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Jul 13

Apricot Files Online

icon1 Campbell (ideasman42) | icon2 Development, Production | icon4 07 13th, 2008

Today we setup a read only mirror of the database were using here in the studio that will be synchronized daily.
This contains all the content created for apricot so far. The initial download size is large but updating will not take so long.

Commands for getting our svn repository.

# Checkout entire repository ~950meg
svn checkout svn://

# Or for one dir
svn checkout svn://

# Log of all the commit messages
svn log -v svn:// | less

# Update, cd to the apricot directory
svn update

Windows users can grab.

News feed from the SVN Server

Blender Game Engine

These files can be played with the blender game engine alone.
You’ll need a recent version of blender apricot branch –
Chris's level "svn://"level_1_home.png

VenomGFX's level "svn://"screenshot_piranhalevel_thumb.png

Franky model and game logic "svn://"

Crystal Space

For theCrystal Space side you need the latest trunks (ie development version) of Crystal Space, CEL and blender2crystal:

# Crystal Space
svn co CS_latest
svn co CEL_latest
# Blender2Crystal
svn co blender2crystal

For Crystal Space, building instructions for various platforms can be foundin its online manual. CEL requires a successfully set up Crystal Space. Blender2Crystal has its own installation instructions.

Also, once you have checked out the Apricot SVN, look into the docs/tutorials/ directory, it also contains instructions on setting things up in CrystalSpace.

This is the directory structure if your interested in checking out a subdirectory.

17M  ./doc
256K ./doc/gamedesigndocument
64K  ./doc/ganttproject
13M  ./doc/tutorials
3.2M ./doc/weekplanning
52M  ./prepro
52M  ./prepro/concept_art
857M ./pro
57M  ./pro/audio
387M ./pro/bge
54M  ./pro/bge/chars
41M  ./pro/bge/chars/textures
26M  ./pro/bge/cinematic
201M ./pro/bge/levels
15M  ./pro/bge/props
4.6M ./pro/bge/tests
89M  ./pro/bge/textures
76M  ./pro/chars
42M  ./pro/chars/textures
8.5M ./pro/gui
3.6M ./pro/gui/franky_health_meter
2.4M ./pro/gui/hud_life
129M ./pro/levels
2.3M ./pro/levels/textures
19M  ./pro/props
2.7M ./pro/puzzles
556K ./pro/scripts
8.0K ./pro/scripts/cfg
388K ./pro/scripts/components
8.0K ./pro/scripts/text
8.0K ./pro/settings
144K ./pro/shaders
36K  ./pro/shaders/debug
28K  ./pro/shaders/sky
16K  ./pro/shaders/speculartex
8.6M ./pro/testcases
154M ./pro/textures
18M  ./pro/tutorials
50M  ./resources

56 Responses

  1. gaalgergely on

    wow, cool!
    may i have one question: whats gona be on the dvd then?

  2. gaalgergely on

    newermind, i have read one post back…

  3. Mathias on

    “Wall run timer”? Whats that?

  4. venomgfx on

    BTW, some textures may be (a lot) bigger than they will at the release, specially characters, they will be scaled down (but the resource images (.xcf) will be kept at higher resolution for editing).

  5. Aka on

    Will there be vid tutors about logic bricks and scripting also?

  6. Blender Loving Squirrel on


    thanks Apricot!

  7. Vexelius on

    Wow, thanks!!! Finally, we’ll be able to see the secrets behind Apricot!

    It seems that this will be downloading day!

  8. Alex on

    Thanks for sharing it. But I got an error when i try to download the CS and Cel trunk. Please check the link.

  9. Coppertop on


    Yes, there is an error but the URL is correct. There’s probably something wrong with the Sourceforge svn.

    I’m downloading right away (hoping it’ll work with my a few weeks old trunk, tho i’m more interested in taking a peek into the game code itself hehe) but i’m also curious when will Apricot .debs be available?

  10. res on

    SourceForge has problems right now. I changed the SVN URLs to use the mirror instead. It (naturally) lags behind the SF SVN, but right now is infinitely more working.

  11. Alex on

    You wrote in the CS-Compiling-Manual that there is an installer for the Game-Development-Kit whit Crystalspace. Where can we get it?

  12. Blender Loving Squirrel on

    I will be purchasing a DVD but right now I don’t have a PayPal or a credit card.

  13. Statik on

    Silly question . . . how do I co only one file?

