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Jul 16
Yo Frankie!
icon1 venomgfx | icon2 Apricot Press, Random Fluff, Uncategorized | icon4 07 16th, 2008

Yo Frankie!

Yo!, we got a name:  Yo Frankie!: A Furry Vendetta

People voted for this names (ain’t open source beautiful? =), and we sorted them out like: Yo Frankie! the main name, and “A Furry Vendetta” as the name of this episode, now is your time to start thinking/making the next episodes 🙂  Yo Frankie: “Point Blank Frank”, or “The Rise Of Frank” are the most voted, pick which one is going to be the name of your own level (s)! 😀

You can download our new logo in all this flavours:
Big 3DLogo, with background – 1440x810px
Big 3D Logo, no background (alpha) – 887x670px

2D Yo Frankie! Logo – Small Size / Bully Size
2D Yo Frankie! Text – Small Size / Bully Size
2D Frankie Icon – Small Size / Bully Size

.zip file with all this (~2.2mb).


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Jul 9

“Hola!, this is Pablo..”, that’s the first thing I say in this video that tries to explain a couple of effects I came up with the last week, playing around with shading nodes in real time.

The thing was that Mist option is still not supported in GLSL, how can I work around this?, Nodes! the great “Camera Data” is an input node that let you use information from the camera view to play with, such as the View Vector, View Z Depth, and View Distance (which is the one i’m using in this video). After playing for a while, I found out that this method was much more better than the boring Mist!

I ended up using this method for effects such as:

  • MultiColor Mist:  Color in front of the camera is more peachy, slightly noticeable, then more far away is a bit orange/red, and veery far away the color tries to mix with the sky.
  • SunRays: Just planes with a bright alpha texture, the trick is made by the View Distance factor of the camera, changing the alpha to zero when you get close to them, or far away from them (you don’t want to always see sunrays).
  • ChangeAlpha: for walking through trees leaves in a way that they don’t block the view, they have a node setup that makes them alpha zero when they get close to the camera, so you can see through.

Here the video:

Download the OGG version. (~30mb)

Nothing of this is actually new, you can do this for rendering since past year, and for GLSL is also there since weeks, so you can play with this by using any barely recent build.

* by the way, expect more videotutorials like this one (but better explained, better quality, etc), in the Apricot DVD! 🙂

That’s all folks! Enjoy!

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Jun 21

Just like you read it, Real Time Shadows in Blender’s 3D View *and* in Blender’s Game Engine!

It uses Shadow Buffers, so is only available for Spot lights now, and it works with the same settings as for rendering, like OnlyShadow (very useful!), or ClipStart, ClipEnd, SpotSize, falloff, Bias, etc. They are not filtered (yet!, so don’t complain : ) so no Soft shadows for now.

I don’t like to take attention from other’s blogposts but this feature totally deserves it.

Made a quick video showing how it looks right now in both our game demo from Chris’s blogpost and in 3D View, is speeded up a little bit also for not to bore you too much.

This feature was made by our code hero Brecht and is still under development, so go compile your apricot branch, test, and share your happiness here with a nice comment.
That’s all folks! 😀

Watch in crappy quality at YouTube
Download/Watch the  AVI Video

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Apr 24

(note the 2 (!) exclamation marks in the title, i’m excited)

yay! I hated that green background 😀
The other day, talking with Chris about ApriStuffs, we agreed that the old theme wasn’t the better, at this moment we all know that its gonna be a Frankie’s game, so.. why we have 3 rodents in the banner? lets give Frankie what he deserves! a big and *rendered* header 🙂

Was all made in The GIMP, Inkscape and Blender, was just playing around with the old logo in Inkscape, then imported the .svg in Blender as curves, added a material, rendered, and composited.

I’ll be making a splash for our brand new and shiny ApriBranch! we have our own branch! like the one that the Orange project had years ago, we will be adding and testing lots of features we need in this project, before going to trunk.

That’s all for now, hope you like the new theme, is not a big change but i just don’t like white-eye-killing backgrounds.
If you find a bug or something weird just drop a comment please.

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Apr 17
Lets Move!
icon1 venomgfx | icon2 Production | icon4 04 17th, 2008

hey ho! my very first post!, luckily WordPress looks the same everywhere =)

Oookay, what to say.. today is a week and a day since i’m here. Got to know all all the Peach team, I even assisted to the Premiere! (pretty awesome btw), but they are almost all gone now, Sacha and Williams are still here in nl, yesterday Nathan went back home (told me to give 1 hug per person a day!, i’m on it). So that’s it, all the institute for us, is Apricot Time!.

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