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Feb 26

Cycling in Spain is different than cycling in the Netherlands, especially with a hub brake instead of hand breaks….  

Download the .ogg file here

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Feb 8

Proudly present the first glimpse of the game concept!

Don’t make conclusions to fast, we are working on it 🙂


.ogg file available here

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Feb 1

MusicnootBlender Institute is still looking for a volunteer composer who is interested in composing game music and creating the sounds, for the open game project Apricot, on a CC Attribution license. Crunch time will be around May and June.

Key benefit of course is that the participants be credited on an outstanding artistic creation!

Please send links to your online portfolio at margreet[at] before Thursday 7th of February. And if there questions meanwhile don’t hesitate to ask me.

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Jan 14

Last weekend we had the first workshop for the Apricot project. Frank Richter from Germany, Pablo Martin from Spain, Campbell Barton from Auteam drinkingstralia,
Dariusz Dawidowski from Poland, Marten Svanfeldt from Sweden, Jorrit Tyberghein from Belgium, Brecht van Lommel from Belgium, Margreet Riphagen from the Netherlands, and Ton Roosendaal from the Netherlands met at the very nice and new Blender Institute Location in Amsterdam. There we discussed plans, ideas, and practical arrangements for his ambitious Open Game project. In the mean time we also met with the Peach team and saw the amazing work they have been doing so far. The work they did and are still doing will provide the perfect foundations for the Apricot game project.

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