  14. Alexander Ewering on

    Windows users can grab? And don’t call me Apricot! 😉

  15. Sanne on

    Statik, you can get one single file via svn by typing:

    svn export svn://

    with the svn path to the file.

  16. venomgfx on

    like in the example to download the levels:
    that would be: svn://

    remember you need at least the character already downloaded, (and textures).

  17. darek on

    Alex: manual in the /doc/tutorials is written for final release not for current status. There is no ready atomic package to download yet.

  18. Alex on

    Ok, thank you.

  19. Kirado on

    I got tortioseSVN.. when I try and download one of the game’s asks me for a user name and password..? Pls help. Thanks for putting this up.

  20. venomgfx on

    Hi Kirado, tried just accepting? it should allow you to connect as anonymous, without name or pass.

  21. Kirado on

    @venomgfx.. thanks for the quick reply.. I tried just accepting.. it still asked for a password.. maybe I’m not using tortioseSVN properly.. I can post some screen shots showing what happens?

  22. Kirado on

    edit: I think I’ve got it working.. my bag.. thanks for the help 😉

  23. Kirado on

    What app do you use to make the video tutorials?

  24. venomgfx on

    Kirado, RecordMyDesktop (linux).

    It is good, but I still miss a bit CamStudio (windows), so if you are in Win, you can take a look at that one, is very nice and quick.

  25. campbell barton (ideasman42) on

    for recordmydeskop these options work well with blender. just run the command in a terminal, click on blender to start recording, then Ctrl+C in the terminal to finish.

    recordmydesktop --full-shots -fps 10 -windowid $(xwininfo |grep "Window id:"|sed -e "s/xwininfo\:\ Window id:\ // ;s/\ .*//" )

    If your going to re-encode, also set a really high bitrate “-v_bitrate 2000000”

  26. WebCM on

    How much MB have all files in “pro” directory? I’ve downloaded 271 MB so far.

  27. gersin on

    pleace a videotutorial not understand of the bcs2 install.

  28. campbell on

    @WebCM, added sizes to the directory list.

  29. Kirado on

    thanks for the info guys! 😉

  30. Kirado on

    I’ve found a bug in the GLSL nodes. When you mix/blend a texture map using UV’s with a texture map that uses screen mapping.. it looks correct in the viewport..

    But in the game engine only the screen mapped texture shows up while the UV mapped texture is not there?

    Using RV_15563

  31. Daniel on

    Could anyone say how big the files are? Because if they are too large, I would wait for my DVD instead of downloading it…

  32. Campbell (ideasman42) on

    @Daniel, if downloading around ~400meg is too much for your connection, best just wait for the DVD. so far we have not been so worried about filesizes for our internal use.

    Note, the database size doesn’t equal the download size since svn uses compression.

  33. Xenos Drake on

    How do i set up the files? I’m trying to set up the levels quick, but when I hit ‘P’ in blender franky doesn’t appear. is it in the ‘docs’ file? i’m re-downloading everything and trying again.

  34. Sanne on

    Cool stuff, thanks Apricot team! I’m having fun with Franky in his level_1_home 🙂

    But… for us poor qwertz keyboard users it’s really a bit finger acrobatics to do run (LSHIFT) – doublejump (ZKEY). Will we be able to comfortably change this in the final game?

    /me pokes around in franky.blend trying to change ZKEY.

  35. Frankie on

    @Xenos : I have the same problem as you. Does anyone know how to fix it or how the scenes have to be used ?

  36. Xenos Drake on

    Yeah, I cant find a ‘setup’ or similar document in all the files, downloaded the whole batch, and then did a serch in the folder I made.

  37. Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu on

    SVN? Yuck. I don’t mean to troll over this issue, but there are a few arguments that could pin down SVN, at least for Apricot:
    – Apricot forks off some Blender and Crystal Space stuff. I think a distributed SCM would allow smoother cooperation and merging of those features.
    – There are many different aspects of Apricot and it could be expected to have different maintainers with different ‘devel’ trees: artwork, code, Blender changes etc.
    – Some projects are stuck with SVN and can’t migrate for a different number of reasons. This is a new codebase.

    If you do need SVN compatibility, I would strongly suggest Git, which AFAIK does interoperate with CVS & SVN.

