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Sep 11

CS edition packages newsflash: Windows package, Linux packages updated

icon1 res | icon2 Crystal Space, DVD Content | icon4 09 11th, 2008

Windows installer package for YoFrankie is available for testing:

The Linux packages have been updated since the last post. Currently the latest version is available through automatic downloading: go to one of the URLs listed below and follow the instructions on screen. This will download all required packages etc. onto your system and has the added advantage that the program can be kept up-to-date automatically as well – i.e. when a change is made, either to the game or CrystalSpace, the changed component is downloaded automatically (and only that) and used. (Note x86_64 users: you need a very recent version of 0install, 0.35 or newer, to run the package. That means you may have to install that manually on some distros.)

Available variants of the Linux packages:

117 Responses

  1. TweakingKnobs on

    yuhhuuuuuuuuuu ! im the first ! , im downloading the wndows one , coool !!!

  2. Comix on

    I’m sad πŸ™
    Still too slow on NVidia 6200..even in Low Quality

  3. Sleepy on

    Install error. Downloaded Windows package, and running Vista. Any known problems for install?

  4. Olm-Z on

    it works in MQ but not in normal nor VHQ for me (ATI X700 on AMD3500+ ubuntu 7.10), when it crash it leaves the background and the HUD frozen on the first frame of the game. (with some bird sounds)
    frame rate is ok, would be nice to test in 1024×768 … and more ambient light is necessary (strange impression it does like this)

  5. Seb on

    The Game do not run on my machine, i have an AMD Athlon 2400+, GF 7600 GS and Linux Gentoo.

    console returns:

  6. MidgeS on

    Same error as Sleepy.
    Installer says that a necessary program could be launched to finisch the installation.
    Running Windows Vista SP1 with all updates.

  7. GuyMontag on

    Same as MidgeS

  8. ftc on

    I expected more. I got a Nvidia 8800 GT, Intel Q x 2.5 ghz and 3 gb ram. But though it runs slow on very low quality…. I also get stuck in some surfaces.

  9. AniCator on

    It doesn’t run on my PC.
    I click on one (it doesn’t matter which one) of the shortcuts and I get nothing. No console. No game. Nothing.
    I wonder why I am experiencing this problem.

    – AniCator

    PS: I’m on Windows XP.

  10. Marijn on

    install worked good for me at windows xp pro x86!
    Game played very bad, i got stuck franky didn’t run always when he was moving. Getting out of the water is a pain in the ass!
    I hope it is a problem with the installer not the game πŸ™‚
    Good luck with it!

  11. Alex on

    I have Vistax64 and can’t start the installation. It says the installer couldn’t be opened. :((((

  12. ZooRocket on

    Mine installed just fine… Windows Vista SP1. Was able to play at highest quality on a 8600M GT. The game controls are awkward and the camera doesn’t move like you would expect. Looks good though.

  13. SmaTheGreek on

    Quote from MidgeS : September 14th, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    Same error as Sleepy.
    Installer says that a necessary program could be launched to finisch the installation.
    Running Windows Vista SP1 with all updates.

    I managed to find a solution to thi problem on win vista sp1.
    The problem is occuring because the installer is not started in administrator mode!!!!
    To make the game start all you have to do is to run it as administrator.
    So simply go to the start menu find the command line in the utilities, right click the command line icon and select run as
    administrator. Then enter the directory where the yofrankie.msi is located using the cd command and after that simply type yofrankie.msi and press enter. After that the installation wizard should work just fine!!

  14. Xordan on

    Runs okay on very high quality here, on a 7950gtx. On medium and lower I’m getting very smooth gameplay.

    If you’re getting very bad frame rates even on low quality I suggest;
    On windows check your drivers, maybe updating them will help. I’m using the latest nvidia ones.
    On linux make sure you’ve got hardware acceleration working.

  15. SmaTheGreek on

    Well runs smoothly here on medium,low and very low qualities but the frame rate is low on very high(although not unbearable…). My system consists of 3gb ram ddr2, 1.8 dual core and nvidia 8600 gs.
    However there are some issues regarding animation which is not always well synchronized
    for example although frankie moves, he does not walk…
    What is more the camera does not function well and the game controls are a bit awkward…
    In general the gameplay is not very smooth.
    On the other hand the game has quite beautiful graphics!!

