able to handle this right.

    I’m not talking about playing the game itself, but editing it, how can we expect the community to do neat stuff with it when you need a supercomputer to handle it?

    and concerning playing the production file… how do you select the camera attached to franky?

    is there more documentation about how to work with the file? groups, …

  21. venomgfx on

    @ cyberdigitus: even with the latest Apricot build? 6600gt is a good card and the models are very low poly, should be able to more around (don’t know in GLSL though..).

    You don’t need a supercomputer to handle low poly stuff and can run perfectly with basic GLSL (no lights, shadows, shaders, etc). You can enable things as your computer can, and see what fits better.

    About the camera, you dont have to worry about that, when you press P it will set automatically the camera (better to be in Perspective view).

    About the documentation, not yet, but is planned to do an entire tutorial about how to make a level from scratch, put properties and all.

  22. nik on

    lol looks like Assasin’s Creed

  23. cyberdigitus on

    thanks venomfx, i just figured it out before you wrote, i was still in the impression i had to set the main cam.

    it does run okay with just glsl but no lights, and that is the bare minimum you must have since just multitexture doesn’t work

    the game also runs better then the 3d viewport… suppose there is some editor overhead.

    is camera clipping inmplemented so objects outside the view frustum don’t get rendered?

  24. wrongwayassasin on


    excellent work, the graphics is really awesome and so are the details, especially on the trees.
    even with the game is made with Blender it can match with others such as Rayman, Sly Cooper, Asterix & Obelix XXL…

    really nice done

  25. powers on

    Sweet. Jess is going to love this game. Another KO for blender.

  26. Matt Giuca on

    This demo looks really fun. I’m looking forward to more stuff from the BBB universe 🙂

    Will the music in the game be based on Jan Morgenstern’s brilliant score for the movie?

  27. Hubert on

    Poor sheep.

  28. 3ez on

    I think that will be fine on next time much more games for kids!!! Thanks anyway for that idea.

  29. LuFFyMyGoD on

    Very Nice! Congratulations!

  30. LuFFyMyGoD on

    The best of the game, without doubt, the escenaries and the illumination.

  31. Killian on

    Hi… This is not about the video, but, how can I get sound in the game engine on my mac? Please respond!!!

  32. nick on

    so like you know the squirell it moves with a keyboard but how do you get it to look like its walking?

  33. GooGoo on

    Nice game, soooo funny. After I/ve downloaded it for Linux I’ve played it untill my eyes turned red, just like Frankie he he.
    The thing is in Linux when I press excape it exits the game completelly, is that supposed to happen ? I mean if I want to go back and try another mission it’s kinda annoying, but it’s a small inconvenience to such a funny, cool good looking game. He he Frankie reminds me of Scratch, the ice age squirl.