    As long as hosting options are not an issue, I think you should choose another SCM with a different philosophy. IMHO, this is the worst choice for such a project as long as there are many other better options: Mercurial and Git are just a few examples (though I personally favor Git a lot).

  38. OldJim on

    As I have Posted in:
    I played around with the .blend File a little bit and voila A Blend File that will work on ATI Graphic cards is what came out…
    Until they Release a next update All the ATI Guys that could not play the Demo so far can now download a Playable Demo at:

    I have some Problems to download the Files from SVN
    If someone can give me a normal download link (noraml http:// not SVN:) for the 2 Levels the have there I will do the same whit them and all the ATI People can enjoy them…

    Have Fun
    Old Jim

  39. Pavel Siska on

    Yes it’s very cool 🙂
    but what I saw on the last picture is too much bricks with Python Script definition. The game will be definitely great but if they use so many custom scripts how will be the logic bricks system updated?

  40. campbell barton (ideasman42) on

    @Pavel, There have been a number of improvement to logic bricks. Will post about this later. It would be nice to add more but I’m going home in 2 weeks and converting existing python scripts into logic bricks dosn’t make sense when there is a lot more gameplay to add.

    @Eduard, I can assure you any annoyance with SVN is the smallest of our troubles. I’m interested in GIT/bazaar too but there are only so many areas you can experiment at once time. And for this we are more interested in trying new things with Blender.
    If Brecht, Ton or myself had used distributed SCM before the project started and was willing to help others, Im sure it could have been a good option.

  41. brecht on

    OldJim: can you explain what you changed to make it work? The .blend file you link to is only 116.78 KB so I don’t think that is correct. But even with a .blend file it’s hard to know what the difference is exactly. Thanks.

  42. Francisco Ortiz on

    Thank you thank you thank you! Sooo many toys! Where should i start? 🙂

  43. OldJim on


    Sorry File was not Packed…
    New File can be downloadet here:

    What I did was oppen a Empty Blend File whit the Blender Apricot-Branch revision 15567 (Windows)
    Deletet everyting in it and then Importet the Scene (Demo Frank_Logic and Library)
    By importing them whit Ctrl+F1 it works with the Grafic Card that your Using…
    But some of the Logic Brics got lost…(Maby its working because of thet?)

    I will try to get the Rest of the Logic Brics in there but that wil be sometime Next Week…

  44. Pavel Siska on

    @campbell: Ok 😉 that sounds reasonably to me.

  45. Francisco Ortiz on

    Hey guys please be gentle.
    Upload files using Game —> texture materials by default. That would be nice.

    No feedback at the moment.

  46. Christopher Robin on

    This is looking great! The addition of the Ram is awesome! keep up the good work, the logo looks awesome too!

  47. atomic1fire on

    giving me a username/pass
    Using rapidsvn portable

  48. tvvladimir on

    Hi, I can’t use SVN
    asking for password and username. Can you out with that? I tried just accepting, it won’t work. thanks alot!

  49. tvvladimir on

    password and username request:

    SASL(-1): generic failure: Unable to find a callback: 2

  50. tvvladimir on

    sorry i was wrong: all works fine 🙂 sorry again

  51. DCProductionsMediaGroup_Australia on

    Hi, let me just comment on the great work you guys are doing! As a novice user of blender and still being in awe of what it is capable of, i take my hat off to you. It is simply staggering what a free program such as blender is capable of when compared to other commercial products. Comparing “Big Bucks Bunny” to some of Pixar’s animations, in some parts i could find no differences (hair/fur and environmental effects specifically). Again, keep up the great work with “Yo Frankie!”

  52. manitwo on

    will there be a standalone version?

  53. EllriNidhogg on

    My machine doesn’t recognize svn:// as a valid web adress… would a differnet browser change this and if so is there one you know of that does?

  54. PortzMonkey on

    I really love Blender. I found this a couple of months ago when I was looking for a program to use during college. This is by far the best. The only thing I’ve done so far is some animations and character creation. I’m very interested in learning about the game engine now as my degree is Game Art & Animation.
    The problem is I don’t know where to start and how to set everything up! I know, I know call me a noob but I’m serious.
    There has to be an easier way of explaining things.
    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  55. PortzMonkey on

    So I’m trying to download this enormous file because I know it will be worth it in the end when an error keeps popping up saying “Not Authorized”. Can someone tell me what’s going on? Thanks!

  56. PortzMonkey on

    Rather it’s Access is Denied