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Jul 4

Res making Franky on water.

Download the OGG Video (44 meg)
Venom showing his piranha level he made.

Download the OGG Video (22 meg)

Dariusz giving a short demo of Apricot powered by Crystal Space, coming soon!

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Jun 16

The NLGD Festival of Games takes place from 14 to 22 June 2008 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.cibil_nlgd

The event is a platform and a meeting point for the European games community. NLGD is one of the sponsors of the Apricot game. The NLGD offers a platform to the strongly upcoming game-industry. Too often one tends to think about games as merely games for the youngsters. The NLGD shows by means of activities, publications and events that games and the game-industry have a huge social, economic and cultural impact.

Blender Institute will give short demonstrations on Thursday and Friday in the Expo Village. If you are interested please pass by and on the artists or main developers will give you a demonstration about Blender and Crystal Space. Also Ton Roosendaal will give a presentation on Friday in the Central Museum, de Refter, from 10.45 till 11.30. For more information about the venue, route description and speakers download here the pdf.

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Mar 7

pablo giving presentationThursday afternoon (06.03) Pablo gave a presentation on the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, department game design. There was a international workshop and conference on the art of effective communication through games for their students.

The students had to form project teams and would be supervised by game professionals (like Pablo) and visiting lecturers participating on the program and the conference. The games they made are presented at the project fair at the end of this International Week.

Download here the presentation of Pablo.

qareeb and chrisdarek hva

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Mar 4

Blender Institute found a great composer who is going to compose the game music and the sounds for our game, under a CC Attribution license.

Claire FitchHer name is Claire Fitch. She has her own company fitchsounds. Fitchsounds was established (2001) to provide quality interactive audio for a wide range of projects. Claire Fitch has written music for games, film, television, corporate video, animation, elearning projects and provided bespoke cello recordings for many pop tracks, film cues and advertising slots.

Since January 1995 Claire has worked with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland and has performed on stage and in the studio with artists such as U2, Kate Bush, The Corrs, Shania Twain, Riverdance, Elmer Bernstein and Michael Crawford. As a recording artist she has also contributed to various film soundtracks, such as The Tailor of Panama, The Tie That Binds, The Boxer, Some Mothers’ Son, War Of The Buttons, Thumbelina and Lassie.

Claire it is great to have you on the team!

For recent work of Claire visit her online portfolio.


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Feb 27

Meanwhile the team is working hard to create a gameplay prototype. So far, so good 🙂 Check it out yourself!  

 .ogg file available here.

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