  16. SmaTheGreek on

    Two more bugs I noticed is that if you follow the water you can get out of the level and fall in the empty space…
    What is more when jumping near the edges of some objects frankie gets stuck for a while…

  17. Alex/MistaED on OS X build testing πŸ™‚

  18. MidgeS on

    Thanks ! Installation workded fine now πŸ˜€

  19. lohborn on

    low through medium quality run fine with an acceptable frame rate on my Vista32 computer with a Quadro NVS 110 M graphics card. The very high quality takes several minutes to load and then runs at ~2FPS.

    Also I think there is a bug that when there Frankie has had more than 1 acorn and throws them, he can’t through the last one. Or at least the counter never goes back down to zero.

  20. Sleepy on

    Thanks Sma for the fix. Now I just have to try it out!

  21. madman on

    The game still run slowly, don’t I expect it.

    Pentium 4 with HT 3.0 Ghz
    1 Gb RAM
    nVidia 7950 GT 512 MB VRAM
    GNU/Linux Kubuntu 8.04, last propietary drivers (I don’t see any update)

    Here is the console result:
    * A first view:

    * How looks the water:

    * I don’t have shadows in the normal quality version:
    But! When Frankie Jump, I can see one:

    * Under the water with the view to the sky, the water dissapear:

    * And one more ‘bug’ the teeth of the piranha’s:

    Maybe are the linux drivers in a moment I run the windows version… I hope are Ok! πŸ˜‰

  22. Patrick on

    The windows install did not work on my machine.

    I have a Pentium 4 Dual Core 1.8 Mhz, running Vista Ultimate Service Pack 1, Build 6001. English Language. (UK)

    The install error indicated that a program required by the the installer could not run.



  23. SmaTheGreek on

    @ Patrick I have already given a fix for your problem …
    Check the previous posts

  24. slukas on

    Hi guys.
    Tested windows version and well…
    Here is a screenshot:
    It’s quite funny if I can see only water and sky… oh – and hud.

    My specs:
    Athlon 64 2800+, 768mb ram, Radeon x1650 pro 256mb

  25. nawabz on

    required program oculd not be installed etc …

  26. Walter Doubleyoothreecee on

    Somehow my impression is that this should not have been released at all if it is so clunky that hardly anyone finds it playable with moonrocket hardware.

  27. madman on

    Well I tested on my Windows XP SP2…
    Specs of my PC:
    Pentium 4 with HT 3.0 Ghz
    1 Gb RAM
    nVidia 7950 GT 512 MB VRAM
    Windows XP SP2

    Look’s better and run more smooth. But still slow :s

    First capture:

    It’s a shame the water doesn’t look like the image in the top of the post:

    The game looks very good, I hope you can solve all the ‘problems’.

    Go CS Team! πŸ˜‰

  28. Deloince JP on

    Hello gang apricot,

    1) Some of the soil is black, no texture: it is about to export mesh, because
    happens in blender and I must moved a can textures in the editor
    uv for it normally appears in the window works.

    2) The executable YoFrankie to install the games is 96.6 MB, the application on the hard disk
    52.3 MB fact, why the difference?, it is installed and other applications or
    Such finds on the hard disk … this is a time bomb? I’ll take a
    tart with apricot cream on her face?

    3) All is well, the game is fluid in four configurations to quality verylow
    veryhigh you proposed

    4) I look forward to a melody for the most successful musical theme, more lyrical
    and any action without any musical sounds.
    When the bass, it is windy, I will hear more noise. Tried to include at least
    one or two acoustic instrument would.

    At the next and hello to all the team apricot as well as all those who post here!

  29. Marijn on

    Okey i tested in ultra low and it worked much much better then just low.
    And it didn’t look that bad!
    only 2 really big problems: camera movement and clipping

  30. Samuel (EV) on

    Ah, I was so excited to open it, but didn’t work. =\

    Here is what happened…
    I installed it, but an error appeared, and the installation ended prematurely.
    Please help.
    I really wanted to test it. =\

  31. Samuel (EV) on

    I can’t find the edit button, so please excuse me.

