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Apr 23
icon1 darek | icon2 Crystal Space, Development | icon4 04 23rd, 2008

Many people asking what is what in out development toolchain.
So… for graphics we are using Blender and Gimp (unexpectable huh ? 🙂 ) Read the rest of this entry »

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Apr 10
Logic development
icon1 caedes | icon2 Crystal Space, Development | icon4 04 10th, 2008

Here follows some explanation of how we’re working on the game logic.General Blender view

The idea is to give an initial picture to the uninitiated, so that you’ll get the basic jargon we use, while also talking about some apricot specific stuff more towards the end of the post.

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Mar 29

Here a few words what I’ve been doing (less) recently. In the general, I worked on the render manager, and more specifically, I did some work on the postprocessing system.

Using post processing is quite simple, even for Crystal Space. In the implementation of a render manager, you need some boilerplate to declare and setup the manager:

// A class member for the manager
CS::RenderManager::PostEffectManager postEffects;
// Initialization
postEffects.Initialize (objectReg);

That’s it, you’re ready to add post processing effects.
(Note: While I’m talking about setting up post processing effects from code throughout this article, I’m aware that for practical purposes there should be a way to set things up from some sort of configuration file. Be patient.)

Now a simple example for postprocessing. But even before that, as a simple reminder, the “baseline” image without effects:

This is just a shot from the miniscule graphics prototype level shown before, nothing new here.

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