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Jul 17
Optimizing GLSL
icon1 brecht | icon2 Development | icon4 07 17th, 2008

The main priority for game engine drawing at this point is optimization. We’re trying to get the Blender game engine version of the game to run on as many computers as possible, as long as the graphics card supports GLSL. Different graphics cards and drivers can give quite different results, so to get a clear overview of where the issues are, we need your help! We’ve prepared a .blend file that outputs graphics card information and performance statistics. It’s the same as the demo posted earlier, with some small modifications, so it’s not indicative of the graphics or performance in the final game, but it tests the different features. All you need to do is open it in a recent Blender build of the Apricot branch, look for builds of revision 15606 or newer. Such builds can be found on:

Then it is simply a matter of pressing the “P” button and waiting for the test to finish, which should take less than a minute. Don’t hide the window or move other windows over it, this can influence the benchmark. If all goes well, a .txt file will written next to the .blend file. Then paste the contents in the comments, it should look something like this:

Blender: Built on 2008-07-15 23:51:45, Rev-15567:15576M
Platform: linux2
GPU: NVIDIA Corporation, GeForce 8800 GTS/PCI/SSE2
Driver: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 169.12
Window: 1919 x 1071 pixels
Multisample: 0 buffers, 0 samples

201.878466 FPS (glsl)
183.899693 FPS (glsl, lights)
176.714724 FPS (glsl, lights, extra_textures)
171.587703 FPS (glsl, lights, shaders, extra_textures)
166.894360 FPS (glsl, lights, ramps, shaders, extra_textures)
150.053853 FPS (glsl, lights, shadows)
100.538329 FPS (glsl, lights, shaders, shadows, ramps, extra_textures)

If something goes wrong, screenshots, errors from the console or backtraces are welcome. If you want to paste long texts, please use PasteAll. Let’s try to keep the comments clean to get a nice overview of the different graphics cards and do project discussion and feature requests in other blog posts. Thanks!

Download benchmark .blend file (57.4 MB)

Additionaly, some documentation on GLSL materials is now available.

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