    I’m running Vista, ATI, 34-bit. Thanks.

  32. blenderuser on


    When I double-click yofrankie.exe, a error report pops up. There is crystalspace-1.9-GCC.dll-file missing. Where I can find that file?

  33. Samuel (EV) on

    Are you using linux or windows?… πŸ™‚

  34. undead on – screenshot

    Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64
    Athlon LE-1600
    Radeon 4850
    Ati drivers 8.8

  35. john galindo on

    thanks for linux version

  36. Wolfram on

    Downloaded windows version.Tried on an AMD64 X2 3,8 GHz with an MSI 7950GT Envidia GPU.
    Starts slowly with sound way before any screens light up. Runs rather smoothly with glitches.
    Partly split screen with about 10 % showing an enlarged squirrel in the lower half. Water and rocks
    render sometimes as polygon-delimited textures jerking into the countryside. Shadows of moving
    creature can be seen, which follows the arrow keys somewhat hesitantly.

    Please,Ton, I’d rather wait another month (I was one of the early subscribers to the DVD) for a
    smooth & working version of the game instead of getting something delivered full of glitches
    & poorly functioning levels. Blender’s assets & fame are far more important for us all than “just in
    time” delivery !

    P.S. For those with a tight budget in disk space: even if you choose to have the core of the
    game installed to another partition the msi installer needs at least 300 MB ON THE SYSTEM’s
    PARTITION during install (which are partly recovered AFTER finishing the installation) !

  37. Pappenheimer on

    Thanks a lot for the windows version! The most satisfying is the medium quality version. It is not fast, but I can control Frankie quite reliable, I see the reflection and refraction of the water and the crisp surfaces of the models with the normal or bump mapping shaders! Hurray!
    I don’t worry too much about the clipping and collision issues, because the level is far from being trivial in this respect! Add some invisible vertical collision walls, let the camera trace to several directions to avoid the clipping. That’s doable.
    Why is the level partly so extremely dark? Is the engine build for hdr – and this the reason that the normal light ‘management’ doesn’t show the dark parts lighter? Is there a way to generally rise the dark parts as a whole?
    The framerate would take a lot of profit from LODs for the trees, and invisibility of the small objects in a certain distance.

  38. Fabio Luiz on

    @ AniCator

    look at environment variable, you should have a variable like CS_1_9, if you don’t have it, create it and set the variable to the right path of the crystal space instalation (for me is C:\Program Files\Common Files\CrystalSpace\CS-1.9\GCC_3.4\lib\).

    I use windows vista, I had the same AniCator’s problem.

  39. Wolfram on

    2nd trial of Windows version. Runs now (?) rather smoothly. Are there any hints how to control the beastie ? Apparently I’m the only one who doesn’t know how to let it jump, fly, catch a sheep & throw it
    :-(…. (Only the arrow keys evoke any reaction so far).

    PLEASE give me a hint how to steer the creature or somehow to influence what is going on ….

  40. Pappenheimer on

    Space is for jump.

  41. Fabio Luiz on

    I was playing and Frankie fell on the sky-box, he continues running. I think he died. lol

  42. Pappenheimer on

    Wolfram made a good point. What about adding 1 or 2 months, or even an ‘additional sequel’ to make it perfect?
    This has been a combination of tasks that the projects before this didn’t have – especially the realtime part is a difficulty in its own. And, for the Crystal Space team this is probably is a chance that never comes again, to improve their engine.
    I would pay additional 10 or 20 Euro to see a good frame rate on low specs systems.
    You could start a poll, a ‘poll by buying’: Those who wants that the development of the game continues shall buy a symbolic addon within a certain time limit of let’s say two weeks, or something like that! (Maybe, something like 10 Euro for each additional month?)
    Me, I especially would like to see this level running smooth in medium settings with 1024×768 on a system with 2 GHz, 512Mb, and an intel onboard video card! πŸ˜‰

  43. Alex on

    The CS Window starts but then crashes celstart.exe. Vistax64, AMD Athlon64 x2. ATI Radeon 3850

  44. Samuel (EV) on

    Can’t somebody help me? =\

  45. mib2berlin on

    Hy folks, it is running on my opensuse 11/64 Bit Q6006 4GB Ram Nvidia 6800 GT, but i can only run and jump and i can only play 800×600.
    I test all keys but i dont find the key for “kick” or “fly”.
    Run smooth and fast.
    Works also with wine πŸ™‚

    By mib

  46. Musicaljelly on

    I tried running the Windows version (Vista 32-bit, AMD 64-bit, ATI 4870, Quad-Core). Installs fine, but when I run the program, within a few seconds I get that “celstart.exe has stopped working” pop-up, and the program closes. I have yet to try the new Linux versions.

