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Apr 24

Brand New and Shiny Apri-Layout!!

icon1 venomgfx | icon2 Uncategorized | icon4 04 24th, 2008

(note the 2 (!) exclamation marks in the title, i’m excited)

yay! I hated that green background 😀
The other day, talking with Chris about ApriStuffs, we agreed that the old theme wasn’t the better, at this moment we all know that its gonna be a Frankie’s game, so.. why we have 3 rodents in the banner? lets give Frankie what he deserves! a big and *rendered* header 🙂

Was all made in The GIMP, Inkscape and Blender, was just playing around with the old logo in Inkscape, then imported the .svg in Blender as curves, added a material, rendered, and composited.

I’ll be making a splash for our brand new and shiny ApriBranch! we have our own branch! like the one that the Orange project had years ago, we will be adding and testing lots of features we need in this project, before going to trunk.

That’s all for now, hope you like the new theme, is not a big change but i just don’t like white-eye-killing backgrounds.
If you find a bug or something weird just drop a comment please.

60 Responses

  1. Alexander Ewering on

    venomgfx: For future ventures in web design, consider that the most used resolutions are probably still 800×600 and 1024×768, so your site must look good at *those* resolutions. In addition, you should consider that most people will have a huge lot of weird side- and toolbars installed, which further decrease the canvas size (and they won’t know how to turn them off). Well, personally, I don’t love fixed-width layouts anyway, because they will always only look right for just a handful of visitors, and mostly horrible for the rest. That’s why I almost exclusively do fluid-width layouts. And nowadays with the ubiquotuotiotity (?) of the Flash plugin, it’s really not that hard to make even graphics and backgrounds scale. Well, and even with javascript and css hacks.

  2. bop on

    Nice design. I think the various titles look too soft (too much antialiasing or blur) though.

  3. Daniel on

    Hi there,

    when I saw the new design on my desktop first I were really impressed. As an Ubuntu user I am used to brown respectively orange, so I that does not bother me.
    But on my Asus EeePC it is really terrible. I’ve been so glad that the Peach and Apricot page fits perfectly in the resolution that the Eee has (800×480).
    I know that all this has been mentioned before but I think you should know that there still are people out here using low resolutions, especially in a time were PDAs with WLAN and similar devices become more and more popular and affordable.

    But all in all great work!


  4. malefico on

    Pa mi esta barbaro cheeeeeeee.

    So, this is what happens when web design is made by CG artists… web designers GET JELOUS ! 😛

  5. blengine on

    It’s amazing that no one ever commented on how bad the old page was, because it was really bad. I’m glad to see there’s more critics in the audience now, fanboys are useless.

  6. venomgfx on


    biggest problem solved, made the banner *smaller*, from 1280px to 958px width, now should look OK for people with 1024px resolution out there.
    added favicon and minor changes here and there.

    interesting how many people comment in this kind of “useless/not-worth-it” blogposts and not in real interesting ones like HDR or real time shadows one 😛

    okey, enough, now back to work on this game!

  7. Alexander Ewering on

    I comment on anything as long as it can be a complaint!

  8. rexprime on

    great update everything now flows perfectly… now go make me a game

  9. xxx666 on

    Hi do you ad Anti-aliasing to your project and if yes will that be included in the blender game engine ?

  10. dune on

    if it’s a frankies game i want to fly

    Batmanlike, and cut in butterflycrushing plus those nice spiki throw things, but explosive please…