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Mar 7

Apricot presented during HvA gameweek

icon1 margreet | icon2 Apricot Press, Blender Institute, Blogroll | icon4 03 7th, 2008

pablo giving presentationThursday afternoon (06.03) Pablo gave a presentation on the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, department game design. There was a international workshop and conference on the art of effective communication through games for their students.

The students had to form project teams and would be supervised by game professionals (like Pablo) and visiting lecturers participating on the program and the conference. The games they made are presented at the project fair at the end of this International Week.

Download here the presentation of Pablo.

qareeb and chrisdarek hva

11 Responses

  1. Miloh on

    no spoilers 😉

  2. Mataii on

    Nice 🙂

    Hope to see more soon 😉 Keep working!!

  3. Francisco Ortiz on

    Nice to hear that the Bunny loves me. :))

    Very clear presentation, cool diagram about Apricot’s main goals. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Anonymous on

    Have you thought about opening the SVN to public access? It’ll be nice to see how the project is moving along and since it’s not a movie, you don’t have a plot to hide.

  5. grafixsuz on

    simple presentation, going by the PDF but well laid out. Good luck guys!

  6. Francisco Ortiz on

    @Anonymous: yep, that would be great but there is the “pre sales campaign” and if the guys opens SVN now… 😉

    If they need our help probably they will post here or at the forum asking us specific questions/help, so stay tuned!

  7. darek on

    Opening svn ? You said “no spoilers” 🙂

  8. NathanKP on

    Wow, its nice to hear that a blender game is being used as a demonstration. It seems that Blender has been getting a lot of media coverage recently.

    NathanKP – The Ink Weaver Collection – Book Review Blog

  9. Mark Keller on

    KDE, eh? And you’ve already got the level modeled, it looks like (in the Blender2Crystal example image). Wow!

  10. jonny on

    @Francisco Ortiz: The DVD presale campaign is for people who like to support the project. The DVD will be downloadable at all, like in the other fruity projects, won’t it?

    @Anonymous: So opening SVN does no harm. The argument of hiding a story line seems to be a little bit odd, too. It’s an open project. Why should there be anything hided?


  11. Francisco Ortiz on

    @jonny: If you buy the DVD you are going to know “the secret” BEFORE other people who doesn’t bought. That’s the way to support the project in my opinion… Curiosity!