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Jul 29
Demo Video Update (Blender Game Engine)
icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Production | icon4 07 29th, 2008

Grab the OGG Theora file (46mb)

Chris made this video of our latest level. We’re frantically finishing off as much as we can, adding…

  • Tailwhip, (thanks William for the animation)
  • Sheep that can bounce, explode, drown.
  • Loop the loops
  • Continuing level design
  • Additions to Sheep and Frankie logic
  • Effects and pickups


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Jul 13
Apricot Files Online
icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Development, Production | icon4 07 13th, 2008

Today we setup a read only mirror of the database were using here in the studio that will be synchronized daily.
This contains all the content created for apricot so far. The initial download size is large but updating will not take so long.

Commands for getting our svn repository.

# Checkout entire repository ~950meg
svn checkout svn://

# Or for one dir
svn checkout svn://

# Log of all the commit messages
svn log -v svn:// | less

# Update, cd to the apricot directory
svn update

Windows users can grab.

News feed from the SVN Server

Blender Game Engine

These files can be played with the blender game engine alone.
You’ll need a recent version of blender apricot branch –
Chris's level "svn://"level_1_home.png

VenomGFX's level "svn://"screenshot_piranhalevel_thumb.png

Franky model and game logic "svn://"

Crystal Space

For theCrystal Space side you need the latest trunks (ie development version) of Crystal Space, CEL and blender2crystal:

# Crystal Space
svn co CS_latest
svn co CEL_latest
# Blender2Crystal
svn co blender2crystal

For Crystal Space, building instructions for various platforms can be foundin its online manual. CEL requires a successfully set up Crystal Space. Blender2Crystal has its own installation instructions.

Also, once you have checked out the Apricot SVN, look into the docs/tutorials/ directory, it also contains instructions on setting things up in CrystalSpace.

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Jul 5
Vote for the Apricot Game Name
icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Production | icon4 07 5th, 2008

Chris just posted a poll on blenderatrist for the game name, here are some we came up with.

  • footloose frank -chris
  • frankie does hard time -chris
  • frankie raids the warren -campbell
  • frankie’s ethnic cleansing -anonymous
  • frankie’s jungle conflict resolution -chris
  • frankie’s park of pain -campbell
  • frankie’s reign of terror -campbell
  • frankie’s tail whipping turmoil -campbell
  • frankie’s war on everything -campbell
  • frankie’s war on terror -chris
  • frankie vs. the volcano -chris
  • frank unleashed -chris
  • furry fury frankie -dariusz
  • furry vendetta -sago
  • point blank frank -campbell
  • the rise of frank -frank
  • yo frankie! -ton

Vote for your favourite at blenderartist

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Jul 1
First Playable Demo!
icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Production | icon4 07 1st, 2008

For a while now we have been close to being able to release a playable demo and I’ve been itching to get something online that shows the gameplay coming together since its really fun to play Franky here in the studio and videos don’t cut it anymore for an open, interactive project.

Chris made a small test level for playing Franky, with a range of asset that can be used as modules for making your own levels too!
Pablo (VenomGFX) is working on animations and characters and I have been learning blenders game logic to get Franky to a playable state as well as a few bugfixes and logic brick additions.

Download the OGG Video (13meg)
Download packed Blendfile (57meg, Incompatible with 2.46, see below)

Special thanks to Brecht for his amazing GLSL shader work and Benoit Bolsee for writing a new game logic state machine. Thanks also to Mataii for optimizing Franky’s mesh and removing ~1700 triangles .

The response from the last post was overwhelming, We wanted to include peoples wacky animations but I’m afraid this would have set us back yet another day so we will have them included by the next update.
If anyones interested in making their own levels, this is not so hard, just edit the existing terrain, or add a “ground” property to any mesh and use the existing blocks to jump on.

Playing the Game
For this test level you collect and throw nuts, climb up the ledge, glide and run around.
This demo requires a modern graphics card (for Nvidia, 6+ Series for GLSL to work), Blender Apricot-Branch revision 15389 or higher – grab one from


  • Up, Shift+Up to walk, Pressing Up while hanging climbs.
  • Left/Right – Turn or Shimmy when hanging.
  • Spacebar – Throw when you have collected a nut.
  • K – Kick (no kick objects in example level yet)
  • Z – Jump, Press twice to double-jump, hold to glide.
  • F10 – Reset

What We Have

  • Actions – Jump, DoubleJump, Run, Walk, Hang, Shimmy, Throw, Glide
  • Collecting items.
  • Armature driven ShapeKeys in the Game Engine (Thanks to Benoit)
  • Blenders Shaders in the GameEngine.
  • Game locic state machine to separate groups of logic into states (more on this later).
  • Linked Set Scenes from external files to manage game logic in one place.
  • Simple Camera system that detects obstacles.

Whats Missing

  • Loop the loop, Climbing tree’s
  • Enemies
  • Water
  • Interactive objects to jump on
  • Group Instances dont work in the game engine yet
  • HUD Has to be merged with the new state machine logic
  • Blenders Bullet physics library needs updating to get anisotropic friction with the ground to work right. Now were working around the problem but side effects are you can run through walls.
  • Optimizations, Level of Detail
  • Wont run the the Blender Player yet because its missing Blender.Mathutils module
  • Sounds haven’t been added into the game logic
  • Testing on different graphics cards and hardware.


  • the franky in this demo has rotated wrists, please use THIS rig for animations.
  • Their are reports of the game engine crashing with ATI cards, we need to look into this.
  • As of revision 15426 improvements made by Benoit break jumping. Next test demo will have modified gamelogic to support this.

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May 29
Blender Development Update
icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Development | icon4 05 29th, 2008

This video demos some additions to the apricot branch of blender for snapping, library browsing and baking.

Download the OGG File

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