    Good Luck Apricoters!

  47. Lf3T-Hn4D on

    [begin rant]
    I must say, this is a very disappointing release. For a casual game like this, it lags horrible even on a Nvidia 8600GTS. Either CS sucks so bad that it’s not optimized or this game really needs a complete rewrite. Collision isn’t working as it should too. Loading time is way too long. Sorry if I seem like flaming here, but really, this is very disappointing to me. πŸ™ Personally, i think this game is hogging on the CPU more than the GPU. And CS engine alone takes up more than half of the install? sheesh. 96mb (68mb for CS engine alone) for just one level. O_o

    Sorry if I sounded harsh. But it really baffles me how C++ app can run so slow on such a simple game.
    [/end rant]

  48. jorrit on

    To Lf3T-Hn4D: if you read the rest of the blog posts you’ll see that it doesn’t run that bad on all other systems. I don’t know why it runs slowly on yours but did you try updating your drivers? Additionaly you could also try running it in 32-bit display mode if you’re not already doing that.

    That goes for everyone with slow performance. Because on some systems it can actually run pretty good the performance problem is not something that is an unfixable issue in the engine. There has to be a combination of factors contributing to it and it would be nice to know what that is. Try switching bit depth (number of colors) and maybe other things (that I can’t think of right now).


  49. Lf3T-Hn4D on

    To jorrit: I’m definitely having the latest drivers. As far as I can tell, the issue is not the graphics drivers. It’s mostly the CPU hogs. The game needs profiling. It felt like I’m running a game in debug build. Thing is all graphics option I tried give me similar lags. They seem to run at about 15fps. Controllable i guess. πŸ™‚

  50. Wolfram on

    To Pappenheimer: Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. And as I am used to put my money where my mouth is I’m ready to shell out another 10 or 20 bucks to further development if Ton & the folks at the Blender institute need it. Hell, the Blender developers have given us so much for free, why don’t we support them once more in their efforts to give us the finest tools they’re capable of ?

    P.S. Any more info to steer the creature (besides jumping, thanx for that,Pappenheimer) ?

  51. root_42 on

    Downloaded the Linux VHQ version. Running on a C2D 2.6 GHz, NVIDIA 8800 Ultra, 177.70 driver. Loads fine, although it takes ages. Seems to run fine, although I think the effects (blooming et al) do not work. Gameplay seems a bit rough, character often gets stuck at objects. The models are very nice, though. Keep up the work, and make Frankie an excellent game!

  52. William on

    Mac version coming?

  53. Xordan on

    @William See post 17.

  54. grafixsuz on

    Hi there, I installed it on windows XP SP2 2.4 GHZ cpu, on 1GB ram, and a gforce fx5200 but unfortunately, the game wouldn’t run in neither medium quality nor low quality.

    It just keeps changing views randomly and the textures also disappear then reappear for no apparent reason.

    I will try it again later. Maybe I will read some docs on it first.

  55. res on

    A new MSI was uploaded. Try that if you can’t install it or you got bad rendering errors (a la undead).

    Note: if you previously installed YoFrankie uninstall it again before installing a new package. Sorry for that inconvenience, but it’s the only way to make sure all files are the newest version.

  56. Meelis on

    0.0.2 | 2008-09-02 | (90619373 bytes) | 86,4 Mb | YoFrankie-0.0.2.tar.lzma
    broken < unreadable archive
    Ark, 7zip, winrar, peazip cant extract it. WTF is tar.lzma

    27,7 Mb yofrankie_demo1.1_glsl_linux64.tar.gz
    6,8 Mb yo_frankie won’t run either because…….

