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Jul 13

Apricot Files Online

icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Development, Production | icon4 07 13th, 2008

Today we setup a read only mirror of the database were using here in the studio that will be synchronized daily.
This contains all the content created for apricot so far. The initial download size is large but updating will not take so long.

Commands for getting our svn repository.

# Checkout entire repository ~950meg
svn checkout svn://

# Or for one dir
svn checkout svn://

# Log of all the commit messages
svn log -v svn:// | less

# Update, cd to the apricot directory
svn update

Windows users can grab.

News feed from the SVN Server

Blender Game Engine

These files can be played with the blender game engine alone.
You’ll need a recent version of blender apricot branch –
Chris's level "svn://"level_1_home.png

VenomGFX's level "svn://"screenshot_piranhalevel_thumb.png

Franky model and game logic "svn://"

Crystal Space

For theCrystal Space side you need the latest trunks (ie development version) of Crystal Space, CEL and blender2crystal:

# Crystal Space
svn co CS_latest
svn co CEL_latest
# Blender2Crystal
svn co blender2crystal

For Crystal Space, building instructions for various platforms can be foundin its online manual. CEL requires a successfully set up Crystal Space. Blender2Crystal has its own installation instructions.

Also, once you have checked out the Apricot SVN, look into the docs/tutorials/ directory, it also contains instructions on setting things up in CrystalSpace.

This is the directory structure if your interested in checking out a subdirectory.

17M  ./doc
256K ./doc/gamedesigndocument
64K  ./doc/ganttproject
13M  ./doc/tutorials
3.2M ./doc/weekplanning
52M  ./prepro
52M  ./prepro/concept_art
857M ./pro
57M  ./pro/audio
387M ./pro/bge
54M  ./pro/bge/chars
41M  ./pro/bge/chars/textures
26M  ./pro/bge/cinematic
201M ./pro/bge/levels
15M  ./pro/bge/props
4.6M ./pro/bge/tests
89M  ./pro/bge/textures
76M  ./pro/chars
42M  ./pro/chars/textures
8.5M ./pro/gui
3.6M ./pro/gui/franky_health_meter
2.4M ./pro/gui/hud_life
129M ./pro/levels
2.3M ./pro/levels/textures
19M  ./pro/props
2.7M ./pro/puzzles
556K ./pro/scripts
8.0K ./pro/scripts/cfg
388K ./pro/scripts/components
8.0K ./pro/scripts/text
8.0K ./pro/settings
144K ./pro/shaders
36K  ./pro/shaders/debug
28K  ./pro/shaders/sky
16K  ./pro/shaders/speculartex
8.6M ./pro/testcases
154M ./pro/textures
18M  ./pro/tutorials
50M  ./resources

56 Responses

  1. DCProductionsMediaGroup_Australia on

    Hi, let me just comment on the great work you guys are doing! As a novice user of blender and still being in awe of what it is capable of, i take my hat off to you. It is simply staggering what a free program such as blender is capable of when compared to other commercial products. Comparing “Big Bucks Bunny” to some of Pixar’s animations, in some parts i could find no differences (hair/fur and environmental effects specifically). Again, keep up the great work with “Yo Frankie!”

  2. manitwo on

    will there be a standalone version?

  3. EllriNidhogg on

    My machine doesn’t recognize svn:// as a valid web adress… would a differnet browser change this and if so is there one you know of that does?

  4. PortzMonkey on

    I really love Blender. I found this a couple of months ago when I was looking for a program to use during college. This is by far the best. The only thing I’ve done so far is some animations and character creation. I’m very interested in learning about the game engine now as my degree is Game Art & Animation.
    The problem is I don’t know where to start and how to set everything up! I know, I know call me a noob but I’m serious.
    There has to be an easier way of explaining things.
    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  5. PortzMonkey on

    So I’m trying to download this enormous file because I know it will be worth it in the end when an error keeps popping up saying “Not Authorized”. Can someone tell me what’s going on? Thanks!

  6. PortzMonkey on

    Rather it’s Access is Denied