  57. dragonrebel on

    the game seems to play fine for me, but i now have a rather high end pc
    2.8ghz quad core (8mb cache)
    nvidia 9600
    2 gigs ram

  58. res on

    @meelis: tar –use-compress-program lzma -xf YoFrankie-0.0.2.tar.lzma

    But why would you need to? An unwrapped celzip is provided next to it.

  59. res on

    A Mac OS/X package is now available for testing:

  60. Fracisco Ortiz on

    (ATI MOBILITY RADEON X600, Hp pavilion zd 8000)
    It runs smooth even inside this old sistem (2005) using medium quality. High quality crashes this sistem, but well,
    this is natural.

    The installer works perfectly.

    Improving camera and controls is just a matter of time now… Let’s see how community handle this, because we
    lack programmers.

    Congratulations Jorrit and everyone. I wish CS and Blender can keep growing together.

    We can understand, while reading this blog, that time is short, stress is strong… But now there is a base to work with.


  61. edna on

    Works very nicely here (without a reboot after installation, I might add).

    Core2Duo e4300 @ 3GHz
    XpertVision 9600 GT
    Windows XP Home (SP3)
    YoFrankie Very High: 20-30 FPS

    Nice work all!

  62. bitblitter on

    Installed on WinXP, install went correctly, installer rebooted the system and the game starts OK.
    I don’t know how to look at FPS count, but it seems to be 20-30 , dropping to 12-15 when seeing larger areas with more objects.

    Windows XP Pro SP2
    Athlon 64 X2 6000+ @ 3.12Ghz 2GB RAM
    GeForce 8600GT 512MB

  63. bitblitter on

    I forgot to tell before, I launched it in ‘very high quality’.

    About the game itself, I like it very much, but I have some comments.
    Not that I’m any expert or anything, just my quick impressions so far:

    – The colors seem odd, right now the greens and reds be more varied between areas, maybe playing with saturation/value.
    – The grass could use some blurring or antialiasing.
    – Very far objects could be replaced by bitmaps, specially trees, I think with good bitmaps the difference would be minimal and the FPS gain would be worth it.
    – A bit more fog would be nicer
    – A splash decal when jumping on water would feel nicer
    – A decal for when the character is walking underwater would make it easier to locate it
    – Could the water effects be antialiased?

    – Could the mouse be used to control the camera?
    – Walking on water doesn’t mean any difference than walking on land.
    – Getting stuck is too easy at times, mostly when jumping out of the water to a small cliff and going forward at the same time.
    – When you are near an object you can interact with, could a legend be displayed like ‘push X button to Y’, maybe with an icon?

  64. myselfhimself on

    I’ve tested the MQ version (2008.09.13 I guess) on core 2 duo 1.6Ghz with a Gefore 7300 on linux 32 bits with 3 weeks old NVIDIA drivers.
    The graphics are nice. The reflexion works ok.
    the framerate is not perfectly smooth
    especially when running around (because more polys show and hide I guess…)
    Frankie does run very very fast and you’ve got to get used to it at the beginning.
    It seems that Frankie has like a box or sphere bounding, or at least that’s the impression it gives, when frankie goes against a wall/stone (his front legs kick through the wall/stone when trying to run frontwards). Same thing for when frankie runs, it looks like the armature animation is playing doesn’t touch the group and moves almost constantly (no sort of slow down when Frankie would put down his feet on the ground).
    I wish I could see underwater with the screen color getting a blueish taint.
    When in the water and using page down to have the camera at frankie’s level, the upper water surface has disappeared. Will there be a timer where you see the time left for which you can remain under water ? Or we could see the GUI’s Frankie head with a scuba kit (goggles + oxygen tube).
    This is not easy to get out of the water… because 1) it’s difficult to jump and move forward. 2) I haven’t yet understood how you can cling to some border (like the river’s shores edges) and then climb up (in the BGE version, once you’ve clinged to some border, you just have to press up and Frankie gets up on his feet on the platform).
    I don’t really understand how you can fly.

    thank you for all that you are doing
    keep up the good work

  65. myselfhimself on

    I’ve tested the VLQ version (through 0launch) on Linux, with a core 2 duo 1.6 gHz, geforce 7300
    look it at my System Activity kde panel, celstart takes around 470,000mB of “Memory” and this keeps increasing slowly (maybe + 1mB per 50 seconds), and 49mB of “Shared memory” (this number doesn’t change much). % of CPU is ~25% all the time (even when making Frankie move).
    The game still skips many frames, and this happens for the VLQ, LQ and MQ versions. I haven’t tested the other versions.
    I’ll try to update my nvidia drivers and tell you if something changes.

    Thanks for your work very much !

  66. eric on

    All is perfect for me with Nvidia 8800GT in Ubuntu Linux Hardy 64 bits with VHQ version.
    In the normal version, however, the screen turn black sometime…

  67. eric on

    For the OSX version, I miss the libcal3d.12.dylib library. I have installed cal3d with MacPort but the library is still missing.

  68. TheSambassador on

    Current package runs on my computer (Vista 64bit, Intel E8400 3Ghz core 2 duo, BFG Geforce 8800GT OC (512mb), and 4GB of ram) on high quality with no framerate issues at all. Gameplay… however… is either not “polished” or running very oddly on my computer.

    The BGE gameplay seems normal, but when I do this CS version everything seems very odd. I can run across the entire level in not even 5 seconds, Frankie’s movements (animations and actual movement) seem jerky and not realistic (even for the game). I can’t glide, and I can’t really seem to control anything very well at all. I hope this is not the final product… I was expecting a lot better for the CS version.

  69. RooL on

    Hello, I got the same problem as Anicator on post 9, nothing happens whatever I try to launch. I tried the solution of Fabio Luiz at post 38, but it changes nothing. Maybe I need to change or add another environment variable, don’t know…

  70. RooL on

    Oups, I forgot, I’m on win 2000, I’ve got Athlon X2 64 3600+, Geforce 7600GT and 1024 RAM

  71. Modzog on

    Fedora 8
    Doesnt work at all πŸ™

    Start realpath=’/var/cache/
    1012//YoFrankie.celzip’ path=’/tmp/celstart’ configname=’/tmp/celstart/celstart.cfg’
    PYTHONPATH: /var/cache/
    DEBUG: Initializing OpenAL sound system
    DEBUG: Retrieving available devices.
    DEBUG: Available OpenAL device: ALSA Software on default
    DEBUG: Available OpenAL device: ALSA Software on HDA Intel
    DEBUG: Available OpenAL device: OSS Software
    DEBUG: Available OpenAL device: Wave File Writer
    DEBUG: Default OpenAL device: ALSA Software on default
    WARNING: Unable to open device 0
    DEBUG: Falling back on default device
    celstart: pcm_params.c:2333: sndrv_pcm_hw_params: Assertion `err >= 0′ failed.
    8//celstart_wrapper: line 22: 3176 Aborted $DIRNAME/celstart $*

  72. Mathieu on

    Alex said: “The CS Window starts but then crashes celstart.exe.”

    Can’t run it here either… celstart.exe crashes at startup.

    Windows XP SP3, ATI Radeon 7200 series, 1 GB RAM, 1.6 GHz single-core processor.

  73. Mathieu on

    I downloaded a pre-compiled Win32 binary of celstart on

    It works partially :

    But, because it doesn’t support some plugins it crashes (at least it takes more time before it crashes, and there’s actually something that appears on the screen).

  74. elpeor on

    looks like not using SMP, ITΒ΄s really slow in this navidiafx5200, and using inly 1.5 Mhz because of not using SMP(HT 3.0) I really cannot play. Looks nice anyway.

  75. m goode on

    What about playing a game like this on a mobile phone, or developing games for a phone. I have heard a lot of positive info regarding the Motorola Krave lately ( , and i’m wondering if you guys have any plans to do content for it. It has a clam shell design with the full features of a PDA. It even has a touch screen t5hat can be accessed without opening the flip! This one is definitely worth checking out.

  76. cristian adriel on

    assim que instalei, reiniciei o computador e abri e deu uma mendagem de erro asssim:


    achei na internet o script e nΓ£o deu certo.

  77. Jéé on

    haaaaaaaah :~ meu amiqimho cristian comento aee néé, tonguimho ;ppppppp’

  78. ethana2 on

    That odd installer thing has a race condition….
    I’ll probably just wait for Jaunty and
    sudo apt-get install yofrankie

  79. ethana2 on

    I gave in and tried to install it again using the one thing while making sure my laptop could breathe for the ten minutes at 100% core utilization…
    It downloaded the entire thing..
    then it failed. –It couldn’t make the menu item.

  80. sebi on

    Looks pretty nice, though wasn’t able to play it with nice framerate yet (core2duo 2,26; intel 4500mhd). How can I start the windows-version with lower quality settings?

  81. Psy[H[] on

    That ain’t gonna fly… I’ll wait for deb package.

  82. SomeFreak on

    Just found out how to change config (via shortcuts in start menu).
    You should add bat files or something.

    Windows Vista/Cel1400/x600/2Gb.
    Doesn’t work by default. Freezes with some bird sound and sky/hud.

    Works with “medium” quality. Incredibly slow (HL2 was okay =)
    Glitchy at “very low” (with black water).

  83. Marf on

    Don’t seem to be able to launch the crystal space installer. i have downloaded twice.(on 2 different machines) and it says its not a valid installer. obviously not getting the full file. 1st was about 18mb. 2nd was 36mb. what size should the file be?

    just to be clear i mean the windows .msi.

  84. Janet Weber on

    Installer does not work on Vista. Installer say a program is missing….

  85. Chaosstorm on

    It works pretty good with my windows vista 64 bits

    Core 2 quad 6600 2.4 ghz
    8gb ram
    8800 GTX

    But on very high i get only 20-40 fps with a resolution of 800×600 (tested fps with fraps)

    My problems:
    The acorns never get to 0 it stays at 1.
    Some how i manged to make the walk animation buggy so he wont walk but still moves,
    i was throwing acorns and jumping and running. (oops)

    My thoughts:
    1 This game engine is broken or blender games are hardware hungry πŸ˜›
    2 Running and jumping is funny.

    I downloaded the version on this page is the blender version better?

  86. dancle on

    Same Problem like Janet, the Installer dont run under Vista.

  87. Kelvin on

    The Game do not run on my machine
    when it start “loading….level.xml” , then jump a error windows.

    I use windows XP sp3
    cpu: phenom x4 9650

  88. sad on

    As far as I see, Blender version is much better… why? Because Crystal Space version has not been updated since 3 months… why do you release that telling us that’s the real game? It’s just the old beta… you can see it in history of releases for Linux if you don’t believe. I dunno if it’s a bad joke or something, but it’s not nice. WTF?

  89. Martin on

    For Vista use this bat file if it says a DLL is missing:
    (The problem is the stupid installer and the using of **** Environment Variables)

    set CS_1_9=C:\Program Files\Common Files\CrystalSpace\CS-1.9\GCC_3.4\lib\
    set CEL_1_9=C:\Program Files\Common Files\CrystalSpace\CEL-1.9\
    set path=%path%;C:\Program Files\Common Files\CrystalSpace\CS-1.9\GCC_3.4\lib\;C:\Program Files\Common

    Files\CrystalSpace\CEL-1.9\;C:\Program Files\Common Files\CrystalSpace\CEL-1.9\GCC_3.4\lib

    yofrankie.exe -silent -cfgfile=/this/quality-medium.cfg

  90. Magiciandude on


    Check out the Blender Game Engine version. It seems to run great even on high on my computer, and all I have is a dual core 3.0 ghz pentium d processor and an nvidia 7600…should work fine on that or better.

    Great job blender foundation! I am very impressed!

    Seriously though, the BGE version seems to work great.

  91. Ben on


    (CrystalSpace) Installer runs fine till the end, then gives me an error message:
    “There is a problem with the Windows Installer package. A program required for this install could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.”

    What the….?? Does anyone know how to fix this?

  92. wvengen on

    Ubuntu x64 users might want to install an updated 0launch from the Debian repositories

  93. kk on

    yo frankie works fine and everything goes smoothly on my pc
    even with very high quality

  94. spaceseel on

    Wouldn’t install on Vista. It would install all the files, then all of a sudden gives me an error message saying that it can’t install properly and ends up aborting prematurely.

  95. RH2 on

    I have tested the CS version! It works awesome! How do I enable the “quality-veryhigh.cfg” what are the controls?

  96. RH2 on

    the water is very well done πŸ™‚

  97. KovuShukani on

    i had to use the crystal space msi cause it seems the blender nation and similar sites are down (couldnt get BBB to download from them either) and it installed okay and plays, but it skips the menu screen and goes straight into level 1. plus hitting F1 does absolutely nothing…so i still have no idea what the controls are other than the arrow keys move, space jumps, and alt throws acorns.

    oh, also for some reason the acorn counter never hits zero. it’ll stay at 1 even if you dont have any.

  98. Wesmania on

    I have a small problem with launching the game. I made a bat file given by Martin, but it only solved the problem partially. When I try to run the game, instead of a missing library error, I get: “crystalspace.application.celstart: CEL physical layer missing!” How to solve that?

  99. BeastFellow on

    What are the requirements for playing the games.

    I can run it but it is very slow. Music sounds going fine but graphics are not rendering fast. I am using Nvidia FX5500 with 256MB Video Ram. Got 1.5GB Ram and Pentium IV processor. Any suggestions to modify. My screen is 19 inches wide screen and is set to the maximum resolution and 60hz screen refresh rate.

  100. Tony on

    Pleeeease noooo, forget msi for windows package, or at least make a zip archive available, please πŸ™

  101. Mek on

    Let develop videogames who is able to do !!!

  102. Anuj on

    people, who here is from OFS??????????????????????????????????

  103. krizz on

    well to the comets so cant i play it at all :-/ but Wat OS do you need? because i use win 2000 an it wont even download πŸ™

  104. David on

    Hello. Just wanted to say that the installer fails, the game will not run. The reason is that it cannot load a python module of some kind.


  105. Ben b on

    Why no mac version?

  106. VistaUser on

    Hi, normal speed on very high (9500 GS). But to call it a game is to bold, it’s more like a tec preview. He runs to fast and there ist no handling at all. Usability! ^^

  107. XPuser on

    I use WinXP 32bit. Install goes fine. When I launch it from the start menu I get Loading… XML lever or something and then it crashes.

  108. Jeantje on

    i got an error in vfs.dll ?

    Engine: Crystal Space

    PC Specs:

    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 | 3.06 GHz
    GFX: ATI Radeon 4350 512MB DDR2
    RAM: Corsair 2GB DDR2 667 MHz

  109. Metal3d on

    Sadly not working with Fedora 10, X86_64, nvidia 8600GT

    Last errors:

    failed to initialize plugin ‘crystalspace.device.joystick.linux’
    Indirect rendering may indicate a flawed OpenGL setup if you run on a local
    X server.
    X Error of failed request: BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length error)
    Major opcode of failed request: 143 (GLX)
    Minor opcode of failed request: 1 (X_GLXRender)
    Serial number of failed request: 266
    Current serial number in output stream: 267
    AL lib: ALc.c:1307: exit(): closing 1 Device

    It works on BGE but not CS…

    Nice work anyway πŸ™‚

  110. Tranceangel on

    Hya all.

    For all of you who can’t download the windows package directly, try to use a download manager, as i did and got the full package, not just half of it, and installed ok.

    Thanks for this great game πŸ™‚

  111. gotocan on

    I’m trying to run Yo Frankie! on Ubuntu 9.04 but after a long waiting period i can only see a black window with that sly squirrel face on top left. I guess it’s because of my damn graphics card.
    Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller
    Has anyone managed to play it with this card?

  112. Preetam on

    Will this game even start on this?

    P4 3GHz
    XFX 6200TC

  113. creek23 on

    I installed the .msi one, and I’m getting this error:
    — crystalspace.imagetextureloader: Error creating texture: Cubemap textures are not supporter!

    How do I fix this?

  114. creek23 on

    err, I mean, “not supported” πŸ˜€

  115. Jason the Great on

    It works like a charm on my Ubuntu Lucid – very good frame rate, exceptional quality…(but probably because I’m on a really high powered system [Intel Core Quad, 4GB DDR3 RAM, etc..]

  116. mark on

    There is a problem with the install package, doesn’t install on windows 7, or from above posts Vista. I haven’t tried on any XP setups yet

  117. Noah on

    when I play the game I can’t click on or do any thing . . . textures are missing as well